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									Online Mobilization: Major & Planned Giving
January 20, 2011

• The Challenge: Donor Retention
• The Opportunity: Workplace Givers & UW Brand Power
• The Solution: Building 1 on 1 Relationships
  • Integrated online strategy and coordinated campaigning
  • Corporate giving program collaboration
  • Year round relationships
• Implementation: CFCG, Integrated Campaigns, & BSD
     Big Picture & Vision
The Challenge: Donor Retention

• Donor churn rate is 22% annually
• UW is losing donors due to:
  • National changes in the workplace environment
  • A tough economy
  • Evolving donors expectations
  • Heightened competition from national non-profits and
    upstarts taking advantage of a more sophisticated
    audience and technology
The Opportunity: Workplace Donors

• UW touches 50 million people a year
• UW has 10 million donors annually
  • Vast majority of supporters lack personal relationships with UW
  • 2 million former supporters a year to re-solicit
The Solution: 1 on 1 relationships

• Establish 1 on 1 relationships with the majority of your
  donor base. This means directly:
  • Thanking donors for support
  • Informing them of UW’s impact and community efforts
  • Asking them to participate (in programmatic efforts; with
    their opinions; as advocates; and more)
  • Profiling the community and connecting supporters to
    each other
The Solution: Year Round Engagement

• Programmatic Integration
• Build a consistent year-round narrative.
  • Utilize emotional content and personal stories
  • Execute tent pole campaigns
  • Establish narrative conversations
    with supporters via outbound
What This Means for UW
Online Engagement Objectives

• Retention: To decrease donor churn and fatigue via an increasingly
  personalized and diversified contact strategy; to improve data flow and
• Activation: To engage existing and new supporters in deeper, more
  substantive ways to increase peer-to-peer advocacy and surrogacy for
  UW campaigns
• Acquisition: To attract new supporters to the system through direct
  and indirect acquisition strategies
• Brand expansion: To use authentic content, personalities, and
  messages that are grounded in the real everyday work of the system
  to promote and drive online and offline actions
This is about Individual Engagement

         INDIVIDUAL ENGAGEMENT: Build more personal and relevant
        connections with current and prospective individuals so that they
        become inspired to sign on for the cause and committed to act on
                       the work and/or with United Way.

   Dialogue with                Identify UW
    Individuals                Supporters and
   and Motivate                  Gain Better
   Hand Raisers                Understanding

Individual Engagement – Multi-Channel Strategy

                          Offline Engagement

      Social                                                 E-mail
      Media                                                  & SMS


        Acquisition                                       - Deepen relationships
                                                          - Report on progress
- Generate buzz and WOM              Activation           - Drive virtual and real-life
- Acquire supporters                                      - Event attendance
- Enhance brand                  Drive participation
                              Generate content feedback
                                    Raise money
                                   Enhance brand
List Growth

• Collaborate with corporate partners to
  secure contact information
• Campaign for Common Good
• Optimized web presence
• Constituent segmentation
• Offline integration
Strategy Impact: 2010 Donation Example

Website                       Building 1-on-1               Reach new
Optimizations                 Relationships                 People
In 2010, online fundraising   Of users who donated in       A $3,000 Google ad buy
revenue rose 164%;            response to an email, 67.8%   in December produced
donations increased 278%      completed multiple actions    $30,000 in donations

• Website launch              • Ladder of engagement        • Generated 9,544 clicks

• Site optimizations          • Year round engagement       • Produced new email list

• Tests on content,           • Segmentation                • Google Grant buy
message, graphics, buttons                                  means this was free
United Way Worldwide

Engage                     Build                         Grow
CFCG Campaign              Technology and Web            Your Community
• Brand outreach                                         • Capture email
                           • BSD Tools                   addresses, online and
• Strong calls to action                                 offline
                           • Optimized online presence
• Promote 1 on 1                                         • Move constituents
engagement opportunities • Comprehensive testing         along the ladder of
• Collaborate with partners • Advanced segmentation
                                                         • Compliment
                                                         programmatic efforts

                                                         • Build relationships
What Can You Do?

Engage                      Build                           Grow
• Deploy national           • Use national tools            • Capture email
messaging                                                   addresses, online and
                            • Apply for a google grant      offline
• Leverage content in social
space                        • Optimize your online         • Welcome new
                             presence for acquisition and   constituents
• Provide local engagement activation
opportunities                                               • Talk to donors, directly
                             • Communicate regularly,
• Provide local success      communicate a greater          • Listen to what
stories                      narrative                      constituents say
An Example: Vanguard Activation

• Monthly strategy calls with Vanguards

• Vanguard-specific messaging calendars

• Training Vanguards in social media best practices

• Onboarding new locals into the Vanguard program
Platform Scorecard

• Email list growth
• Retention of existing donors and volunteers
• Win back lapsed supporters, recovered revenue
• New donors/volunteers/advocates
• Dollars raised (online – one-time, recurring)
• Total actions taken
• Email performance (open rates, clicks, etc.)

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