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                                 Chapter I.

    Canada Prior to 1784—Settlement of Upper Canada in that Year—North
America in 1750—Causes of Quarrel between the British and French Colonies.

                                 Chapter II.

    Disputes between British and French Settlers—Expeditions Planned in 1755—
Braddock and Fort Duquesne—Sir William Johnson—Crown Point—Niagara—
i756,War Declared—1757, French Successful at Osweeo and Fort William Henry
—Fate   of   Col. Munro and his Force—1758, Louisburg — General Wolfe—
Ticonderoga—Defeat of Abercrombie—Gallantry of the Highland Regiments-
Capture of Forts Frontenac and Duquesne—1759, Ticonderoga, Niagara Taken—
Attack on Quebec by General Wolfe—His Death—Capture of Quebec—Death of
Montcalm—1760, Advance of General Amherst against Montreal—Surrender of
Montreal—Treaty of Paris, 1763—Conspiracy of Pontiac.

                                 Chapter III.

    The Colonies after the Treaty of Paris—Conduct of the British Government
Generous—1764, Beginning of a System of Oppression—Stamp Act, 1765—Views
of the Colonists—Courts of Admiralty, 1769—1770, Port Dues Act Repealed—
Duty on Tea—Opposition of the Colonists, 1774—Delegates meet in Philadelphia
—1775, Oppressive Measures of the British Parliament Continued—Congress Peti
tions for Redress of Grievances—Majority Against Independence—1776, Declara
tion of Independence Carried by a Majority of One.

                                 Chapter IV.

    The Colonists and their Opponents—Effects of the Declaration of Independence
—Persecution of the Loyalists—Committees of Inspection Appointed by Congress
—Sabine's Biography of the Loyalists—They Abandon the United States.
 XH                                 Contents.

                                   Chapter V.

      United Empire Loyalists-Allotments of Land—Slate of the Country-First
 Settlers in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry-First Settlement in Cornwall in
 1776-X0 Records of Services of the U. E. Loyalists—Scenes in which Some of
 them had been Actors—Highlanders—Extract from Kirby's Poem.

                                  Chapter VI.

       First Survey in Upper Canada—Settlement at Niagara—Survey in 178:5—Mc-
 NiflTs Survey-Map, 1786-The Townships-The Town Plot-Distribution of
 Land—June, 1784, Number of Settlers from Different Regiments-Log Houses-
 Task of Clearing Land—Progress in 40 Years—Hand Mills—Erection of .Mills-
 Windmills near Cornwall.

                                 Chapter VII.

      Settlement of the Town-Earliest Patent for Town Lot—For Land in Matilda-
Appearance of the Town One Hundred Years Ago-Mention of it in Smith's
Gazetteer under name of New Johnstown-Extracts from Smith's Gazetteer-
Lancaster, Charlottenburg, Cornwall, Osnabruck, Long Sault Rapid-Lumber
Trade—AVHliaimburgh—Matilda—Edwardsburg—Johnstown—Isle du Fort Levi—
Oswegatchie-Places in the Old Eastern District Mentioned in the Gazetteer-
Belliivs Maps, 1745-1755.

                                 Chapter VIII.

     Extent of Province of Quebec before 1791—District of Montreal included On
tario until 1788-Lord Dorchester's Proclamation-District of Lunenburgh-
Names of Townships-Commissions of the Peace—Magistrates' Courts-First
Sitting of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace—Records of the
Court—Upper and Lower Canada—Names of Districts Changed—Commission of
the Peace, 1793—Names of Magistrates—Where Court of Quarter Sessions to be
Held—Limits of the Eastern District Changed in 1798 and 1S16—Powers of the
Court of Quarter Sessions.

                                 Chapter IX.

