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									           2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report

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Wayne perfects his individual skills through one of his favorite activities.
                          Dear Families and Friends
                          of Penn-Mar Human Services:

This year’s Annual Report is devoted to the thoughts and comments of people who
know us best. In the following pages, you will find different perspectives on how
Penn-Mar Human Services influences the lives of the families we serve, the men and
women in our care, our staff, and Board. We believe these comments will continue
to define Penn-Mar and its work in a personal way.

At the same time, our Board of Directors is completing an intensive examination
of Penn-Mar’s future direction. The economic turmoil of the past two years and
the challenges we all face underscore the need for sound planning to maintain
Penn-Mar’s fiscal integrity, innovative programs, and highly trained quality staff.
These elements contribute directly to the caliber of the services we provide to our
consumers and families and our community. We are determined to sustain and
continually improve them.

In closing, we hope this report will provide you with a greater appreciation of the
close working relationships within our immediate and extended community. We
would also like to extend our very special thanks to Michael V. Z. Summers for his
prior service as Chairman of Penn-Mar’s Board. During his tenure, Mike always kept
our focus properly aligned with our mission which remains:

“To provide support services in our communities which promote value, independence, and
self-determination to families and individuals with disabilities or human service needs.”


Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.                              Keith R. Peterson
Chairman of the Board                                Chief Executive Officer

                              2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
MARYLAND LINE FACILITY: Penn-Mar Human Services’ Day Program, located in Freeland,
Maryland, now serves as the center of all of Penn-Mar’s therapeutic and physical
training activities. Classes in Music, Art, and Movement are designed to identify, evaluate,
and develop skill sets for men and women who require this kind of therapeutic stimulation
to maintain their physical and mental health. In addition, Day Program staff also
work with men and women who are entering the Day Program to determine their
interest and ability to enter the work force through Penn-Mar’s employment programs or
community-based programs.

LISS (Low Intensity Support Services): Penn-Mar works with Maryland’s Developmental
Disabilities Administration to administer the Low Intensity Support Services (LISS) Program
for both the Central and Western Regions of Maryland. LISS is designed to help children
and adults with intellectual disabilities improve their quality of life, remain at home, increase
or maintain independence, and be part of their communities. These families and individuals
often have no formal service funding plan or budget in place and therefore rely on this
support for their specific needs.

PENN-MAR NORTH FACILITY:         The Penn-Mar North facility, located in Glen Rock,
Pennsylvania, is Penn-Mar’s center for light industrial assembly, packaging, and employment
training. In working with national and international companies over the past several years,
Penn-Mar has provided men and women with intellectual disabilities the hands-on training,
skills, and experience needed to perform well in any number of work forces. Providing
various types of employment-related training and experiences will prepare each person to
thrive in community-based work settings, which is an integral part of the vocational services
offered by Penn-Mar.

TRAINING CENTER: The Training Center at Penn-Mar North serves as the primary training
location for the agency’s intensive staff training program. Penn-Mar places great emphasis
on superior staff training as one of the best means to maintaining and improving a high
quality of service for the men and women in its care.

LIFE SHARING: Another of Penn-Mar’s newer programs, Life Sharing aims to match
individuals with disabilities and qualified families to provide a healthy, safe, supportive
home environment. Individuals will live in a caring household that will support his/her
daily activities. Individuals will be appropriately matched with families who will foster a
stable environment and, more importantly, a close personal relationship with the family.

                                  2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Residential Program: Penn-Mar has 45 homes and 11 apartments in Maryland and
Pennsylvania for more than 150 men and women. Penn-Mar evaluates individual interests,
works closely with family members, evaluates individual interests, and assesses physical
and medical needs on an individual basis. This effort is aimed at ensuring a maximum
degree of choice and independence.

Respite Program: For families whose children with disabilities still live with them,
Penn-Mar offers a residential respite program to provide a safe place to stay on those
occasions when the family cannot be together, temporarily.

Support Services Program: Men and women who are living with their families or on
their own may need support services to maintain their independence. The Support
Services program works with individuals to create flexible services to best meet their
individual requirements.

Penn-Mar INK: Located at Penn-Mar’s Maryland Line Facility, Penn-Mar INK is designed to
teach men and women with intellectual disabilities to remanufacture and repackage ink jet
cartridges and sell them to the public. The program includes state-of-the-art equipment,
advanced technology, and a variety of skill sets for men and women with different interests
and abilities.

Supported Employment/Customized Employment: The Supported Employment program
helps men and women who have a desire to work in the community to secure and maintain
employment. Penn-Mar provides supervision, skills training, and job development for
individuals and teams in a variety of settings. Penn-Mar recently embarked on a new
approach to Supported Employment called Customized Employment. This approach is
designed to match the interests and skill sets of an individual with the specific needs of an
employer. This process does not fill a routine job, but instead creates a job utilizing
individual skills in ways that offer employers unique benefits.

                                2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Patrice and Carolyn discuss future program ideas.

                                            2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
                    Southern Community Services' main office.

              Southern Community Services
Southern Community Services (SCS)               is Penn-Mar’s community resource
division providing a wide array of social and support services to families in need in
Southern York County.

For the men, women, and children for whom the recent economic turmoil has imposed
the greatest hardship, Southern Community Services has helped with basic needs such
as food, transportation, home heating, medical assistance, and rental assistance.

