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					                       TRADE: MECHANIC (DIESEL)
                  DURATION OF TRAINING: - ONE YEAR
                          Syllabus For First Year
                              Week No. 1-26


Weekwise Syllabus:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,
18, 19, 20, 21,
                22, 23, 24, 25, 26

   1. Introduction and Safety Training :

      Achievement expected.

      Awareness on the role of I.T.I in national building activity.
      Scopes of trade –mechanic (diesel) Safety rules and safety precautions to
      be observed
      in the shop floors. Awareness on disciplinary rules and communication
      channel in the shop
      floor or working area.

      Week    Theory                    Practical                   Engg.Drg   Workshop
      No.                                                                      cal &
                                                                    .          science

      1.      General introduction to   Familiarization with the
              the course-duration of    institutes. Importance
              the course and course     of the trade machinery
              content. Study of the     used in the trade –
              syllabus general rules    types of work done by
              pertaining to the         students in the institute
              institute facilities      shoo floor of the
              available Hostel          institute.
              .Recreation and
              medical facilities-
              library working hours.
              Time table.

      2.      Importance Safety or      Description of safety
              general precautions to    Equipment their use –
              be observed in the        safety rules to be
              shop – fire               observed in an
              Extinguishers used for    Automobiles repair
                different types of fire   shoo. Accidents their
                storing and handling of   causes works of fire.
                inflammable materials     Fire Extinourshers –
                – Elementary First Aid.   Familiarization of the
                                          tools machinery
                                          available in the shop
                                          their use and up keep
                                          importance of
                                          cleanliness of
                                          workshop. Tools,
                                          Jacks. Trays and

     2. Allied trade work – fitting

Week     Theory                  Practical                Engg. Drg.     Workshop cal &
No.                                                                      science

3.       Systems of              Demonstration of the     Introduction   Simple workshop
         measurement             use of Fitter’s Hand     to             Problems
         conversion of English   Tools marking off        Engineering    involving addition
         into metric             with steel rules         drawing and    Subtraction
         measurement and         calipers, scriber,       Blue Print     multiplication and
         vice versa – marking    dividers Dot and         Reading,       Division of whole
         media – Chalk           center punch –           Free Hand      numbers.
         mechanic Blue Red       Chipping in marked       Sketching of
         lead and Tools used     lines in a given piece   Straight
         for marking steel       Sharpening of            Lines.
         rule. Try Square,       Chisels. Center          Rectangles
         caliper and dividers,   punch and Dot punch      Squares and
         scriber prick and       to correct Angles.       circles.
         centre punch-
         Hammer and Chisel
         – uses and
         maintenance – safety
         precautions in
         handling Grinding

4.       Types of hacksaw        Hacksawing Filling to    Free Hand      Common
         frames and Blades-      given Dimensions –       Sketching      Fractions,
         Their selection and     Filling True and         with           additions,
         uses- types of files    square – Practice        Dimensions     subtraction,
     and their uses. Care       different types of        and             multiplication and
     and Maintenance of         filling operations –      proportionate   division of
     files . Types and          marking and drilling      sketching of    common
     sizes of Drills- cutting   clear and Blinds          circles         Fractions –
     Angles and speeds          Holes sharpening of       Rectangles      Vulgar Fractions
     of Drills – Calculation    Twist Drills Safety       squares         – single Shop
     of Tap drills sizes.       precautions to be         Parellograms,   problems
                                observed while using      Rhombus,        involving
                                a drilling machine.       Polygons.       Fractions.

