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               IN STRATEGIC
Advisory Board

The EMSHRM relies on an Advisory Board which includes HR professionals
from leading international organizations. The aims of the board are to ensure
that the course is aligned with the needs of the business community and to
involve key players as part of the Invited Faculty.

Gustavo Bracco, SVP Human Resources            Mary Jane Peters Executive Director of the
and Organization, Telecom Italia Group.        Association for Human Resources
Previous experiences as SVP HR in Pirelli,     Management in International Organizations
Case-New Holland and Compagnie                 (AHRMIO). Former Director of the United
Européenne d'Accumulateurs (Fiat Group).       Nations System Chief Executives Board
                                               Secretariat in Geneva, and responsible for
Paul Broeckx, Consultant. Former SVP           the UN’s High Level Committee on
Corporate HR for Nestlé. Previously            Management.
Executive VP North America and Corporate
HR for SGS.                                    Mogens Raun, Head of Organization and
                                               Leadership Development, Novartis
Renato Carrara, Managing Director, FedEx       Consumer Health SA, Medical Nutrition BU.
Italia and General Manager for Italy, Spain,   Former HR Manager in The Coca-Cola
Portugal, Greece and Switzerland. Formerly     Company and Mars Inc.
at DHL and Tamrock.
                                               Cristina Scialino, Human Resources
Michael Chivers, VP Global Sales &             Director Staff International, L'Oreal
Marketing HR, Sony Ericsson (UK). Former       Consumer Product Division, Paris. Former
Director HR Sony UK.                           Human Resources Director Luxury Product
                                               Division and Active Cosmetic, Division
Mario Di Loreto, Regional HR Director Italy
                                               L'Oreal Italia.
& Central Mediterranean, Starwood Hotels
& Resorts. Former HR Manager of Alitalia       Damien Henry Teisseire, Global Head of
Team and HR Director of AirOne.                Compensation and Benefits UniCredit
                                               Group, Milan. Former Senior Vice President,
Hanneke Frese, Founder of
                                               Head of Pensions & Benefits – EMEA at
FreseConsulting. She formerly held various
                                               Citi, London.
senior HR roles at Citibank and Zurich
Financial Services.                            Norman Walker, Senior Advisor, TPG
                                               Capital. Former Senior VP Human
Franco Furnò, WW Human Resources
                                               Resources for Novartis.
Director, Gucci. Formerly: HR Director of
European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development, London, HR Director Marzotto
and HR Director Benetton Group.
SDA Bocconi
The Bocconi University School of Management

SDA Bocconi has been Bocconi University’s School of Management since 1971.
The leading Italian management school, it is one of the most prestigious in the
world. The SDA Bocconi faculty combines academic excellence with
professional expertise and teaches an extensive portfolio of post-graduate
masters programs. The school also offers about 1,000 executive courses each
year which are attended by thousands of participants. No other school organizes
such a vast range of state-of-the-art courses taught by staff with real hands-on
management and business experience.
Bocconi University was established in 1902 and is an economically, scientifically
and academically independent research university. It is the leading university in
Italy, with a high standing in major international rankings.

Cornell University
The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

Founded in 1865, Cornell is one of the top global universities. The Cornell
Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) is the world's leading
partnership between industry and academia, devoted to global human resource
management. CAHRS sponsors represent over 60 of the world's premier
companies. The CAHRS partnership provides the connection between these
leading companies, Cornell University, the ILR School, and leading faculty,
students and intellectual leaders throughout the world. The CAHRS
relationship offers the opportunity to work directly with key faculty and
students, to participate in, influence, and be the first to learn about new
research findings and applications.

Program Faculty
The Master is taught by the faculties of SDA Bocconi School of Management
and Cornell University (CAHRS - Center for Advanced Human Resource
Studies), and by an Invited faculty composed of HR professionals and
consultants. The teaching approach complements thorough research with
insights from HR practices in a variety of business contexts. Participants will
benefit from coverage of state-of-the-art HR practices, as investigated by
frontier research carried out at SDA Bocconi and Cornell University. Moreover,
participants will be able to analyze and discuss applied HR issues with our
Invited faculty, which includes HR directors and senior consultants from
leading multinational companies.

Invited Faculty
Invited faculty includes HR Directors from major multinational organizations,
as well as senior HR professionals from international renowned consulting
firms. The EMSHRM Board holds a prominent position within the invited
Program Objectives
Why an Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management?
Human Resource Management has recently acquired a central role in strategic
and organizational decisions, posing a critical challenge for organizations
worldwide. Organizations are increasingly called to face competitive challenges
like globalization in markets and sourcing, new technologies, cost reductions,
continuous change, corporate social responsibility, international mergers and
acquisitions, talent attraction and development.
Consequently, HR executives are called to take on the role of strategic business
partners at the top management level. HR managers must be capable of advising
top executives and leading the organization through continuous change.
The Executive Master in SHRM aims at addressing this most important need.
The goal of the Master is to develop high-potential HR professionals for the
most senior levels of HR positions, providing them with the skills and
knowledge to drive organizational performance through best practices in
Human Resource Management.
The Master places an in-depth emphasis on the business context of HR
management and leadership, focusing on the organizational and strategic issues
influencing HR decisions.
The Master is a stepping stone for high-potential HR managers wishing to take
their career development to a strategic level, setting new challenges to fully
exploit participants’ potential.

