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Brimfield Area Chamber of Commerce (PDF)


									                                                                                                                December 2009
                                                                                                                Issue 10

                                             Brimfield Area
                                             Chamber of Commerce

Inside this issue:                                               President’s Message
Open House Invitation          2

                                    Merry Christmas,                     you promote your business, so      The next big event on the
Award Nomination               3                                         if you have any ideas that you     Chamber of Commerce’s
Form                                                                     would like help with, please let   horizon is a Health, Fitness,
                                    The Holiday Season is upon us        the Chamber know.                  and Baby Fair on March 27th.
Membership Form                4    and the Brimfield Chamber of                                            The good Doctor, Craig Banks,
                                    Commerce would like to wish                                             has agreed to chair this event.
Chamber Dental Plan           5,6   you and yours a Happy                During this Holiday Season I
                                                                                                            As the event gets closer we will
                                    Holiday!!                            hope that you make some time
Health Fair In Planning        7                                                                            be keeping you updated. If
                                                                         to donate to the Brimfield Food
Stages                                                                                                      anyone is willing to help in the
                                                                         Cupboard. The economic
                                    A recent effort with the Central                                        organization of the event please
                                                                         environment that we find
Welcome                        7    Portage County Visitors Bureau                                          let the Chamber, or Dr. Banks
                                                                         ourselves in has created an
                                    and the Kent Chamber of              increased need for many local      know.
                                    Commerce has brought our             residents. As of the day I am
                                    local retailers to the forefront     writing this letter, the Food      Merry Christmas,
                                    of the Holiday Shopping              Cupboard has 96 families that
                                    Season. The Record Courier                                              Scott Mikula
                                                                         cannot provide gifts for their
                                    and our local Time Warner            children. The names of these       President,
                                    Cable stations are running           children and a list of their
                                    advertisements and                                                      Brimfield Chamber of
 Executive Board                                                         favorite things, and clothing
                                    commercials that focus on the                                           Commerce
 Scott Mikula, President                                                 sizes are available from The
 Home Savings Bank                  convenience and variety of           Window Box, Home Savings           (330) 673-9556
 Sabrina Christian Bennett,         retailers in our area. I hope that   Bank (on St. Rt. 43), and from
                                    you all have noticed the ads and                              
 Vice President                                                          Brimfield Food Cupboard at the
 Bennett Land Title                 are fueling our local economy        Brimfield Faith United
 Jeff Bricker, Secretary            by visiting your fellow              Methodist Church. Please
 Investment Planning Group
                                    Chamber Members’                     consider picking one of these
 Jamie Aiken, Treasurer
                                    businesses. The Brimfield            lists up and providing a local
                                    Chamber of Commerce is               child a joy filled Christmas.
 Key Bank
                                    always looking for ways to help
 Board of Directors
 Paul DiGiorgio
 3D Cascade Real Estate
 Mike Kostensky
                                    General Membership Meeting Tonight
 Mike’s Place                       Come celebrate the Season            the Brimfield Food Cupboard        are also available at Home
 Dee Pamer                          with the Brimfield Chamber                       will be at our         Savings Bank, Window Box,
 Window Box Florist                 of Commerce. Enjoy the                           meeting, so,           and the Faith United Methodist
 Nancy Rodd                         company of your fellow                           please bring a non-    Church.
 Brimfield Township                 Chamber members and watch                        perishable food
                                                                                                            See you tonight at Mike’s Place
                                    the installation of the new                      item to donate and
 Ex-Offico                                                                                                  at 6:00 pm.
                                    Chamber Officers.                    pick up a wish list for a
                                                                         Brimfield child in need. Lists
                                    Hazel and Sam DeBartolo from
   Brimfield Area Chamber of Commerce   P.O. Box 3414 Brimfield, Ohio 44240   330-677-6439

                        AWARD NOMINATION FORM 2009
                              Deadline January 15th 2010

                          Small Business Person Of The Year
                           Nominees must be located in Brimfield
                   Should be from industrial, professional, retail or service categories.
             Must have displayed some community involvement or exceptional service.