    Extracts from Records of the Court of General Quarter Sessions—First Sitting of
the Court—Names of Magistrates and Jurors-Cases Tried—Banishment—Sabbath
Desecration-Constables-Old Names-i4th Sept., 1790, Sentence Flogging-
9th April, 1792, First Court held at Cornwall-Curious Trial for Seditious Words
—Courts of Requests-Marks for Hogs, Sheep and Cattle—Poundkeepers' Fees-
Gaol and Court Houses to be built at Johnstown and Cornwall-Sealers of
Weights and Measures—Gaolers Salary—Jacob Farrand, Registrar—Treasurer's
Accounts-Unlawful Toll—Ferry from Cornwall to St. Regis-Gaol and Court
House in 1802 or 1803—Penoyer Road Opened from John Milross' late in 1806—
Gaol in Bad Order in 1807—Prisoner Accused of Murder—1808, Road from Corn
wall to St. Andrews.
                                 Contents.                                 xiii

                                Chapter    x.

     Ferry at Chute au Blondeau—Bridge at Col. French's—Bridge over IJooples'
Creek—Road to St. Andrews—iS 13, Court held in the Presbyterian Meeting
House—Court House Occupied by Troops—Bridge at Major Anderson's—Grants
for Streets in Cornwall—Courts of Request—Market, rules for—Boundaries of the
Town—Gaol Limits—Lots 4 and 5 North Side Fifth Street Reserved for Gaol and
Court House—Bridge at Wm. Woods'—Gaol and Court House Burned in Winler
of 1826—Payment of Witnesses attending Court of General Quarter Sessions
Carr Bridge—1827, Loan for Erection of New Gaol and Court House—Grant for
Nine-mile Road Sth and 9th Concession of Lancaster—1830, Gaol       Limits En
larged—1831, Estimate of District   Expenditure—Rate     of Assessment—1832,
Grant for Fire    Engine—Two   Prisoners   Flogged—1833,    New   Court   House
Finished—Fire Company—1835, David Jones, Chairman—1836, Troops sent to
Cornwall—Innkeepers, rules for—Expenses of the Execution of the Murderer of
Albert French—Election   Expenses—1837,     Breaking Out of Rebellion—1839,
Survey of Eastern Boundary of Cornwall and Roxboroiigh—1S41, District Council.

                                Chapter XI.

    Town of Cornwall—List of Patents issued to end of 1810—Abstracts of Assess
ment Rolls—Population of the Town—And Townships of Cornwall and Rox
boroiigh—Abstract of Town Lots Assessed,     1815 to   1850—Property Assessed,
1850—Number of Names in McNiff's Map—Number Assessed in 1815—Town
Plot—Fly Creek.

                               Chapter XII.

    War of 1812—Court House and Gaol used as Barracks—Guard at Captain
Joseph Anderson's Farm—Guard at Captain Alex. McDonald's—War in Western
Canada—First Appearance of the American Army at Point Iroqiiois—Detachment
Sent to Occupy Cornwall—Skirmish at Hooples Creek—Americans near Cornwall
—Battle of Crysler Farm—Col. Pearson's Attack on Malone—Soldier Wounded at
Hooples Creek—Curious Dream—British Sailors.

                               Chapter XIII.

    The Town of Cornwall in 1824-25—English Church—District School House—
Gaol and Court House—Buildings on Water Street—First Street—Second Street—
Third and Fourth Streets—Pitt Street— Race Course—Town Incorporated, 1834—
Returned a Member to Parliament—Cornwall Canal Begun.

                               Chapter XIV.

    Mode of Life One Hundred Years Ago—Fuel Abundant—Primitive Fireplaces
—Making Fire—Flint and Steel—Three Rivers Stoves—Wages and Price of
Wood—The Light of Other Days—Dips—Dress—Spinning—Farmers—Few Agri
cultural Implements—Amusements—Dancing—Music—Violin, Bagpipes, Piano—
Potash Making—Lumber      Business—Old     Time   Elections—1792-1796, Voting
Boatmen—Newspapers—" Upper Canada Gazette"—Prices in 1823.
xiv                                Contents.

