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									                August 2006

The Alpine Postie; tough, tireless & true

Member of the International Council of BMW Clubs
YOUR CLUB COMMITTEE                                    The Vice President’s Event Calendar
PRESIDENT                                To claim Clubman Points for attending any listed events, someone attending
Warren Buffett                           must give the names of the event and the attendees to the Vice President.
(NSW MCC rep)                            To confirm a listed event, please ring or email the Vice President.
0411 076 941
0296 224 254                             AUGUST 2006
wozzasshed@iprimus.com.au                Sat 5th to    Hat Rally at Araluen via Braidwood or Moruya. The dirt road from Moruya   Mike Day
VICE PRESIDENT                           Sun 6th       is good riding and a GS is not essential. Locally organised FUN event     0412 599 950
Mike Day                                 Thu 10th      Social Sip at North Nowra Tavern. Meet 6:30pm for dinner & a drink.       Dave Blunn
0412 599 950                                           Live music after 8:00pm. All members welcome 2nd Thurs monthly            0423 021 378
0298 722 057                             Sun 13th      Social Sip & Lunch, Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. Good food & entertainment       Warren Russell
mda39245@bigpond.net.au                                at a reasonable price. Meet 12noon inside the pub                         9744 2258
                                         Sat 19th      St Johns First Aid Course for BMWTCNSW. At 6 Hunt Street Surry            Jennie Breeze
SECRETARY                                              Hills. Parking for bikes is right outside the door. $45 for BMWTCNSW      0402 147 750
Sandra Gluck                                           members, $90 non-members. 8am to 5pm
(NSW MCC rep)                                          BE PREPARED in an EMERGENCY. More info p14 of this Newsletter
0419 022 025, 0298 231 651
segluck@syd.gunnersens.com.au            Fri 25th      Drinks & Bistro Meal at the Hexham Mossie Club each last Friday of the    Rob Tiedman
                                                       month. All BMWTCNSW members are very welcome                              4963 1901
MEMBERSHIP                               Wed 30th      CLUB MEETING 7:30PM (Open invitation to eat & socialise before the        The President
Marie Pennykid                                         club meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm) See more details below
membership secretary
0428 393 093
0247 393 093                             SEPTEMBER 2006
marie.pennykid@aanet.com.au              Sat 2nd to    Mandurama Pub Overnighter. 50kms south of Blayney. Full range of          Warren Russell
                                         Sun 3rd       accom. Rob 6367 5022 to reserve. Meet at BP Kurmond, depart 11am          9744 2258
                                         Fri 9th to    QLD & NSW Run to Urunga. Stay at Ocean View Hotel Ph 02 6655 6221 Sandra Gluck
Andrew LeLievre                          Sun 10th      say you’re with BMW Club when booking. $60 dbl $35 sngl incl breakfast 0419 022 025
0418 220 658
0294 877 061                             Fri 8th to    Club Run to Dargo Pub and High Plains Rally.                              Dave Ramsay
lelievre@bigpond.net.au                  Sun 10th      See details inside newsletter. Dave’s mobile number is 0427 264 196       6278 3895
                                         Thu 14th      Social Sip at North Nowra Tavern. Meet 6:30pm for dinner & a drink.       Dave Blunn
EDITOR                                                 Live music after 8:00pm. All members welcome 2nd Thurs monthly            0423 021 378
Malcolm McKay
aka, mal from cessnock                   Wed 27th      CLUB MEETING 7:30PM (An open invitation to eat & socialise before the     The President
0413 137 665                                           club meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm) See more details below
0249 911 900                             Fri 29th      Drinks & Bistro Meal at the Hexham Mossie Club each last Friday of the    Rob Tiedman
writeme@netspace.net.au                                month. All BMWTCNSW members are very welcome                              4963 1901