5.   Tapes and Dies –           Tapping a Clear and       Reading of      Applied
     Description use of         Blind Hole –              simple Blue     workshop
     different types Tapes      Selection of tape drill   Prints          problems
     and Dies – Use of ‘V’      Size – use of             Sketching of    involving
     Threads –                  Lubrication – Cutting     simple solids   Fractions and
     precautions while          Threads on a Bolt/        such as         vulgar Fractions
     using taps and Dies        Stud – Adjustment of      cubes.
     – Description and          two piece Die –           Rectangular
     use of different types     Reaming a hole/           Blocks,
     of Scrapers.               Bush to suit the given    Cylinders.
     Reamers and Emery          pin/ shaft – scraping
     papers.                    a given machined

6.   Construction and           Measuring diameter        --DO--          Properties of
     method of reading          of pistons main                           Ferrous Metals –
     micrometers (              journals, Crank –                         Their uses –
     Internal and external      pins, king pin big end                    Cast Iron.
     ) and Vernier Caliper      and main bearings                         Wrought plain
     correct handling of        cylinder Bores with                       and High carbon
     micrometers and            micrometers and                           Steel – High
     vernier Calipers,          Vernier Calipers –                        speed steel and
     Reading of vernier         measuring with and                        Alloy steel.
     Scale – Description        Thickness of
     and use of                 machined flat and
     combination set care       round bars –
     and maintenance of         measuring of valves
     micrometers, vernier       angles with protractor
     calipers, combination      head locating centers
     set.                       of a round bar with
                                center head.

7.     Sheet metal workers     Joining of metal parts   Free hand        --DO--
       hand tools their        by Soft Soldering –      sketching of
       description and uses    Simple marking out       Nuts – Bolts
       – description of        on sheet metal and       – Studs –
       simple soldering and    cutting – Bending        with
       brazing, Fluxes used    and folding.             dimensions
       for common joints –                              from
       Types of sheet metal                             samples.
       joints – their uses.

8.     Sheet and wire          Practice in silver       Sketching of     Properties of non
       gauges the blow         soldering pipe           views of solid   Ferrous metals
       lamp and its uses       bending, Annealing       bodies such      and Their uses
       pipe fitting            of pipes fitting         as square        copper, zinc,
       Explanation of          Nipples Unions           and              lead, tin, brass,
       various common          soldering and            Rectangular      Aluminum,
       metal sheets used in    Brazing of pipes.        Blocks –         Bronze, solder,
       sheet metal shop.                                Hollow           wearing metals.
                                                        rings cones.

Week   Theory              Practical              Engg. Drg.     Workshop cal
No.                                                              and science

9.     General             Exercise involving     Freehand       Brief description
       description and     use of wrenches,       sketching of   of manufacturing
       construction of     pliers, screw          rivets         process of non –
       diesel engine –     drivers and pliers –   washers        ferrous metals i.e.
       Characteristics     cleaning and           with           . copper,
       and                 lubrication of         dimensions     aluminum, zinc
       Classification      engine parts,          from           and tin.
       working             location and           Samples.
       principles of 4     identification of
       stocks cycle        engine
       diesel and Petrol   components.
       between petrol
       and diesel
10.   Two stroke cycle   Practice on            Free hand       --DO --
      diesel engine      unserviceable          sketching of
      types of           diesel engine,         Bolts and
      scavenging         removing jammed        Nuts with
      uniflow and        nuts and broken        dimensions
      1oop flow          studs                  from
      Scavenge           reconditioning and     Samples.
      opposed copper     damaged stud hole
      piston engine      fitting oversized
      differences        studs.
      between two
      strokes and 4
      stroke cycle
      diesel engines.

11.   Engine details –   Selection of           Explanation     F.P.S. & C.G.S.
      cylinder           materials for          of simple       system Metric
      materials –        gaskets and            orthographic    weights and
      cylinder liners    packing – use of       projection      measurements,
      and their          locking devices        hand            conversion
      advantages,        lock nuts . cotters,   sketching of    factors
      cylinder heads,    split pins and         4 stroke- 2
      description        circlips lock rings-   stroke
      function, cares    location where         cycles
      and                they are used
      maintenance –      inspection and
      Location           checking leakage
      combustion         of air, fuel oil and
      chamber in         exhaust in the
      cylinder heads     engine
      and also heater
      plugs and port
      and valve

