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									        Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre
                                 AGM Report
                                 2009 - 2010

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Table of Contents

       Table of Contents ……………………………………………………………………………………… 1

       Agenda…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 2

       Minutes of 2009AGM………………………………………………………………………………… 3-5

       2010 Auditor‟s Report/Financial Statements……………………………………… 6-18

       Donors …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 19

       Nominating Committee Report…………….…………………………………………………… 20

       Annual Reports
              President‟s Report…………………………………………………………………………… 21-22
              Executive Director„s Report………………………………………………………… 23-24
              Department Reports…………………………………………………………………….… 25-32

       RMCDC Board of Directors…………………………………………………………………….… 33

       RMCDC Staff…………………………………………………………………………………………….… 34

       Mission Statement/Purposes of the Society/Values…………………………. 35

       Annual Outcomes Report…………………………………………………………………………. 36-53

       Strategic Plan 2010 - 2013…………………………………………………………………….. 54-57

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                          2
                21st Annual General Meeting Agenda
                       September 28, 2010

5:00pm         Welcome and Opening Remarks           Marie Mandoli

5:15pm         Tapas

5:45           AGM

               Presentation:                         Marie Mandoli, Board President

               Adoption of minutes of 2009 AGM       Marie Mandoli

               Financial report                      John Pankratz, Auditor

               Adoption of Audit and Appointment
               of Auditor for 2010-11                Lynn, McCarthy, Treasurer

               Nominating Committee report           Carol Woodworth, Nominating Chair
               & Election of Directors for 2010-11

               Executive Director Report             Audrey Taylor

               President‟s Report                    Marie Mandoli

               Cake cutting and 20th                 Marie Mandoli
               Anniversary Congratulations

6:30 pm        Adjourn*

* There will be a short meeting of the new Board following the close of the AGM:
      Welcome to new Directors
      Housekeeping/Fill in Form 11, sign copies of Audit, update Director‟s list
      Set date, time and place for Orientation meeting
      Distribute updated Board Members Manuals
      Confirm date, time and place for next Board meeting

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                           3
                   Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre

                     Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting
                          September 29, 2009 held at the
                      Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre
                    22610 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC

      Marie Mandoli (chair), Mandeep Bhuller, Carol Woodworth, Cathy White, Barbara
      Wright (recorder), Teresa Kwiatkowski, Jacqui Moffatt, Brent Fawdry, Audrey
      Taylor (Executive Director), John Pankratz, Bev Moulds, Sam Ciacco, Kate Smith,
      Khang Nguyen, Jessica Apedaile, Christine Hillick, Carol Middleton, Abdulrahim
      Hewaidi, Rachel Wright, Lynn McCarthy

Call to order
       The 20th Annual General Meeting of the Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre
       Society was called to order by Board President, Marie Mandoli, at 5:00 pm.

Welcome and Introductions
     Marie Mandoli welcomed everyone and introduced current Board members,
     prospective Board member and auditor.

      Marie Mandoli presented information and an overview of assessing Board
      performance. She illustrated areas that the board should be working on and the
      key factors to measure in Board performance assessment.

Adoption of the minutes of the 19th Annual General Meeting of the Ridge Meadows
Child Development Centre Society held September 30, 2008.
       Moved by Cathy White and seconded by Bev Moulds to adopt the minutes of the
       19th Annual General Meeting of the Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre
       Society held September 30, 2008.
       Accepted by consensus

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                          4
Auditor’s Report
      Sam Ciacco introduced John Pankratz, Auditor from Friesen Pankratz and
      Associates who presented the Auditor‟s Report and financial statements for the
      fiscal year ending March 31, 2009.

       Moved by Bev Moulds and seconded by Mandeep Bhuller that the Auditor‟s Report
       and financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 be accepted
       as presented.
       Accepted by consensus

Appointment of the Auditor for 2009/2010
       Moved by Carol Woodworth and seconded by Cathy White that Friesen Pankratz
       and Associates be appointed as the Society‟s auditors for the fiscal year
       Accepted by consensus

Nominating Committee Report
     Carol Woodworth reported that Board membership for the year 2009-2010
     remains at 6, with a capacity to increase to 8. There is still a search to have
     representation from the Katzie First Nations and from a medical professional on
     the board for the coming year.

       The Board of Directors for the year 2008/2009, elected by acclamation, is as

       Continuing for the 2nd year of their 1st term:
                                        Bev Moulds
                                        Sam Ciacco
       Continuing for the 2 year of their 2nd term:
                                        Carol Woodworth
       Continuing for the 1 year of their 2nd term:
                                        Mandeep Bhuller
                                        Marie Mandoli
       Elected for a two year term:
                                        Lynn McCarthy

       The Board and membership welcomes our new member, Lynn McCarthy

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                         5
       Moved by Mandeep Bhuller and seconded by Sam Ciacco that the Nominating
       Committee Report be accepted as presented.
       Accepted by consensus

Executive Director’s Report
     Audrey Taylor expressed gratitude for the incredible dedication and commitment
     shown by the Board and staff of RMCDC.

       Moved by Cathy White and seconded by Carol Woodworth that the Executive
       Director‟s Report be accepted as presented.
       Accepted by consensus

President’s Report
      Marie Mandoli thanked the outgoing Board member, Alison Swalwell-Franks for
      completing her two year term.

       She spoke of the dedication of the staff and Board, thanking them all for their
       commitment to and support of RMCDC. She highlighted several areas of
       excellence including groups, with a special mention of the pool program,
       fundraising, and the collaboration with Samuel Robertson Technical School for a
       multi-media DVD for the Centre.

       Moved by Carol Woodworth and seconded by Mandeep Bhuller that the
       President‟s Report be accepted as presented.
       Accepted by consensus

     Marie thanked all who attended this evening‟s meeting, expressing appreciation
     for the valued contributions on behalf of the Board, Executive Director, staff of
     RMCDC and community.

       Marie thanked all Board members and requested that they remain for a short
       Board meeting.

       Moved by Cathy White and seconded by Bev Moulds that the meeting be
       adjourned. Accepted by consensus

       The meeting adjourned at 6:25

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Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society   19
         With thanks to the following donors for their generosity:

                                 Pythian Cerebral Palsy
                                  Pravintha Sivasothy
                        United Way Employee Payroll Donations
     Friends of Ferrari - Danny Luongo, Global Concrete, ECM Espresso Machines
                     Meadowridge School - Entrepreneurship Class
                                     Tracy Hewgill
                                 CKNW Orphan's Fund
                                  BC Disability Games
                                  Knights of Columbus
                           Ridge Meadows Bingo Association
                              United World Cargo Limited
                                  Diane & Ivan Owers
                                    Rita Baghamian
                               Johnston Meier Insurance
                                      Ernest Simm
                                Canadian Western Bank
                              Meadowtown Movie Theatre
                                        R. Wyllie
     Friends of Ferrari - Paul DiPasquale, Rosa Arcuri, Julie Massender, Al James
                                     John Pankratz
                              Western Navigation Limited
                               Amber Light Photography
                                Mr. & Mrs. Grant Frend
                                District of Maple Ridge
                           Ronald McDonald House Charities
                                  MegaFord Weekend
                                    Speedpro Signs
                            Variety – The Children’s Charity

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                      20
                       Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre
                                    Nominating Committee Report
                                       September 28, 2010

       The nominating committee advised the membership in the June newsletter that
       applications were being accepted for the Board of Directors. There are 2 seats
       available for a two (2) year term each.