                                Chapter XV.

      Travelling—Grain taken to .Montreal on Rafts—Batteanx and Durham Boats
Used on the River—Description of Them—Kingston Head of Boat Navigation
Canals at Cascades, Cedars and Coteau—Dixon's Canals at Sheik's Island and
Moulinette—Voyage down the River—Rafts—Crab Island—Travelling to Mont
real by Batteau—Winter Vehicles—Summer Travelling—Letter of R. I. D. Gray,
1804—Lumber Waggons—Ox Carts—Gigs—First             Steamboat,   ] $09—Barnabas
Dickinson, 1S12—First Line of Conveyances Between Montreal and Prescott
Steamboats on Lake Ontario—Horse Boat at Cornwall—Neptune—Highlander
Steamboats of the Old Time—Trip Between Cornwall and Montreal in Spring or
Fall—In Summer—Author's Journey to York in          1833—Steamboat Iroquois
Dolphin, Cornwall Canal,    1842—George    Frederick—North Channel of Long
Sault—Head of Boat Navigation—Lake Steamers in 1834—River Steamers. 1S53—
Steamer Rapid—Miss Powers Journal, 1789—The Duke de la Rochfoucults Lian-
court's Travels, 1795—-Steam Navigation on the St. Lawrence and the Atlantic.

                                Chapter XVI.

      Town Assessments—Incorporation, 1S34—First Election of Members of Board
of Police—Rules and Regulations—Hay Scales—Sidewalks—Market—Fire Com
pany—Market—Value of Lots—Bridge over Canal—Revenue in 1842—Wharf-
Mill Privileges on Canal—Last Board of Police, 1846—First Councillors, 1847—
Immigration—Outbreak of Fever—Asiatic Cholera, 1849—New Act of Incorpora
tion, 1850—County Officers, 1852™Macadamized Road—Asiatic Cholera, 1854—
Grand Trunk Railway, 1854-55-56—Survey of Part of the Town, 1854—New
Municipal Act, 1859—Visit of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, i860—Town Hall,
1862—Drill Shed, 1863—Fenian Excitement,        1866—Woollen Factory, 1867.—
Bonus to Factories—Police Magistrate—Fire in 1874—Town Hall, 18S2—New
Survey—New Market—Town Debt, 1883—Fatal Fire at Town Hall,               18S6—
Revenue and Expenditure, 188S—Taxes Levied from 1864 to 1882—Valuation of
Property, 1884-1886-1888—Population—List of Presidents. Mayors, Clerks and
Treasurers, &c.—Mode of Assessing up to 1850.

                               Chapter    XVII.

    First Improvements in Inland Navigation—Lachine Canal—Welland—Corn
wall—Beauharnois—System of Canals Proposed by Robert Gourlay—S. Clowes'
Survey in 1826—Statute of 1833—Names of Commissioners—Contractors—Work
begun at Cornwall—Work at Long Sault—Behaviour of the Labourers—Murder
of Stuart—Town Applies for a Bridge—Engineers' Reports—Riotous Labourers at
the Long Sault—Murder of Albert French—Troops sent to Cornwall—Financial
Difficulties—Block House—Barracks at Court House—Work on Canal Completed
—Mischievous Trick—Break in Canal—Beauharnois—First Boat Through Cornwall
Canal—Bridge at Cornwall—Dimensions of Canals.

                               Chapter XVIII.
    Postal Arrangements—Mails in i784-i8oo-i8i2-i83O-i856--Letters Carried
by Private Hand—Fate of Two of Them—Rates of Postage Before 1850—Rate on
                                    Contents.                                    Xv

English Letters—Single and Double Kates—Carrying Letters by Private Indi
viduals Forbidden—Copy of an Old Order—Steamboats Hot ween Montreal and
Quebec—Notice in "Kingston Chronicle "—Changing the Mail—Reduction of
Postage to Three Cents—Post Offices in 1S01 and 1802, 1816, 1821, 1827, 1S38,

                                  Chapter XIX.

