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					     53rd Walkley aWards for
     excellence in Journalism

In 2008 the Walkley Awards mark 53 years of recognising excellence in
journalism, as Australia’s highest media accolade.
   More than ever, the Australian media is a dynamic industry in
which to work, always full of surprises. The quality of Australian
reporting, photography and artwork continues to prove the world-class
credentials of our elite media.
   2008 was another strong year for the Walkley Awards, with more
than 1300 entries submitted by almost 1000 journalists.
   The depth and breadth of work submitted is a timely reminder of the
importance and the power of professional, ethical journalism to effect
change for our country, at the highest and the humblest levels.
   The Walkley Award for Best Non-Fiction Book is now in its fourth
year, attracting more than 70 entries across genres, from biography
to health and science, and it demonstrates the flourishing relationship
between journalism and literature.
   When the Walkleys first began in 1956, there were five categories and
enough prize money to buy a Sydney house.
   They were instigated by Ampol Petroleum founder Sir William Gaston
Walkley, who had appreciated the media’s support for his oil exploration
efforts and envisaged awards that recognised emerging talent in the
Australian media.
   The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, which represents more
than 10,000 media professionals nationally, remains the Awards’
dedicated trustee.
   The Walkley Foundation relies on the goodwill of an enormous
number of people across Australia, both in the judging of the entries
and support for the wider Walkley program.
   We acknowledge their vital contribution, especially all the judges and
Walkley Advisory Board members who gave their time this year.
   The Awards would also not be possible without the generous support
of our sponsors, whose commitment to excellence in the craft ensures
the Walkleys’ continued success.
   We are proud to present this year’s finalists and congratulate them
on the outstanding journalism they have undertaken this year.
   These finalists represent the very best in the craft of journalism and
the spirit of the Walkley tradition.
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

