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                   hope                            THE
                                                       M     E
                                                               “WE bElIEvE IN THE
                                                            SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”
 NovEmbEr 08                                                          Er
                                                                    THE gIv
                                                                               – NIcENE crEEd

                                                                              Empowered by
                                                                              the Spirit,
                                                                              and drawing
                                                                              upon faith’s
                                                                              rich vision,
                                                                              a new
                                                                              generation of
                                                                              is being
                                                                              called to
                                                                              help build
                                                                              a world in
                                                                              which God’s
                                                                              gift of life
                                                                              is welcomed,
               Beloved friends,                                               and
               In the month of November the Church traditionally              cherished...
               highlights the mystery of life and death, the importance
               of praying for the dead and of keeping company with all
               the saints. Sometimes we might feel cut off from those
               we have loved and lost to death. We feel powerless to           IN THIS ISSUE
               do anything for them; we sense that the relationship
               is broken forever. But November says otherwise. The             3 Faith Foundations
               Commemoration of “All Souls” on 2nd November says               4 Pilgrim Prayer
               that we may hope those we have loved and lost are being         5 Inspired Writings
               purified (in “purgatory”), made ready for heaven, and that      6 Testimony of Faith
               our having Mass offered for them or praying for them
                                                                               7 Saints and Witnesses
               helps. The Celebration of “All Saints” on 1st November
                                                                               8 Place of Pilgrimage
               says that we can hope that after such purification, heaven
               will indeed be their lot and ours, that we may all be
               saints. This double feast tells us that after death there
               can be new life.

                                   a message of

                          M      E
                              “WE bElIEvE IN THE
                           SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”
 NovEmbEr 08                         Er
                                   THE gIv
                                                  – NIcENE crEEd

               The Holy Spirit, the principal protagonist of our World Youth Day, is “the Lord, the Giver
               of Life”. Young people need Him now more than ever. They are often the victims and even
               sometimes the perpetrators of the culture of death. Young men are most often soldiers of
               war and young people – especially young mothers and children – are so often, with them,
               the victims of war’s destructive power. Young women, and especially their unborn babies,
               are the victims of abortion: the babies left dead of body and the young mothers left dead
               of heart and soul. Meanwhile, all too often, young men are responsible or irresponsible or
               excluded; they too are wounded by this dreadful violence. This terrible toll of death before
               birth has been compounded in recent years by abortifacient drugs and human embryo
               experiments. Young people are also so often the victims or even the perpetrators of
               violence in the streets, of the soul-destroying world of party drugs and addiction, of acts
               of terrorism and suicide. And all these things, as Pope Benedict has often said, are signs
               of a poverty of hope.
               How are we to break cycle of hopelessness, violence and death? We cannot do this by our
               own will-power alone: problems such as poverty, war, abortion, drugs and everything that
               is against life can sometimes seem too big for us. We need “the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the
               Giver of Life”. Only He can breathe new life into every victim who is dead or wounded. Only
               He can breathe conversion and new life into every perpetrator. However big the problems
               may seem, even one young person, plus the Holy Spirit, is a majority! Even one weak
               person, plus the Holy Spirit, can change the world! For the Holy Spirit is the power of God,
               helping us in our weakness (cf. Rom 8:26).
               As part of the Youth Festival during the World Youth Day in Sydney there was a wonderful
               “Life and Love Site” where thousands of young people learnt about the Gospel of Life and
               the Theology of the Body, and committed themselves to being unconditionally pro-life and
               to building a civilisation of love. Whether you were there or not, November is a month for
               pondering the mystery of death and new life. It is a month for committing ourselves – and
               that power we have received from the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of the Life – to being
               witnesses to life. As Pope Benedict said in his wonderful homily at the Final Mass of the
               World Youth Day celebrations:
               “Empowered by the Spirit, and drawing upon faith’s rich vision, a new generation of
               Christians is being called to help build a world in which God’s gift of life is welcomed,
               respected and cherished – not rejected, feared as a threat and destroyed. A new age in
               which love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to
               others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty. A new
               age in which hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption which
               deaden our souls and poison our relationships. Dear young friends, the Lord is asking
               you to be prophets of this new age, messengers of his love, drawing people to the Father
               and building a future of hope for all humanity.”