    Corps Formed for the King's Service—Dr. CannifPs List—Mr. Howe's List-
Sir William Johnson—Sir John Johnson—The King's Royal Regiment of New-
York—1776—Officers—Major Gray—The Messrs. Jessup—Letters Respecting the
Regiment—General" Burgoyne's Expedition—Capitulation—Expedition to the Mo
hawk, 1777—1780—3rd of July, 1780, Raising of 2nd Battalion Ordered—The
Regiment to be placed on the Establishment—Old Orderly Book—Stations .where
the Regiment was Quartered—Another Old Orderly Book—Completion of 2nd
Battalion—Extracts from Orderly Book, 1779—Alarm Posts—King's Birthday
New Uniform—Curious Order, 1780—Expedition, May, 1780—Adjutant's Memo
randum Book—Names of Officers of 1st Battalion, 1783 ; of 2nd Battalion, 1782—
Promotions in 1st Battalion—Promotion of Sir John Johnson—Preparations for

                                  Chapter XX.

    Royal Highland Emigrants, 1775-1783—Lieut.-Colonel—Difficulty in Convey
ing Recruits to their Destination—Battle in Carolina— 1st Battalion at Quebec in 1776
—Arnold's Attempt to Take Quebec—Assault Attempted by Montgomery—Defeat
of Arnold by Colonel McLean—Good Conduct of the Regiment—2nd Battalion—
Battle at Eutaw Springs—1778, the Regiment was placed on the Establishment
and Numbered the 84th—Uniform—Disbanded—Grants of Land—Extracts from
Haldimand Papers—Edward Jessup's Corps—When Raised—Officers—Ebenezer
Jessup's—Drummond.'s or McAlpine\s—Peters'—Leake's Corps—Butler's Corps—
When Raised—Officers—Cherry Valley—Rank of Officers in Provincial Corps—
Provisional Articles of Peace—1783, Orders for Disbanding 84th and Other Corps
—Correspondence as to Surveys and Settlement—Forces in Canada in 1782.

                                  Chapter XXI.

    Original Settlers in . Glengarry—Township of Kenyon—Settlers in 1803—
Revd. Alex. McDonell—Williamstown—Lancaster—First Stone House in District—
Indian Land—Anecdote, " Spogan Dubh"—John McDongall—Officers of the
Northwest Company—Discoverer of Thompson River—The Revd. John Mc
Donald—Murdoch McPherson—Number of the Clansmen in 1852—Prince Char
lie's Sword—McKenzie—Ferguson—List of Officers of the Glengarry Fencibles,
1798; of the Glengarry Light Infantry, 1813—County of Stormont—Highlander*
—Germans—Link's Mill—Names of Some Old Settlers—Township of Osnabruck
Lutheran Clergymen—County of Dundas—Settlers Principally Germans—Lutheran
Churches—First Members of Parliament—Names of Some of the Old Inhabitants
—Henry Merkley—Samuel Anderson—List of Pensioners, 1812—Simon Fraser.
xvi                                  Contents.

                                   Chapter XXII.

      Progress of the District—Assessments, Revenue and Expenditure, 1793 to 1795.,
1796, '97, '98—Aggregate of Assessments, 1815, 1825, 1835, 1845—Finances Con
trolled by the Magistrates—District Council—Township and County Council—List,
of Wardens. Clerks and Treasurers.

                                 Chapter XXIII.

                             PRESBYTERIAN             CHURCH.