daIly lIFe PHOTOGraPHy                                     53rd Walkley aWards                                        daily life/Feature Photography
                                                                                                                      Proudly sPonsored by ePson
                                                           social equity Journalism
                                                           Proudly sPonsored by AnZ
                                                                                                                      andy drewitt, Maroondah Leader, “Breakdown”
                                                                                                                      A series of searingly intimate portraits of Stuart
                                                           Natasha Johnson, The 7.30 Report, ABC TV,                  Evans, former mechanic and male model, who has
                                                           “Second Step”                                              battled schizophrenia for 32 years.
                                                           A report telling the story of “second steppers”,
                                                           recovering drug addicts and former criminals given         Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph,
                                                           a second chance through a previously unpublicised          “India’s IPL Fans”
                                                           employment program run by Toll Holdings.                   When he joined an international boycott refusing
                                                                                                                      to cover on-field action in the Indian Premier
                                                           Jill Margo and steve Georgopolos, The Australian           League, Greenhill captured the colour and chaos of
                                                           Financial Review, “Terminally Ill Deserve Better”          the crowds, including heavy security measures and
                                                           A story identifying an inequity in superannuation          cheerleaders.
                                                           access for people who are terminally ill, which in turn
                                                           had an effect on legislation.                              lisa Wiltse, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                                                                                                      “The Boarding House”
                                                           adele Horin and debra Jopson, The Sydney                   A soulful and empowering portrayal of the
                                                           Morning Herald, “Tough Justice”                            38 people with intellectual disabilities who live in
                                                           Reports uncovered the federal government’s                 small group homes in the small town of Wallerawang.
Andy Drewitt, Maroondah Leader, “Breakdown”
                                                           campaign against the nation’s poorest people through       A central boarding house provides activities and
                                                           an escalation in legal actions in the Department of        health assistance, to support their integration into
                                                           Employment and Workplace Relations.                        the community.
                                                           Best Use of Media                                          Commended
                                                           Proudly sPonsored by August                                Jon reid, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                                           david Claughton, Catherine Clifford, Michael               “December Storm”
                                                           Condon, Michael Pritchard and Bruce reynolds,              This image captured the chaos and vivid energy
                                                           ABC Radio, “Equine Flu”                                    of flash flooding in Sydney’s CBD during a summer
                                                           Months of authoritative coverage of the horse flu          thunderstorm.
                                                           outbreak, its treatment and investigation into its
                                                           cause, demonstrated depth of research, contacts,
                                                                                                                      Three Headings
                                                                                                                      Proudly sPonsored by dow Jones
                                                           teamwork and a great use of local radio and online.
Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph, “India’s IPL Fans”                                                              rick Feneley, The Sydney Morning Herald
                                                           ruth Fogarty, kate Wild and Marian Wilkinson,
                                                                                                                      “The felonious monk and his trail of lies”
                                                 , “Four Corners Broadband Edition:
                                                                                                                      “Welcome to the CBD: all arteries, no pulse”
                                                           Tipping Point”
                                                                                                                      “Della in the freezer”
                                                           A collaborative project between Four Corners and
                                                           The Sydney Morning Herald on the effects of global         rob Mills, The Sydney Morning Herald
                                                           warming on the Arctic icecap, this was a comprehensive     “Bach from the dead: fresh portrait of a decomposer”
                                                           complement to the concurrent free-to-air broadcast.        “Yes, I did inhale: Liberal leader admits
                                                           andrew Geoghegan, ABC TV News and Current                  sniffing staffer’s chair”
                                                           Affairs, “Undercover in Zimbabwe”                          “Dear me: Della penned Iguanas letter”
                                                           A series of news reports and features, often               david Winter, The Monthly
                                                           filmed secretly and illegally with a basic domestic        “It’s Bennelong time”
                                                           video-camera, which provided insight into a                “The great pretender”
Lisa Wiltse, The Sydney Morning Herald,                    repressive regime.                                         “From Mandarin to top banana”
“The Boarding House”
                                                           Print News report                                          Coverage of the asia-Pacific region
Commended                                                  Proudly sPonsored by MedIA suPer                           Proudly sPonsored by seven network
                                                           Tony koch and Padraic Murphy, The Australian,              Mark Forbes, The Age, “Indonesia”
                                                           “No Jail for Rape of Girl, 10”                             Five pieces exploring our complex and
                                                           This series of stories on the gang rape of                 strategically important neighbour, from big
                                                           a young girl in a Cape York indigenous community           picture (climate change) to personal struggles
                                                           ultimately resulted in a review of legal processes         and Soeharto’s death.
                                                           and international condemnation.                            robert Hill and stephen Mcdonell, Foreign
                                                           Nick Mckenzie, The Age, “State of Corruption”              Correspondent, ABC TV, “Pre-Olympic China”
                                                           Five news stories and features exposing serious            Three reports covering China’s handling of an
                                                           corruption within the Victorian police force, the police   uprising in Tibet; a full-scale earthquake disaster
                                                           union and the racing industry, linking Victorian police    and dissent in cyberspace in the run-up to the
                                                           to underworld hits.                                        Beijing Games.
Jonathan Reid, The Sydney Morning Herald,
“December Storm”                                           Charles Miranda, The Daily Telegraph, “Standen”            John Martinkus, Dateline, SBS TV, “Afghanistan
                                                           A series of often exclusive reports based on 10            2008: Guns, Drugs and Suicide Bombers”
                                                           months of investigation into synthetic drug trafficking    An authoritative body of work on Afghanistan,
                                                           – authorities have described it as the biggest security    these three stories investigated the opium trade,
                                                           breach in Australian law-enforcement history.              suicide bombings and US troops enduring a
                                                           Commended                                                  freezing winter.
                                                           Jill Margo and steve Georgopolos, The Australian           Commended
                                                           Financial Review, “Terminally Ill Deserve Better”          Mike duffy, Seven News, “Nike Investigation”
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