Other families and individuals have turned to SCS for help in managing a serious
personal crisis requiring short-term counseling, help in learning the skills necessary to
handle the death of a loved one, or coping with thoughts of suicide.

Southern Community Services is also working with other organizations, agencies, and
volunteers on issues influencing communities throughout the county.

                                 2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
                          “Respect is the word that comes to mind when I think
                          about Penn-Mar. From the very first time I visited, and
                          every day since, I see the way everyone here treats one
                          another with respect.” – Colin VanExel

                          Colin manages a residential group home in Maryland. He
                          has worked with other human service agencies and alcohol
                          and substance abuse programs in the region. He believes
                          Penn-Mar has an advantage.

                           “The training we receive stands out in helping us work
with the men and women in our care. No other agency I know comes close. Not only
do I learn how to care for men and women with disabilities more effectively, I have
learned more about myself. I have a better idea of my own strengths and weaknesses.

There are no barriers at Penn-Mar between senior executives and managers and
direct-care staff. This kind of inclusive communication is a real strength. All of us
know we have each other’s support.

I am a better person for having worked at Penn-Mar. I have learned I am no different
from the people with whom I work and the people in my care.

The way you treat people is the way you will be treated. I hope this belief shows in
my work.”

                             2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Mike, Colin, Lee, Michael, and Gene on their way for pizza.

                                             2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
                               “It makes me happy when I do a good job.”
                               – Sarah Bowders

                               Sarah works in Penn-Mar North’s production facility and,
                               over the past several years, has learned multiple skills to
                               help her excel in her work. She likes to improve her
                               reading comprehension and is constantly working on her
                               math skills.

                               “I like hard math problems. I don’t like easy math
                               activity sheets.”

At Penn-Mar North, Sarah concentrates on packaging and labeling tools. She is very
accurate in her work.

“I like coming to work every day and doing work I really enjoy. I see lots of my friends.
I like to be busy, and I like to make money. When I make money, I can buy books and
puzzles. I love puzzles and doing math activities.

My favorite job is labeling and counting all the pieces I have worked on. I love to work
with my job coach. She always helps me.

I have lots of friends at Penn-Mar. Courtney and I work together. We get along great.
I have to use sign language. Courtney doesn’t hear so well.

I like music, but I don’t like sad songs. I like happy songs. I like to sing best of all.”

                                2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Sarah signs to her friend Courtney.

                                      2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
        Peace of Mind
“Like any parent, the time came in our daughter’s life when we realized we had to
let go.” – Claudia Summerson

“We could not have done a better job hand picking a house and people to care for our
daughter, Abbie.” – Kevin Summerson

As with many parents of children with developmental disabilities, Claudia and Kevin
Summerson struggled with many different feelings when they learned their daughter,
Abbie, had a developmental disability. They worried about her future and what was
best for her. As Abbie grew older, Claudia and Kevin wondered how they would be
able to handle the changing needs of a child who was becoming a grown woman.

“You always want to be a part of your child’s life, but in our case, we also had
to recognize when it was time to step aside and let Abbie have new experiences.”
 – Claudia Summerson.

“When you start to think about placing your child with an agency, there is
always a nagging feeling you are abandoning your child. You question if
you are doing the right thing.” – Kevin Summerson

                                            “Since she came to Penn-Mar, I have
                                            seen my daughter grow in self-confidence.
                                            She has friends and a place to call her own.
                                            She does more for herself. We are still part
                                            of her life.” – Claudia Summerson

                                            “Penn-Mar has given my daughter, Claudia,
                                            and me a fresh start. I know she will be
                                            safe in the future and that gives me
                                            tremendous peace of mind.”
                                            – Kevin Summerson

                           2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
                               Tim Chase founded and heads an investment
                               counseling firm in Baltimore offering professional
                               guidance to families and individual clients planning
                               for the future. Ten years ago, he visited Penn-Mar to
                               provide advice on its future financial objectives. He
                               stayed to preside over the Penn-Mar Foundation.

                               “I did not visit with the intention of joining the
                               Board of Directors, but Penn-Mar touches you
                               in ways you can only imagine. As I met the men
                               and women in care, their families, and the staff, I
                               was both impressed and humbled. Almost from the
                               start, I came away from Penn-Mar with a far
                               different perspective about the meaning of an
                               intellectual disability.

As with many people who have enjoyed good fortune in life, there is a desire
to share these blessings with others. This has been a value instilled in me by
my upbringing and my faith for as long as I can remember. To know I can
help Penn-Mar build a better future for the men and women we serve is a
tremendous reward.

Over the years, I can truly say my involvement with Penn-Mar has enriched me
beyond measure.”