      The Revd. John Bethune Formed a Congregation in                   Montreal—Came    to-
Williamstown,      1787—Churches    Built        by   him    at   Williamstown,   Cornwall,
Lancaster    and   Summerstown—Church at Cornwall—Ministers who Succeeded
Mr.   Bethune—New       Church   begun      in    1823,     finished   1826—Bell put up in.
1830—First Ordination of Elders—First Celebration of the Lord's Supper at St.
John's—Names of Elders—Trustees—Building of Manse—Names of Deacons—
Purchase of Site for New Church—Removal of Old St. John's—Laying of Corner
Stone of New St. John's—Account of Old St. John's—List of Subscribers to the
Building Fund of the Church in 1826—Burial Ground—Changes in Old St. John's
—Disruption in 1843—Formation of New Congregation—Knox Church—Names
of Ministers—Union in      1875—Old Usages—Musical                 Instrument—The    Lord's.
Supper—Opening of New St. John's—Oldest Tombstone.

                                   Chapter XXIV.

                              CHURCH     OF       ENGLAND.

  First Clergyman in Upper Canada—The Revd. John Stuart—Cornwall a Mission
Station—Money Subscribed in 1800 for Building a Church—Meeting in 1805—
List of Subscribers—January,     1806—Parsonage,            1813—Burial Ground Used in
Common until 1831—Alterations and Improvements in Old Church—1868, Pre
parations to Build New    Church—Consecrated,             1884—Peal of Bells, 1885—The
Revd. John Strachan, 1803—Clergymen who Succeeded Him—Old Tombs in the
                                   Chapter XXV.

                           ROMAN     CATHOLIC          CHURCH.

      Cornwall in the Parish of St. Andrews until 1834—Old Church in 1829—New
Church begun in 1856—Parsonage—School Houses—Convent—Names of Priests^
—Old Church at St. Andrews—The Revd. Roderick McDonell—Journey from St.
Regis to St. Andrews—Priests at St. Andrews.

                                   Chapter XXVI.

                            THE METHODIST CHURCH.

      From 1794 to 1808 Cornwall was part of the Oswegatchie Circuit—Separate
Circuit in 1824—Separate Charge in 1861—Names of Ministers—First Church.
Built in 1861—Second about 1876.

                              THE   BAPTIST CHURCH.

      Resident Minister in 1883—Church Built in 1884.
                                       Contents.                                     xvii

                                   Chapter XXVII.

                                     HIGH    SCHOOLS.

    First Grammar School in Cornwall—Established by the Revd. John Strachan,
1803—Statute       of   1807—Names    of    Mr.    Strachan's    Successors—The      Rcvd.
Dr. Urquhart—Presentation of Testimonials to Archdeacon Strachan and the Revd.
H. Urquhart—The Old School House—The New—Legend of the Italian—Lists
of Scholars of the Revd. J. Strachan and the Revd. H. Urquhart—High Schools
Established   at   Williamstown,    Alexandria,     Morrisburg     and    Iroquois—Extracts
from Report for 1888.
                                   Chapter XXVIII.

                                    PUBLIC   SCHOOLS.

    Statute of 1816—How Schools were               Managed under it—The         Old School
House—School House Built in 1834—Teachers in 1S43—Salaries—School House
Built in 1854—Teachers' Salaries in 1861, 1865, 1884—School House Built in
1884—List of Teachers from 1850—Schools and School Houses of the Old Times
—Subjects Taught—Books and            Appliances—The Old              Teachers—Arithmetical
Puzzle—Old Soldiers and Sailors—Old Time Discipline—Trustees, Extracts from
Reports for 1888.
                                    Chapter XXIX.

     First Elections, 1792—Lists of Members for the Counties of Stormont, Dun-
das and Glengarry and the Town of Cornwall—First Members for Grenville, Pres-
cott and Russell, 1812—Election Address, 1796.

                                     Chapter XXX.