12    Combustion         Practice on starting   Explanation     Shop problems
      chambers           and stopping of        of simple       on metric system
      pumps , open       diesel engines Use     orthographic    of weights and
      and closed         of speed counter in    projection in   measurements.
      types,             determining the        3rd angle
      advantages, and    engine speed –
      disadvantages      running of engine
      compression        on load checking
      ratio &            temperature fuel
      compression        and oil
      pressures,         compression
         compression          testing of cylinders
         testing of
         cylinders and
         analysis of
         results & its

13       Need for             Maintenance            Views of       Meaning of
         maintenance          check – daily          simple         tenacity elasticity,
         check up in          weekly monthly for     hollow and     malleability
         diesel engine-       different types of     solid bodies   brittleness
         preparation of       engines writing up     with           hardness
         maintenance          of inspection          dimensions     compressibility
         schedule from        schedules—                            and ductility with
         charts of popular    Maintenance of log                    example
         makes of engine      sheets details of


     1. Simple fitting operation of marking, chipping, hacksawing, filing, drilling and
        tapping, dieing, reaming and scraping
     2. Simple sheet metal joints , soldering , pipe bending and use of simple sheet
        metal tools
     3. Remove jammed bolts, nuts, and prepare maintenance schedule
     4. Start and stop diesel engine and observe its performance
     5. Compression testing of cylinders and analyze results

14       valves & valves      Remove , rocker        Free hand      Effect of alloying
         operation-           arm assembly           sketching of   elements on
         Mechanism-           manifolds- and         valve, valve   properties of cast
         parts & function     cylinder head-         springs,       iron and steel
         of each valve        removing valves        valve
         timing diagram       and its parts –        assembly
         camshaft and         cleaning &             with
         timing gears –       decarbonising -        dimension
         types of drives      checking valve
         used in engines      seats & valve
         chain tension        guide –
         and its              reconditioning
         importance           valve seats and
         cylinder head        refacing valves-
         and manifold         lapping valves on
         construction and     its seat- testing
         function – water     leaks of valve
     jackets             seats for leakage –
     passages            inspection of
                         cylinder head and
                         manifold surfaces
                         for warping and

15   Description and     Dismantle rocker       Simple         Square root of
     function of valve   arm assembly           isometric      perfect square
     parts-              clean & check          view of        and whole
     maintenance         shaft- bushes ,        objects such   number square
     Materials used –    posts and rocker       as square,     root of decimal
     necessity of        arm for wear and       rectangle
     valve clearances    cracks and             and cubes
     prescribed by       reassemble. Check
     makers of           valve springs,
     engine – effects    tappets, push rods,
     of incorrect        tappet screws and
     clearances-         valve stem cap.
     common              Reassembling
     troubles and        valve parts in
     remedy –reason      sequence , refit
     for wrapping of     cylinder head and
     cylinder head       manifold &
                         rockarm assembly
                         , adjustable valve
                         starting engine
                         after decarbonising

16   Piston and          Removing piston &      Free hand      Shop problems
     piston rings        connecting rod         sketching of   involving square
     Function-types      from engine-           piston         roots
     and material .      examine-piston         gudgeon
     used                ring lands for wear-   pins rings
     recommended         examine piston         and
     clearances for      skirt for cracks &     connecting
     the rings and its   distortions, clean     rod with
     necessity-          oil holes - check      dimensions
     precautions         connecting rod for     from
     while fitting       bend and twist and     samples
     rings-              parent bore for
     connecting rods-    taper and ovality
     types function      and gudgeon pin
     and material        bushes for wear-
     used- methods       check elongation
     of fixing            of cap fixing bolts
     gudgeon pin on
     small end
     method of
     provided for
     small end