                           2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Business Contributors
                                                                          IWIF Workers’ Compensation Insurance          Shrewsbury Wash-N-Stor
                                                                          James P. Offutt Irrevocable Trust             Smith Village
                                                                          Jim Boyd’s Flooring America                   Sookie’s Castle
                                                                          John D. And Kathryn W. Zimmerman Fund         Southern York County Business
                                                                            of York Foundation                            Association
                                                                          Johns Hopkins University Athletics            St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church
                                                                          JoS. A. Bank                                  St. John Bapt. Catholic Church
                                                                          Joseph S. Herbert Grounds Maintenance         St. Paul (Zeigler’s) Lutheran
                                                                          Joshua’s Garden                                 Church
                                                                          Keller-Brown Insurance                        St. Paul United Church of Christ
                                                                          Kelly & Associates Insurance Group            St. Paul’s Independent Church
                                                                          Kinsley Construction                          Stewartstown Lions Club
                                                                          Kinsley Family Foundation                     Stonegate Management
                                                                          Koons of Westminster                            Group, LLC
                                                                          KTBS Payroll                                  Strand Capitol Performing Arts
                                                                          Liberatore’s Ristorante                         Center
                                                                          Lowe’s                                        Strock’s Locks
Gene on Lake Redman.                                                      Lucky Dog Treat Co.                           Suburban Bowlerama
                                                                          M & T Bank                                    The Chase Family Fund of the
                                                                          M & T Charitable Foundation                     Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
                                                                          M.I.T.S. Corporation                          The Clearing House, Ltd.
5 Wacky Women                       Centre Street Studio
                                                                          Maewyn’s                                      The Community Foundation of
A & A Global Industries             Christopher Daniel Restaurant
                                                                          Maryland Athletic Club & Wellness Center        Louisville Depository, Inc.
A Lit’le Irish Too                  Cintas Corporation #389
                                                                          McCormick & Company, Inc.                     The Glatfelter Agency
Accomac Inn, Inc.                   Codorus Township
                                                                          McLean Wholesalers, Inc.                      The Graham Group
Adhesives Research                  Colosseo Ristorante
                                                                          Meehan & Roby                                 The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Adhesives Research Ireland, Ltd.    Commonwealth Supply
                                                                          Meg and Bill Swartz Family Fund of York       The Merz Group
Aero Energy                         Confectionately Yours
                                                                            Co. Community Foundation                    The Osprey Foundation
Alex Cooper Oriental Rugs           Covidien
                                                                          Metro Bank                                    The Paper Basement
Alexander’s Jewelry                 Cranbrook Liquors
                                                                          Michael’s Cafe                                The Stewart Companies, Inc.
Alvaré Associates                   Cross Roads - Felton Ministerium
                                                                          Mid-Atlantic Specialty Foods                  The Stewart Foundation
AMAT, Inc.                          Cross Roads U.M. Church
                                                                          Miles Appliance Store                         The T. Rowe Price Program for
American Visionary Art Museum       Danalicious Desserts
                                                                          Mt. Zion United Methodist Church                Charitable Giving
AmeriKilt Company                   Diehl Motor Company
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                                                                          NCHPEG                                        TruePresence
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Apostolic Church                    Enchanted Forrest
                                                                          Nemacolin Woodlands Resort                    Tweed-Weber, Inc.
Arrington Vineyards                 Ensign C. Markland Kelly, Jr.,
                                                                          New Freedom Borough                           United Way of Central Maryland
Aumann Furs, Inc.                     People’s Emergency Fund
                                                                          New Freedom Lioness Club                      United Way of York County
Baltimore Community Foundation      Erin Images
                                                                          New Freedom Lions Club                        Vasarri
Baltimore Raven’s Nest #7           Eugenia’s Gems
                                                                          New Freedom VFW Post #7012                    VFW Post #7012
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra        Faivus Studio
                                                                          New Hope (Fissel’s) United Church of Christ   Vito’s
Bank of America                     Family Name Histories
                                                                          New Standard Corporation, Inc.                Voga Wines
Barley Snyder, LLC                  Feinstein Family Fund
                                                                          Olde Country Reproductions, Inc.              Wal-Mart Foundation
BD                                  Fisher Printed Sportswear
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Beijo                               Freedom Community Church
                                                                          Oxford Hall Celtic Shop                       Wells Discount Liquors
Berrywine Plantation/Linganore      Glatfelter
                                                                          Padonia Station                               WellSpan Health
  Winecellars                       Glatfelter Insurance Group
                                                                          Pairings Bistro                               Wheatley Associates, Inc.
Blevins’ Septic Service             Gordon’s Body Shop
                                                                          Papa’s Kettle Corn                            Widener-Burrows &
Boordy Vineyards                    Gramercy Mansion
                                                                          PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company           Associates, Inc.
Boy Scout Troop #485                Grandizio, Wilkins, Little & Matthews
                                                                          Perform Group                                 WMS Partners
Brickers French Fries               Graul’s Supermarket
                                                                          Philadelphia Insurance Company                Wolf Farms, Inc.
Brockmeyer Electrical Wiring        Gray & Son, Inc.
                                                                          PROforma Forsythe Marketing                   Woodhall Wine Cellars
Brooks-Huff Tire & Auto Centers     Greetings & Readings
                                                                          Quality DOT                                   Y.E.M.
Brown Advisory Group                Hall’s Ice Cream, Inc.
                                                                          Ravens Roost #13                              YMCA of York and York County
Brown’s Orchards                    Hammond’s Body & Paint Shop, LLC
                                                                          RCR                                           York County
C & S Towing & Recovery, Ltd.       Hardkohr Sports & Fitness
                                                                          Reisterstown Boarding Kennels,                York County Community
C.S. Miller Reunion                 Harford Alarm
                                                                            Resort & Spa                                  Foundation
Cabot Creamery Cooperative          Har-Kel, Inc.
                                                                          Reliable Churchill                            York Jaycees Chili Cook-Off
Cafe Troia                          Harvey’s Rent-All, Inc.
                                                                          Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort                 Committee
CareFirst/BlueCross BlueShield      Head Cases
                                                                          Rost & Associates                             York Technical Institute, LLC
Catholic Community of St. Francis   Henderson’s Wharf
                                                                          S. Ira McDowell Foundation                    York Traditions Bank
  Xavier                            Henry’s Seafood
                                                                          Salem United Church of Christ, Jacobus        York Tree Service, Inc.
CBY Systems, Inc.                   Hickory Hill Heath and Heather
                                                                          Saubel’s Market, Inc.
Celebree Learning Centers           Highmark Casualty Insurance
                                                                          Scotto’s Cafe
Celtic Designers                      Company
                                                                          Shining Crow Designs
Celtic Reader                       IMG
                                                                          Shrewsbury Veterinary Clinic
Celtic Treasures                    Indy Racing League