Coverage of Indigenous affairs                              sport Photography                                                           sPOrT PHOTOGraPHy
Proudly sPonsored by sbs                                    Proudly sPonsored by nIkon
emma Cook, Living Black, SBS TV,                            Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph, “Best of the Best”
“Community Voices”                                          Five classic, jubilant sport shots capturing the
Three stories spanning different themes – sexual            critical moment of excellence, from swimmer
abuse, suicide and alcohol abuse – tied together by         Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt, to cricket,
the voices from the communities facing these issues.        softball and rugby league.
Tony koch and Padraic Murphy, The Australian,               Craig Golding, The Sydney Morning Herald,
“No Jail for Rape of Girl, 10”                              “Australian Aquatic”
Coverage of the fall-out of a sexual assault in Cape York   No-one does water like Aussies, as these five varied
sent a strong message to Aboriginal women and girls –       and artful images show: swimming, diving, rowing,
that if they are abused, something will be done about it.   sailing and airborne water-skiing.
Paul Toohey, Quarterly Essay, “Last Drinks”                 ezra shaw, Getty Images, “The Dive”
One year on, this long-form piece investigated how          A common action unites these five colourful,
the Northern Territory intervention came about,             gorgeously composed images, from professional
what it has achieved, and what the future holds.            cricketers and Olympic divers to a hearty bellyflop         Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph, “Best of the Best”
                                                            at Bondi Icebergs.
Janine Cohen and sarah Ferguson, Four Corners,              sport News reporting
ABC TV, “Educating Kimberly”                                Proudly sPonsored by nIne network
                                                            Jessica Halloran, The Sydney Morning Herald and
Coverage of Community and regional affairs
                                                            The Age, “Matthew Mitcham’s Golden Journey”
Proudly sPonsored by news CoMMunIty MedIA
                                                            Five stories insightfully tracking the openly gay diver’s
Mario Christodoulou, Illawarra Mercury,                     trajectory to Beijing gold, with numerous exclusive
“Wollongong’s Corruption Scandal”                           interviews.
Five stories leading the local coverage of corruption
                                                            Jacquelin Magnay and Gerard ryle, The Sydney
within Wollongong’s Council, including secrecy,             Morning Herald, “Sandcastles, Quokkas and The Biff”
bribes and shady deals.                                     The flow-on effects of Magnay and Ryle’s original           Craig Golding, The Sydney Morning Herald,
stacey katter, ABC North West Queensland,                   revelations of the Firepower scandal reach as far as the    “Australian Aquatic”
“The Mine and the Children”                                 collapse of the Sydney Kings and a violence scandal at
A series of reports exposing the toxic substances           the Western Force, as these five stories show.
emanating from Xstrata’s Mount Isa mine; Katter             Nick Mckenzie, The Age, “Mokbel’s Day at the Races”
conducted more than 30 interviews, revealing the            Five pieces revealing the extraordinary extent of
effects on the town.                                        organised crime and corruption within the Victorian
anthony radford, Bendigo Weekly, “Under the Pump”           racing industry, which ultimately prompted discussion
Two stories revealing the questions about the past of       and reform.
the new chairman of Coliban Water.
                                                            radio Feature, documentary or
Commended                                                   Broadcast special
kirsty Nancarrow, ABC TV News Alice Springs,                Proudly sPonsored by Qut CreAtIve IndustrIes
“Rivers of Grog”
                                                            Nick Franklin, ABC Radio National, “True North”             Ezra Shaw, Getty Images, “The Dive”
sport Feature Coverage                                      Stories investigating the fate of farmers who have
Michael sheahan, Herald Sun, “I Gambled With My Life”       headed north in search of water, and the issues they
Based on a remarkably frank interview with the              found when they got there: from the rising cost of
                                                            living to climate change and sudden wealth.
revered captain of Adelaide Football Club, Simon
Goodwin, this story revealed the courage it takes to        di Martin, ABC Radio National and Online,
overcome the professional and personal havoc                “Tackling Indonesian Terror”
a gambling addiction can wreak.                             A program investigating Indonesia’s ‘velvet glove’
                                                            approach to terrorism, featuring internationally
Peter Wilkins, Ben Cheshire and Quentin davis,
                                                            exclusive interviews with former extremists who are
Australian Story, ABC TV, “She’s Not There”
                                                            now assisting the counter-terrorism movement.
After rower Sally Robbins’ infamous effort at the 2004
Athens Olympics, this program examined the fallout          Colm McNaughton, ABC Radio, “Awakening
for the coach and other members of the crew, some of        from History?”
whom had remained silent on the affair for four years.      A documentary discussing the intergenerational
                                                            implications of violence in Northern Ireland, and
Caroline Wilson, The Age, “Two Boys: Two                    emerging possibilities for dialogue and healing.
AFL Journeys”
Eight years on, Wilson profiles two very different          radio News reporting
footballers who had shared a house together before          Proudly sPonsored by HArt seCurIty
the 1999 draft; tackling the issues of race, crime,         Matthew Brown, ABC Radio, “Russia Invades Georgia”
substance abuse and the AFL system that saw their           Three stories filed from the frontline of the
paths diverge so dramatically.                              confrontation between Georgia and Russia, providing
Commended                                                   up-to-the-minute reports of the conflict.
stephen Butler, The West Australian and The Age,            stephen Mcdonell, ABC Radio, “Earthquake Radio”
“I Wonder Where I Would Be Without Football”                A series of reports combining live crosses and mixed
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