17   Crankshaft-          Removing              Free hand      Ratio and
     construction &       crankshaft and        sketching of   proportions. shop
     functions            camshaft from         crankshaft     problems
     material used -      engine -checking      and
     arrangement of       crankshaft for bend   flywheels
     crank pins and       & twist -checking     with
     main journals-       oil retainer and      dimensions
     balancing            thrust surfaces for   from
     methods- fly         wear-measure          samples
     wheel -              crank shaft journal
     construction &       for wear -checking
     its function and     flywheel and
     material used        mounting flanges,
     Rim marks and        spigot, bearing-
     balancing.           check vibration
     Elementary           damper for defects
     knowledge of         -check cam shaft
     function of clutch   for bend & crank
     & coupling units
     attached to

18   Description &        Checking cylinder     Free hand      Mass , unit of
     function of          blocks surface -      sketching of   mass, force-
     cylinder block-      measure cylinder      cylinder       absolute unit of
     material used -      bore for taper &      block and      force-weight of a
     cylinder liners -&   ovality- check main   cylinder       body . Shop
     details crank        bearing parent        head           problems
     case and oil pan     bore for taper &
     and their            ovality clean oil
     construction         gallery passage
     water jacket         and oil pipe line-
     passages & wall      check main
     thickness bolt       bearing cap bolt
     hole dimensions      holes check cam
     for cylinder head    shaft, bearings and
     fixing provision     tappet bore -
     for mounting         descale water
     accessories like     passages and
     oil pump, water      examine Welsch
     pump filters - oil   plugs check
     flow passages        cylinder head for
     and cleaning         warping.

19   Engine               Fixing bearing           Free hand         Mass, unit of
     Bearings-            inserts in cylinder      sketching of      mass, force-
     classification       block & cap check        bearing with      absolute unit of
     and location         nip and spread           dimensions        force weight of a
     materials used &     clearance & oil          from sample       body , shop
     composition of       holes & locating                           problem
     bearing              lugs fix crank shaft
     materials - Shell    on block-torque
     bearing and their    bolts - check end
     advantages -         play remove shaft -
     special bearings     check seating,
     material for         repeat similarly for
     diesel engine        connecting rod and
     application          Check seating and
     bearing failure &    refit.
     its causes - care
     & maintenance.

20   Friction - its       Overhauling oil          Freehand          Example of useful
     meaning and          pump , oil filters oil   sketching of      and wasteful
     impo0rtance,         coolers aircleaners      oil filters oil   friction.
     methods to           and airfilters and       pumps, oil
     reduce friction in   adjust oil pressure      coolers with
     engines - use of     relief valves -          dimensions
     lubricants - oil     changing oil in the      from
     grease high          sump, repairs to oil     samples.
     detergent oil for    flow pipe lines and
     diesel engine        unions.
     lubrication -
     properties of

21   Need for             . Reassemble all         Freehand          Example of useful
     lubrication          parts of engine in       sketching of      and waste friction
     system for diesel    correct sequence         Examples of       in engine, applied
     engines - types      and torque all bolts     oil pumps oil     problems.
     used and layout      and nuts as per          coolers with
     of the system by     makers                   dimensions
     pass & full flow     recommendations        from
     arrangement-         for engines.           samples.
     types of oil
     pumps oil filters,
     oil coolers,
     troubles - care

22   Engine               Reassemble all         Free hand      Work, Unit of
     assembly             parts of engine in     sketching of   work Energy
     procedure need       correct sequence       cylinder       Power, Unit of
     for cleanliness      and torque all bolts   liners with    power.
     and special tools    & nuts as per          dimensions
     and gauges           markers,               form sample
     used for engine      recommendations
     assembling,          for the engine - Fit
     practice -           accessories & start
     periods of           and run the engine
     decarbonising        on stands
     and overhauling
     engine interms
     of hours of run
     or mileage -
     running in
     procedure of

23   Cylinder liners -    Removing cylinder      Freehand       Work, Unit of
     construction &       liners from scrap      sketching of   work energy
     purpose -            cylinder block,        cylinder       power - unit of
     material used        practice in            liners with    power - shop
     and finish           measuring and          dimensions     problems.
     provided types       refitting new liners   from
     of liners in use -   as per makers          sample.
     methods used to      recommendations
     fit the same in      precautions while
     cylinder bore,      fitting new liners.
     advantages of
     wet and dry
     liners wear
     pattern &
     allowable wear
     cylinder wear
     and its causes.