       We received 1 application prior to the closing of nominations on July 29, 2010.

       The nominating committee is pleased to present the following Board of Directors,
       elected by acclamation, for the year 2010/2011:

               Continuing for the 1st year of her third term:
               Carol Woodworth

               Continuing for the second year of their second 2 year term:
               Mandeep Bhuller
               Marie Mandoli

               Continuing for the 1st year of her second 2 year term:
                     Bev Moulds

               Continuing for the 2nd year of her first 2 year term:
                     Lynn McCarthy

               Elected for a two year term:
                     Anthony Pynenburg

       The Board and membership welcomes our new member Anthony Pynenburg. We
       very much appreciate the contributions of Sam Ciacco, who has completed a two
       year term with the board.

       Respectfully submitted:
       Carol Woodworth, Nominating Committee Chair

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                           21
                                             Annual Reports

President’s Report
Dear Partners in Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre,

The year 2009-2010 has been an exciting time at Ridge Meadows Child Development
Centre, A few of the highlights include receiving a major grant for maximizing
accessibility and the subsequent programming that have developed as a result of this
huge grant. Programs have flourished in all areas. The adaptive bicycle program has
received widespread community awareness and support. The group sessions and the pool
sessions have been incredibly successful and worthwhile. On the other hand, it has been
a most frustrating year in terms of all the uncertainty around the Gaming Funds and
other funding sources.

I would like to offer a sincere thanks to my fellow Board Members for their incredible
contribution to the Centre. This is an amazing group of individuals who offer their time,
energy and talents in providing oversight, direction and ensuring high levels of service
for all our stakeholders. They are passionate about ensuring that services for children
are provided resourcefully and expediently.

A huge thank you to all the staff at RMCDC for your excellent work in providing the
best possible services to our families. We are most appreciative of your efforts and
cooperation in increasing our awareness of what you do.

We thank Audrey Taylor, Executive Director, RMCDC, for her vision and leadership to
the team and support to all the Board Members. Audrey will provide a complete update
on the accomplishments during the past year in her report.

Each year, we have the sad task of saying goodbye to board members as their terms end
or as other commitments make it impossible for them to continue. This year we are
saying goodbye to Sam Ciacco. Thanks you for your efforts and support over the past

This year we welcome a new board member, Anthony Pynenburg. Thank you for
volunteering to serve the RMCDC for the next two years and as we continue to strive
forward in everything that we do at RMCDC.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                         22
I look forward with great anticipation to another exciting and interesting year. It is my
pleasure to serve the membership.

Marie Mandoli
President of the Board

                               Shoppers Drug Mart Fundraising Event

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                         23
Executive Director’s Report
It is my pleasure to present the Executive Director‟s report for our 21st Annual General

Last year, I reported to you that we expected many fiscal challenges. And fiscal
challenges, of course, always result in program and staffing challenges, which, in turn
impacts service delivery.

The 2009-10 year did present its fair share of fiscal challenges, but as an agency we
were fortunate that the reductions to our funding base were much smaller than the
reductions that many other not-for-profit health and social services experienced. We
were able to absorb the funding reductions with a minimum of reduction in staff time
and no reduction in the quantity and quality of service provided to clients. As a matter
of fact, we were able to increase the quantity of service we are providing.

We were extremely fortunate to receive a 3 year grant from the federal Human
Resources and Skills Development Canada, Social Development Partnerships Program.
The title of our project is MAP (Maximizing Access Project). The purpose of the
project is to test and report on the “effectiveness of small group therapy to enhance
the capacity of parents, families and communities to support young children with
developmental delays and/or disorders”. The grant has allowed us to hire an extra part-
time Speech Pathologist, an extra-part-time Occupational Therapist and a part-time
Rehabilitation Assistant. This extra staffing means more small groups and more
individual therapy for the children & families on our caseloads and waitlists. The
funding for extra staffing will come to an end at March 31, 2012, with the exception of
the Rehabilitation Assistant, who continues until Sept. 30, 2012.

Once again, our staffing has remained stable and we were able to welcome the new staff
from MAP into a vibrant and exciting workplace. The reports from each department will
give you a sense of the important work that we do. The Outcomes report will give you a
sense of the volume and the quality of the work that we do. The staff and directors of
RMCDC can be proud of the important work that we do.

There are two positions in the agency that are not represented in the department
reports, but that are vital to the agency as a whole, each department and each individual
staff member. Those two positions are Therapy Aide and Administrative Coordinator.
Everyone who comes into RMCDC will be familiar with Cathy White, Therapy Aide and
Barb Wright, Admin. Coordinator. I know I speak for everyone – staff, clients and

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                            24
directors - when I say thank you to Cathy and Barb for their dedication to the work we
all do.

The President‟s report will give you a sense of the work of the Board of Directors over
the past year. I have worked with a number of different Boards over my years as an
executive director and I can say from experience, that this agency is fortunate to have
the oversight of such a well informed and committed group of volunteer leaders.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the on-going and fundamental support
of the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and the supplemental
support of Gaming Funding.

Respectfully submitted
Audrey Taylor, Executive Director

                                     Friends of Ferrari Fundraising Event

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                       25
                 RMCDC Department Activities and Achievements

Speech-Language Department
We are proud to report that the speech and language department‟s staffing levels
remained consistent over the past year. We have had four full time equivalent positions
(staffed by five speech/language pathologists) since January 2010. In January 2010, we
welcomed Jacqueline Bowater to our department and she brought her hospital and
health unit experiences, broadening our resources in different areas of expertise.
Shauna Boyd, Christine Hillick, Kate Smith and Nancy Johnson have continued to provide
a continuum of speech and language services to the children and families. Christine
continues to be the community representative for the Early Hearing Screening Program
and has valuable knowledge of the hearing resources and programs available for children
with differing levels of hearing impairment.

In addition, with the support of the Human Resources Social Development Canada grant
we were able to add Marlee Johnson to our team beginning in March 2010. At this time,
the speech/language pathology department is the largest department in the centre and
continues to attempt to meet the needs of the increasing referrals and diversity of the
children‟s needs that we work with.

During this year, the speech/language therapy department provided twenty-four groups:
8 speech sound groups; 4 language groups; 4 sensory/ social communication groups; 3
parent training programs 2 listening/attention groups and three feeding groups.