               May the Holy Spirit fill you with His divine life!

               bISHop aNTHoNy fISHEr op
               Wyd08 coordINaTor

                 f oundations
               callEd To HolINESS

 NovEmbEr 08   At World Youth Day, we saw many       Jesus tells his followers: “Be
               images of holiness – of people        perfect, as your heavenly Father
               filled with the Holy Spirit. Our      is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48). Isn’t

               ten patrons. Our Holy Father,         this impossible? But being holy
               beaming with love and hope. Our       is not about making ourselves
               bishops and priests and pastoral      good men and women- but it is
               leaders, pouring themselves out       about uniting ourselves to the
               to lead us to God! The WYD staff      grace, love and glory of Christ, so
               and volunteers and Homestay           that we are re-made “in the Son’s
               hosts. And above all we saw holy,     image.” The Holy Spirit is the
               Spirit-filled, young people!          holiness giver, the saint maker.
               The quality of holiness is            The Church teaches that holiness
               something we recognize much           is not an elitist club of spiritual
               more readily than we can              superstars. “All Christians in any
               describe.                             state or walk of life are called
                                                     to the fullness of Christain life
               Throughout the Scriptures- Old
                                                     and to the perfection of charity”
               and New Testaments, holiness
                                                     (Lumen Gentium no 40. 2)
               inherently belongs to God and
               to His initiative. He wants his       This perfection of charity or love
               people to become holy. The            involves the losing of selfishness
               Torah, or the Law was for the         and the desire for anything less
               Jewish people a “Holy Law”            than the truth of God. The road to
               which became both a gift from         holiness is therefore a struggle.
               the utterly “holy” God and the        Yet the “holy ones” grow more
               path to God and holiness.             aware that they share and want
                                                     to share in the Cross of Jesus
               For the Prophets, holiness was
                                                     Christ, and are thus transformed
               not about being respectable or
                                                     by his Paschal mystery.
               superficially “good”. Holiness
               comes about by embracing some         No wonder that when we meet
               fragment of God’s justice and         a “holy” or saintly person, we
               mercy, God’s “loving kindness”        are aware not only that they are
               within the deepest reaches of the     deeply good and deeply real, but
               heart.                                also that they are lit from within
                                                     by a presence that is greater than
               Holiness is not simply being a
                                                     themselves. No wonder we were
               thoroughly good human person-
                                                     all so uplifted by the reverence,
               though this is difficult enough.
                                                     generosity and joy of all those
               It is both a gift from God who is
                                                     around us at World Youth Day.
               “Holy, Holy, Holy” (as we pray at
               Mass), and a task for us to allow
               holiness a place in us.

                                  E          “WE bElIEvE IN THE
                           T  HEM                     lord,
                                         SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”
                                                   THE gIv
                                                               – NIcENE crEEd
   NovEmbEr 08                                                   comE, Holy SpIrIT

                                                                 Come, Holy Spirit, come!
                                                                 And from Thy celestial home
                                                                 Shed a ray of light divine!
                                                                 Come Father of the poor!
                                                                 Come source of all our store!
                                                                 Come within our bosoms shine!
                                                                 Thou, of comforters the best;
                                                                 Thou, the soul’s most welcome guest;
                                                                 Sweet refreshment here below;
                                                                 In our labor, rest most sweet;
                                                                 Grateful coolness in the heat,
                                                                 Solace in the midst of woe.
                 WYD08 Final Mass Confirmation Candidates
                                                                 O most blessed Light divine
                                                                 Shine within these hearts of Thine.
                 This prayer comes from the
                                                                 And our inmost being fill!
                 ‘Sequence’ (the hymn before the
                 Gospel) for Pentecost Sunday. The               Where you are not, man has naught,
                 words of this hymn are attributed               Nothing good in deed or thought,
                 to Pope Innocent III (c. 1160-1216).            Nothing free from taint of ill.
                 Either the original Latin chant or              Heal our wounds, our strength renew;
                 the English version may be sung                 On our dryness pour Thy dew;
                 before Gospel on Pentecost.                     Wash the stains of guilt away:
                                                                 Bend the stubborn heart and will;
                                                                 Melt the frozen, warm the chill;
                                                                 Guide the steps that go astray.
                                                                 On the faithful who adore
                                                                 And confess you, evermore
                                                                 In your sev’nfold gift descend;