                                         OCTOBER 2006
Tony Conliffe (distribution)
                                         30th Sep to   Yeoval Royal Hotel Pub Stay (near Wellington). Pub sleeps 18, call        Warren Russell
REGALIA                                  Mon 2nd       Cheryl or Mark 6846 4003 to book. Suit road and off-road riders alike.    9744 2258
Vacant                                                 Meet BP North Richmond 08:30 depart 09:00 am
Interested? Talk to a
                                         7th to        Weekend ride to Hampton Hotel. Departing 9am Caltex Twin Servos on        Rob Tiedman
Committee member
                                         Sun 8th       F3 Freeway. Combining with Triumph group. Halfway Hotel Motel,            4963 1901
                                                       Jenolan Caves Rd, Hampton ph 6359 3302.
BMWCA DELEGATE                                         Excellent Bistro & accommodation $50 double
Ian Ramsay
0414 746 992                             Thu 12th      Social Sip at North Nowra Tavern. Meet 6:30pm for dinner & a drink.       Dave Blunn
0298 338 588                                           Live music after 8:00pm. All members welcome 2nd Thurs monthly            0423 021 378

ianramsay1957@yahoo.com.au               Wed 25th      CLUB MEETING 7:30PM (Open invitation to eat & socialise before the        The President
                                                       meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm). See more details below.
ASSETS & ARCHIVES                        Fri 27th      Drinks & Bistro Meal at the Hexham Mossie Club each last Friday of the    Rob Tiedman
Tony Micallef, tonym@hotmail.com                       month. All BMWTCNSW members are very welcome                              4963 1901
PUBLIC OFFICER                           Sat 28th to   Hill End weekend staying in Sleeping Carriages. Cost $15 share, $22       Rob Tiedman
Andrew LeLievre                          Sun 29th      single Road and Dirt routes catered for. Meet Rutherford McDonalds 9am    4963 1901
(contact details for treasurer)
                                         Must have DATES for YOUR DIARY. Karuah River Rally recon run, 20th to 21st January 2007
Roger Martyn
                                         ACT Riders. Contact David Ramsay, email bockbock@netspeed.com.au for ride info
                                         Dubbo Riders. Contact Steve Treloar, phone 6884 9602 or email sttreloar@locall.aunz.com for info
                                         Hunter Riders. Contact Rob Tiedeman, phone 4963 1901 or email race2@optusnet.com.au for ride info
                                         Nowra Riders. Contact Dave Blunn, phone 4464 1056 or email dblunn@shoal.net.au for ride info
Members’ mailing list is voluntary       Pt Macquarie Riders. Contact Lin VanCoppenhagen, phone 6582 5931 or email lin.prue@bigpond.net.au
(follow the e-group link, top right on
club website)
                                         Club Rides. Maps showing the common places we join other members before going on ride can be
                                         found on our website. Go to http://www.bmwtcnsw.org/meetingPoints.html

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                     2                                                           AUG 2006
Mal from Cessnock, reporting for duty. Yup, I’m giving the
Editor’s job a go and am keeping my fingers crossed that
I will be able to do the club justice.
Some of you know me, but to most I’m a stranger. My
name is Malcolm and I’m a relatively new member of this
motorcycle club. I live in Cessnock with three of my four
kids. As they approach the end of their time living with
their dad, their dad is discovering a brand new life far
removed from raising children. Becoming Editor of this
Newsletter will give me an outlet, allowing me to combine
my long love affair with both computers and motorcycles.
Perhaps more importantly though, the position will give
me the opportunity to meet fellow riders, and I look
forward to forming many new friendships.
If any of you folk have criticism or compliment about the
way I’m handling your Newsletter don’t hesitate to send
me an email or give me a call. I’m going to be giving it a
bit of a fiddle here and there, and would love to hear your
suggestions and comments. Otherwise, you’ll see me
with a camera (or a bottle of port) at some of the functions
and on some of the rides. I’m the big bloke with the
smashing RT and the grey beard.
Finally, a very big thank you to the former Editor, Jennie
Breeze for all her valuable help with this new challenge.

