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Monthly BANK to IDX Reconciliation

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                Reconciliation of Bank Activity to IDX                                         $       Source for Data

 1     Total funds swept from bank account (credits less debits) this month                        -   Bank Sweeps in month of October, or Credits minus "Regular Debits"

 2     Total payments posted to IDX in month                                                       -   IDX Month-to-Date Transaction Summary for October
 3     Less, Returned Checks Posted to IDX (show as negative number)                               -   MTD Transaction Summary; all items in paycode 94
 4     Less, Rejected Credit Cards Posted to IDX (show as negative number)                         -   MTD Transaction Summary; all items in paycode 109
 5     Net payments in IDX (Total pymnts less returned items posted)                               -   Calculation, sum row 2 through 4
 6     Difference between monthly funds in Bank and Net IDX Postings                               -   Calculation, row 1 minus 5

 7    Total funds swept from bank account (credits less debits) this month                         -   References line 1 above
     Document variances:
      Deduct (show as negative numbers):

 8     Bank credits this month that are not patient receipts (will never be posted)                -   Identify on October Credit Log (e.g. medical service agreeement revenue, fees for copying records, if any)

 9     Bank credits received this month but not posted by month-end (will be posted)               -   Bank Activity in October that has not yet been posted (likely posted in Nov); use your Bank Activity Not Posted Log

10     Bank credits received this month that were posted in a prior period                             Rcvd in Bank In October, but posted in September (often happens with credit cards, can occur with Medicaid checks); check
                                                                                                   -   dates on the credit log for these

11     Returned checks/c.cards that hit bank in any prior period that were posted this month           See "Returned Items" sheet from billing. Batch information for returned items posted this month should include bank date…look
                                                                                                   -   for a prior month bank date

       Add (show as positive numbers):
12     Posted to IDX this month, but funds not received in bank as of month end                        Posted in October, funds not yet in Bank (often happens with credit cards posted at month end); use Posted Not Received Log
                                                                                                       Posted in Ocotber, although hit the bank any prior month (end of September deposits, catch-up on postings, etc); check Posted
13     Any prior month's bank activity posted to IDX this month
                                                                                                   -   Funds Log and look at "deposit date"
14     Total fees (all credit card fees, lockbox fees, fax charges, etc)                           -   From October statements--should also be on Debit Log for October

15     Non-bank entries posted to IDX this month (IDIs, Global Pymnt EFTs, Other)                  -   Refer to Non-cash log for any Journal Entries that were POSTED in Ocotber (if not posted to IDX in October do not include here)

16     Returned checks/c.cards that hit bank this month but have NOT yet been posted               -   Refer to Debit Log; look for returned items that have not been posted yet
17     Other (List)                                                                                -   Various--can add rows if need to list detail on misc reconciling items
18     Net Variances                                                                               -   Calculation, add lines 8 through 17

19     Calculated net monthly payment postings in IDX                                              -   Calculation, line 7 plus line 18

20     Difference between variance calculated in Row 6 and Variance in 18                          -   Line 6 plus line 18; difference should be zero, as these two rows should be opposite signs and equal.

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