                                                                 Give them virtue’s sure reward;
                                                                 Give them Thy salvation, Lord;
                                                                 Give them joys that never end.
                                                                 Amen. Alleluia

                     T HEM “WE bElIEvE IN THE Holy
                               SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”
                                        THE gIv
                                                        – NIcENE crEEd

                  inspired                                                           “WE bElIEvE IN THE
                                                                                 SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”

                 writings                                               THE
                                                                            M      E
                                                                                          THE gIv
                                                                                                         – NIcENE crEEd

   NovEmbEr 08

                 vigil with the young people, address of His Holiness
                 benedict XvI, randwick racecourse
                 Saturday 19th July 2008
                 Click here to access the excerpt

                 Friends, when reciting the Creed we state: “We believe in the Holy Spirit, the
                 Lord, the giver of life”. The “Creator Spirit” is the power of God giving life to all
                 creation and the source of new and abundant life in Christ. The Spirit sustains the
                 Church in union with the Lord and in fidelity to the apostolic Tradition. He inspired
                 the Sacred Scriptures and he guides God’s People into the fullness of truth (cf. Jn
                 16:13) In all these ways the Spirit is the “giver of life”, leading us into the very heart

                 of God. So, the more we allow the Spirit to direct us, the more perfect will be our
                 configuration to Christ and the deeper our immersion in the life of the Triune God.

                 This sharing in God’s nature (cf. 2 Pet 1:4) occurs in the unfolding of the everyday
                 moments of our lives where he is always present (cf. Bar 3:38). There are times,
                 however, when we might be tempted to seek a certain fulfilment apart from God.
                 Jesus himself asked the Twelve: “do you also wish to go away?” Such drifting
                 away perhaps offers the illusion of freedom. But where does it lead? To whom
                 would we go? For in our hearts we know that it is the Lord who has “the words of
                 eternal life” (Jn 6:67-68). To turn away from him is only a futile attempt to escape
                 from ourselves (cf. Saint Augustine, Confessions VIII, 7). God is with us in the
                 reality of life, not the fantasy! It is embrace, not escape, that we seek! So the Holy
                 Spirit gently but surely steers us back to what is real, what is lasting, what is true.
                 It is the Spirit who leads us back into the communion of the Blessed Trinity!

                 testimony of
                   faith                                          THE
                                                                      M      E
                                                                                “WE bElIEvE IN THE

                                                                            SpIrIT, THE of lIfE”
                                                                                     THE gIv
                                                                                                      – NIcENE crEEd
   NovEmbEr 08

                 racHEl, dIocESE of ballaraT                                through dance, song, conversation and actions.

                                                                            So many pilgrims travelling from all over the world
                                                                            with one single purpose – to celebrate a shared
                                                                            Although there were conversations with
                                                                            international pilgrims during Days in the Diocese
                                                                            and throughout the week of celebrations it is not
                                                                            these encounters, nor even the main events that
                                                                            stick in my mind as I reflect on the experience
                                                                            of World Youth Day. The most awe-inspiring
                                                                            memories I can recollect are those when pilgrims
                                                                            from the Ballarat Diocese reflected together. The
                                                                            amazing sight of individuals aged 16 – 35 sitting
                                                                            together discussing life issues, reflecting on what
                                                                            the important messages were, questioning and
                 Rachel on the right
                                                                            supporting each other regarding life choices,
                 In Sydney, during catechesis Bishop Julian asked us        searching to understand their faith just a little bit
                 if we thought about our breathing. It is something we      more and the rapt faces listening to Priests and
                 take for granted and yet also vital to our survival. A     others sharing their knowledge.
                 simple, repetition of breathing in and out. He used        Transformation from a personal faith to a shared
                 this analogy to connect us to the spiritual breathing      faith as community was apparent wherever I looked
                 of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is similar, in that    and this excited me. As I asked fellow pilgrims what
                 it is always present, but we cannot see it, it is what     they thought of WYD and what they thought was
                 provides us with a spiritual life. It is the Holy Spirit   the best experience there was an overwhelming
                 that stirs our hearts, which moves us and enables          sense of unity. But is was the statement made by a
                 us to live out our faith through prayer and actions.       young secondary student that made me realise just
                 Although we cannot see the Holy Spirit itself we can       how important an event like this is – “I now own my
                 recognise it in the affect it has upon each of us.         faith, I’m doing it for me.” For so many of us that
                 Through the symbols of wind, breathe and fire we as        have grown up in a Catholic family our immersion
                 pilgrims had the opportunity to really reflect upon        in faith is there from the beginning, we may never
                 the earthly elements that represent the Holy Spirit.       actually actively take ownership – rather like our
                 Each of these symbolic of multiple meanings – fire         breathing we just never think about it – to hear
                 which warm us, analogies about people on fire as           someone claim their faith like this was amazing and
                 they achieve high results, the destruction that fire       it inspired me to reassess where I was travelling on
                 brings and the transformation that entails. The idea       my faith journey. This as much as anything made the