Sending an Article to The NEWSLETTER
Send what you would like published to Mal from Cessnock. Find
my email address on page one. If you would prefer to send it on
                                                                      The BMWTC of NSW Internet Forum is a fantastic place to
cd in the mail that’s ok too, my home address is 30 O’Brien
                                                                      post to other members of our motorcycle club. Go to our website
Street, Cessnock 2325.
                                                                      and click on the e-groups link (top right). From there it’s a simple
It is necessary for you to provide me with contact details that       matter to sign-up & log-on. You’ll soon get the hang of it. You
you can respond to as quickly as possible. I may have questions       can find out stuff like rides, rallies & repairs.
relating to what you would like me to publish.
I will make every attempt to publish what you send. However,          BMWTCNSW Classic Register Registrars
page number limitations may see your article being posted in          Contact these people if you are interested in older Beemers
part and/or in subsequent editions. I will try to please.
Please remember to use a recent version of MS Word & don’t            Northern Region Craig Hancock 1Nimala Ave Koolewong 2256
                                                                      P 02 4343 1818 M 0419 557 014 dryred@bigpond.com
forget to include a couple of good images, saved in jpg, bmp or
emf format. Don’t put them into the word doc; use text markers        Sydney Region Damien O’Toole 13 Keith St Clovelly 2031
showing where you think they should be placed & send them as          P 02 9665 2281 M 0419 296 939 dotoole@bigpond.com
attachments in the email or on cd.                                    Southern Region John Marquette 174 Thornford Rd Yarra 2850
                                                                      P 02 4829 7104 M 0425 280 290 johnm@ goulburn.net.au
All other correspondence should be addressed to
The Secretary                                                         BMWTCNSW Advertising Rates for 12 months (11 issues)
BMWTCNSW PO Box 53 RYDALMERE BC 1710 NSW.                             Full Page     $650 Your Advertisements are welcome and
                                                                                           are sure to reach your target market.
The Newsletter is a forum for all members; views expressed by         Half Page     $350 The page your Advertisement is placed
members in The Newsletter do not necessarily represent the            Quarter Page  $165 on, in the BMWTCNSW Newsletter is at
views of The Editor or the BMWTC of NSW. Publication of all           Business Card $75    the discretion of The Editor
materials is at The Editor’s discretion.

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                3                                                                 AUG 2006
                                                                                     BMW MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE
                                                                             10% Discount for BMW Clubs Australia members
                                                     Warren Buffett       Over the last few years BMW Group Financial Services has
G’day                                                                     developed a competitive range of finance packages for
                                                                          motorcyclists that make the possibility of riding away on your
A warm welcome to the new committee members elected at last               choice of the latest BMW motorcycle a reality. These market
nights AGM.                                                               leading finance packages are now further complimented by the
Mike Day assumes the role of Vice President.                              recent launch of BMW Motorcycle Insurance.
Marie Pennykid as Membership Secretary.                                   Together with insurance partner Allianz, BMW Group Financial
Mal McKay as Editor.                                                      Services has developed a comprehensive insurance package
                                                                          that is not only competitive in price, but offers many other policy
Mike and Marie have both served on committee previously and
                                                                          benefits. All repairs will be carried out using (where possible)
bring a wealth of experience.
                                                                          original BMW parts and you will be able to decide where your
Mal brings enthusiasm and a deal of talent and is looking                 motorcycle is repaired. Currently BMW Insurance has over