GeNeral NeWs PHOTOGraPHy                     packages from the field to convey the dramatic              Julie-anne davies, The Bulletin, “32 Weeks – 5 1/2 Years”
                                             struggle to reach survivors of the earthquake in            Broke the story of the Melbourne obstetrician vilified
                                             China’s Sichuan Province.                                   for his role in a controversial late-term abortion eight
                                             John Taylor, ABC Radio, “Oly Troop 2”                       years ago.
                                             Lee Troop came 60th in the marathon at the Beijing          Billy rule, The Sunday Times, “Crusade for Kaitlin”
                                             Olympics but still fronted the Australian media after       In the 4000-word feature that “broke Perth’s heart”,
                                             the race.                                                   Rule explored the personal journey of a woman whose
                                                                                                         four-year-old daughter drowned when left unattended
                                             radio Current affairs reporting                             in a backyard swimming pool.
                                             Proudly sPonsored by AbC
                                             rachael Brown, AM, ABC Radio, “Tong Plea”                   amanda Watt, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail,
                                             Broke the story that the Victorian Medical                  “Vicious Cycle”
                                             Practitioners Board’s failure to acknowledge early
Steven Siewert, The Sydney Morning Herald,   allegations against a Victorian dermatologist               News Photography
“World Youth Day”                            resulted in 14 incidents of rape or indecent assault        Proudly sPonsored by nIkon
                                             over three years.                                           Finalists were chosen from each of two
                                             Michael edwards, AM and PM, ABC Radio,                      sub-categories: Spot and General News.
                                             “Sydney’s Drug Market”
                                             Four pieces investigating heroin use in Australia’s         General News
                                             major cities, uncovering the rise of Afghan “brown”         Glenn Campbell, The Age, “The Funeral
                                             heroin and “hillbilly heroin” concocted from legally        of Alfredo Reinado”
                                             available drugs.                                            Scenes of high emotion and crowded streets for
                                             stephen Mcdonell, AM and PM, ABC Radio,                     one of Dili’s biggest funeral processions after the
                                             “Earthquake Emergency”                                      death of fugitive rebel leader Alfredo Reinado.
                                             Five reports from the epicentre of the China                steven siewert, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                             earthquake painted a graphic picture of the scale           “World Youth Day”
                                             of the disaster and its effect on the community.            Amid saturation coverage of the largest
Glenn Campbell, The Age, “The Funeral of
Alfredo Reinardo”
                                                                                                         religious gathering in Australia’s history, Siewert’s
                                             Cartoon                                                     five images stood out with their dextrous use of
                                             Proudly sPonsored by bAnkI HAddoCk FIorA                    colour, lighting, timing and humour.
                                             Jon kudelka, The Australian, “Welcome to Brendan”
                                             Portrays then-Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson              spot News
                                             indecisively stuck in no-man’s-land on whether to           Proudly sPonsored by nIkon
                                             apologise to the Stolen Generations.                        stephen dupont, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                             Peter Nicholson, The Australian, “Remote Education”         “Afghanistan – A Suicide Bombing”
                                             Drawing dark irony from the vexed question of               A confronting image of a man injured after a
                                             education in remote indigenous communities.                 12-year-old boy blew himself up. Dupont narrowly
                                                                                                         escaped injury but continued documenting the
                                             ron Tandberg, The Age, “The River Bed”
                                                                                                         carnage despite the danger.
                                             Amid ever-increasing fears of water shortage,
                                             Tandberg captured the bureaucracy’s lack of action          dallas kilponen, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                             with simple, chilling humour.                               “Pyrmont Shooting”
                                                                                                         Straight out of film noir or a CSI episode, this was
                                             artwork                                                     a powerful and unconventional approach to the
                                             Proudly sPonsored by CAsellA wInes                          forensic investigation after a shooting in Sydney’s
                                             simon Bosch, The Sydney Morning Herald,                     Star City Casino.
                                             “Fromelles Diggers”                                         Commended
                                             A layered illustration that was a dignified complement      Michael keating, Herald Sun, “Kicked Out”
                                             to an opinion piece on the burial rights of Australian      Captures a pivotal moment within the context of
                                             soldiers killed in the battlefields of Fromelles in 1916.   proposed curfews in response to rising violence on
                                             Pat Campbell, The Canberra Times, “Coal Climate”            Melbourne’s streets, as bouncers forcefully eject
                                             An illustration of a vacuum cleaner trying to control       patrons from a city nightclub.
                                             climate change captures the huge task business and
                                             industry face with emission solutions.                      Newspaper Feature Writing
                                                                                                         Proudly sPonsored by PAnterA Press
                                             andrew dyson, The Age, “Passing the Baton”
                                             This charcoal illustration channelled the dark moral        ruth Ostrow, The Australian, “The Power and
                                             ambiguity of China’s human rights record in the             the Passion”
                                             lead-up to the Beijing Olympics.                            Two stories that were part of a long-term feature
                                                                                                         series on the inner lives of Australian leaders,
                                             Magazine Feature Writing                                    probing Michael Costa (“Mr Mean”) and Lindsay
                                             Proudly sPonsored by bHP bIllIton                           Tanner (“Mr Cool”).
                                             Jane Cadzow, Good Weekend, “Another Time,                   Pamela Williams, The Australian Financial Review,
                                             Another Place”                                              “The Fall of the House of Howard”
                                             An in-depth exploration and psychological study of          A four-part series documenting the abrupt end
                                             Perth grandfather and alleged Nazi war criminal             to John Howard’s historic 12 years in office
                                             Charles Zentai, tracing events of 64 years ago.             (including the Costello rivalry, leadership issues,
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