                                                    2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Individual Donors
Mr. Thomas E. Adair                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennis            Ms. Kathy Carlson                        Ms. Maggie Doswell
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Adler          Mr. and Mrs. James K. Bergdoll        Ms. Barbara Carmen                       Mr. Matthew Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Agriss        Mrs. Leonora R. Bernheisel            Ms. Carol Carr                           Ms. Reba Draiman
Mr. and Mrs. Kulwant Ahluwalia       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Biel          Ms. Patricia Cathell                     Ms. Linda Dubbs
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Ms. Patrice Ambrosser                Mr. and Mrs. John Birkeland           Mr. Marc Childs                          Ms. Lynee Durbin
Mrs. Betty J. Amspacher              Mr. Robert Bissey                     Ms. Maggie Chrismer                      Mrs. Lois V. Duscha
Mr. Larry Amspacher                  Ms. Jessica L. Blais                  Mr. Greg Chronister                      Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eby
Ms. Melissa Andersen                 Ms. Lydia R. Blank                    Mr. David Citron                         Ms. Eleanor C. Edelen
Mr. D. Reed Anderson, Esq.           Mr. Robert Blum                       Mr. Guy Clarke                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Edson
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson               Mr. Max Blumenthal, Esq.              Ms. Dee Claus                            Mr. and Mrs. Christian Ehehalt
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Ms. Jane Ardner                      Mrs. Colleen Borne                    Kendall C. Connolly                      Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Ensor
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Armacost        Ms. Joyce A. Bosley                   Mr. and Mrs. George J. Connor            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Ervin
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Ms. Rita Arnett                      Ms. Marylee Bowders                   Ms. Adrienne Connors                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Estes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Arnold, Jr.   Ms. Jennifer Bowders                  Ms. Sandra Cook                          Mr. Elmer Euler
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Ms. Dianne L. Atkins                 Ms. Peggy Bowser                      Mr. John Cowan                           Mr. Earl Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Atterbury        Mrs. Susan N. Boyer                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Coyle                Ms. Viola K. Exner
Ms. Catherine K. Austin              Mr. and Mrs. Darvis S. Bradfield      Mr. David Craley                         Ms. Sandra K. Fair
Mr. John Bach                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brammer            Mr. and Mrs. George Cramer               Mr. George C. Fickes
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl C. Backert       Dr. Polly Rost and Mr. James          Ms. Wendy Crane                          Mr. Jim Finegan
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Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.              Rev. Fr. and Mrs. Michael R. Brecht   Mr. Stuart Crook                         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fisher
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Mr. Jeffrey Barnes                   Ms. Tammy O’Shea Bulluck              Ms. Shirley A. Deise                      Ford, DDS
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Mrs. Joyce Bennett                   Ms. Theo M. Capezio                   Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dorsey             Mr. and Mrs. Scott Furman
Mr. Geoff Bennett                    Ms. Susan M. Carbaugh                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dorsey            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Gallo