     Cornwall      as   a   Garrison—Route    of   Troops   from      Montreal to Kingston,
!829—1836, Company of 15th Reeiment—Volunteers to Cotcau <lu Lac, 1857—
Militia Regiments in Town,         1837-1838—Regiments Sent to Lower Canada Same
Years—L. Grant and the Field Piece—Capt. Crawford's Company—Invasion at
Prescott and the Windmill, 1838—Troops sent to Prescott—Attack on the Rebels
—Arrival of the 2nd Stormont—Troops Waiting for Heavy Guns—Arrival of the
83rd Regiment and the Artillery—Defeat and Surrender of the Rebels—Arms and
Flag Captured—List of Persons Proscribed—British Loss in Killed and Wounded
—Invasion from Detroit—Summary               Punishmerft—Disposal of         Prisoners—Von
Schutlz—Seizure of a Steamer at Beauharnois—D.                   E.    Mclntyre and Others
Prisoners—Regular Troops and Militia Sent to the Rescue—Skirmish at the Vil
lage—Garrison of Cornwall and Lancaster, 1838-1839—5th Incorporated—4th In
corporated—Officers sent from England—Town Major of Cornwall—Volunteer
Troops and Companies, 1854-55-62—Fenian Excitement, 1866-1868-1870—North
west Rebellion, 1885—Lists of Militia, &c, &c.

                                     Chapter XXXI.

     Improvements in the Town after 1833-34—Fire in 1841—Lease to D. Mc-
Donell—New Buildings on St. John's Church Property—1871, Commercial Block
—Fire in 1876—Stormont Block—Buildings West of Pitt Street—Fire in 1884—
 xviii                                 Contotts.

 New Buildings—Bank, 1882-83—American Hotel—Post Office, 1885—County
 Buildings—D. B. McLennan's Building—Rossmore Hotel—New St. John's
 English Church built at East End—Roman Catholic Church begun there—R. R.
 McLennan's Buildings—Ontario Bank—New Buildings West Side of Pitt Street
 Gas and Water Works—Sidewalks—Sewers—Fires—Storm in 1846.

                                 Chapter XXXII.

                       MILLS AND FACTORIES AT CORNWALL.

     1845—J. Harvey—Andrew Elliott—A. E. Cadwell—Privilege Granted to
 the Hon. Philip Vankoughnet Bought by Wm. Mattice—Wm. Mack's Mill
 Messrs. Flack & Vanarsdale—Cornwall Manufacturing Company—Their Factory
 Burned in 1870—Rebuilt in 1871—Stormont Cotton Manufacturing Company,
 1870— Factory Burned in 1874—Rebuilt in 1879—Canada Cotton Manufacturing
 Company, 1S72—Toronto Paper Company, 1881—Smaller Factories.

                                 Chapter XXXIII.

     Prehistoric Relic—Ice Shoves and State of the River in Winter—Floods,
                                Chapter XXXIV.

     Law—Criminal and Civil, 1774-1792—Trial by Jury—Cases under ^10.0.0
Courts of Requests for Claims up to Forty Shillings—Costs—Jurisdiction Increased
to ^5.0.0—Right of Sett-off—Statute of 1833—Increase of Jurisdiction to ^"io.o.o
—Commissioners Appointed—Statute of         1841—Appointment of Judges of the
District Courts—Six Division Courts in the Three Counties—Clerks Paid by Sal
ary—Subsequent Acts—Judges—Courts of Requests in the Eastern District—Com
missioners and Clerks—Clerks at Cornwall       from 1833—Clerks,     1889—Other
Courts Established —-'Probate — Surrogate — King's Bench—Appeal — District
Judges, Non-Professional and Professional—Judges and Clerks of District Courts,
1818—1794, Sixteen Gentlemen Authorized to Practice as Solicitors—Law Society
—Members of, in 1797—Judges, etc., 1792 to 1829—District Courts, Successive
Acts Concerning—Arrest for Debt—Indigent Debtors—Allowance to—Limits—
Glengarry Man—Discharge of Debtors—Old Declaration—Extravagant Charges—
Old Forms and Bills of Costs.

                                 Chapter XXXV.

