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									                        The Observer
                                                                                 January 2011

           AMERICA — HOME OF THE FREE                         BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE
Mater Dei Council No. 4129         Knights of Columbus                  Newtown Square, PA 19073

Editor: Robert A. Barson, Past Grand Knight                         Distribution: Mike Vogel

 On December 11, Mater Dei Council celebrated 55 years of existence at our Annual Dinner Dance/
Christmas Party. All who attended had a great time, with good food and drink, good music, and good
                company. Those of you who didn’t come, too bad you missed it !!
 My Brother Knights and Dear Friends:

 believe that once again Christmas is over and we are starting a new year and the final six
 months of the Fraternal year.

 I would like to say “thank you” to our Ladies' Auxiliary for hosting a wonderful Christmas Party for our children.
 Everyone had a great time and loved their special gifts. A special “thank you” to “Santa Claus,” Joe Mader, for
 stopping in from the North Pole to have pictures taken with the kids.

 Our Food for the Needy program was a huge success. Thanks to Joe Caromano and his helpers for supplying
                    Thanksgiving dinner for about 30 families. We will be delivering more meals at Christmas for
                    several families.

                      My family and I would like to wish all the members and their families a very healthy and happy
                      NEW YEAR!

                      Fraternally yours in Charity and Friendship,

                                                               Steve Woodland
  Dues with Observer Booster notices will be mailed to our                     FINANCIAL SECRETARY
members in January. Dues for regular members are $25.00,
dues for Honorary members are $10.00, and there are no dues
                                                                                    Rick Terroni, SS, PGK
for Honorary Life members. The donation for the Observer
Booster is $10.00.

   Please note that if you are a Fourth Degree member, you will get your Fourth Degree card when you pay your assem-
bly dues. Mater Dei Council will issue Fourth Degree members a Third Degree card.

   Your dues notice will also be asking if you would prefer to get a copy of the Observer via e-mail only and not the
printed copy. Please consider doing this. It will be a savings to the Council. Just mark the appropriate box when
sending back the status sheet. The dues notice will also ask members if they wish to donate an additional amount to
various Council charities. This is voluntary, but it is very much appreciated!

Hello Everyone:                                                                     HOME ASSOCIATION
There was no meeting for December. I wish everyone a
                                                                               Robert Barson, PGK, President
Happy and Healthy New Year.

I would like to recognize and thank the Ladies’ Auxiliary for a superb job with the Childrens’ Christmas Party. The
children really enjoyed doing the crafts and their visit with Santa. They also got a present from Santa and a teddy bear.

We also had a successful and enjoyable Anniversary Dance/Christmas Party with the support of the Council and Home.

Our next Home Association meeting is on Monday, January 24 at 7:30 PM at the council home. Hope to see you there.
Season's greetings and best wishes for a happy and                                     FOURTH DEGREE
prosperous New Year, from the members of the Fourth
Degree Club to all brother knights and their families.
                                                                                       Tom Poore, President

December 13th was the night of "Light Up For Christ" sponsored jointly by the Mater Dei Council and the Fourth
Degree. The planning included the saying of the rosary followed by the "decoration of lights" at the Blessed Mother
Statue in front of the Council Hall, and then refreshments provided by the Ladies’ Auxiliary.

Thank you to the most recent Fourth Degree boosters, Tom Scanlon and Bob Barson, for their contributions. Please
remember that your support with $10 as a Fourth Degree Booster will help us to provide charitable contributions to
patriotic organizations. You can contact Tom Poore at 610-688-4887 or Armand Ruggeri at 610-449-8920.

During the last Fourth Degree meeting, the Club Bylaws were adopted and are available for your review by contacting
Jata Ghosh at 610-353-0353.

   Please remember in your prayers the family of Frank E. Koster, who was one of the longest and active members of
Mater Dei Council. Frank died on November 19, 2010, and his funeral mass was celebrated at St. Anastasia's Church
on November 24. Four members of Mater Dei Council were present for the Chalice Guard.