24   Need for cooling    Removing radiator       Freehand       Ratio &
     an engine           and water pump          sketching of   proportion.
     general             from engine,            water pump
     description &       cleaning & reverse      thermostatic
     types of air and    flushing. Radiator,     valve &
     liquids - cooling   testing thermostat      water
     used in engine -    and refitting on        jackets in
     layout of cooling   engine-overhauling      the cylinder
     system and          -water pump             block.
     parts in the        refitting - adjusting
     layout-function     fan belt tension
     of parts like       and connecting
     radiator -          water pump with
     thermostat &        radiator with hoses
     need to maintain    & flushing cooling
     engine working      system of the
     temperature.        engine.

25   Description &       Dismantling air                        Ratio and
     operation of Air    compressor and                         proportion
     compressor and      exhauster-cleaning                     problems.
     exhauster           all parts -
     attached to         measuring wear in
     transport vehicle   the cylinder and
     engines -           blades-                 -do-
     common              reassembling all
     troubles &          parts and fitting
     maintenance of      them in the engine.
     both their
     application for
     the brakes of the

26   Description of      Dismantling a           Freehand       Different forms of
     internal &          petrol engine in a      sketching of   heat energy-
     external engines    systematic              4 stroke       mechanical and
       - different types   procedure - clean     cycle 2        electrical
       of I C Engines      & inspect all parts   stroke cycle
       parts of an IC      for wear & reusage    valve timing
       Engine-4 stroke     - check oil           diagram.
       O T T O cycle       clearance reset
       engine - 2 stroke   main and
       petrol engine -     connecting rod
       deference's         bearings - check
       between the two     cylinder wear &
       k- importance of    examine piston
       valve timings       and rings
       and parts of        connecting rods-
       valve operating     and crank shaft
       system              reconditioning if
       description and     necessary -
       operation.          reassemble all
                           parts in sequence
                           as per makers,
                           recommendation -
                           adjusting valve
                           tappets-start &
                           adjust slow speed
                           of the engine.

                     TRADE: MECHANIC (DIESEL)
                  DURATION OF TRAINING: - ONE YEAR
                           Syllabus For First Year
                              Week No. 27-52


Weekwise Syllabus:27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 TO 35, 36TO 37, 38 TO 39, 40
TO 41, 42, 43,
                    44 TO 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52

Week Theory                      Practical                 Engg.             Workshop cal
No.                                                        Drawing           & Science
27   Brief Description of        Practice on engine         Freehand       Different forms of
     engine components -         tune up operations         sketching      Heat Energy
     their location and          involving testing          of parts of    mechanical and
     function - cooling and      vacuum and                 and            Electrical their
     lubrication system -        compression of             engine.        conversion from
     parts and layout of the     engine, adjusting valve    Freehand       one to another
     system -layout of           clearance, setting and     sketching      with examples.
     parts in the system &       adjusting ignition         of layout of
     function of each part       timing adjusting           fuel supply
     Ignition system in a        carburetors for slow       system
     petrol engine system        speeds Overhauling         Ignition
     Layout & Parts of           AC Pump & Testing for      system -
     ignition system and         its working cleaning       lubrication
     functions of each part      spark plugs & testing      and
     working of the system       and setting as per         cooling
     importance of Firing        maker's                    system.
     order and Adv. Retard       recommendation
     mechanism.                  starting engine.

                                 Adjusting slow speed.

