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					     à la carte

      open 7 days
    lunch & dinner

w w w. f i t z ys . c o m

breads & crusts
garlic bread                                                       10
dusted with parmesan & toasted

camembert & bacon crust                                            15
on a red pesto base

grilled turkish bread                                              13
with hommus, guacamole, roast capsicum & tomato pesto

crusted cob loaf                                                   16
filled with smokey bacon, cream cheese, chive & onion

classic tomato bruschetta                                          14
balsamic vinaigrette, fetta & fresh herbs

murphy’s potato skins                                              19
filled with bacon, grilled cheese, bbq sauce & sour cream
seared wagyu beef                                                  26
almond & roquefort cheese crust with hommus & asparagus
oysters                                                       six/twelve

natural with lemon & cocktail sauce                             20/30
kilpatrick fitzy’s style with bacon & worcestershire sauce      22/32
galway finished with crab, prawn & hollandaise sauce            24/34
trio can’t decide? try a mixture of the above 3 styles          24/34
chilli caramel scallops                                       four 20
with twice cooked pork
tasting plate                                                      29
kilkenny battered prawns, handcrafted pork spring rolls,
beef mignons & flash fried calamari
handcrafted spring rolls                                       six 15
pork & vegetable spring rolls with saigon sauce
lamb’s brains                                    four 17     eight 26
crumbed with a garlic mustard sauce & grilled bacon
twice cooked pork                                                  22
poached in master stock & oven finished,
with spiced pear & chilli caramel
warm lamb salad                                                    20
slow cooked & shredded lamb with watercress, shallot, semi dried
tomato, persian fetta, torn pita with tomato jam & balsamic tar
flash fried calamari                                 e 15       m 24
with lemon & tartare. main served with chunky chips & salad
garlic prawns                                                nine 23
rich & creamy with whiskey over rice

              beef & braises
              wee bit o’ rump                                                      27
              300g fitzy’s choice rump cap, basted & char grilled

              scotchman’s rib fillet                                               34
              250g with flavours unmatched by any other cut

              black angus rib on the bone                                          45
              450g rib on the bone seared & oven finished with
              peppered bacon & flash fried onion rings

              fitzy’s steak neptune                                                39
              250g rib fillet with flash fried prawns & calamari in a garlic cream sauce

              eye fillet                                                     200g 29
              premium eating quality                                         300g 36

              350g angus rump                                                      29
              full flavoured & tender beef for the purist

                 steaks may be accompanied by
                 colcannon gateaux, idaho potato, mash potato or chunky chips,
                 together with chef’s salad or vegetables

                 and your choice of sauce
                 mushroom, pepper, dianne, creamy garlic mustard, chilli & red
                 wine, creamy blue costello or cabernet & caramelised shallot jus

              new york strip                                                       36
              400g long fed striploin with café de paris butter & hash browns

              paddock, pond & plate                                                38
              200g premium eye fillet, whole barbecued prawns
              & long tail bug with pernod mustard cream sauce & mashed potato

              beef, bacon & beer pie                                               24
              on creamed potato & green pea mash with rich jus & onion rings

              crackled pork cutlet                                                 32
              with roast root vegetables, english spinach,
              bulmers cider jus & apple chutney

              dukkah lamb                                                          33
              dukkah crusted & baked on a pumpkin,
              lemon & chilli risotto with sticky fig jus

              bangers & mash                                                       20
              2 bangers, grilled onion, bacon & gravy with salad or vegetables

              braised lamb shanks                            one 19          two 28
              a hearty favourite slow cooked in gravy over mash potato

              holy cow burger                                                      20
              fitzy’s special grind patty, sticky onion, roast tomato, peppered bacon,
              cheese & garlic mayo with a side of fries & coleslaw

please ask your waiter for assistance with any dietary requirements

nonna’s italian salad                                              18
avocado, tomato, basil leaves, mozzarella & prosciutto with pesto &
parmesan crusted turkish bread
classic caesar salad                                               17
rocket, pumpkin, fetta & pine nut                                  15
with avocado oil & balsamic
the big greek                                                      17
tomato, cucumber, salad onion, olives, persian fetta
tossed with tabouleh served with grilled bread
warm vegetable salad                                               18
asparagus, mushroom, cherry tomato, salad onion,
spinach, grilled haloumi & mustard viniagrette
complete your salad with
         camembert                                                    5
         blue cheese                                                  5
         grilled chicken breast                                       9
         flash fried prawns & calamari                                9
thai duck                                                          27
spicy thai salad, steamed rice & khmer sweet & sour sauce