   The previous evening the viewing was held at Videon Funeral Home, and the following 11 Sir Knights composed
the Honor and Chalice Guard: Mark Troutman, Tom Scanlon, Tony Tenaglia, Mike Vogel, Rick Terroni, Bob Barson,
Herman Odenweller, Tom Poore, Joe Caromano, Jim Kraus, and AJ Herr. Frank will be missed by all those who knew
him. He really loved the Church and his Brothers in the Knights of Columbus.

                         IN NEED OF PRAYERS
                            In your prayers, please remember the following Brother Knights and their loved ones:
                         Bob Buhrman; Baby Riley McComb (son of Joseph McComb); Jack Jagodinski; Sofia
                         Burok (great-grandchild of Peter Demchur); Peter and Florence Demchur; Angela
                         Kaplan (daughter of Angelo Visco); Charles Martini, Jr. (son of Charles Martini, Sr.);
                         Harriet Florio (wife of Robert Florio); Bernice Kerrigan (wife of Thomas Kerrigan);
                         Louis Federici; Carol Shillingsburg (wife of the late Harry Shillingsburg); John J.
    McKenna; Bill Howe, PGK; John T. Conway; and Michael Kerrigan (nephew Thomas Kerrigan). All
    these people are facing, or recovering from, sickness, injuries or operations.

    Also, please remember Sir Knight Frank Koster; Enrico DePero (father-in-law of Armand Ruggeri, PGK);
    Karen Kazanjian (wife of Deacon Steven Kazanjian), who were recently called to their eternal reward.

     If you have any member of your family who is sick, is in the hospital, has died, or is in need of prayers,
        and you would like his or her name put in the Observer, please call Tony Tenaglia at 610-353-3145.
   To buy Whole Life or Term insurance: That is the question.                     INSURANCE CORNER
Many people know the question, but few know the answer. If
you can’t decide which plan is best for you, then the Knights
                                                                                Kevin J. Horan, PGK, FDD
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The Discoverer is actually a combination of Whole Life and what we call the Additional Protection Benefit.

   The Whole Life portion provides quality, low-cost life insurance. The Additional Protection Benefit consists of
two parts: term insurance and paid-up insurance. As the paid-up life insurance benefit increases, the term insurance
benefit decreases. Thus, term insurance benefits are converted automatically to permanent paid-up life insurance.

   If you think this kind of plan is right for you, give me a call at 610-296-7488.

                                                                                                      PLEASE PRAY
                                                                                                         FOR AN
                            STATE COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIPS
                                 2010 COAL DRAWING                                                   IN VOCATIONS
                  AWARD      TICKET # WINNER’S INFORMATION                  COUNCIL                      TO THE
         1st PRIZE                                                                                        AND
                                          North Hills Council #4029
     2011 Ford Focus         B029379
                                               Pittsburgh, PA                     4029                 RELIGIOUS
      4 Door Sedan                                                                                        LIFE.
         2         PRIZE
                                            Lorraine Crescimanno
   2011 Hyundai Accent       F131283                                              9832
                                             Dingmans Ferry, PA
     3 Door Lift Back
         3rd PRIZE
                                              Colleen Besignaro
    Irish Interlude Tour     E030840                                              3885
                                              Philadelphia, PA
           10 Days
         4th PRIZE
                                                George Ponko
  Canadian Rockies Tour      \A001394                                             302
                                            Warrior Run, PA 18706
         9 Days
         5 PRIZE
   National Parks Tour       G076937             Dan Darrow                       356
        13 Days
         6th PRIZE
                                                 Carl Hartle
      Puerto Vallarta        H069242                                              1020
                                             Franklin, PA 16323
         7 Days
         7th PRIZE
                                                 Fiora Miller
       Riviera Maya          B021508                                              4518
                                              Folsom, PA 19033
          7 Days
         8th PRIZE
       Disney Trip           E037996              Gemcarell                       7403
           7 Days
         9th PRIZE
                                               Rev. G.P Carey
 Western Caribbean Cruise    B002677                                              315
                                               Philadelphia, PA
         7 Days
        10th PRIZE                                                                        Once again, I thank you for
                                                 Deb Ardire
     Bermuda Cruise          G100126
                                                 DuBois, PA
                                                                                  519    making our Mater Dei COAL
         7 Days
        11th PRIZE
                                                                                             Program a success.
       Las Vegas             H128568          Kathleen Rothwell                   6145
    4 Days with $500                                                                          Armand Ruggeri,
        12th PRIZE
                                                Mike Bowen                                    COAL Chairman
 Baseball Spring Training    E046930                                             12404
                                                Marysville, Pa
  4 Days with 2 Games
        13th PRIZE
                                                  Jim Kehl
       46” LED HD            G140682                                             11818
                                                  Erie, PA
        14 PRIZE
        Lap Top              E096353             Rick Potter                     12406
        Computer                                Towanda, PA