the collapse of the party machine and Andrew            Ginny stein, Dateline, SBS TV, “Zimbabwe 2008”                sPOT NeWs PHOTOGraPHy
Robb’s secret power plays).                             Three stories, often filmed with hidden cameras,
Tony Wright, The Age, “Sorry”                           showing the extent of the Mugabe regime’s brutality
Three stories from February 2008 frame a                but also the courage and endurance of
human context for the Prime Minister’s apology          the Zimbabwean people.
for white Australia’s treatment of indigenous
                                                        Television Current affairs, Feature,
people, with the stories of Tibby Briar and
                                                        documentary or Broadcast special
Jimmy “King Billy” Clements.
                                                        (More than 20 Minutes)
Business Journalism                                     Proudly sPonsored by soutHern Cross ten
Proudly sPonsored by JP MorgAn                          Ian darling and sascha ettinger epstein,
Neil Chenoweth, katrina Nicholas and                    Shark Island Productions, “The Oasis”
andrew White, The Australian Financial Review,          This feature documentary about youth
                                                                                                                Stephen Dupont, The Sydney Morning Herald,
“Inside Job: Who Killed Opes Prime?”                    homelessness broadcast on ABC TV spurred an             “Victim of Suicide Bombing”
A three-part series providing a definitive              immediate corporate donation of $400,000 to
insider account of the rise and disastrous fall         the Oasis Youth Refuge, enabling additional beds
of Opes, with fall-out spanning the ANZ Bank, a         for the centre.
third of listed companies, shell-shocked investors      Morag ramsay and debbie Whitmont,
and even Melbourne standover men.                       Four Corners, ABC TV, “The Newman Case”
adele Ferguson, The Australian, “Share                  Presented new evidence in one of Australia’s
Lending Plunder”                                        most controversial and long-running murder
Extensive coverage of the effects of the United         cases, resulting in the NSW Chief Justice’s rapid
States’ sub-prime mortgage crisis on Australia’s        decision to hold an inquiry into Phuong Ngo’s
financial markets, particularly superannuation          2001 conviction.
funds’ complicity in stock lending and the conflict     Ginny stein, Dateline, SBS Television,
of interest between the ASX’s roles as market           “Inside a Failed State”
operator and regulator.                                                                                          Dallas Kilponen, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                                        Investigating the devastating effect of the              “Pyrmont Shooting”
stephen long and stephen Taylor, Four Corners,          Zimbabwean regime’s decision to impose price
ABC TV, “Debtland”                                      controls across the nation in a bid to control its
Explores the human faces of predatory lending by        world-record inflation.
Australia’s biggest banks – refugee families and        Commended
people on disability pensions – which prompted an
                                                        Matthew Carney, sarah Curnow and stephen
ASIC investigation.
                                                        skinner, Four Corners, ABC TV, “On the Piss”
Photographic essay
                                                        Television News and Current affairs Camera
Proudly sPonsored by nIkon
                                                        Proudly sPonsored by AustrAlIAn suPer
Brendan esposito, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                                        robert Hill, The 7.30 Report and Foreign
“Blind Love”
                                                        Correspondent, ABC TV, “China’s Earthquake”
The colour, light and composition of this series is a
                                                        Powerful footage of grief and human tragedy
bittersweet counterpoint to its subjects: Vietnamese
                                                        after China’s devastating earthquake. Hill trekked
children and adults with congenital cataracts,
                                                        for 12 dangerous hours to reach the epicentre.
recovering together in Phu Yen Province
eye hospital from operations to restore their sight.    david Martin, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV,            Michael Keating, Herald Sun, “Kicked Out”

steven siewert, Good Weekend, “Rockabilly:              “Greenland Goes Green”
Living in the 50s”                                      Working as single-person crew, Martin crossed
A vibrant documentary series taken over five years      tundra and travelled by boat to document how a
of observing Sydney’s rockabilly culture, from fairs    two-degree temperature rise since the 1990s has
and festivals to retro-fitted homes.                    dramatically changed Greenland’s landscape.
Tamara Voninski, Good Weekend,                          andrew Taylor, Australian Story, ABC TV,
“The Last Kingdom”                                      “Tour De Force Part Two”
Idyllic and insightful black-and-white scenes           Following a group of Aussie performers as they
from the island kingdom of Tonga, shot around           toured Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait to entertain
the coronation of King George Tupou V, at a time        troops, Taylor’s is ‘fly-on-the-wall’ footage shot in
of sweeping political reform.                           dangerous conditions.

