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                                                                                                     feet: the culprit or the victim?
                                                                                                        tips for happy, healthy feet
                                                                                                      exercises for lower limb blues
                                                                                                    plus bright berry spinach salad

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research corner with dr. carrie johnston, dc

Feet: The Culprit or the Victim?

The feet are an important link to          of itself has been cited as a factor in
running a pain free season. While          patellofemoral pain syndrome.
running or jumping, the feet need
to maintain an adequate balance            In a previous issue of re:connect,
of both stability and mobility in          we discussed hip stability and its role
order to provide both a solid lever        in preventing lower limb injuries by
for propulsion and to absorb ground        improving four risk factors, one of
reaction forces. With such large re-       those being foot pronation. There-
sponsibilities it is not surprising that   fore, it again becomes important to
problems in the feet may actually          add exercises that strengthen the
result in issues further up the leg. In    hip musculature into your routine.
a recent study by Kaya et al. (2009),      In addition, exercises that focus on
it was determined that having a bun-       reinforcing the arch in your foot
ion with an angle greater than 15°         may also be of value, such as tibialis
was associated with having patell-         posterior.
ofemoral pain syndrome in the knee.
The exact mechanism by which this          email your questions / comments to:
occurs is has yet to be determined;

however, the presence of bunions
may lead to abnormal foot pronation
(flattening of the arch) which in and

tissue issues with katy chancey, rmt

Tips for Happy, Healthy Feet
Our feet just don’t get enough credit.     do wonders. Put the ball on the floor
We walk, run, jump, and stand on           and roll the sole of your foot over it.
them; cram them into ill-fitting and       Check out our Spring Golf Guide (May
uncomfortable shoes, and then com-         2009) edition for more instruction.
plain at the end of the day that they
hurt! Here are some tips to keep your      For extra-stretchy goodness, pick
feet happy and healthy.                    up a set of toes separators (the foam
                                           things that go between toes to keep
Get measured. Shoes have length            nail polish from smudging) and put
and width; you should know both            them between your toes.
of your measurements, and only
buy shoes that fit properly. It’s not a    Sit back with your feet up, and write
bargain if it causes pain! Feet change     the alphabet in the air with each
sizes many times through out our           foot. Follow this with a cool water
life, so it’s a good idea to get mea-      soak and voila! No more sore achy
sured every year, even as an adult.        feet!
Remember: your toes shouldn’t
touch the ends of your shoes!              email your questions / comments to:

At the end of the day, a self mas-
sage with a golf or tennis ball will
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coach’s corner with michelle prentice, cpt

Exercises for Lower Limb Blues
As Dr. Johnston mentioned, the            It may also be that there was an           Mobility
exact mechanism by which knee             original limitation at the toes (such
problems and bunions are linked is        as ill-fitting shoes) leading to hallux    Toes & Ankles:
unknown. The possibilities, how-          varus and bunions, followed by flat-       Refer to the Tissue Issues section of
ever, begin at either end of the lower    tened arches and ankle pronation,          this newsletter. Also check out
limb’s kinetic chain: the hips or the     knock-knees, and instability around        our Ankle Issue (Jan 2009) for more
toes. Either way, if there are prob-      the hips.                                  ankle mobility techniques.
lems at the hips or toes, the connec-
tive tissue surrounding the knee be-      In either case, the similar issues         Hips:
gins to strain itself, in order to keep   must be addressed:                         Check out Smart Running Habits
the upper and lower leg attached.         • Return mobility to the hips,             (April 2009) for hip mobility
                                            ankles, and toes.                        stretches.
It may be that there was originally       • Return stability to the hips, knees
a weakness or immobility in the             and arches of the feet.                  Stability
musculature around the hips and
subsequent instability in that re-        NOTE: re:connect issues have pro-          Hips & Knees:
gion. This instability would translate    vided numerous beneficial tips and         Check out our Smart Running Habits
down a kinetic chain to the knee          exercises to improve symptoms seen         (April 2009) for hip/knee strength-
(leading to a ‘knock-knee’ condition),    in the lower limb. For a more accurate     ening exercises.
to the ankle and foot arch (leading to    diagnosis and treatment plan for you
pronation) and then to the toes (lead-    lower limb mobility and stability is-      Foot Arches:
ing to hallux varus — when the tip of     sues, please contact one of the highly     Refer to the Tibialis Posterior
the big toe turns outward, while its      trained professionals at RE:FORM for       strengthening exercise below.
first joint turns inward), predispos-     a personalized assessment.
ing them to bunions.
                                          email your questions / comments to:

Tib Post Strengthening
Start standing with your heels close      Squeezing the tennis ball between
together and your toes pointing out-      your ankles, perform a calf raise,
wards. Place a tennis ball between        lifting yourself up on your toes.
your ankles, behind the medial            Return back to the ground, and
malleolus (the big ankle bone on the      repeat for 2 sets of 15 repetitions. You
inside of your feet).                     should feel this around your ankles
                                          and feet.
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coming up at the clinic

Lectures in June

Runner’s Foot: Injury Prevention            Unique Nutrition Needs for the              Both lectures will take place at
from the Bottom Up                          Female Athlete                              RE:FORM Body Clinic located at 46
                                                                                        Murray St. in the Byward Market.
Presented on Thursday June 25th,            Find out how the female athlete is          Light refreshments will be provided.
from 6-7pm at re:form Body Clinic.          unique in terms of nutrition. You           If you would like to attend, please
                                            will also learn the important risks         RSVP to
Foot and ankle biomechanics                 factors that females need to watch          We hope to see you there!
are important aspects of athletic           out for and how to prevent future
endeavors, especially running.              issues!
Understanding how to attain proper
mechanics, choose the right shoes           Topics that will be covered include:
and use orthotics are all important         • Important nutrient needs for
in injury prevention. With train-             women
ing regimes in full force, now is the       • The female athlete triad
perfect time to learn how to make           • How to beat menopause
the most of your season.
                                            For females of all ages and sports!
The lecture will cover the following:
• Relevant anatomy                          If you are interested in this lecture,
• Biomechanics and the gait cycle           or have other nutrition topics you
• Injury mechanisms and common              would like to learn about, contact
• Methods of prevention and treat-          for more details.
  ment, including shoe choice, and

recipes with shannon merizzi, rd

Bright Berry Spinach Salad

                                            Ingredients:                              Directions:

                                        •   1/4 cup sliced almonds                   • In small frying pan set over medium
                                        •   1 package baby spinach                     heat, toast nuts for 6 to 8 minutes,
                                        •   2 cups quartered strawberries              stirring occasionally, or until golden
                                        •   1 cup blueberries                          and fragrant. Set aside.
                                        •   1/3 cup lemon poppy seed dressing        • In large bowl, stir together spinach,
                                        •   1/4 cup crumbled unripened goats           strawberries and blueberries.
                                            milk cheese                              • Add dressing; toss to coat.
                                                                                     • Transfer to serving platter. Crumble
                                                                                       goat cheese over top and sprinkle
                                                                                       with almonds.
                                                                                     • Serve immediately.
email your questions / comments to:

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