forward to the challenge of editing the newsletter.                       20,000 policy holders in Australia and David is sure that BMW
The Regalia position is currently vacant. If no-one volunteers for        motorcyclists will swell the numbers and more importantly feel
this we will manage it from within committee, at least in the             secure in the knowledge that they are protected by BMW and
interim.                                                                  Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurance groups.
All other positions, including the unelected voluntary roles of           To kick off the new package, BMW Clubs Australia members
webmaster and ride co-ordinators remain unchanged.                        who take up a policy by 31 October 2006 will receive an
In my second term as President, I thank those retiring                    additional 10% discount on the already very competitive price.
committee members for their past contributions, thank those               If your current policy is due in the near future, or you would like
who continue to stand with me and welcome the new and                     the details on the BMW Motorcycle Insurance product, contact
returning committee members.                                              your nearest BMW Motorrad dealer or call 1800 035 660.
We finished the year without the a VP who’s key role is co-               Of course your BMW Motorrad dealer will also be happy to
ordination of the ride calendar. I’m looking forward to this being        inform you about the range of BMW Group Financial Services
a bit better coordinated than how we finished last year. I’m sure         products that are available.
we can get a good balance of events so there is something to              BMW 10% Discount Insurance Offer ~ Disclaimer:
please everyone on a regular basis. Of course the key thing to            You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy
getting a run on the calendar is sufficient notice to get it in two       Document carefully when considering whether the insurance is right for
issues of the newsletter so everyone can do a bit of planning.            you and to understand its limits and exclusions. For more information on
Don’t forget that anyone can propose a ride but if you want it as         these insurance products and many other options available through
a point scoring club event that contributes to the Clubman                BMW Group Financial Services, please contact the BMW Business
Awards, please run it past Mike. Don’t send it to the editor as           Manager at you preferred BMW dealer.
that was an interim measure to keep things going last year.               Ian “Ramjet” Ramsay
(Thanks Jennie).                                                          BMW Clubs Australia Delegate
The Awards Night at Gulgong will have been done and dusted
by the time you read this. It is shaping up as a huge turnout of            B MWTC o f N SW P O I N T S C O R E Incentive
members. If you weren’t there read about it next month.
                                                                          The Event                                                         Pts
Cheers, Wozza
                                                                          Organise a ride or event                                            2
                                                                          Social Sip                                                          2
 Our Club Welcomes its NEW MEMBERS
                                                                          Social Night - Restaurant Night, Party etc                          3
           Nicholas Le Lievre
                                                                          Maintenance Day                                                     2
                                                                          Day Run                                                             6
  Have a gander at these Interesting WEBSITES                             Weekend Run or Rally                                               10
             http://www.r1150r.org                                        Long Weekend Run or Rally                                          12
       A great forum to suit ALL BMW motorcycle owners                    Self written newsletter article                                     2
             http://malcolm.smugmug.com                                   Attend Club Meeting - City Member                                   4
  You’ll see images here of BMWTCNSW rides and functions.                 Attend Club Meeting - Country Member                                6
    Email me and I’ll send you a printable image, for free!
                                                                          Night Run                                                           6
        While away the hours playing this classic game!

