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Director, Mail Management Program
Manager DHS Mail Operations Center
DHS Mail Management Program

Acting Director, Logistics Division

Records Office

Chief Property Management Division

Primary Contact/Mail
Logistics division

Executive Secretary

Assistant Director Office of Real Estate Services
Aviation Programs

Primary Contact/ Official Mail Manager
Freight Manager

Seconday Contact/Mail

AT - Primary Contact
Component          Name           Office Phone                               E-Mail                     Location
                                        DHS - DHL Phone
                                                  Contract Escalation List
DHS HQ      Karl Johnson          202.401.4233 202.360.0662                  Washington, DC
DHS HQ      Sarah Epps            202.772.5011               Washington, DC
DHS HQ      Elaine Harris         202.401.3602          Washington, DC
DHS HQ      James C. Harris       202.772.9748                      Washington, DC
CBP         Susan Allen           202.344.1879                     Washington, DC
CBP         Harold Doleman        202.344.1647                    Washington, DC
CBP         Phyllis Morgan        202.344.1426                    Washington, DC
CBP         Norman Waits          202.344.1551                      Washington, DC
CIS         Eileen Casey          202.307.6589                      Washington, DC
CIS         Susan Wilt            202.272.8735                       Washington, DC
CIS         Larry Mallett         202.272.8632    301.455.1791              Washington, DC
CIS         Delia Chalonec        202.616.8372                    Washington, DC
FAMS        Donna Haberman        609.813.3340    609.335.9777             Atlantic City, NJ
FEMA        Ken Brown             202.646.2649                        Washington, DC
FEMA        Gil Tucker            202.646.7061                        Washington, DC
FINCEN      Jean Alcocer          757.523.6741                  Chesapeake, VA
FLETC       Donnie Hutcheson      912.267.3242                  Glynco, GA
PREP        Grayling Batchelor    202.282.0977                Washington, DC
PREP        Keith Sampson         202.205.5910                     Washington, DC
PREP        Arthelia Wair         202.205.9232                     Washington, DC
ICE         Anthony Douglas        202.514.2273                  Washington, DC
ICE         Bernadette Barnes    (202) 616-7003                Washington, DC

S&T         Alaina Duggan         202 254 6673          Washington, DC
S&T         Miles Wiley           202 254 6819                       Washington, DC
TSA         Ed Rynne              571.227.2084                          Arlington, VA
TSA         Jose Duque            571.227.3294                        Arlington, VA
TSA         Sherry Johnson        571.227.1086                   Arlington, VA
USCG        Ed Larson             202.267.2313               Washington, DC
USCG        Jim Christ            202.267.0640                Washington, DC
USCG        Yvonne Coates         202.267.2328                   Washington, DC
USSS        John Tooles           202.406.5190                  Washington, DC
USSS        Ron Boatwright        202.406.6201    703.447.2909     Washington, DC
                                           DHS - DHL Contract Escalation List

USSS                Steve Lacuin     202.406.5691        Washington, DC
USSS                Marian Loushay   202.406.5938      Washington, DC
US-Visit            Sheree Watt      202.298.5175              Rosslyn, VA
US-Visit            Louise Stewart   202.298.5016           Rosslyn, VA
Revised: 02/07/06

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