28   Visit to Local Industrial
     Plants and Factories.

29   Step by step method         Trouble shooting in        Views of       Measuring of
     of diagnosis of             cooling and lubrication    solid &        Horse Power
     troubles in the             system/engine              hollow         IHP, FHP and
     lubrication and cooling     checking up and            bodies cut     applied shop
     system-reasons for          connecting oil and         sections       problem.
     engine overheating &        water leaks - changing     plane.
     remedies for the            defective packing and
     same. Crank case            gaskets - testing
     dilutition and              functioning of
     crankcase ventilation       thermostat.
     flow test rate
     recommended for

30   Reasons for                 Diagnosis of engine        Views of       Meaning of horse
     development of noises       faults like main bearing   hollow &       power IHP
     in the engine               - noises piston pin        solid          BHP,FHP
     components -                noise flywheel knock &     bodies cut     applied shop
     rectification , methods     valve noise- and crank     section        problems.
     of assembling practice      noises and diesel          plane .
     to be followed during       knock.
     engine overhauling as
        per makers

31      Reasons for               Diagnosis of engine          Practice on   Effects of force
        excessive exhaust         faults like smoky,           blue print    on materials like
        smoke overheating         exhaust, over - heating      reading.      bending twisting
        vibration, missing &      , heavy vibration,                         and shearing
        hunting noises in an      missing cylinders,                         problems.
        engine methods of         exhaust noise , hunting
        eliminating these         characteristics of
        noises for smooth         engine and erratic or
        working of the engine.    irregular idling.

32      Starting methods used     Diagnosis of reasons         Further       Torque -
        for starting diesel       for starting difficulty in   practice in   definition -
        engines used for          a diesel engine and          blue print    example torque
        transport, agricultural   rectifying the faults.       reading.      wrenches
        marine, industrial                                                   application -
        purposes-brief                                                       problems
        description. Of each                                                 involving torque
        method - methods to                                                  values of engine.
        eliminate starting
        difficulty in a diesel

33      Necessity of strong       Practice in erecting         Freehand      Shop problems
        foundations for diesel    over - hauled engines        sketching     on determination
        engine-details for        on stands &                  of engine     of volume &
        diesel engine -details    foundations                  mountings,    weight of simple
        of foundation bolts &     preparation of               templates     bodies.
        nuts-composition of a     templates of                 & fixing
        good mix for grouting     foundation holes of the      brackets &
        foundation bolts          engine base-                 stands.
        dimensions of pits &      preparation of hold -
        Boxes to suit engine      down , bolt and Nuts
        base-purpose of           and boxes for
        template-need for         foundation pits-starting
        aligning the engine on    engine on foundation
        HD Bolts.                 and observing

34 to   Fuel feed system in       Cleaning fuel tanks-         Freehand      Menstruation of
35      diesels -Air injection    checking leaks in the        sketching     areas volumes &
        and airless injection.    fuel lines-soldering &       of water      weight
        Systems their general     repairing pipe lines         separators    calculation solid
        description and lay out   and Unions - brazing         and fuel      bodies,
        importance of water        nipples to high              tanks with
        separators -               pressure line studying       dimension
        constructional details     the fuel feed system in      from
        of water separators.       diesel engines-draining      sample.
                                   of water separators

36 to   Fuel filters-types &       Bleeding of air from         Freehand       Centre of gravity
37      constructional details -   the fuel lines-servicing     sketching      of bodies-stable
        reasons for using no.      primary & secondary          of fuel feed   & unstable
        of filters sequence of     filters-removing filters     system         Neutrals &
        replacement of filter      elements -in pressure        and of         equilibrium-
        elements Importance        filters.                     filters.       Examples &
        of Diesel fuel                                                         Problems on
        cleanliness-types of                                                   Centere of
        diesel fuel HSD &                                                      gravity.
        LSD Description of O.
        F. valves & their

38 to   Constructional details     Dismantling an               Freehand       Simple levers
39      of fuel injection          unserviceable fuel           sketching      with examples i.
        pumps, feed pumps          injection pump - feed        of Simple      e. bell - crank
        and governors-             pump governor                fuel           lever & other
        explanation of function    studying the parts and       injection      used in engine -
        and operation.             reassemble general           pump with      Advantage: in
                                   maintenance of F. I.         dimension      using them
                                   Pumps.                       from           Problems on
                                                                samples.       lever.