Community Presentations
   Interactive Display at the Opening of the HIVE at Eric Langton Elementary
     School, December 2009
   Good Beginnings Day Care Training Program, April 2009
   Speech and Language Development Presentation for the Mother Goose Programs,
     Cythera House, May and November 2009

Adult Education and Training Programs offered
   It Takes Two To Talk the Hanen Program® for Parents (2 programs provided),
      September to December 2009 and January to April 2010
   More Than Words the Hanen Program® for Parents of Children With Autism
      Spectrum Disorder, April to July 2009
   Teacher Talk Series: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood
      Settings at Start Smart Day Care, February 2010

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                       26
      Teacher Talk Series: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood
       Settings for the Community Resource and Referral Program, February 2010

Professional Training Received
    Basic Oral Motor and Feeding Workshop, April 2009
    Hear There and Everywhere, May 2009
    British Columbia Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology Conference, October
    CPR recertification, December 2009
    Focusing on the Social Skills of Children with Autism, March 2010

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                    27
Family Services Department
The Family Services Department consists of three distinct programs:
   1. The Family Support Program: Providing support services to families of children
      extending in age from birth to school entry who are receiving therapeutic
      services within the Early Intervention Program (EIP).
   2. The Family Connections Program:
         a) The Key Worker Program: Providing support services to families of
             Children extending in age from birth to nineteen years who are diagnosed
             with, or suspected of having, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and
             similar neurodevelopmental conditions.
         b) The ADHD Parenting Program: Providing a parenting training program to
             parents of elementary school age children who are diagnosed with
             Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
   3. The Respite Funding Program: Coordinating monthly funding to families of -
      eligible- children ranging in age from birth to seven years who were referred
      from Community Living B C (CLBC), and later by The Ministry of Children and
      Family Development (MCFD).

Services provided by the department staff members included:
    Receiving multidisciplinary referrals to the early intervention program (EIP) and
      completing intake interviews.
    Accepting referrals to the family connections program and completing intake
    Coordinating and participating in initial consultation meetings.
    Coordinating and participating in Family Service Plan meetings.
    Participating in Integrated Case Management meeting in schools and community
    Participating in the Fraser Health Assessment Network (FHAN) assessment
      sharing conferences.
    Providing individualized support services to clients‟ families.
    Providing group support to clients‟ parents; including the “It‟s All About
      Connection Group”, and the FASD Support Group.
    Providing group support to clients diagnosed with FASD ranging in age between 5
      and 12 years old whose parents are members of the FASD Support Group.
    Providing a parenting training program to parents of children diagnosed with

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                       28
Additionally, all family services staff members have been actively participating in
various RMCDC activities and committees; including the accreditation committee, the
outreach committee, and the family advisory committee.

Community Involvement:
   Our staff has worked very diligently to ensure the success of the Annual
     Christmas Party; and it was very successful.
   Catherine Cooke represented RMCDC at the Maple Ridge Resource Fair
     Committee as Committee Chair, and subsequently at the 2009 Resource Fair.
   Carol Middleton successfully planned and coordinated the Annual Down Syndrome
   Carol and Catherine alternated in attending the Community Network (CN) monthly
   Rahim represented RMCDC at the monthly meetings of the Katzie Integrated
     Health Promotion Committee.
   Continued participation in the Fraser Valley Key Workers Network meetings.
   Continued participation in the FASD/CDBC Partnership meetings.

Professional Development & Training:
The department staff members have attended several professional conferences and
workshops; including:
    Cultivating Resilience in Children: A workshop presented by Dr. Gordon Neufeld.
    Facilitating Parenting Training Groups: A two day course at The Justice Institute.
    Helping Children with Autism Get the Sleep they Need: A one day workshop
      presented by Dr. Beth Ann Malwa.
    Aboriginal Culture: A one day workshop presented by Dr. Lee Brown.

                                  ADHD Parenting Training Program

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                        29
Physiotherapy Department
In 2009/2010 the Physiotherapy Department was at full staffing levels up until January 2010.
There have been no changes to the level of funding for physiotherapy in either the Early
Intervention or School Age Therapy Programs. However with the receipt of the federal grant
for our therapy group project we have been able to temporarily maintain our Rehabilitation
Assistant position.
Staffing within the PT Department is as follows:

      Julie Obodzinski went on Maternity Leave in January 2010, vacating her 0.8 FTE position
       in the Early Intervention Program.
      Erika Mayall has continued to work as a Casual in the Early Intervention Program and
       increased her hours from 0.2 FTE to 0.3 FTE to help cover Julie‟s leave.
       Liza Burgess returned in February 2010 at 0.2 FTE to assist with coverage for Julie‟s
       leave as well.
      Khang Nguyen continues to work full time providing service in the School Age Therapy
       Renuka Preocanin also continues to work as a Casual in the School Age Therapy Program.
      Brent Fawdry remains as the Physiotherapy Department Director and also carries a 0.7
       FTE caseload in the Early Intervention Program.
      Rachel Wright‟s 0.8 FTE position as a Rehabilitation Assistant was extended with the
       receipt of the federal grant.

I am very grateful for the efforts of all my staff to manage these very heavy workloads.
Utilizing casual physiotherapists has been a very efficient means to provide individual service to
our families. Over the past year we have also utilized casuals to run therapy groups, which has
also been highly efficient and effective.

I am pleased to have Rachel Wright continue with our team as our Rehabilitation Assistant. Her
extension has been the direct result of a successful federal grant application for a project
designed to expand our therapy group programs and bring them out into the community. Her
presence has allowed us to expand our repertoire of multidisciplinary groups and to continue the
Aquatic Therapy Program. This has allowed more children and families to participate in our
therapy programs.

The demand for group intervention remains strong. In addition to our usual Pre-Kindergarten
groups and Sensory Motor groups, we also created a Dance group. This was run by Erika Mayall,
who has an extensive dance background. This was very well received and further dance groups
will be planned for the future.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                  30
The Aquatic Therapy Program continues to be extremely successful and popular with our
families. We have had the staffing resources to only run one session at a time this year, but
hope to be able to expand again in the upcoming year.

A new group program was offered that we called “Get Up and Go”. This targeted children who
have not yet mastered upright mobility and had sessions which alternated from land-based and
water-based activities. This group was well received and effective and will be refined and
offered again in the future.

The RMCDC Adapted Bike Loan Program continues to be highly successful. We held another
Bike Fair in January 2010 which had an excellent turnout. We received grants this year from
Ronald McDonald House, Variety, and the Disability Games Legacy Fund which allowed us to
purchase several more bikes for children in the Early Intervention and School Age Therapy
Programs. This program has been well publicized in the local newspapers, which has been
wonderful for raising awareness not only for this program, but for the RMCDC in general.
We are looking forward to eventually evolving this program into a bike club where the children
and families can enjoy riding their bikes together on a regular basis.

In addition to providing individual or group therapy services the staff in both the Early
Intervention Program and School Age Therapy Program have provided a number of inservices in
the community including:
     “Baby Talk” at the public health unit
     The Birth Place - new parent education groups
     the Katzie First Nation
     Cythera House Mother Goose Program

The EIP physiotherapists have collaborated with the Ridge Meadows Infant Development
Program and Public Health Nurses to offer a monthly drop-in education and support group for
families with premature infants. This group has been expanded to include at-risk infants in
general (not just premies) and has been an effective and efficient way of monitoring the
development of these young children.