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                    4                                                              AUG 2006
    T R E A S U R E R S R E P O R T for JUNE 2006
                    BMW Touring Club of NSW

       Operating Statement                  June        YTD 30/06/07
                    Income               3,595.00           3,595.00
                Expenditure                852.49             852.49
                    Surplus              2,742.51           2,742.51
        Balance Sheet as at              30/06/06            30/05/06
    St George Bank Account              23,808.25           20,545.74
                Cash Floats                233.22              233.22
           Regalia Inventory             2,279.60            2,279.60
                      Assets             5,511.00            5,511.00
                                        31,832.07           28,569.56
  Liabilities / Unpres Chqs               -922.76                -20.00
              Members Funds             30,909.31           28,549.56
                                        31,832.07           28,569.56
Very strong month due to membership renewals income. The
Club maintains a healthy cash at bank position with few
unpresented cheques.
The First Aid course planned for 19th August has many extra
places and is to be commended to all members and pillions.
Treasurer June 2006, Andrew Le Lievre

          GENERAL MEETING MINUTES                                                                Club Jacket ~ Multi Function
                      JUNE 28th 2006                                                         embroidered with club logo on right breast
Chairperson Warren Buffett                                                              reversible, navy outer with kaki highlights, beige inner
Meeting opened 7.55pm                                                                            shower proof (not wet weather gear)
Apologies Paul Breeze, Rob Milton, Andrew Le Lievre, Trevor Dean,
Ian Ramsay, Warren Russell & Alan Pennykid.                                                       nylon outer with polar fleece inner
Visitors Katherine Lewis.                                                                                velcro & elastic cuff
Previous Minutes                  - Accepted – Jennie Breeze                             hooded with drawstring and Velcro chin/neck cover
                                  - Seconded – Sandra Gluck
Correspondence                                                                                   hood zips off to reveal normal collar
Magazines from – BMW Owners Register NZ, BMW MCC of WA, BMW                                      arms zip off to make into a vest only
Club of UK, BMW Motorcycle Club of SA & BMW Motorcycle Club of Vic
& ACT BMW Motorcycle Club.                                                                           only $45-00 incl postage
Statement from St George Bank.                                                                         add your name for $10-00
Minutes from the MCC of NSW June meeting.                                                              ____________________
Advertising flyer from Affective Group re Motorcycle Finance.
President’s Report – Wozza – As per newsletter report.
Vice President’s Report Position vacant.                                           Warren is wearing an XL with generous sleeve & body length.
Secretary’s Report as per Minutes in Newsletter.                                   He says “it’s perfect for me”, “with my closed fist against a wall
Treasurer’s Report Wozza in Andrews absence – full financial report                   the sleeve measures 25” to my shoulder.” Size changes
is in newsletter. The Club finished the year in healthy financial position.                    represent 2” difference in sleeve length.
DFT return to be posted this week. Wozza thanked Andrew for his                                   Minimum Club Order is 20 jackets
efforts in sorting out the Club finances.
Membership Secretary Apologies.                                                             send Expressions of Interest ASAP to
Editor Jennie thanks Paul Evans for the newsletter cover photo and                         the PRESIDENT, see inside cover for contact details
also thanked all members for their support and the articles submitted
over the last 2 years.                                                            Moree camping trip – Mal advised 3 members went and they camped in
Regalia Sandra in Rob & Trevor’s absence – a report was read out to               the lounge room next to the log fire!
the meeting listing stock values at present. Rob & Trevor are not                 Tea Gardens Pub run - no one in attendance went.
standing for re-election.
                                                                                  Star City Casino – Col advised they stayed for a couple of drinks – very
Assets & Archives Wozza advised the Karuah gear is all back in the
                                                                                  expensive so they went to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel instead. Col,
lock up.
                                                                                  Barbara & Russell attended.
Clubs Australia Sandra in Ian’s absence – read out an email from CA
                                                                                  Wollomi – Tony Concliffe advised only 3 members attended and it was a
re a questionnaire to be completed re website hosting – costs, who, etc.          pretty quiet event.
To be forwarded to Roger for comment.
Webmaster Apologies.                                                              Coming Events Refer to Newsletter.
MCC Wozza advised there would be a meeting on 14 July with                        General Business
stakeholders and anyone remotely interested in Position for Safety.               Sandra passed on feedback from Rob Popplewell re the Club buying
Past Events                                                                       and owning a trailer. It was agreed the Club would not buy a trailer.
Social Sip at Nowra - no one in attendance went.                                  Wozza advised the Border Run will be a Black Tie event.
Alpine Rally - Bill Beggs advised the rally site was good, weather was            Wozza advise the marquee has been booked for Karuah.
raining Saturday but OK Sunday and there were lots of members in                  Wozza moved the motiojn that at this years Annual Dinner we add a
attendance. Bruce advised it was -12 degrees on Monday morning. Paul              new trophy to the awards – a perpetual trophy for the Editors Award –
Evans went cross country on postie bikes through snow, etc and                    the Editor each year to decide who gets the trophy. Seconded –Mike
commented it was ‘very memorable’.                                                Day. Motion carried. Jennie will award this year.
Talbingo - no one in attendance went.                                             Meeting Closed : 8.55pm