 Address, Zip____________________________________Phone________________________

Reason for Nomination_________________________________________________________


                                  Judy Roth Memorial
                            Nominees must be located in Brimfield
                 Must be someone who has been involved in the community.
                         Someone who shows outstanding leadership.


Address, Zip___________________________________Phone__________________________

Reason for Nomination__________________________________________________________


                                New/Renovated Business
                                     Must be in Brimfield
                    New business or newly renovated business in 2009
                       Must be a business involved in the community.


Address, Zip___________________________________Phone___________________________

Reason for Nomination___________________________________________________________
                        Brimfield Area Chamber of Commerce

                   “ S erving the Community of Brimfield, Ohio ”

                        New or Renewal Membership for 2010
The undersigned, appreciating the necessity for cooperative effort on behalf of the civic and commer-
cial welfare of the Brimfield Area, hereby applies for a new and/or      continuing membership in the
organization at the following rate of dues ( see below and fill in ) : $ _ _ _ _ _ _ p er calendar year.
Revised 10.20.09

                                             Dues Structure

                     Business no employees or Personal                     $ 50.00

                     1—10 Employees                                        $ 100.00

                     11—19 Employees                                       $ 150.00

                     20+ Employees                                         $ 200.00

                        Objectives of the Brimfield Area Chamber of Commerce

                                    ( A rticle ii: Section 1 By-Laws )

-To advance the commercial, industrial, educational, and general civic interest of Brimfield Township

-To aid in the development of all legitimate enterprises designed for betterment of the area

-To support and work for local harmony and to be non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian in its

-To be a spokesperson for and protect the interest of Brimfield ’ s area businesses, industries, and

Name of Business _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Contact Person _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Business Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

City, State, Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Home Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Email _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Signature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Website for Chamber listing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                 P.O. Box 3414              Kent, Ohio 44240               330.677.6439
                                                      SELLING GUIDELINES
SDC has included three dental plan (see reverse side) to be offered and promoted exclusively to Northeast Ohio Chamber Dental Program
(NOCDP) member groups. There is a minimum participation requirement of at least 2 enrolled employees per group. NOCDP member groups
may select one plan for their employees and must follow the participation requirements.
SDC is a network plan with over 6,000 participating dental offices and growing. Members are encouraged to seek care from a participating
dentist. You may access our directory of participating dentists on our website SDC’s website allows you to access group
applications and employee enrollment forms as well. You may also call us at (937) 438-0283 or (800) 762-3159.

