Appendix 1- Summary of the general lithology and environmental by 8be89c015e72c297


Summary of the general lithology and environmental setting of each stratigraphic unit sampled in this study.

   Country              Stratigraphic Unit    Lithology and Environment                                                          Reference
                                         Carbonates with abundant corals deposited on exposed reefs with little              Klaus and Budd (2003)
   Dominican Republic Pleistocene Terrace
                                         terrigenous influence.
                                         Carbonates including massive and branching coral facies typical of shallow fore- Perry (2000)
   Jamaica            Falmouth Formation
                                         reef or low-energy and back-reef habitats.
   Curacao            Middle Terrace     Carbonates deposited in shallow-water coral reef setting.                           de Buisionje (1974)
                      Seroe Domi         Coralgal limestones interbedded with siliciclastics deposited on a steep upper      Budd et al. (1998)
                      Formation          reef slope or shelf characterized by coral-rich grainstones.
                                         Abundant foliaceous corals preserved in floatstones and bafflestones with           Borne et al. (1999); Budd
   Costa Rica         Moin Formation     abundant fine siliciclastics deposited in a deep fore-reef habitat characterized by et al. (1999)
                                         low light levels and coastal upwelling.
                                         Fine to medium grained siliciclastics with minor interbedded carbonates deposited Evans (1986); Saunders
                                         in a shelf and slope setting. Corals more abundant in the shallow water             et al. (1986); Klaus and
                      Baitoa, Cercado,   carbonates of the Baitoa and Cercado Formations than in the deeper slope            Budd (2003)
   Dominican Republic Gurabo, and Mao    deposits of the Gurabo and Mao Formations, and were living in small patches
                      Formations         with distinct ecological zonation.

                                              Coarse to median-grained volcaniclastics with minor reef lens interbeds. Corals    Coates et al. (2003)
   Panama               Valiente Formation    were living in small, localized reef buildups on the slopes of active volcanic
                                              Thin carbonates (the "Emperador Limestone") within a thick section of              Johnson and Kirby
   Panama               Culebra Formation     siliciclastics. Corals were probably deposited along a narrow fringing reef with   (in press)
                                              associated lagoonal and fore reef slopes.
                                               Nearly pure carbonates deposited on patch reefs and fringing reef systems         Weiss (1994); Johnson (in
   Antigua              Antigua Formation
                                              developed on a carbonate shelf/slope system                                        press)
                                              Pure carbonates developed along a broad platform with diverse coral                Mitchell (2004); Stemann
                                              communities that lived in a range of habitats including local patches and          (2004)
                        Moneague and          extensive reef systems.
                        Newport Formations

                        Montebello Member, Carbonates deposited on fringing and barrier reef habitats characterized by slight Monroe (1980)
   Puerto Rico
                        Cibao Formation    terrigenous influence.
                        Juana Diaz         Carbonates deposited on carbonate shelf and fringing reef complex (= "New          Moussa and Seiglie
   Puerto Rico                             Formation" of Frost et al., 1983).                                                 (1975); Frost et al. (1983)
                                              Carbonates and siliciclastics deposited in an extensive complex of shelf reefs.    Frost et al. (1983);
    Puerto Rico         Lares Formation
                                                                                                                                 Edinger and Risk (1994)

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