from the sea
barra & chips                                                      30
wild caught barramundi crumbed, grilled or battered with chunky
chips, salad, lemon & tartare
fitzy’s catch                                                      28
battered prawns, crumbed scallops, barra goujons & flash fried
calamari with chunky chips, salad, lemon & tartare
atlantic salmon                                                    32
with hand crafted gnocchi, spinach, proscuitto, chilli,
tomato, salsa verde & aioli
hardy’s special barramundi                                         36
wild caught & panfried with chilli prawns & calamari,
over bok choy & rice
creole seafood gumbo                                               34
mussels, prawn, barramundi, crab, scallops, chorizo sausage
& tomato in bouillabaisse over rice

from the hen house
fitzy’s nutty chicken                                              31
chicken breast filled with ham, spinach, pinenuts & herbed cream
cheese over mash potato & spinach in a cream white wine sauce,
served with vegetables or salad
char grilled chicken neptune                                       34
with flash fried prawns & calamari, finished with
garlic cream sauce & served with vegetables or salad
lemoncello chicken                                                 32
with a mushroom, sticky onion, chorizo & persian fetta tart,
caramelised shallot jus

pizza & calzones
middle eastern lamb                                                     26
slow cooked lamb shoulder with spinach, pine nuts, tomato, salad
onion, persian fetta, fresh mozzarella on a tomato chutney base with
spiced yoghurt sauce                                      (available gf )

meat ball                                                               23
meat balls, beef bacon, onion, fresh herbs, roast garlic, fresh
mozzarella, napoli sauce finished with shaved parmesan (available gf )

sicilian                                                                22
prosciutto, chorizo, tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, rocket,
parmesan & balsamic tar                                      (available gf )

surf & turf                                                              31
shaved wagyu, twice cooked pork, prawns, onion, roast tomato, roast
capsicum, mushroom, chilli, tomato chutney & cheese     (available gf )

smoked salmon                                                           27
tasmanian smoked salmon, basil pesto, tomato, salad onion, crisp
capers, dill & brie with a side of sweet chilli & sour cream (available gf )

chicken boscaiola                                                       25
barbecued chicken tenders, ham, shallot, mushroom, onion,
roast tomato & cheese finished with mornay sauce

antipasto                                                               23
grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, roast tomato, pumpkin, pine nuts,
basil pesto, spinach, roast capsicum, onion, roast garlic, fetta & fresh
mozzarella with a side of olive tapenade                     (available gf )

off the hook                                                            30
barbecued prawns, grilled barra & scallops, roast tomato, fresh
oregano, lemon pepper, shallot, chilli & fresh mozzarella topped with
shaved parmesan & aioli                                     (available gf )

turn your pizza into a calzone with chips & salad - add $4

spaghetti carbonara                                                   24
bacon, garlic, chive, cream, black pepper, egg & parmesan
risotto di pesce                                                      32
salmon & scallop risotto with barbecued prawns
 on tomato consummé
panfried gnocchi & ratatouille                                        22
with parmesan, pancetta & crisp potato shards

250g prime rump                                                          19
with chunky chips & your choice of sauce
add neptune garnish with garlic cream sauce                                9

steak burger & chips                                                     16
rib fillet, onion, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, lettuce & cheese
add the works with bacon, egg & pineapple                       4 extra

fettuccini da vinci                                                      16
chicken, bacon, mushroom, shallot, garlic, parmesan & napoli cream sauce

kilkenny battered prawns                                                 16
with chunky chips, lemon & tartare

fitzy’s lunchtime catch                                                  18
crumbed prawns, scallops, calamari, barra goujons,
chunky chips, lemon & tartare

beef nachos                                                              15
with beans, guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream & cheese

chef’s carvery                                                           15
roast of the day with lashings of gravy, roast vegetables,
greens & buttered bread

fitzy’s calamari & chips                                                 13
flash fried with chunky chips, lemon & tartare

italian spaghetti meatballs                                              15
in a rich tomato sauce with parmesan

chicken schnitzel                                                        14
crumbed & fried with chunky chips
add parma topping with napoli sauce & melted cheese                        2

oven baked turkish sandwich                                              13
red pesto, spinach, fetta, pine nut, grilled zucchini & roast tomato

fitzy’s fish & chips                                                     15
crumbed, battered or grilled with chunky chips, lemon & tartare

chicken kiev                                                             15
filled with garlic butter & served with chunky chips

fitzy’s open grills                                                      15
all open grills served with chunky chips
gourmet chicken
chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, guacamole & onion

turkey, avocado, bacon, brie, lettuce, onion, tomato & cranberry sauce

cajun chicken, sun dried tomato, mushroom, capsicum, avocado & cheese

monte cristo
ham, turkey, mersey valley cheddar, seeded mustard, french toasted

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