                 of transformation really struck my imagination as I        experience of WYD.
                 remember the bush fires in the Grampians in early          Listening to Pope Benedict at the vigil on Saturday
                 2004. These fires caused such devastation and yet          night I was struck by the idea that the Holy Spirit
                 at the same time provided the opportunity for a            is unity – unity in communion, as abiding love and
                 great renewal of life in the following months. This        as giving and gift. We have been called into a faith
                 transformation, which is truly reflective of the death,    community, God’s love abides with us always and we
                 resurrection and ascension to heaven of Jesus              have received the gift of the spirit in our lives. So it
                 Christ, shows the powerful importance of the Holy          was with our Pope’s words that I viewed the breath
                 Spirit.                                                    of life, the amazing faith shared, the Holy Spirit, our
                 It was transformation that epitomised my experience        young pilgrims ownership of faith as our unity as a
                 of World Youth Day. As pilgrims we were challenged         Catholic Church and therefore our hope.
                 to transform, to lead the best possible life and to        Finally the words ‘ to be truly alive is to be
                 share this with others and to proclaim proudly the         transformed within, open to the energy of God’s
                 faith we share to those around us. We were being           love.’ My hope is that we as pilgrims can truly be
                 called to life in the Holy Spirit. It was particularly     alive in this way and in so doing enthuse others
                 poignant in a society where being Catholic is often        around us to find the same transformation in
                 counter-cultural to see pilgrims sharing their faith       their lives.
                    saints and
                 THE SErvaNT of god – popE JoHN paUl II

   NovEmbEr 08
                 Born: 18th May, 1920, Wadowice, Poland
                 Died: 2nd April, 2005, Papal apartments,
                 Vatican City

                 Patron of: Founder of World Youth Day
                 Representation in Religious Art: Papal vestments
                 or white soutane with white skull cap
                 Memorial Day: 2nd April

                 Many saints and Christian           university studies and an           of years, beginning a long
                 witnesses achieve their holiness    apparent career as a dramatist      pontificate of 27 years in which
                 in hidden and ordinary ways.        and actor. When Poland was          his drive to take Christ to all
                 A few are called to be giants       invaded by Hitler’s Nazi forces,    people would spur him into
                 in their era. Their teachings,      Karol for a time worked in a        most of the important forums,
                 life or mission marks not only      quarry helping to support his       issues and nations on the
                 the Church but the history of       father and became part of an        planet. He made 104 pastoral
                 nations and secular leaders         underground theatre company.        visits outside Italy and 146
                 as well. Pope John Paul II                                              within Italy. As bishop of Rome
                                                     During the Second World
                 was such a figure- his work,                                            he visited 317 of the city’s 333
                                                     War his father died, and he
                 teachings and personal                                                  parishes. Millions upon millions
                                                     encountered the mystical
                 example have touched millions                                           of people flocked to see him
                                                     theology of St John of the Cross.
                 of people throughout the                                                during his papal visits.
                                                     He also began studies for the
                 world. The statistics of his
                                                     priesthood. He was ordained         Pope John Paul II wrote 14
                 visits, personal encounters,
                                                     in 1946 when Poland had been        Encyclicals, 15 Apostolic
                 writings are staggering and
                                                     freed from Nazi occupation only     Exhortations, 11 Apostolic
                                                     to be dominated by a Russian        Constitutions, 45 Apostolic
                 John Paul II’s faith, mind and      and then Communist regime.          Letters along making hundreds
                 heart were formed in the                                                of speeches and audiences. His
                                                     Between 1948-1953 Fr Karol
                 struggles of personal loss,                                             most important contributions
                                                     completed two doctorates,
                 deep mystical prayer, political                                         have been to moral theology,
                                                     began his writings on the
                 oppression, national struggle                                           the downfall of communism,
                                                     philosophy of the human person
                 and a period of radical change                                          social justice, ecumenism, the
                                                     and began his outstanding
                 within the Church.                                                      devotion to Mary, the status
                                                     pastoral work to parishes and

