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					Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008                                                                                      19

Compiled by Ann Wintle

From 1st December 2007 to 31st May 2008

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20                                                                                         Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008

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Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008                                                                                       21

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22                                                                                            Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008

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Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008                                                                                     23

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24                                                                                         Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008

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Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008                                                                                     25

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26                                                                                       Ancient TL Vol. 26 No.1 2008

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