                                       Aquatic Therapy Program

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                   31
Occupational Therapy Department
The Occupational Therapy Department has undergone some changes in staff this past
2009/2010 year. With the support of the Human Resources Social Development Grant we were
able to hire Courtney Hall in March 2010 at .8FTE in the Early Intervention Program. Courtney
has brought a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our OT team and we are thrilled to have
her. The department also saw a temporary loss in staff as Kim Van Heek took a leave of absence
in Nov 2009. Kim will be returning to our Centre at the end of August at .6FTE. Kim has been
greatly missed and the team looks forward to having her back.

Jacqui Moffatt remains full time in the Early Intervention Program and Jessica Apedaile
continues to provide occupational therapy consultation to the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows School
District (SD#42) at .8 FTE along with myself, Teresa Kwiatkowski, at .5 FTE. The OT team
continues to benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience.

Group intervention continues to be an integral part of the occupational therapy program. The
following groups took place over the past year:
     Pre-Kindergarten Groups – in collaboration with the Physiotherapy department
     S.O.S. Feeding Groups – in collaboration with the Speech Therapy department
     Sensory Motor Groups – in collaboration with the Physiotherapy department
     Fun with Fine Motor Group
     “How Does Your Engine Run” Group
     Sensory/Social Communication Group-in collaboration with the Speech Therapy

Currently the Occupational Therapy department is also developing a parent education session
for teaching toilet training for children. This workshop called “Toilet Time” will be offered for
the first time this fall.

Community Presentations
In addition to providing individual and group therapy services, the staff in both the Early
Intervention and the School Age Therapy Program have provided a number of in-services in the
community including:

      Fingerworks: a fine motor program for SD #42
      Handwriting and fine motor sessions in various schools throughout the District
      A series of sessions about sensory integration and its application to the classroom.
      Workshop on Developmental Coordination for SD #42
      Participated in the Maple Ridge Family Resource Fair ( Oct 2009)
      Participated in the UBC Job Fair (May 2009)
      Presented to the Early Childhood Educators Group (Fall 2009)

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                  32
Professional Training Received
Courses/workshops attended by staff this past fiscal year are as follows:

      Basic Oral Motor/Feeding Workshop (April 2009)
      ADHD in Children and Adolescents (May 2009)
      Handwriting Without Tears (Oct 2009)
      Yoga Therapy for the Child with Developmental Delays (February 2010)

The Occupational Therapy Department continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the
community. I like to take this opportunity to thank the OT‟s for their hard work, dedication,
and commitment to providing timely and effective services to children in the Maple Ridge, Pitt
Meadows and Katzie communities.

               Joint OT/PT Group                 and           S.O.S. Feeding Group

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                   33
                     RMCDC Board of Directors

       Marie Mandoli                             President

       Sam Ciacco                                Vice-President

       Carol Woodworth                           Nominating Chair

       Mandeep Bhuller                           Fundraising Chair

       Lynn McCarthy                             Treasurer

       Bev Moulds                                Director

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                       34
                                             RMCDC Staff
       The RMCDC staff is composed of professionals from a variety of disciplines who
       not only function as an interdisciplinary team, they embody the spirit of those

       Executive Director
       Audrey Taylor

       Office Staff
       Barb Wright                               Administrative Coordinator
       Cathy White                               Therapy Aide/Office Assistant

       Speech-Language Department
       Nancy Johnson                             Director of Speech-Language Pathology
       Shauna Boyd                               Speech-Language Pathologist
       Christine Hillick                         Speech-Language Pathologist
       Kate Smith                                Speech and Language Pathologist
       Jackie Bowater                            Speech and Language Pathologist

       Physiotherapy Department
       Brent Fawdry                              Director of Physiotherapy
       Julie Obodzinski                          Physiotherapist – Early Intervention – on leave
       Khang Nguyen                              Physiotherapist – School Age Program – on leave
       Erika Mayall                              Physiotherapist – Early Intervention – casual
       Renuka Preocanin                          Physiotherapist- School Age Program – casual
       Liza Burgess                              Physiotherapist – Early Intervention - casual
       Rachel Wright                             Rehabilitation Assistant

       Occupational Therapy
       Teresa Kwiatkowski                        Director of Occupational Therapy
       Jacqui Moffatt                            Occupational Therapist – Early Intervention
       Kim Van Heek                              Occupational Therapist – Early Intervention – on
       Courtney Hall                             Occupational Therapist – Early Intervention
       Jessica Apedaile                          Occupational Therapist – School Age Program

       Family Services Department
       Rahim Hewaidi                             Director of Family Services
       Carol Middleton                           Family Support Worker – Early Intervention
       Catherine Cooke                           Family Support Worker – Early Intervention
                                                 Key Worker – Family Connections Program

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                      35
       Mission Statement
       We promote the achievement of the full potential in children, families and

       Purposes of the Society
       The purposes of the Ridge Meadows Child Development Society are:
       1. to establish and maintain a quality support system for children with special
          needs and their families, including therapy, education, and counselling within
          the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows/Katzie area
       2. to cooperate with and support provincial, national and international or other
          organizations working towards a mutual goal
       3. to raise funds by public appeal, government grants, gifts, bequests, donation
          and/or otherwise to effect the purposes of the Society set out above

       The values of the Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society are:
        Life has intrinsic value and individuals have unique gifts and needs
        All individuals belong in their community
        Inclusive communities are healthy communities
        All individuals have a right to achieve their potential and possess the capacity
         to change and grow
        Abilities should be enhanced while acknowledging individual needs
        We are committed to working in valued partnerships that are dynamic,
         collaborative and productive
        Continuous improvements and pro-active growth demonstrate responsibility
         and accountability
        We honour racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, cultural socio-economic diversity
        Responsible human and financial resource stewardship
        We will endeavour to involve stakeholders

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                             36
                         RMCDC Outcome Report 2009-2010
                       For the Early Intervention, First Steps,
                           and Family Connections Programs

       The Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society was founded in 1989 by a
       group of parents and professionals concerned about the lack of paediatric
       rehabilitation services in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows communities. The
       Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre, a non-profit organization was founded
       and has maintained a professional presence and profile in providing services for
       children who require extra supports in their development and their families. The
       services offered are congruent with our Mission, values and organizational goals.

    to promote healthy child development by identifying children at risk for
     developmental delays and disorders at an early age
    to provide timely, effective, family-centred interventions that will help all
     children achieve their fullest potential.

     Primary Goals
    to promote healthy child development by identifying children at risk for
     developmental delays and disorders at an early age
    to provide timely, effective, family-centred interventions that will help all
     children achieve their fullest potential.

       Strategic Planning Process
       We gather information about how we are doing as we deliver services & we
       determine what else we should be doing.