40 to   Importance of timing       Removing a fuel              Lettering      Heat and
41      the pumps with engine      injection pump from an       numbers &      temperature
        closed slot croos          engine-refit the pump        alphabets      scales of
        coupling marks             to the engine re-set         and            temperature Fh
        vernier scale on           timing - fill lubricating-   freehand       and Centigrade -
        coupling advancing         oil start and adjust         sketching      their -
        and retarding methods      slow speed of the            of feed        conversions -
        effect of over             engine.                      pump.          temperature
        advancing-timing                                                       measuring
        device and its details -                                               devices used in
        critical adjustments of                                                engine shops
        Jerk-pump phasing                                                      engine .
        and calibration -
        adjustment for
        maximum speed idle
        speed & smoke limits.
ACHIEVEMENTS : The trainee should be able to do :

      1.   Diagnose engine noises of different nature and rectify
      2.   Diagnose faults in lubrication and cooling system and rectify
      3.   Erect diesel engines on foundations
      4.   Repair leaks in fuel lines and bleed air from the system
      5.   Overhaul filters and bleed them
      6.   Follow safety precautions while doing the above work.

42          Governors -               Start engine adjust      Freehand          Definition of
            pneumatic type-           idling speed and         sketching of a    stress, strain
            construction &            damping device in        pneumatic         and modulus of
            operation-venturi unit    pneumatic governor       governor with     elasticity
            and its purpose and       and venture control      dimensions        ultimate
            action-precautions to     unit checking            from samples.     strength types
            be observed in            performance of                             of stresses-
            attending to the          engine with off load                       factor of safety
            governor-definition of    adjusting timings.                         examples and
            rated speed -                                                        problems.
            maximum speed-over
            run of governors-
            purpose of auxilary
            venturi in the
            Governor-principle of
            idling damper.

43.         Mechanical governors      Start engine-            Freehand          Definition of
            Their construction,       adjusting idle speed     sketching of      stress strain
            function and operation    of the engine fitted     mechanical        and modulus of
            under different load      with mechanical          governor with     elasticity
            and speed and             governor checking-       dimensions        ultimate
            maintenance-              high speed operation     from sample.      strength types
            common troubles and       of the engine.                             of factors of
            remedies.                                                            safety stress-
                                                                                 examples and

44,45.      Fuel injection Nozzles    Checking                 Freehand          Mechanical
            description and           performance for          sketching of      advantage
            operation of each type    missing cylinder by      different types   velocity ratio
            spray angles and          isolating defective      of nozzles        and efficiency
            orifices and their        injectors and test-      (cut section)     example and
      characteristic-injector   dismantle and           lettering      problems.
      tester- construction      replace defective       practice.
      and function types of     parts and reassemble
      tests and their           and refit back to the
      purpose. Effects of       engine importance of
      incorrect setting of      correct torqueing-
      nozzles on engine         while assembling the
      performance.              unit and also fitting
                                on to the engine.

46.   Importance of             Repairing of grease     Freehand       Determination
      periodical                guns oil cans-oil       sketching of   of mechanical
      maintenance and           spray guns & other      grease gun     advantage-
      upkeep of shop            shop floor equipment    horses- oil    velocity ratio-
      equipment's-              Maintenance of drill    gun and        efficiency i.e.
      preventive                press pedestal          service        screw jack
      maintenance to avoid      grinder, valve reface   accessories.   winch- pulley
      sudden and major          and air compressor.                    bully block
      failure- preparing                                               wheel and axle
      maintenance charts                                               and inclined
      for machineries and                                              plane.
      follow up.

47    -do-                      Repairing of injector   Practice on    Principle and
                                tester, horses, jacks   blue print     working of
                                and stands vacuum &     reading        simple
                                compression gauges                     machines.
                                maintenance of
                                washing pumps and
                                hydraulic presses
                                phasing and
                                calibrating machine.