This plan is hassle-free & paperless:
- No claim forms
- No waiting periods
-No balance billing
Renewals: Groups will automatically renew on their anniversary date, unless prior written notification is received. However, if the group elects to
change plan designs, please let us know by the 10th of the month prior to the renewal date so we can implement the change before their renewal.
Eligibility Information: Primary dependents will be covered to age 18 and full time students will be covered to age 23 or IRS          Dependents will
be covered to age 23*. Termination will be at the end of the birth month.
Vision Coverage: As a member of SDC, you automatically receive this value-added benefit for you and your eligible dependents. The
vision plan is administered through EyeMed Vision Care. The program provides discounts on examinations and materials at unlimited
frequencies. Discounts towards these products and services are offered through LensCrafters, Sears, Target, JCPenney, Pearl Vision
Centers, Optique locations worldwide, and at participating providers. Additionally, members will receive 15% savings towards either LASIK or
PRK laser vision correction through the U.S. Laser Network Centers.
SMILERIDERTM: When enrolling in SDC, you automatically receive this value-added benefit for you and your eligible dependents. This is a sup-
plemental cosmetic rider that provides deep discounts for elective cosmetic services including teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, porcelain facings,
etc. Please consult SDC’s directory of dentists or SDC’s website for a listing of dentists who provide these services in your area.
Enrollment Form: When completing your enrollment form, please keep in mind you are required to stay on the plan for a full              contract period.
If you elect to waive coverage initially, your next opportunity to enroll will be at next year’s open enrollment period.         Enrollment changes
can only be made at open enrollment unless you experience a “lifestyle change” (i.e., change in marital status, birth, etc.). Please notify SDC within
31 days of this lifestyle change.
Online Enrollment: You may also submit enrollments, terminations, ID cards requests, and other changes electronically through Superior Direct
Connect, SDC’s online account management system. This is a secure and confidential site. To sign up,
and click on the Superior Direct Connect icon. Complete and submit the registration form. A password and user ID will be e-mailed to you.
SDC does coordinate benefits. If enrolling your family, please give SDC information regarding any dental insurance your spouse may have. SDC
follows the rules established by state law for coordination of benefits to decide which plan pays first. When covering dependents, the birthday rule
is used --- the parent whose birthday comes first in the calendar year is considered the primary carrier. If a divorce has occurred the plan follows
divorce decree.
Pre-determinations: Pre-determinations need to be sent in by your dentist for any services over $400.00 or for periodontal services. Your responsi-
bility is to ask your dentist if the Pre-determination was done, approved and what is your copayment. A copy of the Predetermination will be
mailed to you and your dentist. Alternative Benefits are based on the least expensive, professionally    acceptable course of treatment. If the mem-
ber and his/her dentist decide on the more expensive treatment, the additional cost will be the member’s responsibility. All services are subject to
the policies and procedures of SDC.
Eligibility criteria will be effective 1/1/09.                                                                        Revised 11/3/2009

                                                                 The Dalziel Agency
                                           1064 Tallmadge Rd, Suite D, Kent, Ohio 44240 330-554-7077
Brimfield Area                                                                                   Issue 10
Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                            Page 7

1st Annual Health & Baby Fair In Planning Stages

Dawn and Dr. Craig Banks have been kind enough to chair the committee for our 1st Annual Health,
Fitness and Baby Fair. The Health Fair will be March 27, 2010 from 12-4 pm at Brimfield Elementary.
Spaces will be $35.00 for members and $55.00 for non-members.

 If anyone is willing to help in the organization of the event please let the Chamber or Dr. Banks
know. Dr. Banks can be reached at 330.678.2225

As the Fair gets closer, we will be keeping you updated.

Welcome New Members

           Avon                        Comfort Inn And Suites-                    Gemini Pizza
        Peggy Pugh                          Vinny/Jenn                         4220 State Route 43
   3930 Wyndham #A103                   4423 State Route 43
                                                                              Brimfield, Ohio 44240
     Stow, Ohio 44224                    Kent, Ohio 44240
       330.928.1154                        330.673.1888           

     Glass Block Security                  Inazone’s Pizza                        City of Kent
       Terry M. Savatt                   1064 Tallmadge Rd.                        Dan Smith
     3748 Randolph Rd.                  Brimfield, Ohio 44240                   215 E. Summit St.
    Mogadore, Ohio 44260                                                        Kent, Ohio 44240
         330.697.2626                                                             330.676.7582

  Modern Homestead Supply            Gerald Naughton Photography                 XTG Motorsports
         Dave Ross                         Gerald Naughton                            John Ilg
     496 Tallmadge Rd.                    7026 Diagonal Rd.                     340 Tallmadge Rd.
   Brimfield, Ohio 44240                   Kent, Ohio 44240                    Brimfield, Ohio 44240
         330.677.4570                        330.678.4649                          330.677.5839
P.O. Box 3414
Brimfield, Ohio 44240


We’re On The Web

                  Mark Your Calendars
Tuesday, December 1
Chamber Meeting, 6:00 pm, Mike’s Place
Thursday, December 3
Open House, 3;00—5:00 pm 1064 Tallmadge Rd.
Tuesday, December 15
Chamber Executive Board, 7:30 am, Mike’s Place
Friday, December 25
Merry Christmas
Friday, January 1
Happy New Year
Tuesday, January 5
Chamber Meeting, 6:00 pm

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