       Outcomes Framework
       We select specific outcomes to focus on for a period of time. For each one we
       develop measurable indicators to tell us to what degree we are meeting the
       outcome; we gather information related to it; we measure our progress toward
       achieving it; we analyze the results of the measurement; and we use this
       information to plan for quality improvement.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                         37
       Who benefits from our services?
       Children from birth until school entry, who present with delays in any area of
       their development and reside in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows communities
       are eligible to receive early intervention services through RMCDC. The Early
       Intervention Program (EIP) offers speech-language therapy, occupational
       therapy, physiotherapy, family support, and respite care.

       Early intervention services are provided in family homes, at the Centre, and in the
       community (preschool, daycare, and leisure programs) according to each child‟s
       and family‟s individual needs.

       Our Philosophy
       Our family-centred early intervention program believes that the family is the
       most important influence in a young child‟s life. Parents and guardians are
       encouraged and supported in identifying their child‟s needs and priorities,
       planning, decision-making, actively participating in their child‟s therapy sessions
       and following through with the intervention plan at home. Engaging parents and
       caregivers as facilitators of their child‟s development, we believe is the most
       important indicator of the child‟s progress.

       Research indicates that early and frequent intervention is critical in order to
       support the growth and development of children and that the earlier intervention
       begins, the better the outcomes.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                               38
                                      What did we learn?

Records indicate that a high percentage of families understand
the strategies that have been recommended for their child and                “I would like to thank
are able to implement the strategies, resulting in most children             RMCDC for the great
making progress towards/achieving their desired objectives.                  job they have put
Focusing on strategies that can be clearly explained and                     together for the group
demonstrated with families has enabled therapists to predict                 sessions. The 8 weeks
realistic objectives for the children/families.                              were very beneficial and
                                                                             I’ve learned a lot”
As in previous years we have exceeded the established targets in             (Parent feedback)
the area of effectiveness. We are increasing our expectations
for these specific outcomes so in the future we will only considering „achieved‟ as opposed
to „achieved‟ and „partially achieved‟ to measure our success with these outcomes. We will
continue to maintain our established targets at 80% as a result of this change.

We continue to recognize the importance of establishing specific and measureable targets
for our clients and have sought funding to support training for staff in the development of
realistic and measurable outcomes.

RMCDC staff reported that small group intervention has been an effective means of
empowering and enabling parents to implement the strategies with their children as the
therapists take on a coaching role during the group.

In order to continue and expand the implementation of small groups, RMCDC applied for a
federal grant. We were successful in securing funding for a three year project through
Human Resources Social Development Canada (HRSDC) focusing on accessible small group
intervention in the community. One of the requirements of the grant includes the
development of specific outcomes targeting group intervention.

OT        Occupational Therapy                   RESP     Respite
PT        Physiotherapy                          FASD     Family Connections /Key Worker Program
SLP       Speech Language Pathology              EIP      Early Intervention Program
FSW       Family Support Worker                  FSTP     First Steps Program
KW        Key Worker                             SATP     School Age Therapy Program
RA        Rehabilitation Assistant

       Active Clients by Program & Discipline     Waitlisted Clients by Program & Discipline

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                 39
       April 09 – March 10                             April 09 – March 10

                             PT   Admin    OT    FSW      SLP      RA        KW

Therapists continue to make good use of time and resources through providing group
services. Again this year, we exceeded our expected target for the ratio of children seen
in each therapy session. Over the eight weeks in which we gathered information as to the
number of children served, for every therapy session that occurred, an average of 1.42
children attended each session. This represented a continuous increase in the number of
children/families who benefitted from group intervention.

Over the past year we have had more stability in our staffing levels and utilized casual
positions resulting in an improvement in the number of daily contacts each therapist made.

In addition, the number of families who received an annual family service plan increased.
As a result, the target has been raised so that 90% of the families who receive two or
more services will have the opportunity to participate in an annual Family Service Plan

                                     The Rehabilitation Assistant position was secured
  “I can’t thank everyone
                                     through the federal grant from January 2010 to March
  enough for the services
                                     2012. This position continues to allow therapists to spend
  we’ve received. Grace
                                     more of their time directly with clients and less time
  would not be where she
                                     preparing for therapy sessions. We have been able to
  is, without everyone’s
                                     schedule more groups including the Rehabilitation
  coordinated support.”
                                     Assistant as facilitator or co-facilitator of many small
  (Parent Comment)
                                     groups as well as provide individual therapy sessions.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                               40
                  EIP   EIP   EIP     EIP     EIP   FASD    FSTP    FSTP    FSTP   FSTP   STP   STP   Total
                  PT    OT    FSW     SLP     RA    KW      PT      OT      FSW    SLP    PT    OT
    Direct        520   385   92      106     30    120     16      35      6      105    192   320
    Sessions                          5                                                               2886
    Logic Notes   Examining Daily Stats - Counting the number of occurances where time was entered into any
                  of the following Stat Columns: IV, IC, WC, AS, INTV. If time was entered into multiple
                  columns for the same client within the same day, count once.

    Group         82    65    4       176     96    11      0       0       0      0      0     0     434
    Logic Notes   Only counting the stats within the Report Date Range that have time in the 'GRP INTV'
                  Column AND at least 2 Clients or Non-Agency Clients Attended AND are excluding groups
                  labeled under the group name of "Community Presentation

                                  (Some of these groups were multidisciplinary.)

Client attendance continues to be high which reflects the importance of coordinating the
services that we offer with the resources available.

Families continue to be confident and satisfied with the services that RMCDC provides.

Survey information was gathered in two ways: the therapists gave the surveys directly to
families on their caseloads who were chosen at random and had been receiving services for
                                   at least six months and surveys were distributed to
                                   families who were receiving therapy services during a
   “Staff are extremely
                                   specified two week period at the Centre. This allowed us
   friendly, knowledgeable
                                   to gather information from families who were on the
   and efficient. Their
                                   waitlist for ongoing services as well as those who were
   efforts are very much
                                   already receiving active intervention. As a result, all of
                                   the satisfaction indicators were met except with
   (Parent comment)
                                   respect to the level of satisfaction with addressing
                                   family concerns in a timely manner. This continues to be
an area that therapists will strive to improve. Waitlists for therapy services continue to
be an area of concern for families and staff.
                                                                    “I really appreciate the
Of the families who responded to the                                services provided for my
satisfaction survey, 96.2% reported satisfaction                    daughter through RMCDC. She
with having a better understanding of the needs                     would not be advancing as well
and capabilities of their child as a result of the                  as she is without their
early intervention services they received.                          support, resources and
                                                                    information.” (Parent

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                41
Utilizing a community forum for gathering information from the stakeholders, who are
most relevant to RMCDC, has proved to be an effective means of collecting feedback.
Community organizations felt confident in referring to RMCDC. However, only 87.5% of
community organizations and agencies reported satisfaction with the quality of service
offered by RMCDC; our expected target for this outcome was 90%.