48    Simple electrical         BASIC                   Freehand       Electricity and
      circuit-series &          ELECTRICAL              sketching of   its effects static
      parallel circuits-        WORK                    electrical     and dynamic
      identification of                                 symbols and    electricity, AC
      alternating-current       Practice in joining     drawing of     and DC
      and direct current        wires & soldering -     simple         differences.
      meters-insulators and     forming simple          electrical
      conductors-types of       electrical circuits -   circuits.
      resistance's - ohm's      measuring of current,
      law and its               voltage and
      application-common        resistance- cleaning
      electrical terms and      and topping up of a
      symbols - primary and     lead acid battery -
          secondary cells-lead     Testing battery with
          acid battery             hydrometer cell tester
          description -            connecting battery to
          construction -           charger.
          common troubles and

49        Description of           Studying electrical      Freehand           Magnets-
          electrical circuits -    circuits in the engine   sketching of       natural and
          ignition system and      assembly checking        ignition circuit   artificial types-
          the components-          loose, open and short    of a vehicle-      poles of
          purpose of induction     circuit in ignition      sketching the      magnets-
          coil, condenser, spark   circuits-cleaning and    circuit-line       magnetic fields.
          plugs - common           testing spark plugs-     diagram of
          troubles in ignition     overhauling of           magneto
          circuit and remedy.      distributor assembly-    ignition.
                                   checking and setting
                                   ignition timing.

50        Description of           Removing dynamo          Freehand           Definition of
          charging circuit -       from vehicle             sketching of       ampere, volt &
          operation of dynamo      dismantling, cleaning    charging           ohm-Units of
          and regulator Unit -     checking for defects,    system.            ampere, volt
          Ignition warning lamp-   assembling and                              ,ohm, ohm's
          troubles & remedy in     testing for motoring                        law
          charging system.         action of dynamo &
                                   fitting to vehicles.

51        Description of starter   Removing starter         Sketching          Calculation
          motor circuit-           motor vehicle and        starter motor      based on ohm’s
          constructional details   overhauling the          circuit and        law
          of starter motor-        starter motor –          solenoid
          solenoid switches –      testing of starter       switch circuit.
          common troubles and      motor
          remedy in starter

52        Revision and test

ACHIEVEMENTS : The trainee should be able to do

     1. Adjust slow speed and maximum sped in the venturi control unit.
     2. Test functioning of pneumatic and mechanical governer.
  3.   Check and adjust injector on test.
  4.   Repair and maintain shop equipment's.
  5.   Do simple repairs in the ignition, charging and starting circuits.
  6.   Follow up safety precautions in doing the above work.


  1. To measure - Linear dimensions correctly up to + 0.002" or + 0.05 mm
     should be able to work within a tolerance of + 0.005"
  2. To use measuring tools and instruments-Steel rule, calipers, Compass,
     Trysquare , Feelergauge, Dial Test Indicator, Vernire Calipers,
     Micrometers, compression Gauge, Vacuum gauge etc.
  3. To use hand tools-Hammers, Chisels , Tongs, Wrenches screw Jack,
     Pulley Block, Pliers, Screw Driver, Pullers.
  4. To manipulate machines end accessories-Drilling Machine, Pedestal
     grinder, Power press, Air compressor, Valve Refacer,
  5. To identify hand tools of the trade, basic metals (Ferrous and non-ferrous.)
  6. Calculate areas, volumes and weights of simple solid bodies and parts
     related to the trade-simple estimation and costing.
  7. To perform operations-Repairing of Major assemblies of engine-cooling
     system lubrication feed pump, water pump and oil pump.
  8. To locate troubles and rectify:- The engine-mechanical parts, fuel feed
     system, lubrication system and cooling system.
  9. To know, read and understand-simple blue print, reading, making of free
     hand sketching, use of reference tables, purposes of safety precautions
     and regulations-use of fire-extinguishers.

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