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									                                   Activities and Contexts
                            Home       Work       Community   Health
                                                                                                                 Center for Immigrant
    Community Service

                                                                             aims to strengthen immigrant
                                                                               families and communities;        & Refugee Community

                                                                              to support practitioners who        Literacy Education
                                                                                serve them, and to engage
                                                                                  students deeply in the
                                                                               fabric of their communities
                                                                               with experiences that build
                                                                                  their professional and
                                                                             leadership skills in personally
                                                                                   transforming ways.

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   Cirriculum & Materials

                                                                              CIRCLE: Gail Weinstein


                                                                         Certificate Program: Maricel Santos

                                                                       Health Literacy Forum: Jessica Coifman
Leadership Development
    Professional &
      An Integrative                                                            collected from        CIRCLE Components
                                                                                participating                                                                • Workshops & On-Line Courses: In-
      Approach                                                                  mothers, language     I. Community Service Learning (CSL):                   person and on-line training for students
                                                                                teachers and health    Provide opportunities for students and models for     and Bay Area professionals to develop and
CIRCLE engages in three major types                                             practitioners         replication in other settings.                         cultivate professional skills for meeting
of activities that are interconnected:                                          collaborated to                                                              the needs, as defined by immigrants
                                                                                create a language     • In projects SHINE (Students Helping in the           themselves, of immigrant families and
1) University students participate in          lesson for learners based on material drawn from       Naturalization of Elders) and SAIL (Students           communities.
compelling Community Service Learning          their own lives. The unit culminates in two learner    Assisting with Immigrant Literacies), 200
projects through academic courses;             projects; one to do a “safety audit” of their homes,   students from across disciplines at SFSU and           • Community Forums: Hosted university-
                                               and another to create a First Aid kit for their        CCSF coach in English language classes each            community conversations, focusing on
2) Pre-service and in-service professionals    families. In the process of listening to learners      semester to help older immigrants develop              collaboration for problem-solving across
cultivate skills through professional          and writing literacy materials, the practitioners      language and literacy skills while also preparing      traditional professional and disciplinary
development;                                   are creating a learner-centered curriculum while       for the citizenship test.                              lines. The first items planned are forums
                                               developing their own professional skills.                                                                     which focus on health literacy and family
 3) These two groups collaborate to collect                                                           II. Professional Development:                          literacy. Other special topics will follow.
 narratives from immigrant learners to            “It is a custom that Cambodian women                Provide training to build the capacity of
  create curriculum and materials that            drink hot water after they have a baby.             community-based organizations and enhance              III. CIRCLE Materials and Products:
  address the most pressing issues in             One day I left a cup of hot water on                the knowledge and skills of those who serve            Create relevant, timely language and
   immigrants’ lives.                             the dresser. Suddenly, I heard a loud               immigrants in the Bay Area and beyond,                 literacy materials for use in local
                                                  scream. It was my son, Nathan. He was               including both SFSU students (pre-service              organizations, including those staffed by
  Saphay Nan’s Story                              one and a half years old. The hot water             practitioners) and family, health and community        volunteers.
  Keeping children safe was a theme               spilled on his body. I rushed him to the            literacy (in-service) practitioners.
   identified by Cambodian parents in             bathtub and soaked him with cold water.                                                                    • Learners’ Lives as Curriculum™
    Long Beach, CA. This narrative,               I was so nervous, I could hardly think! I           • Certificate Program (under development):             (LLC), is an approach to curriculum
     like many collected by university            remembered that the Aloe Vera plant is              Academic training for students from across             development in which learner
       students in their Community                good for burns. I ran to the backyard to            disciplines to sensitize them to the influence of      narratives (as told or written) are used
        Service Learning efforts,                 get some from my garden. I pulled a stem            language and literacies in a specific social context   as catalysts for discussing themes of
          illuminated some of the cultural        off and put it on Nathan. He was okay,              (e.g., health, family, work or community) and          critical concern to learners, as well
            components of health. With            but I was shaky for a long time!”                   hone skills for meaningful advocacy                    as sources for systematic language
              stories about “home accidents”                                                          and collaboration within the local community.          and literacy development.

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