An increase in the completion of staff satisfaction surveys indicated that RMCDC staff
are satisfied with the work they do, the supervision and professional development they
receive, and opportunities to participate in team building activities. Staff identified the
importance of being involved in organizational planning and, as a result, participation in
focus groups during staff meetings has increased. An area of concern identified was the
distractibility of the work space due to noise, poor air quality, and overcrowding. The
Board and Executive Director are aware of the limitations of the physical environment.

Service Access:
We continue to value the opportunity to provide families with information about the
services we provide; how we work actively with families and community partners to involve
them in the planning and implementation of their child‟s intervention. On the first visit
with the families, therapists continue to explain the Parent Orientation Package (POP),
complete the required forms, share information about the services, RMCDC‟s philosophy,
parent‟s rights and responsibilities, and provide information on the children‟s development
from a clinical perspective allowing families to make informed decisions for their child.
99.5% of the families received the Parent Orientation Package (POP) at the time of their
initial visit. While considerable time is spent to do this, results of the surveys indicate
that it is a worthwhile use of staff time. This process orients new families to RMCDC and
to how we provide services engaging family participation.

93% of families were contacted within two weeks of their referral being processed which
is slightly lower than our projected target of 95%. The target may seem high, but RMCDC
strives to continue to achieve this target, as it has been accomplished in the past.

The families and community partners indicated that RMCDC services were accessible.

                                  RMCDC is a fun place to be.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                42
Key Demographic Indicators:
Similar trends from the previous year in referring sources were noted from families,
daycare, preschools, Supported Child Development, physicians, pediatricians and internal
referrals from RMCDC. A significant increase in referrals from Public Health Nurses and
a decrease from Infant Development Program and community agencies were noted.

The proportion of males to females referred remains the same with a significantly higher
number of male referrals. In terms of the age at referral, the percentage of children
being referred for early intervention services under one year of age increased. The
number of referrals of children from two years and older remained the same. This trend in
receiving referrals for children at a younger age supports our goal of increasing awareness
and the importance of early intervention services.

Age of Children Receiving Service
(This graph includes children receiving Respite services as they are eligible until 7 years of age and Family
Connections Program which serves children up to 19 years of age.)

           0 -    1 -    2 -    3 -     4 -    5 -    6 -    7 -    8 -    9 -    10 - 11 - 12 -
Years                                                                                               13+    Totals
           0.99   1.99   2.99   3.99    4.99   5.99   6.99   7.99   8.99   9.99   10.99 11.99 12.99

Male       14     19     52     71      86     73     15     6      8      3      4     2      5     4     362
Female     12     20     24     33      35     29     9      2      4      1      2     0      2     7     180
Total      26     39     76     104     122    102    24     8      12     4      6     2      7     11    543

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                   43
School Age Therapy Program
While the School Aged Therapy Program (SATP) is not accredited and hence not part of
our overall outcome, it is important to recognize that occupational and physical therapy
services are provided to a significant number of school aged children through RMCDC.

Active and Waitlisted Client Breakdown By Program By Discipline

                           0-5.99 Active     0-5.99 Waitlist      6+ Active   6+ Waitlist

                             Bike Fair at Maple Ridge Secondary School

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                              44

The Outcomes Framework for early intervention services remained unchanged from the
previous reporting period.

Waiting times for specific services will continue to be monitored by department directors
and recommendations made based on trends and resources.

We will continue to measure effectiveness with our current targeted goals; however we
will now only record those objectives which have been fully achieved rather than including
both achieved and partially achieved in the data. In the past couple of years, our actual
results have surpassed the expected target. Rather than changing the target, we
recommended increasing the expectation for the effectiveness outcomes.

Based on last year‟s recommendation, funding has been secured to provide training in the
upcoming year to help clinicians set clear, measurable, and realistic objectives with respect
to their individual children.

We exceeded the targeted goal of 4.5 daily contacts per clinician this past year based on
our measure of 4.7 contacts per day per clinician. As this outcome was increased but not
previously attained until this year, this may be representative of staff stability and
increased accuracy in the data collection. We recommend that the target of 4.5 remain
the same for the coming year with the hopes of continued stability in staffing and
reliability in reporting.

Groups continue to be an efficient and effective use of our time. Recognizing that not all
children and families could participate in groups at the centre, we recommended that
opportunities to facilitate groups in community settings be explored for future groups. We
were fortunate to receive the funding through HRSDC to increase group programming in
the centre and within the communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. This funding also
allowed us to secure the Rehabilitation Assistant position, which is vital to maintaining the
group programs and implementing new groups (the bike group).

The other indicators in the area of efficiency remained as previously established.

   “Thank you for the group. It improved my son’s social skills.” (Parent comment)

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                            45
We continued to gather information from stakeholders through the existing Early
Childhood Development Committee as this forum is attended by most of our valued
community partners. We recommend that this committee continue to serve as the main
source of access to our stakeholders.

 Our expected target relating to the satisfaction of our community partners and their
confidence in the quality of our service was not met this past year. To address this
concern, the public health nurses were invited to meet with the clinical directors and as a
result an interagency tracking program was developed. This tracking program enables
community partners to see what members of the team are currently involved with each
client and how to access them. It was recommended that this program be updated on a
quarterly basis.

We met all of the other targeted outcomes in the area of satisfaction.

We designated a two week period in January where families who attended therapy
sessions at the Centre were asked to complete satisfaction surveys on site. We chose to
have Service Coordinators hand deliver satisfaction surveys to families as an attempt to
increase the response rate. We recommended coding the colour of the paper that the
surveys were printed on as a way to track the response based on the delivery method.
In addition we distributed many of our surveys electronically. We will continue to evaluate
response rates on all of the surveys. In addition, space was provided for families to
optionally sign the satisfaction surveys, in order for RMCDC staff to respond to comments

Information gathered from the discharged surveys indicated that families were hoping to
have more information and be more involved in the discharge process. As a result, the
discharge process has been revised.

The Outcomes Committee will continue to survey staff electronically on an annual basis to
determine their level of satisfaction of their work and provide results to the Staff
Development Committee.

We recommend that all of the satisfaction outcomes remain the same for the
upcoming year.

    “Emily loved the dance and craft class. It was great to see her interact
    without my help. Also, at home she has shown a great interest in dance
    and is more aware of her feet movement. More classes would be
    wonderful!” (Parent comment)

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                            46
Service Access:
We met three of the four outcomes in the area of service access. The outcome (93%) of
responding to referrals within two weeks was just short of the 95 % expected target. We
recommend that we continue to strive for 95% for upcoming year. While the number of
referrals has continued to increase over the past year, we have provided relevant
information to 99 % of the families at the initial consultation.

In order to determine and track where families who are referred reside, we recommended
that the Early Intervention Program be separated into two catchments: Maple Ridge (EIP)
and Pitt Meadows (First Steps). This allowed us to determine whether we were reaching
out to families in the rural parts of our catchment area, who have not previously accessed
our services.