                                                          2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Individual Donors
                                                                       Ms. Virginia Hobbs                     Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kirschner
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hoffman         Mr. Kent S. Kisenbauer
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. John Holland              Ms. Sue Kisielnicki
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Holman          Mr. Kurt Kline
                                                                       Ms. Deborah Holmes                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Klinedinst
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                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Holtzman          Mr. Jonathan Knight
                                                                       Ms. Peggy Hornick                      Mr. and Mrs. John Knorr
                                                                       Ms. Mary Howser                        Mr. Dean Koontz
                                                                       Ms. Judy Hubbard                       Ms. Christine Kopetskie
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Huber          Ms. Evelyn Koterba
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huffman           Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Koval
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Hughes, Sr.      Mr. Anthony Kowalewski
                                                                       Mr. Keith Hughes                       Mr. Joe Kowalski
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hughes                Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kozlowski
                                                                       Ms. Annette Hunnings                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kozlowski
The Martin Family Band and the Hooly School of Irish Dance at          Mr. John Hutson                        Mr. and Mrs. David G. Kratzer
Penn-Mar's Irish Festival. Photo by Clay Shaw.                         Ms. Maggie Hutson                      Mrs. Melinda Krebs
                                                                       Ms. Laurie Hutton                      Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kreiner
                                                                       Mrs. Shirley A. Hykes                  Mrs. Deborah Kress
Ms. Teresa Gallo                  Mr. William A. Groth, Jr.
                                                                       Mr. Michael Ingram                     Mr. Kevin Krout
Ms. Kristin Garber                Dr. Richard C. Habersat, M.D.
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Itzoe               Ms. Kim A. Kucherer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gardecki   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hale
                                                                       Ms. Joanne Jace                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuhn, II
Mr. William Gardener              Ms. Lori Hall
                                                                       Mr. Robert C. Jackle                   Mr. William Lafavers
Ms. Ashley Gardner                Ms. Regina Hall
                                                                       Ms. Lorraine Jagodinski                Ms. Candace Lafon
Ms. Charlene F. Garrish           Mr. and Mrs. John Halter
                                                                       Ms. Janet L. Jankowiak                 Mrs. Barbara Lamar
Mr. Jesse F. Garver               Mr. and Mrs. Irv Hamet
                                                                       Ms. Samantha Jasinski                  Mrs. Erin Lambert
Ms. Sonya L. Garver               Col. and Mrs. Michael A. Hamilton
                                                                       Ms. Anna Jenkins                       Mr. David Landis
Ms. Gwendolyn A. Geer             Ms. Elizabeth C. Hammond
                                                                       Billie Jensenius                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Geesey           Mr. and Mrs. Jason K. Hancock
                                                                       Mrs. Sandra R. Jett                    Mrs. Ann L. Larkin
Ms. Susan Geisel                  Mr. George F. Hand, Sr.
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Jewell, III   Ms. Patty A. Larrick
Ms. Amy Gemmill                   Mrs. Anna Haneke
                                                                       Ms. L. Kay Johnson                     Mr. and Mrs. William T. Larrick
Mr. Michael Gemmill               Mr. Thomas P. Hanlon
                                                                       Ms. Marya Johnson                      Mr. Wayne Laughman
Mr. and Mrs. Damon P. Gerber      Ms. Glenna Harden
                                                                       Mr. Ronald W. Johnson                  Ms. Susan C. Lavery
Ms. Darlene Gerber                Ms. Denise Hargrove
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnson             Ms. Sonya O. Leasure
Ms. Peggy J. Geyer                Ms. Dana Harknett
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Troy A. Johnson           Dr. Stanton Lebouitz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Giannini   Mr. Eric Harlan and
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jones              Ms. Barbara Leckrone
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giardina           Dr. Laura Harlan
                                                                       Ms. Tammy Jordan                       Mr. and Mrs. James M. Leckrone
Mr. and Mrs. Derek R. Gibbons     Ms. Karen Harman
                                                                       Aniket Joshi                           Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Leckrone
Mrs. Patti L. Gibney              Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harrington
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Juvan               Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Ledford
Mrs. Diane Gieda                  Mr. Paul Harriss
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Kaplan         Ms. Denise K. Lehneis
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gilbert, II       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harro
                                                                       Mr. Dale R. Keagy                      Ms. Jennifer Leidy
Rep. Keith J. Gillespie           Ms. Lisa Hartley
                                                                       Mr. Horace Keesey, III                 Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Leiser, Jr.
Kelly Gillispie                   Mr. Charles H. Hartman
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Keever, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Leonardi
Mrs. Nelian T. Glass              Ms. Jennifer Hartman
                                                                       Mr. J. W. Keffer, III                  Ms. Patricia Leuchtenberger
Ms. Linda J. Glatfelter           Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Haus
                                                                       Ms. Rosellyn Keller                    Ms. Deborah Lewis
Ms. Janelle Glenn                 Ms. Leisa Hawkes
                                                                       Ms. Arlene Keller                      Mr. and Mrs. James Liggins
Ms. Amanda Glenney                Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes
                                                                       Ms. Lindsay Keller                     Ms. Sandra Lima
Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Godfrey    Mr. Dominic Heath
                                                                       Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown and               Mr. Jerome Lindauer
Mr. Ivan Goldstein                Ms. Doris A. Heinlein
                                                                         Ms. B. Joy Keller-Brown              Ms. Marguerite Liss
Ms. Annie M. Golnoski             Ms. Rose Helbus
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Kelley          Mr. and Ms. Shaun List
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Golueke   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Henry
                                                                       Mr. Gordon Kelly                       Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Litrenta, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Golueke          Ms. Kathleen Henshaw
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Merreen Kelly             Mr. and Mrs. Keith H. Litrenta
Rev. and Mrs. Raymond B. Good     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herbert
                                                                       Ms. Nita C. Kent                       Mr. and Ms. Scott G. Litrenta
Ms. Susan C. Gordes and           Ms. Alicia Herbst
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Kettering       Mrs. Clydiene Liverman
  Mr. Ed Vogel                    Mr. Stefan B. Herbst and
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Keyes          Mr. and Mrs. Mike G. Lofties
Ms. Beverly Gostola                 Ms. Nancy E. Pendergast-Herbst
                                                                       Ms. Jennifer Kibler                    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Loiero
Mr. Henry Grandizio               Ms. Rita Herr
                                                                       Ms. Cathy Kidd                         Mr. R. Earl Long
Ms. Katherine Greco               Ms. Daisy Hersey-Orr
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. David Kierce              Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Green           Ms. Phyllis Hershock
                                                                       Mr. Charles Kight                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Loomis
Mr. John H. Green                 Rev. and Mrs. Mitchell C. Hescox
                                                                       Mr. Steve Kilroy                       Mr. and Mrs. William B. Love
Ms. Jane Greenawalt               Ms. Ann M. Hickman
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kim                Ms. Eleanor Low
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R.           Ms. Stacy Hieber
                                                                       Mr. David King                         Ms. Nancy C. Lucker
  Greenland, Jr.                  Ms. Lisa Hilbert
                                                                       Admiral Randolph W. King USN (RET)     Mr. Greg Luehrs
Ms. Teressa Greer                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hilbert
                                                                       Ms. Frances M. King                    Ms. Joan Lundberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Griffin        Ms. Gwendolyn Hildebrand
                                                                       Mr. Mike King                          Mr. Gary Luse
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Grill     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hill
                                                                       Mr. Jonathan Kinsley                   Ms. Elizabeth Lutter
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Grizzell   Mr. Jim Hilton
                                                                       Mr. Patrick Kinsley                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mace
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Groft          Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hittie