        15th PRIZE
                                              Wallace Zielinski
          Canon              H101314                                              1941
                                              Monongahela, Pa
      Digital Camera
        16th PRIZE
                                                John Roperti
         Sears 24”           F048688                                             13564
                                               Beaver Falls, PA
       Snow Blower
                                                                  BOOSTER CLUB
      We thank all of you who have continued to support The Observer through the years.
      We would like to have many more members join the Club and help us to maintain the
   timely publication and distribution of our newsletter. Just send your donation of $10.00 to
    Rick Terroni, Financial Secretary, 85 First Avenue, Broomall, PA 19008 (610-356-5768).

Patricia and John Ahern            Elizabeth and Joe Finisdore     Jeanette and Joe Mader            Maurita and Tom Scola
Joan and Joe Avellino              Dot and Dennis Fiocca           Mark Maloney                      Millie and Michael Seeds
Beth and Tom Barnes                Marilyn and Tom Firchow         Grace Mamo                        Joanne and Andy Semeister
Barbara and Greg Baron             Katherine and Warren Fisher     Marie and John Manika             Connie and Conrad Sendlinger
Gail and Bob Barson, PGK           Harriett and Bob Florio         Mary and Rocco Marcaccio          Mary and Dino Sfida
Barbara and Joe Bartolomeo         Candy and Charles Foreman       Rose and James Martin             Dr. John Shanahan
In memory of:                      Peggy and Norm Frederick        Barbara and Charles Martini       Jeanne and Robert Shoemaker
   Lou Battista PGK                Barbara and Frank Gaffney       Grace and Joe Massucci            Eileen and Peter Sloan
Dolores and Walter Bieter          Felicia and John Gallagher      Kristina and Mike May             Florence and Bob Spano
Jean and John Benigni              Theresa and Dennis Galvin       James and Barbara McCarry, Jr.    Tom Street
Marie and Gus Bertotti             Kathleen and Robert Gamble      Marcie and Dr. Joseph McComb      Patricia and Christopher Supizio
Tony Bilotti                       Nicole and Tom Gannon           Michael K. McDevitt, PGK          Amelia and Richard Tedesco
Phyllis and John Boyle             Christina and Bill Gariano      Phyllis and Robert McDevitt       Mimi and Rich Tedesco
Barbara and Barry Breznicky        John Garvey                     Stella and Bill McGlone           Anna and Tony Tenaglia
Cass and Bob Buhrman               Dolly Gerace                    Gladys and Thomas McGovern        Mary and Henry Tenaglio
Gina and Ted Bullock               Anne and Jata Ghosh, PGK        Helen and Ed McGroarty            George Terlizzi
John Burdsall                      Andrea and Steve Giacomucci     Jim McGuigan                      Pat and Rick Terroni, PGK
Dolores and Frank Butera           Debbie and Michael Gillin       Kate and Jack McHenry, PGK        Mary and Jim Tiedeman
Dolores and Nicholas Cappelli      Caroline and Len Gliwa          Janet and Delwin McKelvey         Carolyn and Robert Toscani
Lori and Bill Carano               Jan and Bud Gotshall            Marion and John McKenna           Albert Young
Louise and Joe Caromano, PGK       Al and Norma Grassi             May and Charles Messa             Jennifer and Christopher Vandevere