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                            5                                                              AUG 2006
An Alternative Anzac Weekend
                                          written by Bruce Campbell
This is the story of a non-official Anzac Weekend ride. The
official ride was to stay at the Laurel Hill ‘resort’ but there were a
few of us in the club who decided that we would like a ride to
that area, but to camp out rather than stay in the resort. So, an
alternative trip was planned – sort of! We did at least agree to
meet at the Caltex on the M4 near Eastern Creek at 8:00am on
Saturday morning. That was about the extend of the planning.
Other than that, we had plenty of maps and a vague idea of
staying at Paddy’s River Dam near Laurel Hill on the Saturday
night. After that, anarchy rules!
                                                                                                     Paddys River Dam
We started off with about 4-5 bikes but as we traveled our
numbers increased. Some of this was intentional, but at least                Apparently they had camped about a kilometre away but the
one increase was purely circumstantial and providential.                     ground was still covered in snow on the Sunday morning.
After a bit of sidetracking via the old Princes Hway to Marulan              The Dam is quite large and its possible to camp anywhere
we went to Yass for lunch (don’t buy fish and chips at the café              around the dam. This means that you nearly always have some
we stopped at. Definitely not recommended) and then traveled                 privacy.
via Wee Jasper to Tumut. Even those people on road bikes                     It was a slow start on Sunday morning. Dunno why. We did
enjoyed this section. Most of the dirt (about 20km all up if you             have a lot of empty supply containers to take out with us, ‘tho.
take the Wee Jasper Forest Road from the top of the hill out of              This may have had something to do with it.
Wee Jasper) was in good nick & not too challenging. The bonus
is the nice twisty road into Tumut once you hit the bitumen.
At Tumut we filled up with supplies (amazing how many
supplies come in bottles) and joined up with Paul Evans cousin
Geoff (Mr Bean to those in the know. If you ever meet Geoff
you’ll understand why). Then it was a quick ride to Paddys River
Dam. The turnoff to this is almost exactly 1km beyond the
Laurel Hill Forest Lodge, but its not marked as such. Neither are
the other turn you need to make to find the site. Unless you
know where the dam is you ain’t gunna find it. But, it is an
excellent camp site, if a bit cool at this time of year. A friend of
mine checked it out about lunch time on the Saturday and there
was still snow on the ground at that time. Fortunately it had
evaporated by the time we arrived. But, everyone was pretty
keen to collect firewood for the evening. There then seemed to
be an unofficial competition to see how fast we could burn it.
This meant the circle of imbibers around the fire kept on
increasing in diameter as the fire increased in height.                                      The extended group at Talangatta

One word of advice is required here. Don’t go anywhere near                  Sunday, was down through Tumbarumba, Jingellic and over
Paul E. if he has just bought ‘fresh’ organic eggs. They weren’t.            Granya Gap (what a ripper!) to Tintaldra where we had lunch.
In fact, they were bloody rotten. And very smelly. Unfortunately             Much better fish ‘n’ chips here. Highly recommended. Whilst
we couldn’t take them back to the supermarket to return them,                eating lunch who should turn up but Tony and Mark Conliffe on
broken, on their floor. The next morning we met 3 horse riders               the way home from the sidecar rally near Yarrawonga. One of
just as we were about to leave our campsite. They were                       the things I’ve learned over the years (I’ve known Tony for over
impressed with our site for a number of reasons. Firstly, it had a           20 years) is that you can expect to meet him miles from no-
shelter shed, secondly it had a reasonably good toilet, and                  where. Anyway, as both he and Mark were on holidays they did
thirdly it was snow free.                                                    not have the normal deadline and tagged along for the rest of
                                                                             the trip.
                                                                             The afternoon was spent checking out Mt Beauty and then
                                                                             Bright. I wanted to take a few piccies in Mt Beauty so the others
                                                                             went ahead without me. On the ride over the gap between the
                                                                             two I was thoroughly enjoying myself testing out the adhesion of
                                                                             the tyres on the Transalp. Passed a few cars then was slowly
                                                                             catching up to a 4WD. It was really being punted along well and
                                                                             the driver obviously knew the road. It also wasn’t lurching
                                                                             around like a typical 4WD. Anyway, caught up to this thing then
                                                                             followed it through a few corners and was just in the act of
                                                                             carving it up in a tight right hander when I caught a glimpse of
                                                                             the side of the car. Written right along the side, in very big
                                                                             letters was the word ‘Police’. That stuffed that bit of fun and I
                                                                             decided it was definitely time to stop for more piccies. Hence the
                                                                             photo of Mt Beauty.
                                                                             Sunday night was spent at a campsite about 15km down
                                                                             Buckland way from Bright – after more supplies having been
    Ian, Andy & Paul enjoying “supplies” at Paddys River Dam                 purchased.