                                               2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Individual Donors
Mr. George L. Macomber                Mr. and Mrs. Gerard W. Moran         Mr. Steve Pieper                           Ms. Nancy Santacroce
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Madden        Mr. John S. Moran                    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Pitts                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Sargen
Ms. Holly Malloy                      Ms. Susan Moran                      Mrs. Marsha Pitts                          Mrs. Dolores Sattler
Mr. Johnny Manuel                     Ms. Darlene Morgenthau               Mr. Jeff Poet                              Mr. and Mrs. Greg V. Saubel
Ms. Diana Maphis                      Ms. Heather Morris                   Ms. Clara V. Polcak                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Sautter
Mr. Michael Marino                    Ms. Kimberly S. Morris               Ms. Michele L. Pompa                       Ms. Louise Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Markey             Ms. Judy Moser                       Ms. Mary E. Power                          Ms. Erin Schlader
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Markle         Ms. Teresa Mosiori                   Mr. and Mrs. James M. Powers               Mrs. Erin Schmidt
Mr. John Marso                        Mrs. Susanne Motter                  Ms. Nancy Powers                           Mr. Peter W. Schnabel
Ms. JoAnne V. Martin                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mottern          Mr. Jeremiah Price                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel E. Martin      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Muhlback         Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Price                 Schnepfe, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Martz          Ms. Martha Mundis                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Price              Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Mr. and Mrs. Rad Massey               Mr. and Mrs. Todd Musso              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Procheska                 Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. McAleer       Mr. and Mrs. John P. Myers           Mr. and Mrs. David Prout                   Ms. Bernadette D. Schulte
Mr. Brad McCarty                      Ms. Beverly Nace                     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Puglia               Ms. Brittany Schwab
Mr. John McCarty                      Mr. and Mrs. George R. Naumann       Mr. and Mrs. A. William Pulket             Mr. Vernon L. Schwenk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McCoy          Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Naylor        Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Putman              Ms. Vicki Schwertzler
Mrs. Kristin McCracken                Ms. Elaine Nazelrod                  Ms. Barbara J. Quinn                       Ms. Mary Ann Seifried
Ms. Becki McCullough                  Mr. David L. Nelson                  Mr. John J. Quinn                          Ms. Norma Seigman
Ms. Anne McDaniel                     Mr. Richard Nevin                    Ms. Vicki Kimmel Ramey                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Seiter
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McDaniel           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicholson       Ms. Carole Rebert                          Mr. and Mrs. David S. Seitz
Ms. Erin McDonagh                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Nicklow, II   Mr. Shane Reese and                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Selway
Ms. Kathy McDonald                    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Niedenthal         Ms. Teresa Ballasco                       Mr. Ken R. Senkbeil
Ms. Lynda McDonald                    Mr. Steven Nielsen                   Mr. and Mrs. S. Dick Reider                Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Senn
Ms. Ann McDonogh                      Mr. Richard D. Nixon                 Ms. Teresa M. Reider                       Mr. and Mrs. Kermit R. Sexton
Mr. Scott W. McEwan                   Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Nizer          Ms. Holland Reidt                          Ms. Sharon Shaffer
Ms. Kelly S. McGhin                   Ms. Carrie Noll                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Reineberg           Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Shannon
Mrs. Janet McGovern                   Ms. Tracy Noll                       Dr. and Mrs. Joel B. Reiter                Ms. Jenn Sheffler
Mr. and Mrs. William V.               Mr. and Mrs. Carroll D. Nordhoff     Mr. and Mrs. George R. Rew                 Meta M. Shepherd and Valerie
 McKee, Jr.                           Ms. Elizabeth Norman                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rich                 Sanders
Ms. Terri A. McKnight                 Mr. William H. Norris, IV            Ms. Cynthia B. Richard                     Mr. and Mrs. John Shirk
Ms. Kathleen M. McMahon               Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Nuffer, CPA      Ms. Cordelia R. Richards                   Mr. Robert Shlapack
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J.               Mrs. Fran Nussle                     Dr. Elizabeth K. Ricklefs and Mr. Steven   Ms. Leanne Shoff
 McNaney                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Oberdick      Ricklefs                                  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Shope
Mr. and Mrs. Don McVay                Ms. Buffy O’Brien                    Mr. and Mrs. David Rider                   Ms. Kathreen Sibol
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Mealy           Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Oehlsen       Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Ridgely            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sicher
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mechlinski           Mr. Andrew Oelke                     Mr. Michael D. Riedel                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Meckley             Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Oelke           Mr. Leroy Rinehart                         Ms. Dawn Silvin
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mellinger, Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. James P. Offutt         Ms. Dorothy M. Rinker                      Mr. David E. Simmons, Jr.
Ms. Helen B. Merritt                  Ms. Leah J. Oler                     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ritchie            Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simon
Mr. and Mrs. E. Walton Meyers         Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Ormond        Ms. Nadine Ritmiller                       Mr. and Mrs. William H. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Michenzi       Mr. and Mrs. John Otto               Mr. and Dr. Syed Rizvi                     Mrs. Hannah L. Sinnott
Ms. Patricia C. Middlecamp            Ms. Amanda Otto                      Ms. Susan Roach                            Ms. Marnie Sippel
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller            Mr. Gordon E. Overholtzer            Ms. Linda M. Robb                          Ms. Jennifer D. Skelly
Ms. Brenda Miller                     Mr. Robert M. Owen                   Mr. and Mrs. David Robertson               Mr. Edward M. Skevington
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller              Mrs. Laura Owens                     Ms. Melissa Robertson                      Mrs. Barbara Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Alwyn R. Painter        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robinson              Ms. Betty Smith
Mr. Fred Miller                       Ms. Donna Pandolfino                 Mr. and Mrs. John Rochon                   Ms. Charlene Smith
Mr. Gregory E. Miller                 Ms. Mary Parker                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Rock                  Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Miller        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Parker         Ms. Elizabeth W. Rogers                    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller             Dr. and Mrs. Arvind Patel            Mr. and Mrs. J. Philip Rogers, Jr.         Ms. Julie Smith
Ms. Linda K. Miller                   Mr. Brian Paterniti                  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rogers                  Mr. and Mrs. F. Nelson Smith, III
Ms. Linda M. Miller                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Patterson    Ms. Cindy Rohrbaugh                        Mrs. Penny Smith
Ms. Megan Miller                      Ms. Lynn Payne                       Mr. and Mrs. John Rolph                    Ms. Sheryl Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Miller         Ms. Becky Pearson                    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rosier               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Ms. Tina Miller                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pearson          Ms. Kimberly L. Rowe                       Ms. Karen L. Snook
Ms. Virginia E. Miller                Ms. Jeanne Penn                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowe                  Mr. Donald Snyder
Ms. Wanda Miller                      Mr. and Mrs. Bob Peroutka            Ms. Sheryl Rozman                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mincey              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Perry           Ms. Anne-Marie P. Rubb                     Mr. Antoine Sommerville
Ms. Carol Mitola                      Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Peterson       Robin Rubin                                Ms. Catherine M. Sopp
Ms. Joyce Moberly                     Dr. Paul Gabriel Peterson and        Ms. Barbara Ruby                           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Soukup
Mr. Mark P. Monaldi                    Dr. Amee A. Patel                   Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rudnick                  Mr. and Mrs. Lennie Spagnola
Ms. Jan Mooney                        Ms. Christina M. Peterson            Ms. Kathy Runkle                           Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Spicer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Moore          Mr. and Mrs. Vito Petronelli         Ms. Kimberly A. Russell                    Ms. Kellie Spies
Ms. Ida M. Moore                      Mr. and Mrs. David A. Phillips       Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Rutledge           Ms. Jennifer Stabley
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Moore            Mr. Richard E. Phillips              Ms. Linda M. Ryan                          Ms. Debra Stackhouse
Mrs. Marilouise P. Moore              Mr. Rickey Pickett                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Sacks                 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Moore         Ms. Beverly Pieper                   Mr. and Mrs. James H. Sagner               Mrs. Evelyn Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moore          Ms. Helen S. Pieper                  Mr. John Sanderfer                         Mr. John Q. Stang

