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									     Newsletter No. 3
Tuesday 9th February, 2010
                                    Principal’s Column
What’s On …….
                                    Last week our Year 7 students voted for our 2010 School
Breakfast Club    Resumes           Leaders. Today on parade I had the pleasure of announcing
                  Wednesday 10th    the results. Being a school captain is an honourable position
                  February          and I trust that our 2010 leaders will not only represent their
                                    student body successfully but be excellent ambassadors for
                                    our wider school community. Congratulations to:
Year 7 Parent     Thursday 11th
Meeting           February 7.00pm   School Captain:      Amelia Starasts
                                    School Captain:      Shane Iles
                                    Vice Captain:        Justine Washbourne
Year 4 Parent     Monday 15th       Vice Captain:        Chris Wall
Meeting           February
                  3.15pm—3.45pm     Last night Warwick West State School held its P&C Annual
Individual        Monday 1st        General Meeting. Congratulations to the newly elected
                  March             executive:
Student photos
                                    President:           Peter Wright
Class photos      Wednesday 3rd     Vice President:      Tracy Vellacott
                  March             Treasurer:           Shannon Aspinall
                                    Secretary:           Jacinta Lyons

Prep Year Class   Thursday 4th      I look forward to working with the P&C over the coming year
photos            March             as we continue to make Warwick West State School a great
                                    place to work and learn.
Beginners         Tuesday 9 March
Instrumental      to Thursday 11    Day 8 good news! As of Monday 15th February, we will be
Music Camp        March             gaining an additional teacher and establishing an additional
                                    lower school class (Year 2/3 composite). Parents and
                                    caregivers of students who will be affected by the creation of
Parent/Teacher    Monday 29th       this class will be notified over the next few days. This is a
Interviews        March to          great result for our school and will result in smaller numbers
                  Thursday 1st      in the lower school.
Last Day of       Thursday 1st      Other staffing news—in addition to teaching Intercultural
                                    Investigations (French), Mrs Little will also be teaching in
Term 1            April
                                    Year 4 (4ML) every second Friday commencing 12th February.

First Day         Tuesday 13th      Have a great week!
Term 2            April
                                    Jason Callcott
Warwick West      Friday 10th       Principal
State School      September
Karate still has places available and will start on Tuesday 9th February from           Wednesday 10th Feb—Leanne Waples,
3.00pm to 4.00pm and then each Tuesday until the end of term. Karate is
available to Prep to Year 7 students. Application forms must be filled out and                             Diana Williams
returned to the office before your child commences.                                     Thursday 11th Feb— Kelly Thompson
                                                                                        Friday 12th Feb—   Petrena Lamb,
If your child is participating in Karate, please ensure you arrive to collect them at                      Michelle Johnson
4.00pm when the session ends.
                                                                                        Monday 15th Feb— Michelle Johnson
Don’t forget if your child has put their name down for Dance, the sessions have
begun and are on Monday morning from 8.00am to 9.00am
                                                                                        CHAPLAINCY NEWS—Breakfast Club will resume on Wednesday
                                                                                        10th February from 8.15am. Breakfast Club is available to all
                                                                                        students on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It provides a meal to
      PARENTS/CAREGIVERS OF YEAR 4 STUDENTS                                             the students who may not have had breakfast at home, have travelled
                                                                                        some distance since breakfast or who need a top-up before school
     A reminder about the Year Four Information Afternoon                               begins. Some students have made breakfast a social occasion and
     Monday 15th February 3:15pm - 3:45pm in 4ML and 4D                                 spend their time with a group of friends.
                          classrooms                                                    Professionals in education and nutrition advocate a healthy breakfast
                                                                                        to assist in physical and mental growth. This meal is vitally important
                                                                                        for students as they spend hours mentally engaged and high
     YEAR 7 PARENT/CAREGIVER MEETING                                                    concentration is essential for success. Food assist these processes.
There was an error in the letter sent home regarding this                               The breakfast supplied is simple—cereal, toast with a variety of
meeting. The meeting will be held:                                                               spreads, milo and on occasions fruit juice.
                                                                                                 I am looking forward to making contact with old friends and
   THURSDAY 11TH FEBRUARY AT 7.OOPM IN THE                                                       making new ones at Breakfast Club 2010.
               YEAR SEVEN CLASSROOMS                                                                                   Rosemary Easton, Chaplain
All parents and caregivers of students in Year 7 are invited to
                                                                                        Warwick Hockey Association - Sign on Day

                                                                                        When:                 Saturday 13th February 2010
If your child is in Year 4-7 and is interested in learning the Guitar,
                                                                                        Where:                Hockey Clubhouse, Queens Park,
please contact Phill Vellacott who will be conducting lessons at the
school. Ph. 0400 571 771 or 4661 9261
                                                                                        Time:                  10am to 3pm
                                                                                        Season Starts:         Saturday 6th March 2010
          AFL REDBACK JUNIORS SIGN ON DAY                                               Cost:                  Juniors $100 (5yrs to 17 years), Student with ID
Saturday 20th February from 8.30am—Auskick and Juniors                                                                 $140, Seniors $185
Corner Weewondilla and Horsman road (Mayhew Park). Total                                Competitions will be run in Under 7, Under 10, Under 13, Under 15 and
                                                                                        Senior Age Groups. For further information please contact Gary Millard
cost $80.00. Full season runs from 20th February to late August.
                                                                                        0427 896 241.
All games are played in Warwick. Contact Frank 0448379778.
All children signing on receive a free sausage sizzle!

   If your child is absent from school for any reason, please let us know by ringing the STUDENT ABSENCE LINE—4660 5360

Our Special Education Unit is in search of the following items. If you have any of these and would
like to get rid of them could you please drop them off at our Special Education Unit. Thank you

Shoe boxes or other cardboard or plastic boxes with lids
Plastic containers such as margarine, yoghurt, cottage cheese etc.                                                          CHOIR
Ice cube trays and plastic egg cartons
Other segmented containers, such as jewellery boxes, multi dip containers                                                   NEWS
Plastic baskets and in-trays
Plastic drawers
Plastic peanut butter jars with lids
                                                                                                                           If you are in Grade 3-7 and like to sing,
Plastic spice jars with lids
                                                                                                                           Mrs Hamilton would love to see you in
Any other plastic or cardboard containers with or without lids that may be suitable for holding small
                                                                                                                           the music room on Friday mornings at
        items or large enough to hold A4 size sheets                                                                       8.00am to be part of our school choir.
Drink bottle lids eg. Milk, juice or soft drink lids to use for fine motor, sorting and matching tasks                     Everyone is welcome.
Pegs (wooden and plastic)
Old game cards and playing pieces to use for matching and sorting Eg. Wooden puzzles, memory games,                        If you are new to our school, this is a
        picture bingo etc. (pieces missing is ok)                                                                          great way to meet new friends and
Counters or blocks to use for sorting, continuing patterns and counting tasks                                              have a lot of fun.
Groups of similar objects to sort Eg. Plastic fruits, novelty rubbers, plastic cutlery
Building blocks such as lego or duplo, for copying built construction pieces                                               If you have any questions regarding
Unifix or multi-links types of blocks for counting and pattern making                                                      choir, you may contact Mrs Hamilton
Old calendars with pictures of each months pages on the back.                                                              through the office or call into the music
Old post cards, picture books etc. where pictures can be cut out and used for matching to the words                        room.
Toy catalogues, colouring books etc. of favourite children’s movies, characters etc.
Old board books
Any other small multiple items that would be useful for sorting, matching, pattern making etc.

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