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                       6                                                         AUG 2006
       Buckland Valley behind Andy                   Police Avoidance shot of Mt Beauty                         Magical Mt Hotham

Another pleasant night and considerably warmer than Paddys                   It was starting to get to the end of the day as we approached
River Dam. Some of use didn’t get up too early on Monday,                    Corryong with some really nice light for photos, so I stopped a
though.                                                                      few more times for some happy snaps. After refuelling, and
Monday morning saw a quick dash to the top of Mt Buffalo. For                getting yet more supplies we were heading out of town when we
those who haven’t done this, it’s highly recommended. The                    noticed three old sports cars with one getting a bit of loving
Mexicans take a different view on twisty roads. Rather than                  attention at a servo. So, we had another little rest while we
treating us like imbeciles, they assume we can make decisions                ogledat some very tasty machinery, even if they did have too
of our own and usually have only a single centre line. You can               many wheels.
overtake anywhere providing you think it’s safe, unlike NSW                  Eventually a stop was made at Paddys River Falls near
where it’s no overtaking everywhere.                                         Tumbarumba. This is lower down on the same river as Saturday
The scenery from the top of Mt Buffalo is pretty good too, but               night’s camp. Most people stop at Paddys River Crossing which
nearly everyone was slack and didn’t go for a walk.                          has a nice flat camping site, but no firewood. Very few people
                                                                             stop at the falls which are a few k’s closer to Tumba. The
It was as the top of Mt Buffalo where the anarchy started to kick            camping area is not as good and definitely does not
in. No one could make a decision on where we should go from                  accommodate many tents, but there is plenty of firewood. We
here. Also, a number of people were leaving the group at this                had two main concerns – finding flat tent sites, and getting some
point as they had to be at other locations that day (home).                  wood before the light disappeared totally. Then it was a case of
Eventually we decided on a run up to Mt Hotham and see what                  settle back and relax and get rid of the supplies – again.
happened from there. Good choice, 99! A great run up the
road, and some snow at the top just to increase the enjoyment                Before we left the next morning we just had to go look at the
factor.                                                                      falls, especially as it was only about a 100m walk. And, we all
                                                                             managed the terrible 100m trip. Wonders will never cease!
After throwing the obligatory snowballs at each other, anarchy
rose again. Decision was to stop at Dinner Plain for lunch. Bad              The ride home on Monday was basically a transport section, but
choice 99! Most things were closed due to the amount of                      chosen to give a little bit of enjoyment – back up to Tumut,
extensions being conducted. It was most unappealing with                     across to Yass via Wee Jasper (again), then to Gunning and up
construction crap everywhere. So, Omeo it was, after a close                 to Crookwell where a stop at Lyneham’s Country Kitchen for
encounter with Farmer Brown in his 4WD. I had just moved out                 lunch is mandatory. If you haven’t stopped here, make sure you
to overtake (with about a 60kph speed advantage) when he                     do, but remember that fast food it ain’t. The food is good enough
turned his right blinker on. Instant brownies. Fortunately, he was           to make a vegetarian turn to meat – ask Paul Evans. While
aware of what he was doing and his turn was actually quite a                 waiting for your tucker, check out the café – there’s lots to look
way down the road. He was giving all the guys behind me fair                 at.
warning of his intentions. Sure scared the crap out of me, tho.              After lunch I made my way to the sock shop just down the road
Geoff, who rides a CBR250RR with over 170,000km on it, was                   for some more nice comfy woolly socks for the Alpine rally.
still complaining about the twisty roads and wanted to know                  Then it was off to Taralga, Oberon Hartley Vale and across the
when we were going to get to the freeway. This complaint was                 hills via Bell’s Line of Road. I’ve done the latter ride a few times
starting to get monotonous although the grin seemed to be                    this year, but it never disappoints. Definitely a nice piece of
getting bigger the further we went. Next time I’ll find some                 road.
freeway for him. Then we can really hear some complaining.                   For what was an ill-defined proposition, the weekend turned out
Lunch at Omeo was very pleasant. I normally eat at the Mad                   a ripper. I don’t think anyone was disappointed. I even found a
Cow Café but this time we stopped at a little café further up the            couple of roads I hadn’t travelled on before, and as this is now
street. After a good hamburger each, most of us decided to go                my intention for every trip I go on, I was a happy chappy. The
back for some home made healthy fruit cake. Good choice 99.                  time to stop and take a few photos rather than trying to see who
Dunno whether it fitted into my diet, but it definitely fitted into my       could get to the next servo first was also nice. Those included
tummy very nicely.                                                           here are not necessarily my favourites from the ride, but those
                                                                             that I think will be of interest to members that also have some
My intention was to go from here up the Mitta Mitta Rd then on               chance of reproducing with a black and white photocopier.
to Corryong. However, I was over-ruled mainly by Tony C. Just
as well, too, as it was long enough as it was. We took the                   For the record, those attending (I think. My memory’s not so
Benambra Rd to Corryong. At least the dirt slowed down Geoff                 good after all those supplies) were: Paul Evans, Paul Vranich
on the 250, but only slightly. We all stopped for a rest and re-             (VFR800), Andy Crook, Ian Berry, Geoff (CBR250RR), Tony &
group at Nariel Creek just after finishing the dirt. It was then time        Mark Conliffe and myself, Bruce Campbell.
for Mark to have a go at the pointy end of the GS. Dunno
whether mum knows about this, so I guess Tony will have to
hide this issue of the mag. Anyway, we crossed over the creek,
just getting into second gear or so and there’s two bloody emus
standing on the side of the road. For those of you who don’t
know, I hate emus, especially after having hit one at over
100kph some years ago. They are bloody hard. But, no                         BC                                                                ■
problems this time.