                                                          2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Individual Donors                                                             Legacy Society Members
Mr. Lucas Stang and                   Ms. Yolanda Villanova
 Ms. Lauren Hesse                     Casey E. Wagman
Mr. and Mrs. W. David Stang           Mr. Alan Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stangroom       Mr. Carl E. Wagner, Jr.
Mr. Lester Stanley                    Mr. Craig Wagner
Ms. Gloria M. Stapf                   Ms. Kristie L. Wagner
Ms. Becky Stauffer                    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Stegmayer      Mr. and Mrs. Cletus E. Walters, Jr.
Ms. Lydia Stern                       Ms. Crystal Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sterner            Ms. Sally Walters
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Stevens         Dr. and Mrs. Robert Waltz
Ms. Debra Stevens                     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Warner
Mr. Joseph Stevens                    Mary and Terry Warner                   Families who have become members of the Penn-Mar
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence S. Stewart      Mr. Charlie Warns                       Human Services Legacy Society by including
Mr. and Mrs. Gene S. Stiffler         Ms. Cathy Weaver                        Penn-Mar in their estate plans:
Mr. Eric Stoley                       Ms. Carissa Webster
Mr. William W. Streett, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Weiss
Ms. Mary Anne Sturm                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Werner           Mrs. Betty Amspacher
Mr. Jack Sullivan                     Ms. Kathleen A. Whattam                 Mrs. Celina Bunker
Ms. Cynthia Sullivan                  Mr. Christopher M. Wheeler              Mr. John Frank*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V.Z. Summers     Ms. Claudette R. Wheeler and            Mr. Arthur Glatfelter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Summers          Mr. William Wells                     Ms. Susan Gordes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Summerson       Ms. Amanda White                        Mrs. Ann Larkin
Mr. Donald Swartz                     Ms. Kimberly Widner                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Leckrone
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Swartz, Jr.   Ms. Brenda L. Wildasin
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Michenzi
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Swartz       Mr. Brian Wildasin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Sweeney        Ms. Kathryn N. Willey                   Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Kathleen Nuffer
Ms. Lisa Sweitzer                     Ms. Sarah B. Willey                     Mr. and Mrs. James P. and Bardelle A. Offutt
Mr. John Swoyer                       Mr. Christian P. Williams               Mr. and Mrs. John Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Symonds         Mr. Dennis Williams                     Mrs. Mary Parker
Ms. Marguerite I. Tallaro             Mrs. Roselee R. Williams                Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Peterson
Ms. Holly Taormino                    Ms. Donna J. Williman                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. and Evelyn F. Putman
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler A. Tate            Ms. Eleanor Wilson
                                                                              Mrs. Jean C. Reider
Mr. Aaron Taylor                      Ms. Mary Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund D. Taylor         Mr. and Mrs. Max Wilson                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Shriver
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Taylor          Ms. Connie S. Winemiller                Mr. and Mrs. James S. Taylor
Mr. Jeffery L. Taylor                 Ms. Teresa Michelle Winemiller          Mr. and Mrs. Harry Young
Ms. Pamela Taylor                     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Winkler            Mrs. Helen Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Taylor        Mr. Scott Wise
Mr. William C. Taylor, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wittenbach           *Deceased
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Taylor        Ms. Deena A. Wojtkowiak
Ms. Terry Teachman                    Ms. Coni L. Wolf
Ms. Kjersti N. Teachman               Mr. and Mrs. Burl L. Wolfe
Ms. Wendy Tekieniewski                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wood
Ms. Margaret Testa                    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Woolley
Ms. Roberta Thoman                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Thomas             Mr. Robert Wright
Ms. Doris R. Thompson                 Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wright
Mr. Tommy Thompson and                Mr. Charles Wyatt
 Ms. Terri Steigerwald                Mrs. Edwin Yates
Ms. Dorothy Thompson                  Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.                 Mr. J. H. Yates, Jr
 Thompson, III                        Mr. and Mrs. James Yates
Mr. and Mrs. George W.                Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Yeaple
 Thompson, Jr.                        Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Young
Mr. David Tichenor                    Ms. Maria Young
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tieman       Mr. Ahamed Zayed
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Toole          Mrs. Helen K. Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Trebilcock      Mr. and Mrs. John Zeltwanger            The Black Tie Gala is Penn-Mar’s premier social event to help
Ms. Rhoda Y. Trimmer                  Mr. and Mrs. Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.    raise awareness and support for Penn-Mar’s mission and its
Mr. and Mrs. Allan L. Trout           Mr. John D. Zimmerman
                                                                              work with adults with developmental disabilities.
Ms. Patricia Unverzact                Mr. and Mrs. Richard D.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Uzarowski           Zimmerman
Mr. Frederick J. Vaeth, Jr.           Mr. Joseph Zito
Mr. and Mrs. Eric van den Beemt       Mr. and Mrs. David F. Zoll
Mr. Chad Van Pelt                     Ms. Sonya L. Zoppo
Ms. Kathleen P. Vander Horst
Ms. Jennifer Vega
Ms. Leila Vesper