                                                                                         of women, the vital mission
                 Karol Józef Wojtyła, was            university students- where
                                                                                         of the family and the young,
                 named after his father, an          he began to rethink the huge
                                                                                         the promotion of a global
                 army officer and was born to        questions of human love,
                                                                                         “culture of life” and in his
                 his mother Emilia in the small      sexuality and relationships.
                                                                                         groundbreaking reflections
                 town of Wadowice near the
                                                     From 1958-67 he was in turn         upon human sexuality and love,
                 city of Cracow in Poland. It was
                                                     created auxiliary bishop,           The Theology of the Body. His
                 during a short time of Polish
                                                     Archbishop and then Cardinal        final years became a mission
                 independence. His family was
                                                     and made his important              to show the world the dignity
                 touched by the grief of losing
                                                     contributions to the Second         and importance of disability and
                 a daughter Olga, a beloved
                                                     Vatican Council.                    suffering.
                 mother when Karol was nine,
                 and the eldest son Edmund a         Following the early death of        He is the father of the World
                 few years later.                    Pope John Paul I, Cardinal          Youth Days and his essential
                                                     Wojtyła was elected Pope on         message was articulated on the
                 Karol lived with his father while
                                                     the 16th October 1978, the first    day of his pontificate “Do not be
                 he completed his secondary
                                                     non-Italian for many hundreds       afraid!”
                 education and when he began
                  place of
                 Where: South Poland, 50 kms from Cracow
   NovEmbEr 08

                 The town of Wadowice is reasonably small in size              Today the town is marked by sites which
                 and population but large in historical significance for       are associated with the Polish Pope. The
                 Poland.                                                       most popular starting point is the home
                                                                               of the Wojtylas’ in Koscielna Street
                 It was established as an important trade and transport
                                                                               which is now a museum of items and
                 route in the 11th century and had several periods of
                                                                               photos of the family and Pope John Paul.
                 cultural and economic significance for hundreds of
                 years.                                                        Just opposite the Home of John Paul II
                                                                               is the Wadowice Municipal Museum
                 A number of notable saintly figures were born or lived

                                                                               which contains items associated with the
                 in the town among whom were Marcin Wadowita a
                                                                               history of the town and a special Pope
                 notable theologian and St Raphael Kalinowski of St
                                                                               John Paul II collection.
                 Joseph a Discalced Carmelite priest and religious
                 founder.                                                      In the same neighbourhood is the late
                                                                               Gothic and Baroque Church in which the
                 However the town is also overshadowed by the evil
                                                                               young Karol was baptized and confirmed
                 memory of Concentration camp at Auschwitz, the
                                                                               and where he served at the altar. The
                 place of horror and extermination of millions of Jews
                                                                               Church contains the miraculous icon of
                 and others rejected by the Nazi regime.
                                                                               Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
                 The most famous son of Wadowice of course was Pope
                                                                               Also on the pilgrim route is the John
                 John Paul II (see this month’s E-pilgrimage article)
                                                                               Paul The Great Carmelite Retreat
                 who was born in the town and lived there during his
                                                                               House and Monastery which is run by the
                 younger years until he left to study in university in 1938.
                                                                               Discalced Carmelite Order and contains
                 The Pope made sure that he visited his hometown
                                                                               the Shrine to St Raphael and a Shrine to
                 during his three papal tours to Poland.
                                                                               St Joseph.