Key Demographic Indicators:
Indicators have shown that we have continued to succeed in receiving referrals for
children at a younger age. We hope that the percentage of referrals we receive for
children who are under 3 years of age will continue to increase. Research indicates that
when families access services earlier, the children‟s outcomes are better. The increase in
referrals received from community partners reflects our participation and collaboration in
community activities. As such, RMCDC will continue to strive to be a community leader on
developmental issues for children.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                          47

The services provided at RMCDC continue to reflect the organization‟s mission, values and
operating principles. Most importantly our services continue to focus on making a
difference in the lives of the children and families so that those children with whom we
are involved with will be less dependent on their caregivers for self-care, mobility and

The outcomes we established were designed to capture what we do, collect information on
what we do, reflect on how well we do it, what we can do to improve, and report on what we
have done. We value the importance of program planning, implementation, evaluation and
reflection. RMCDC continues to set realistic targets, collect and evaluate information
relevant to the targets, compare these measurements with our previous findings and
makes changes that will improve the quality of the program we provide for the children
and families we serve. Consideration for individual variation and external influences (i.e.,
family illness, unexpected events, staff changes) are taken into account in the
establishment of individual children‟s objectives and targeted outcomes.

In order to continue providing efficient and effective services, RMCDC was approved for a
three-year federal grant, which we named the Maximizing Access Program (MAP). This will
enable us to expand our services by providing more community group intervention within
the catchment area. While waiting for individual intervention or an assessment, many
children and families have received some services. We are trying to respond to the family
needs while they remain on the waitlist by utilizing the priority rating scale and offering
groups, review consultations, parent training/education and support groups.

The web based data system continues to increase efficiency in interdisciplinary
communication, charting, data collection and has improved client data security and privacy.
We are looking at ways to utilize the data base to track client-related outcomes in the

Families are requesting access to more and specific types of intervention (i.e., groups
focusing on feeding skills, fine motor skills, communications skills) based on their positive
previous experiences through group interventions at RMCDC. The variety of groups
offered increased over the past year and it is expected that additional groups will
increase and new settings in the community will be utilized. Group intervention continues
to be an innovative, effective, and efficient use of resources from all perspectives.

Ongoing inter-agency collaboration has continued to be an effective means of utilizing our
resources and expertise within the community. The “Inter-Agency Request for
Consultation” has been well utilized and has been expanded to include additional community

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                            48
partners. It continues to serve as a way to determine the appropriateness of the
referrals. It has been employed by a variety of community partners such as Public Health
nurses, Infant Development Program, Child and Youth Mental Health team and Supported
Child Development Program. We continue to look at how we can best streamline services to
provide the most appropriate use of all community resources, given the growing needs and
the waiting lists in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area.

All our initiatives will continue to be re-evaluated to ensure that we are:
       Increasing our data for comparative measures
       Managing our programs based on outcomes
       Improving our services
       Placing value on family inclusion in the achievement of outcomes
       Establishing an awareness of the importance of early intervention in the community

                       Pre-K Group at Pitt Meadows Community Centre

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                          49
                      EIP Outcomes April 1, 2009- March 31, 2010

       Objective            Outcome                   Indicator           Who applied to    Target   Actual
                                                                                             Goal    Result
                     Families/caregivers         Percentage of            All referred     80%       97.5%
                     demonstrate/explain         families/caregivers      families
                     strategies/activities       who are able to
                     to maximize the             demonstrate/explain
                     child‟s development.        the recommended
                     Families/caregivers         Percentage of            All referred     80%       96.5%
                     implement                   families/caregivers      families
                     strategies/activities       who are able to
                     to maximize the             implement the
                     child‟s development.        recommended
                     Children                    Percentage of            All children     80%       91%
                     demonstrate                 children who
                     progress towards            achieved or partially
                     their established           achieved their
                     objectives.                 established
                     Maintain community          Percentage of            Surveyed         75%       100%
                     partners as valued          community partners       community
                     participants of the         who report a better      partners
                     child‟s team.               understanding of the
                                                 needs/capabilities of
                                                 the child following an
                                                 RMCDC initiated
                                                 team meeting.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                50
       Objective            Outcome                   Indicator          Who applied to      Target   Actual
                                                                                              Goal    Result
                     Clinicians will             The ratio of daily      All speech-       4.5:1      4.7:1
                     maintain the number         contacts per            language
                     of daily contacts           clinician.              therapists,
                     with children &                                     occupational
                     families.                                           therapists, and
                     Maintain the number         The ratio of children   All children      1.4:1      1.42:1
                     of children served          seen per therapy
                     using the same full         session.
                     time equivalency
                     Maximize client             The ratio of            All children      .95:1      .96:1
                     attendance                  appointments
                                                 attended per
                     Clients receiving two       The ratio of clients    All clients       .8:1       .93:1
                     or more services will       receiving 2 or more     receiving 2 or
                     have an annual FSP.         services who have an    more services
                                                 annual FSP.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                 51
       Objective            Outcome                  Indicator         Who applied to       Target   Actual
                                                                                             Goal    Result
                     Increase the                Percentage of         Surveyed            80%       96.2%
                     family‟s/caregiver‟s        families/caregivers   families
                     understanding of the        who report a better
                     needs and                   understanding of
                     capabilities of their       the child‟s needs
                     child.                      and capabilities.
                     Community                   The percentage of     Surveyed            90%       100%
                     organizations and           community             community
                     agencies are                organizations and     organizations and
                     satisfied with the          agencies who feel     agencies
                     quality of services         confident in
                     provided by RMCDC.          referring families
                                                 to RMCDC.
                                                 The percentage of     Surveyed            90%       87.5%
                                                 community             community
                                                 organizations and     organizations and
                                                 agencies who feel     agencies
                                                 confident with the
                                                 quality of services
                                                 offered by RMCDC.
                     Clients and families        The percentage of     Surveyed            90%       95.5%
                     are satisfied with          families who are      families
                     the quality of              satisfied &
                     services provided by        confident with:
                     RMCDC staff.                -timeliness/manner
                                                 in which they were
                                                 offered & provided,
                                                 -availability of
                                                 -process of
                                                 transition from the
                                                 -RMCDC staff
                                                 focused on family-
                                                 identified goals
                                                 -their child‟s

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                52
       Service Access
       Objective             Outcome                 Indicator         Who applied to       Target   Actual
                                                                                             Goal    Result
                      Families/caregivers        Percentage of         All referred        95%       99.5%
                      have information on        families/caregivers   families
                      RMCDC services and         who have the Parent
                      resources to make          Orientation Package
                      informed decision          after the initial
                      for the child.             visit.
                      Referrals are              The percentage of     All new referrals   95%       93%
                      responded to in a          telephone contacts
                      timely fashion.            made within two
                                                 weeks of receipt of
                      RMCDC provides             Percentage of         Surveyed            85%       91.9%
                      accessible services.       families and          families and
                                                 stakeholders who      stakeholders
                                                 report RMCDC
                                                 provides accessible
                      Community                  Percentage of         Surveyed            75%       94%
                      partners/profession        community             community
                      also have                  partners/profession   partners/profes
                      information on             also who have         sionals
                      RMCDC services and         RMCDC Request for
                      resources.                 Services forms and

