SHSM Student Application-Registration 2011-12

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					                                            Ottawa Catholic School Board
                               Specialist High Skills Major Program Registration Form
                                    (to be completed with your Guidance Counsellor)
Personal information collected on this form is collected under the authority of Section 60 of the Education Act. I hereby authorize the Ottawa
Catholic School Board to use this information for the purpose of operating this program, to transfer the information to appropriate educational
institutions as requested, and to release information upon my request.

       STUDENT SIGNATURE                                                 PARENT SIGNATURE                                        DATE
                                                                         (If student is under 18)

Student Information

                                              Full Name                                                                  Sex
Pupil Number (eSIS)
(Number can be found on transcript
or by contacting your home school)
                                              House #            Apt #              Street
Birthdate                                     City                                  Postal Code

Home Phone #                                  e-mail Address

Parent Information

Parent/Guardian #1Name                                                     Parent/Guardian #2 Name

Daytime Phone #                      Evening Phone #                       Daytime Phone #                      Evening Phone #

e-mail Address                                                             e-mail Address

Home School Information                                                    Host School - Course Information

Name of Home School                                                        Name of Specialist High Skills Major Program

Administration Approval (Principal or Designate)                           Name of Host School

                                                                            Cross Boundary forms attached
Guidance Contact

                                                  Ottawa Catholic School Board
Application Process:
Students are to meet with their Guidance Counsellor (and Parents, if necessary) to answer the following
questions: (Attach an additional sheet if required)

Specialist High Skills Major Program Choice:

NOTE: Students must provide their own transportation. The diploma will be issued by the last
school the student attends.

Describe how this Specialist High Skills Major Program is a good “fit” for you. List your interests and pre-
requisites that may support you in this program.

Do you have concerns/questions relating to this program?

Check off any of the following that apply:

 IEP                    IPRC/Exceptionality                     ESL/ELL                 Special Needs

Directions for Student Services/Administration – Home School Steps for Submission of Application

1. Please retain a copy of this application for your files at school. Submit the original to the Host School Student
   Services Department Head by April 1, 2011

2. Attach a copy of the student’s last report card and student status sheet to the application.

3. It is necessary that the student also complete an option sheet for his/her home school
                                           Ottawa Catholic School Board

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