Dice Rolling and Probability Worksheet by gbl12332


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									Probability Worksheet

  1.   A drawer contains 21 pairs of socks: 6 grey, 5 black, 3 brown, 4 white and 3 navy blue.
       Calculate the probabilities of:
           a) picking a pair of black socks
           b) picking 2 pairs of socks – one brown and one white
           c)   picking out 2 pairs of navy blue socks

  2.   What is the probability that a family with 4 children has: (Use tree diagrams)
           a) 3 boys and a girl
           b) 3 girls then a boy
           c)   at least 1 boy

  3.   You have a standard deck of cards. What is the probability of:
           a) getting 2 aces in a four card hard
           b) getting exactly one 9 in a three card hand
           c)   getting both cards the same in a two card hand
           d) getting BlackJack (2 cards adding to 21, an Ace can equal 11)

  4.   You have 5 coins. What is your probability of winning the toss, if winning is … (Use
       tree diagrams!)
           a) getting 3 heads and 2 tails
           b) getting only one tail
           c)   all 5 coins the same

  5.   You have one six-sided die and one ten-sided die. What is the probability of rolling:
           a) both dice even
           b) a sum greater than 12
           c)   a sum equal to 10
           d) an odd sum

  6.   You have three six-sided dice. What is the probability of rolling: (Use a 2 dimensional
       table … and fill in boxes depending on the third value … as shown today!)
           a) a sum of at least 12
           b) at least 2 threes
           c)   all three dice odd

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