International Journalism                                Television News reporting
                                                        Proudly sPonsored by network ten
rowan Callick, The Australian, “China’s Olympic
Year: One World, Many Dreams, Some Nightmares”          Matthew Brown, ABC TV News,
Coverage of an already complex nation convulsing        “Russia Invades Georgia”
under the international spotlight, from the children    Three stories filed from the volatile frontline
of prisoners to Chinese celebrities and an army of      after Russia’s incursion into neighbouring Georgia.
Olympic volunteers.                                     aela Callan and robert Ovadia, Seven News,
robert Hill, stephen Mcdonell and Xin Jiang,            “Iguanagate”
ABC TV, “Earthquake Reports”                            Broke the explosive story of NSW minister
Five reports from the frontline of a Chinese            John Della Bosca and his wife, federal Labor MP
province devastated by earthquake and struggling        Belinda Neal, and their alleged abuse of staff at
to rebuild.                                             Iguana Joe’s after they were kicked out of the bar.
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

arTWOrk                                            robert Hill, Xin Jiang and stephen Mcdonell,            Commended
                                                   ABC TV News, “Earthquake Crisis”                        Patrick Welsh, Seven News, “Tamsin Lewis/
                                                   The team defied roadblocks, landslides and
                                                                                                           Sally McLellan Interviews”
                                                   aftershocks of the earthquake in China’s Sichuan
                                                   Province to reveal the aftermath of the disaster.       Commentary, analysis, Opinion
                                                   Television Current affairs reporting                    and Critique
                                                                                                           Proudly sPonsored by CoMMseC
                                                   (less Than 20 Minutes)
                                                   Proudly sPonsored by MedIA MonItors                     Greg Baum, The Age, “Not Buying It”
                                                   ross Coulthart and Nick Farrow, Sunday,                 Three passionate columns holding up for ridicule
                                                   Channel Nine, “Butcher of Bega”                         the insidious rise of spin in Australia’s professional
                                                   A delicate and painstaking investigative effort         sport – in soccer, motor racing and AFL.
                                                   revealing shocking abuse and mutilation of women        annabel Crabb, The Sydney Morning Herald,
                                                   by medical specialist Graeme Reeves. Police are now     “Rise of the Ruddbot”
                                                   scrutinising more than 500 individual complaints.       Three columns in the lead-up to the federal election
                                                   robert Hill, stephen Mcdonell, Xin Jiang and            explored Rudd as a man and a phenomenon, and
                                                   liwei yao, The 7.30 Report and Foreign Correspondent,   the political times that brought him to the fore, with
                                                   ABC TV, “Earthquake Epicentre and School”               humour and clarity.
Simon Bosch, The Sydney Morning Herald,            The ABC’s China team trekked for 12 hours with          Michael West,, “Market
“Fromelles Diggers”                                a doctor to reach the epicentre of the Sichuan          Chickens Come Home to Roost”
                                                   Province earthquake. A month later they returned
                                                                                                           In a big year for business journalism, West’s three
                                                   to see if the parents of thousands of children killed
                                                                                                           pieces investigated corporate meltdowns, taking on
                                                   in collapsed schools had found justice.
                                                                                                           auditors and cutting through PR offensives to offer
                                                   Margot O’Neill, Lateline, ABC TV, “Tragic Story         readers bold analysis.
                                                   of Tony Tran”
                                                   This story revealed bureaucratic indifference and       lITerary
                                                   manipulation of an illegally detained Vietnamese
                                                   immigrant, separated from his young son for             Best Non-Fiction Book
                                                   five years.                                             Proudly sPonsored by CoPyrIgHt AgenCy lIMIted
                                                                                                           Nominees listed separately.
                                                   Investigative Journalism                                See
Pat Campbell, The Canberra Times, “Coal Climate”   Proudly sPonsored by bAyer
                                                   rory Callinan, Time, “Stolen Children”
                                                   A report exposing Australia’s implication in            MaJOr aWards
                                                   international child trafficking, after children
                                                   adopted from India were revealed to have been           Press Photographer of the year
                                                   kidnapped from their families.                          Proudly sPonsored by nIkon
                                                   ross Coulthart and Nick Farrow, Sunday,                 stephen dupont, freelance
                                                   Nine Network, “Butcher of Bega”                         A dramatic body of work from Afghanistan,
                                                   A story revealing a shocking history of abuse and       Burma, Thailand and our own outback, showing
                                                   mutilation by a Bega gynaecologist, and the health      the enduring power of great photographic
                                                   system that failed to stop him despite numerous         reportage to bear witness.
                                                   warning signs.
                                                                                                           david Gray, Reuters
                                                   Morag ramsay and debbie Whitmont, Four Corners,         Ten images from a big year in China – from the
                                                   ABC TV, “The Newman Case”                               earthquake in Sichuan Province to the Beijing
                                                   This investigation challenged the 2001 conviction       Games and social issues – all captured with
                                                   of Phuong Ngo and, by producing new evidence,           humanity and a eye for detail.
                                                   led to a review of his life sentence for murder.
                                                                                                           Phil Hillyard, News Ltd
                                                   Commended                                               A colourful and exquisitely composed portfolio
                                                   Jennifer Cooke and kate McClymont, The Sydney           of sport images spanning the full spectrum of
                                                   Morning Herald, “Top Law Firm Accused”                  photographic styles.
Andrew Dyson, The Age, “Passing the Baton”         Broadcast Interviewing
                                                   Proudly sPonsored by ernst And young                    Nominees are not pre-announced in the following
                                                   Tracey Holmes, ABC Radio, “Life Coach”                  awards and represent the best in the media
                                                   Three big interviews taking the audience deep           for 2008.
                                                   inside a well-known figure or event, including NRL
                                                   bad boy Willie Mason, film director Matt Norman         Journalistic leadership
                                                   and environmentalist Severn Cullis Suzuki.              Proudly sPonsored by MInter ellIson
                                                   leigh sales, Lateline, ABC TV, “Lateline Interviews”
                                                                                                           Most Outstanding Contribution
                                                   Live interviews with Malcolm Turnbull and Germaine
                                                                                                           to Journalism
                                                   Greer, and a pre-recorded interview with Qantas
                                                                                                           Proudly sPonsored by tHe MedIA,
                                                   director Geoff Dixon, set the national agenda.
                                                                                                           entertAInMent & Arts AllIAnCe
                                                   Chris Uhlmann, AM, ABC Radio, “Last Days”
                                                   These interviews with Joe Hockey, Peter Garrett and     Gold Walkley
                                                   Mark Vaile broke some of the biggest stories of the     Proudly sPonsored by tHe MedIA,
                                                   2007 election campaign.                                 entertAInMent & Arts AllIAnCe
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