June and Thomas Caso               Kay and Frank Greiser           Pina and Tony Michetti            Betty and Angelo Visco
Ann and Jim Catania                Marie and Harry Griesser        Pat and Marty Milligan            Elaine and Mike Vogel
Helene and Frank Catania, PGK      Dolores Gruber                  Caroleann and Ron Myrter          Carolyn and George Walish
Cameron and Anthony Cellucci       Mary Hamill                     Van Thi Nguyen and                Donna and Al Welk, PGK
Florence and Tony Cellucci, PGK    Lucy and William Hanlon          Lam Trong Ha                     Rita and Tom Werner
In memory of:                      Helen Hawk                      Agnes and Sal Nucifora            Ralph and Doris Westnedge
   Mary and Philip Cerniglia       Christine Heinerichs            Jeannette and Fred Nucifora       Thomas Weston
Betty Connors                      Patricia and Paul Heinerichs    Rosemarie and Sal Nucifora        Diane and Steve Woodland GK
John Considine                     Bonnie and AJ Herr, PGK         Herman Odenweller                 Cathy and Joe Zeminski
Mary Ann and Don Corcoran          Ann Hickey                      Gaetano Orlando                   Sally Anne and Earl Ziegenfuss
Helen and Joe Cotumaccio           Karen and Christopher Hilden    Eileen and Ed Paffett
Rachel and Sean Curry              Delores and John Horrigan       Marie and Mike Paolucci, PGK
Robert Daiutolo                    Mary and Bill Howe, PGK         Claire and Al Parise
Maryanne and Bob D’Anjolell        Warren Iredell                  Mary and Gamp Pellegrini
Carol and Robert D’Anjolell, Jr.   Francis Jacquette               Annette and Joseph Pezotti
Rebecca and George Davis           Hilde and Jack Jagodinski       Adele and Edmund Pistone
John deFrancesco                   Barbara and Harry Kaufman       Ed Pizzi
Terry and Tom DeFruscio            Phyllis and Thomas Kelly        Mary Jane and Tom Poore
Norma and Frank DeMarco            Bernice and Tom Kerrigan        Frances and Dr. Joseph Reitano
Marion and Ralph DiDonato          Mary and Stephen Kosiak         Susan and Dan Rollick
Rita DiGian                        Albina and Frank Koster         Barb and Dave Romagnoli, PGK
Caroline and Angelo DiPasqua       Marie and Betty Koster          Arlene and Vince Romano
Patricia and George Downs          Regina and John Kozul           Dorothy and Silvio Romano
Rosalie and Carl DuPoldt           Joann and Jim Kraus             Anne and Gene Ruggere
Maria and Chuck Echelmeier         Betty and Bob Kulesa            Lillian and Armand Ruggeri, PGK
Anne and Tom Engelmann, PGK        Paula Kurtz                     Jean and Nick Russo
Anne and Dan Eury                  Adeline and Sal LaBricciosa     Jean and Tony Saldutti
Elaine and Patrick Eury            Rosemarie Langan                Gloria Saraceno
Linda and Ray Facciolo             Phyllis and Kevin Laskowski     Joyce and Wayne Saunders
Nick Falcone                       Bridget and Chet Laubach        In memory of:
Gina and Jim Farrell               Clara and Eugene Lentini            Ann and Mike Scalea
Gilda and Louis Federici           Mary Alice and Bud Leo          Christine and Ralph Scanlon
Teresa and Bernie Ferry            Dick Lutz                       Fran and Michael Scanlon
Dena and Robert Filipone           Shirley and Frank MacNamara     Rose Ann and Tom Scanlon, PGK
January 2011
Sun          Mon          Tue          Wed            Thu           Fri        Sat