     Lists of the Public Officers of the Eastern District and the United Counties
from 1793 to 1889—Judges of the District Court—Judges of the Surrogate Court-
Sheriffs—Clerks of the Peace—Clerk of the District and County Courts—Registrars
of the Surrogate Court—Deputy Clerks of the Crown—Masters in Chancery—
Registrars of Deeds—Treasurers—Barristers and Attornies, 1797 to 1847—Public
Officers in the Johnstown District, 1802.

                                Chapter XXXVI.

    John Baker—The Last of those who had been Born in Slavery in Canada—■
His Mother Born in 1759—Captain Gray and his Family Come to Canada—Settle
                                  Contents.                                 xix

at Gray's Creek—Dorine Married to a German—Col. Gray's Son, R. I. D. Gray,
takes John Baker and his Brother Simon to York—Letter from R. I. D. Gray to his
Cousin—John Baker's Narrative of his Life—Loss of the Speedy and Death of Mr.
Gray—John Enlists and goes to New Brunswick—Was at Waterloo—Got a Pen
sion—Account of the Loss of the Speedy—Mr. Gray's Will—John came back to
Cornwall—The First Payment of his Pension—His Age.

                              Chapter XXXVII.

    Short Account of the War of 1812—List of the Actions Fought during the
War—Close of the War—Medals Issued in 1847—Names of those who Received
them—Pensions Granted to the Surviving Soldiers in 1875—Their Ages at that
                             Chapter      XXXVIII.

    Odds and Ends—Extracts from Old Newspapers, containing Matters Curious
and Interesting—Letter from Sir William Johnson, February 20, 1755—Extracts
from Upper Canada Gazette, 1818—Meeting at Cornwall—War Losses—Circuits,
iSig—1819—Article about Gas—Extracts from Montreal Herald, 1820—Curious
Literary Gossip—Death of a Soldier who had Fought under Wolfe—Execution of
a Man for Treason, 1821—Strength of the British Army—Slave Trade—Kingston
Chronicle, 1821—Manufactures—Execution of Four Men at Cornwall—Masonic
Anecdote—1822, Meetings For and Against Union with Lower Canada—Canadian
Spectator,   1823—Death of the First Hindoo Convert to the Protestant Faith—
Execution of Pirates at Kingston, Jamaica—Highland Society at Martintown—
Perkins' Steam Gun, 1824—Upper Canada Gazette—Steam Navigation Between
Ireland and Nova Scotia—Colonial.Advocate—Circulation of Papers in 1824—
Corner Stone of the Church of Notre Dame, Montreal, Laid—North Wing of the
House of Assembly, York, Burned—Opposition to Railroads in England—Arrival
of the Columbus Timber Ship at Black wall from Quebec—Statutes         of Upper
Canada in 1824—1830, Death of Sir Johnjohnston—Temperance Society at King
ston—1832. Sale of Old Men of War at Kingston--1830, Courts of Pacification—
1833, Cornwall Observer—Caledonia Springs--Cutler's Quarry—Cornwall Canal—
Proposal in Ogdensburg Paper for a Rival Canal—Proposed Line of Steamboats
from New York to Liverpool—Railway from Montreal to Province Line—1834,
The Patriot—Proposal to Stock the Lakes with Sea Fish—Castle of St. Louis at
Quebec Burned—Name Toronto Substituted for York—Houses of Parliament,
London, Burned—First Bazaar at Cornwall—Proposal to Hold District Courts and
Sessions Alternately in   Glengarry and    Stormont—1835, Cornwall Observer—
Petition for the Annexation of the Island of Montreal and of the Peninsula East of
Eastern District to Upper Canada—Lachlan McKinnon—1850, County Council
met at Williamsburg and Williamstown—1852, Petition from Glengarry for an
Act Similar to the Maine Liquor Law—1853, Cornwall Freeholder—Descendants
of Flora McDonald—1889, Copy of an Old Account.