                                                     2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report

             2010 Penn-Mar Annual Report
Penn-Mar Human Services, Inc.   Penn-Mar Foundation, Inc.      Penn-Mar Human Services, Inc.
Board of Directors 2010-2011    Board of Directors 2010-2011   Management Team

Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.         Timothy W. Chase               Keith R. Peterson
Chairman                        Chairman/Treasurer             Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Gallo                                                  Gregory T. Miller
Vice-Chairman                   D. Reed Anderson, Esq.         Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Kinsley                Max Blumenthal, Esq.           Susan Haus
Treasurer                                                      Director of Human Resources
                                Anthony Gallo
Kristine A. Crosswhite                                         Robert Kuhn
Secretary                       Jill Golueke
                                Alfred R. Michenzi
                                                               Richard Robinson
Bruce C. Bankenstein, Esq.
                                James Offutt                   Director of Development
Douglas A. Beigel
                                William H. Swartz, Jr.         Jackie Stevens
Timothy W. Chase                                               Director of Pennsylvania
                                Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.        Programs
Gary M. Gilbert, II
                                                               Laura Tieman
Jill Golueke                                                   Director of Maryland
Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox
                                                               Cindy Richard
B. Joy Keller-Brown
                                Special Events 2011            Community Resource
James Offutt                                                   Division Director
                                19th Annual Black Tie Gala
James F. Pitts
                                March 5, 2011
William H. Swartz, Jr.
                                Bermuda Cruise
Michael V.Z. Summers            April 9, 2011

                                Irish Festival
                                June 18, 2011

Penn-Mar Human Services, Inc.

Maryland                        Southern Community Services
310 Old Freeland Road           44 S. Main Street
Freeland, MD 21053              Shrewsbury, PA 17361
410-343-1069                    717-227-0048
410-343-1770 Fax                717-227-9084 Fax               Member Agency

10671 Susquehanna Trail
Glen Rock, PA 17327
717-235-9878 Fax

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