       2              3          4             5                6          7          8
                                                   7:30 PM

       9             10         11            12               13         14         15
           7:30 PM                   1-7 PM

           4th Degree                Blood
           and Ladies’ Aux.          Drive

      16             17         18            19               20         21         22

      23             24         25            26               27         28         29
           7:30 PM
                                                   7:30 PM
           Assoc.                                  Officer’s
           Meeting                                 Meeting

      30             31
                  With winter here, we need to do something for the people who have
                  nothing. Coats are always welcome, but the poor are in dire need of
                           scarves, hats and gloves — children or adult sizes.
                                          Please be generous.

                     Bring your contributions to the meetings or call Betty Connors at

 The "Luncheon with Santa" was a huge success. All the children, parents and grandparents who attended had
        a great time. Those in attendance brought hats, scarves and gloves to give to needy families.

  These items were delivered to St. Katherine Drexel Outreach Mission in Chester by Mark Troutman and
  AJ Herr. The good Sisters who run the Mission were very grateful for these items and thanked the Mater Dei
                                     Council Family for their good works.

                                                                               Our Free-Throw
             Our semi-annual Blood Drive will be held on
                                                                              Basketball Contest
           Wednesday, January 12, between 1 and 7 PM, at the
                                                                               will be held some
           Knights of Columbus Hall on Route 252, Newtown Square.
                                                                                time in January
                                                                                    of 2011.
              If interested in donating blood, which is sorely needed,
           please plan to stop in, or contact Al Parise at 610-436-0767
           for more information.

                            ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARTY
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2010                   Time: 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

         We will be having a DJ, buffet dinner, and OPEN BAR

                               Tickets are only $30.00 each.
                     (tickets will be available at the January meeting)

                 We need donations of bottles for our “Basket of Cheer,” so please call
                        Mike Scanlon at 610-725-1922 if you can contribute.
                                   K Knights of Columbus Mater dei Council #4129
                                                              and Touriffic Travel present:

                     Pennsylvania where our Nation was born. Gettysburg where our Nation was
          saved. At Gettysburg, one of the most decisive battles of American and World History took place.
         Here two mighty armies locked in mortal combat over the fate of a Nation - a Nation we call our own.
                                                            Saturday, April 2, 2011
Daytrip Itinerary:
 8:45am     Depart Knights of Columbus (Route #252N, Newtown Square, Pa) via deluxe Motorcoach
11:15am     (Approx.) arrival in Gettysburg.
11:30am     Step-On Guided tour of the historic Gettysburg Battlefields.
1:30pm      Depart tour
1:45pm      Buffet Lunch at the Historic Dobbins Inn - The oldest building in Gettysburg. Built
            in 1776 the Inn has been perfectly restored and filled with period antiques. Enjoy their
                   famous Soup and Salad Bar, Assorted Cold Cuts and Cheeses, PA Dutch Ham with Green Beans and
                   Boiled Potatoes, Bar-B-Q Chicken and Dessert Table. Coffee/Tea/Iced Tea (Cash Bar Available)
3:15pm             Depart Dobbins Inn
3:30pm             Arrive at the National Military Park Museum & Visitors Center.
                   Experience first hand the New Museum and Visitors Center at Gettysburg National Military Park
                   which celebrated its grand opening September 2008. Enjoy a self guided tour of the museum, a film
                   on the “Battle of Gettysburg” and view history in the round at the Cyclorama oil painting, a
                   must-see attraction. The fantastic painting brings the fury of the final Confederate assault on July 3,
                   1863 to life providing the viewer with a sense of what occurred at the battle and the turning point of
                   the Civil War in a setting that amazes and inspires.
5:00pm             Depart for home
                   (optional) Rest Stop en route home
7:30pm             (Approx.) arrival home
                                                          $85.00 Per Person
                       For Reservations, please contact Jata Ghosh ~ 610/353-0353
Booking Information: A $35.00 deposit will be due at time of sign-up to confirm your seat with final balance of $50.
due by 2-28-11. No refunds unless a replacement is made. Touriffic Travel and K of C disclaim any liability for injury, damage,
loss or delay due to act, negligence or default of any company or person engaged in rendering any service while on tour. Proceeds
will benefit K of C activities. Checks should be made payable to K of C Council #4129 and remit with coupon to:
                                   Jata Ghosh ~ 2213 Windsor Circle ~ Broomall, Pa 19008
                                                   K of C Mater dei Council #4129/Gettysburg/4-2-11