JUdGes                                                Television News and Current affairs Camera                                                CarTOON
                                                      david salmon, senior news producer, Seven News
                                                      John Bean, senior camera operator, ABC TV
News report and Three Headings                        Jan kenny, head of cinemaphotography, AFTRS
Joe Hildebrand, political reporter,
The Daily Telegraph                                   all MedIa aWards
Jane Cadzow, feature writer, The Sydney               Best Use of the Media
Morning Herald                                        sigrid kirk, publisher,
Mark scott, managing director, ABC
                                                      sue ahearn, senior producer, Radio Australia,
Newspaper Feature Writing                             ABC Radio
Hall Greenland, editor, Australian edition,           simon Mann, senior correspondent, The Age
The Week
                                                      Coverage of Community and regional affairs
Fergus shiel, former chief-of-staff, The Age
                                                      Jocelyn Nettlefold, Tasmanian correspondent,
Gerard McManus, journalist, Herald Sun                                                                       Jon Kudelka, The Australian, “Welcome to Brendan”
                                                      The 7.30 Report, ABC TV
Magazine Feature Writing                              sue lappeman, journalist, Gold Coast Bulletin
John silvester, investigative journalist, The Age     Greg Wendt, business editor, The Newcastle Herald
Graham erbacher, deputy editor, The Australian
                                                      International Journalism
Michelle endacott, managing editor, Australian
                                                      steve Waterson, editor, Time South Pacific
Women’s Weekly
                                                      Tony stephens, journalist, The Sydney
artwork and Cartoon                                   Morning Herald
Matthew Martin, cartoonist, The Sydney                leila Mckinnon, reporter, Nine Network
Morning Herald
Patrick Cook, columnist, ACP                          Coverage of asia-Pacific
Fiona katauskas, freelance cartoonist                 deborah snow, journalist, The Sydney
                                                      Morning Herald
PHOTOGraPHy                                           sean dorney, Pacific correspondent,                    Peter Nicholson, The Australian, “Remote Education”
Milan scepanovic, picture editor, The Australian      ABC Radio National
leigh Henningham, picture editor, The Age             Hugh riminton, anchor, CNN, Hong Kong
Phillip Quirk, photographer, freelance
                                                      Business Journalism
Chrissie Goldrick, picture editor,
                                                      Jeffrey James, anchor, CNBC
Australian Geographic
Maria Wood, picture editor, Time Asia                 Jane schultz, media editor, The Australian
                                                      Gina McColl, journalist, BRW
                                                      Coverage of Indigenous affairs
radio News reporting and radio                        lin Buckfield, series producer, Q&A, ABC TV
Current affairs reporting                             stephen Hagan, lecturer, University of Southern Qld
Cath McGrath, political editor, Australia Network     John andersen, regional editor, Townsville Bulletin
Ian Ferguson, journalist, Sky News, former news
director, Macquarie Radio                             Investigative Journalism
                                                                                                             Ron Tandberg, The Age, “The River Bed”
lissa McMillan, executive producer, Radio News, SBS   Cameron stewart, associate editor, The Australian
                                                      Mischa schubert, political correspondent, The Age
radio Feature, documentary or                         Wendy Page, producer, Australian Story, ABC TV
Broadcast special
John Beeston, executive producer Asia Pacific, ABC    sport News reporting
anna reynolds, managing editor, The Courier-Mail      rohan Connolly, senior football writer, The Age
andrew kruger, executive producer, World View,        Gerry Collins, journalist, ABC Sport
SBS Radio                                             amanda lulham, sports journalist, Daily Telegraph