Target Participants
Who is the Program for?
The Executive Master is aimed at managers and professionals with significant
experience in HR or related functions, or managers and professionals with a
background in other functions, all in the process of taking on a role of increased
responsibility in the HR function.
The mission of the Program is to support high-potential managers and
professionals in developing the necessary competences to strengthen the
strategic and leadership role of HR.
The Master emphasizes the close relationship between HR management and
strategy, within an international setting which draws upon cutting-edge
research and practice to develop methodologies and tools.
Program Contents

          1. People Strategy                                5. Talent Acquisition and
          ■   Business strategy and governance                 Development
          ■   Strategic decision making                     ■   Employer branding and strategic
          ■   Roles of HR function                              staffing
          ■   Strategic capabilities                        ■   Career management and
          ■   Workforce differentiation                         talent development
          ■   The role of HR in mergers                     ■   Expatriation
              and acquisitions                              ■   Diversity and intercultural management

          2. Finance                                        6. HR Leadership
          ■   Financial statement analysis                  ■   HR Leadership
          ■   Performance indicators                        ■   HR Competences:
          ■   Business strategy and financial measures          - Creative and strategic thinking
          ■   Discounted cash flow analysis of strategic        - Communication and networking
              initiatives                                       - Conflict and stress management
          ■   The economic profile of finacing                  - Coaching
              decisions. Capital structure issues           ■   Corporate Social Responsibility and
          ■   The rationale for Mergers and                     Business Ethics
          ■   Corporate finance in practice                 7. Performance Management and
          3. HR Performance                                 ■   Performance management
          ■   HR scorecard                                  ■   Total Compensation
          ■   HR metrics                                    ■   Executive Compensation
          ■   HR information systems, knowledge
              management and learning                       8. Organizational Design
                                                               and Change
          4. HR Global and European Context                 ■   People strategy and organization
          ■   Globalization and labor market institutions   ■   Restructuring and downsizing
          ■   Comparative industrial relations              ■   Organizational design for innovation
          ■   Migration and welfare systems                     Organizational change and
          ■   Ageing, productivity and retirement               internal communication
          ■   Global HR Management
              - Decentralization and centralization
              - Managing HR in global value chains
Program Structure
The aim of the program is to maintain ongoing interaction between face-to-face
teaching and organizational practice, in order to better optimize situated learning.
The Program includes:
■   36 days of face-to-face teaching, including 6 Saturdays, designed around 8
    modules of 3-6 days. The modular approach, coupled with in-depth indivi-
    dual and team-based work, will allow individuals for a full immersion in class
    discussion while maintaining continuous contact with their organizations.
■   4 individual assignments, related to four core courses (People Strategy; HR
    Performance; Talent Acquisition and Development; Performance
    Management and Compensation), in which participants are required to apply
    insights and tools discussed in class to their organizational context, in order
    to measure their learning outcomes against companies’ everyday practice.
    Each participant will be supervised in the development of each project by
    Faculty members, via distance-learning tools. In addition to that, participants
    will receive feedback on each assignment. Individual assignments require a
    day-by-day effort in developing the projects for, approximately, 40 days of
    work in distance learning.

Teaching Methods                             MODULE                                    MONTH

                                             People Strategy
The teaching methods include:                - 1st Assignment                          February 12th-16th
■ Class sessions
■ Case study discussions                     Finance                                   March 12th-15th
■ Simulations and                            HR Performance
  role-playing exercises                     - 2nd Assignment                          April 10th-12th
■ Professional and business guest

  speakers                                   HR Global and European Context            May 5th-9th
■ Individual assignments                     Talent Acquisition and Development
  on specific HR issues.                     - 3rd Assignment                          June 10th-14th

The course also relies on a Web              HR Leadership                             September 22nd-27th
Platform which allows participants
                                             Performance Management and Compensation
to download course materials,
as well as to participate                    - 4th Assignment                          October 21st-24th
in forum discussion.                         Organizational Design and Change          November 18th-22nd

                                             Graduation Ceremony                       December 11th

                       For further information about the Program, please contact:
                       Silvia Bagdadli
General Information
Admission requirements

■   Relevant work experience in Human Resource Management or related functions
■   A graduate degree in any discipline
■   Fluency in English (self-assessed)

Please refer to the website ( for details on documents
required and admission procedure.

Application deadline: January 15th, 2008

Begins: February 12th, 2008
Ends: December 11th, 2008
Months: eleven

Location - City of Milan                                                               fieramilano fairground

The Course is held in Milan, at SDA Bocconi headquarters.
Milan is Italy’s world-famous business center, one of Europe’s leading, buzzing
capitals: a cosmopolitan blend of high finance, creative design, haute couture and
haute cuisine where different nationalities mix. At the crossroads between central,
southern, and northern Europe, it is an ideal location to undertake a thorough
learning experience while enjoying the delights of the Italian Dolce Vita.

Tuition Fee
€ 25,000
The tuition fee includes teaching and tutoring, all materials, business lunches,
access to Bocconi University Library and the use of all School’s support facilities.
Travel expenses and accommodation in Milan are not included. Participants
could benefit from SDA Bocconi privileged agreements with Hotels for

Mrs. Maria Grazia Angione
Via Bocconi, 8
20136 Milan - Italy
tel. + 39 02 5836 6874
fax + 39 02 5836 6890-6859
SDA Bocconi                 Accreditations
School of Management
Masters Division
Via Bocconi 8                                      European Quality
20136 Milano - Italy                               Improvement System

Tel. +39 02 5836 6874                              The Italian Association for
Fax +39 02 5836 6890             ACCREDITATO       Management Education Development                          Association
                                                   of MBAs

                                                   Quality Management System
                                                   Certification ISO 9001:2000
                                                   Financed Projects Service Centre


                                                    European Foundation
                                                    for Management Development

                                                    Association to Advance
                                                    Collegiate Schools of Business

                                                    European Academy of Business
                                                    in Society

                                                     European Corporate
                                                     Governance Institute

                                                     Partnership in
                                                     International Management

                                                     Community of European
                                                     Management Schools

                            Financial Times - Forbes - Wall Street Journal
                            Business Week - America Economia - Espansione

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