Email_________________________________________________ Today’s Date:_______________________

Traveling With:_________________________________________Payment Enclosed:__________________
     A big “thank you” goes out to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for making the
Childrens’ Christmas Party a great success. Parents, grandparents and other
friends attended and had a wonderful time.

   Highlights of the afternoon included: a birthday cake and singing of “Happy
Birthday” to the Baby Jesus; a wonderful craft table where children got to
make a variety of projects; a great lunch of pizza, hot dogs and other goodies;
presents and bears for all children; and of course, a visit with Santa.
EDITOR'S CORNER                                This was the first year that the COAL drawing was held at Mater Dei. The
                                                16 masked participants pulling the names out of the huge drum ensured a
                                                                      very dramatic and fun evening.
Bob Barson

 To the right is Armand Ruggeri picking a winner out of the drum.

 Once again, Mater Dei Council celebrated the Christmas season
               by putting on our outside lights.
   Beginning the evening with the rosary, we concluded with
              Christmas carols and refreshments.

                                                                    Left: Preparing
                                                                    for the Rosary
                                                                    Above: Tom
                                                                    Poore, Bonnie
                                                                    and AJ Herr

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    him at                                                    EMAIL: GILLINESQ@AOL.COM
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         Mrs. Marty’s Deli
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     Knights of Columbus                                                                           Nonprofit Organization
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   327 Newtown Street Road                                                                         Broomall, PA 19008
Newtown Square, PA 19073-2097

                                                                                             ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

 Please let us know your new
 address as soon as possible.
    Call Joe Caromano at
610-449-4778 or e-mail him at

                                                                                      The Observer

                                         A HEARTFELT THANK YOU
  I want to take this opportunity to thank those involved in making this year’s holiday “Food For The Needy” drive a great
  success. It began with a donation of turkey dinners from the ACME markets in Lawrence Park. Mike Vogel helped with the
  distribution to 31 needy families.

  Then our annual Christmas food giving began. With contributions of staples received from St Pius parishioners and others,
  and the sorting of hundreds of pounds of this food by 10-year-old Gage Supplee, we began to put food packages together.
  Over the last two months I appealed to our membership for donations of turkeys, roasting chickens and hams. Thanks to their
  generosity, we received 21 turkeys, 5 Cornish hens, 5 roasting chickens, and 6 small canned hams. Unfortunately, because
  some of these donations were anonymously brought to the Council, I am embarrassed to say I do not know all of the donors.
  Therefore, I am reluctant to name any.

  With all the food on hand, Joe Mader, Harry Greisser, Chuck Foreman and Bob Shoemaker helped package the boxes
  for distribution. On December 11, Bob Shoemaker, Chuck Foreman, Charlie Waldecker, Tony Tenaglia, Herman
  Odenweller, Al Parise, Mike Vogel, Joe Mader and Ricky Terroni helped with the food distribution to 32 families. Some
  made actual deliveries, while others remained back at the Council Home to coordinate the distribution.

  Again, I want to personally thank everyone who made this year’s food drive and distribution a success. I wish everyone a
  Blessed and Holy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.           Joe Caromano

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