TeleVIsION                                            sport Feature Coverage
                                                      Mark Beretta, sports journalist, Sunrise,
Television News reporting                             Channel Seven
leigh sales, Lateline anchor, ABC TV                  Greg Baum, sports journalist, The Age
Moira Conway, bureau manager, SBS                     kat Costigan, sports journalist, The Australian
lane Calcutt, journalist, National Nine News
                                                      social equity Journalism
Television Current affairs reporting                  Connie levett, journalist, The Sydney Morning Herald
(less than 20 Minutes)                                Murray Travis, executive producer, ABC TV
Jim Middleton, presenter, Newshour ABC TV             Michael Mckinnon, FOI journalist, Seven News
Mark llewellyn, executive producer News &
Public Affairs, Seven News                            Commentary, analysis, Opinion
kirsty Thompson, producer, Sixty Minutes,             and Critique
Nine Network                                          sian Powell, journalist, The Australian
                                                      Mark Baker, editor, Special Projects, The Age
Television Current affairs, Feature,
                                                      Paul Barry, freelance journalist and author
documentary or special (More than
20 Minutes)                                           Broadcast Interviewing
Jonathan Holmes, presenter, Media Watch, ABC TV       Jim Waley, journalist, retired
Jeune Pritchard, producer, Insight, SBS TV            Patrick Condren, political reporter, Seven News
david Turnbull, journalist, formerly Nine Network     Madonna king, breakfast presenter, ABC Radio
53rd Walkley aWards for excellence in Journalism

2008 nominees

PHOTOGraPHIC essay                                  Non-Fiction Book                                             Walkley advisory Board Judging Panel
                                                    Malcolm Farr, chief political reporter,                      Paul Bailey, managing editor, The Australian
                                                    Daily Telegraph                                              Financial Review (chair)
                                                    Jeff sparrow, editor, Overland,                              Gay alcorn, editor, Sunday Age
                                                    Victoria University                                          Cathy Border, political editor, Network Ten
                                                    dr susan Maushart, columnist,                                Queensland
                                                    The Weekend Australian Magazine                              Mike Carlton, 2UE
                                                    Prof donna lee Brien, head of School of                      Quentin dempster, Stateline, ABC
                                                    Arts, Central Queensland University
                                                                                                                 alan kennedy, representing AJA arm of the
                                                    Jeremy Fisher, president, Australian
                                                                                                                 Media Alliance
                                                    Society of Authors
                                                                                                                 Peter Meakin, director of news & public affairs,
                                                    dennis atkins, national affairs editor,
                                                                                                                 Seven Network
                                                    The Courier-Mail
                                                                                                                 laurie Oakes, Nine Network
                                                    dr Carmen lawrence, professorial fellow,
                                                    Institute of Advanced Studies, University of WA              Jenni O’dowd, group editorial marketing
                                                    Clive Hamilton, Centre for Applied Philosophy                manager, News Ltd
Brendan Esposito, The Sydney Morning Herald,        and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University                  Malcolm schmidtke, Herald Sun, Melbourne
“Blind Love”                                        Ian Henschke, presenter, Stateline, ABC TV                   david dare Parker, freelance photographer,
                                                    Christine Wallace, freelance journalist                      Western Australia
                                                    and author
                                                    Jonathan king, author and journalist,
                                                    The Sydney Morning Herald
                                                    Jenny Tabakoff, author and journalist,
                                                    The Sydney Morning Herald

                                                    sPONsOrs                                               MAJor sPonsors

Steven Siewert, Good Weekend, “Rockabilly: Living   The Walkley Foundation would like to thank all
in the 50s”                                         of its sponsors for their continued support and
                                                    for sharing a belief in striving for excellence. The
                                                    53rd Walkley Awards are proudly sponsored by:


Tamara Voninski, Good Weekend, “The Last Kingdom”


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