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                53
                                      Key Demographic Indicators

                      Categories                 Apr. 1/05 –   Apr. 1/06-   Sept. 1/07–   Apr. 1/08-    Apr. 1/09-
                                                 Mar. 31/06    Mar. 31/07   Mar. 31/08    Mar. 31/09    Mar. 31/10
       Age at                                                                             Includes
       Referral                                                                           Connections
                      under 6 months               15%           7.5%         11.5%           7%           13%
                      6 – 12 months                 3%            6%          8.8%            5%          7.5%
                      12 – 18 months               7.5%          7.5%         10.6%           6%          4.5%
                      18 -24 months                 7%           15%          8.8%           16%           10%
                      24 – 30 months               12%           14%          17.6%          25%          23.5%
                      30 – 36 months               7.5%           8%
                      3 years                      25%           23%         23.9%           20%           21%
                      4 years                      20%           18%         17.9%           10%          11.5%
                      5 years +                     3%            1%         0.9%            11%           9%
                      Male                         73%           73%          67%            61%          69.5%
                      Female                       27%           27%          33%            39%          30.5%
                      Family                       45%           30%          12.4%          32%          32.5%
                      Preschool/School/             7%            3%          12.4%           8%          7.5%
                      Physician/                    17%           7%          37.1%          12%          10.5%
                      Public Health                 18%           9%          11.5%           9%           19%
                      IDP                            9%          11%          13.3%          15%            3%
                      Community Agencies             4%          20%          11.5%          20%            8%
                      (MCFD, FHAN)
                      RMCDC (internal                            20%          1.8%            4%           4%

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                       54
                                      Strategic Plan 2007 – 2010

     RMCDC will be recognized and sought out as a community leader on developmental
     Area of Focus Outcome                                      Target                            Progress
     Board         Directors‟ leadership of RMCDC will          Board will have 8 active          Partially
                   stabilize and mature.                        Directors each year.              Achieved
                                                                Board composition is a mixture    Achieved
                                                                of new and experienced
                                                                Directors each year.
     Fundraising        RMCDC will draw in significant local    The Fundraising Committee will    Achieved
                        and corporate fundraising leaders.      be active.
                        There will be on-going renewal of
                        fundraising leaders.
     Quality            RMCDC will provide superior             90% of community                  Achieved
                        leadership in services and the          organizations and agencies
                        community.                              responding to our survey feel
                        RMCDC will be recognized as a           confident referring families to
                        leader in the child development field   RMCDC each year.
                        in our community.
                        Senior and professional staff will be
                        community leaders in responding to
                        issues related to children & their

     The Centre will actively participate in community planning to achieve the full potential in
     children, families and communities.
     Area of Focus       Outcome                                Target                            Progress
                         RMCDC will actively participate in     RMCDC will be represented on      Achieved
                         community planning                     at least 5 interagency
                                                                committees each year.
                         RMCDC will participate in              RMCDC staff will hold a           Achieved
                         community initiatives to strengthen    leadership role on at least 1
                         children, families and the             interagency committee during
                         community.                             the 3-year period.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                55
     RMCDC will be a leader in service quality and innovation through program focus on
     children, families and communities.
     Area of Focus       Outcome                                 Target                             Progress
     Accessibility       RMCDC services will be accessible       Services will be provided in the   Achieved
                         to the community with an emphasis       community and at the Centre
                         on early intervention.                  based on individual child and
                                                                 family needs.
                                                                 The age of children at referral    Achieved
                                                                 will stay constant or will be
                                                                 reduced each year.
                                                                 Referrals to RMCDC will be         Not
                                                                 responded to in a timely           Achieved
     Effectiveness       Parents/caregivers and community        80% of parents/caregivers will     Achieved
                         partners will learn skills to support   be able to demonstrate and
                         the child‟s needs.                      implement recommended
                                                                 strategies and objectives for
                                                                 their child each year.
                         Children make progress in their         80% of children achieved or        Achieved
                         development.                            partially achieved their current
                                                                 established objectives each
     Efficiency          Maximize the services provided          Maintain the ratio of contacts     Achieved
                         given the available resources.          per clinician and attendance of
                                                                 scheduled appointments.
                         Staffing levels and specialized         Staff will maintain optimum        Achieved
                         services will meet the needs of the     workloads, as recommended by
                         referrals received.                     provincial guidelines.
                                                                 Waitlists and wait times will be   Achieved
                                                                 monitored for trends and to
                                                                 establish guidelines each year.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                                 56
     RMCDC will achieve increases in funding to meet service demands.
     Area of Focus       Outcome                               Target                             Progress
     Government          RMCDC will acquire increased          Contracts will reflect increases   Achieved
     Contracts           funding to meet present and           for additional FTE‟s each year.
                         increasing service demands.
     Fundraising         RMCDC will initiate fundraising       RMCDC will achieve 75% of its      Achieved
                         activities to augment government      annual forecasted plan each
                         funding.                              year.
     Recruitment         A $25,000.00 Recruitment and          The R&R fund will be               Achieved
     and Retention       Retention fund will be established.   reimbursed from surplus funds
                                                               at the end of each year and will
                                                               not fall below $18,750.00.

     Public awareness of RMCDC will increase.
     Area of Focus       Outcome                               Target                             Progress
     Profile             Visibility of RMCDC in the            RMCDC will have improved           Achieved
                         community will increase.              signage on Dewdney Trunk
     Cultural            RMCDC facility will display more      The foyer of the facility will     Achieved
     Accessibility       culturally diverse materials.         provide multicultural resources.
     Education           RMCDC will offer educational          We will provide 10 educational     Achieved
                         services to the community.            opportunities in the community
                                                               each year.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                               57
     RMCDC will acquire additional space in the present building and will invest in new and
     replacement equipment.
     Area of Focus       Outcome                              Target                              Progress
                         RMCDC will renovate and seek         Two additional workspaces will      Achieved
                         additional space in the current      be created in the Clinicians‟
                         facility.                            room by 2007.
                                                              A Family Room will be created       Achieved
                                                              from space reorganization by
                                                              We will seek additional space       Not
                                                              through negotiations with the       Achieved
                                                              landlord in 2009.
                         RMCDC will establish a reserve       The technological fund will be      Achieved
                         fund of $25,000.00 for               reimbursed from surplus funds
                         replacement & upgrading of           each year and will not fall below
                         technological equipment.             $18,750.00.
                         RMCDC will invest in technological   We will replace the existing        Achieved
                         upgrades as required and planned.    server by 2007.
                                                              We will replace desktop and         Achieved
                                                              laptop computers on an
                                                              established schedule.
                                                              We will continue to investigate     Achieved
                                                              strategies to replace our
                                                              current data base system.
                                                              We will replace our colour          Achieved
                                                              printer by 2009.
                         RMCDC will continue to invest in     We will apply for 1 or 2 grants     Achieved
                         replacing and upgrading program      annually to replace and upgrade
                         equipment and supplies.              equipment and supplies.

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre Society                                                               58

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