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                       7                                                           AUG 2006
                                                                         After dinner we adjourned to the pub for the rest of the evening.
                                                                         The bar area was small and cozy with a lovely open fireplace.
                                                                         The room was adorned with lots of stuff on the shelves & walls
                                                                         to catch your eye. The style juke box got a workout with
Moonan Flat Pub Run                                                      “Mustang Sally” being played over and over.
                                             written by Peter Kime
I arrived for breakfast early at our meeting place, Hungry Jacks
at the end of the F3. Dave Ellis and Alison who had come to see
us off, were there already. Whilst indulging in conversation, we
watched the other riders roll in from the Hunter Valley and
Sydney where they had left warm beds and family behind.
Thirty five bikes and their mounts assembled in two groups; Mal
led the road riders through the back of Cessnock, onto Broke
then on to the outskirts of Denman via Aberdeen to Moonan
Us off road junkies headed for Gloucester. After fuelling up at
the local servo we all headed towards the town bakery for
morning tea and coffee. The owner must have been rubbing her
hands together with glee; at all these people coming to spend
their money at her pie shop. Bloody good tucker there too, worth
another visit.
With full bellies we were soon on the road again via the village
of Barrington. Rob T led a mixed group of bikes over the main
Barrington trail; Aprilia 650, BMW 1200GS, Cagiva 900                                  moonan flat pub, by Mal from Cessnock
Elephant, TDM900 and 650 VStrom. Stopping at various
lookouts on the way to the top.                                          When we woke the following morning we saw a light fog lift from
                                                                         the valley between the hills and disappear into a clear day. After
                                                                         a light breakfast we all suited up and headed for home via
                                                                         Glenbawn Dam where we split into two groups again. Like our
                                                                         trip to Moonan Flat, some of us went home by road and others
                                                                         by dirt. Before parting company until our next meeting; whether
                                                                         a ride or social sip, we met up at Singleton Maccas for a chat
                                                                         and a well earned cup of coffee.
                                                                         Thanks to all who attended, especially those who traveled long
                                                                         distances to join in the fun. We are hoping to stage a similar
                                                                         event in the near future. Keep an eye on the Vice President’s
                                                                         Ride Calendar or send in your own ride ideas.
                                                                         PK                                                               ■

                                                                         The “Off Centre” Rally
                                                                                                                   written by Rob Tiedeman
                                                                         Some of us need challenges whether to sail an ocean; travel to
                       the firs, by mike collis
                                                                         remote destinations; win an event, but for some it is to live a
I led the other bikes; Dakar 650, BMW 1100GS, BMW 1150GS                 long life and read the paper when they retire. But us adventure
x 3, DRZ400, & my freewind further north. We then turned west            riders want to experience an adventure like the Off Center Run.
past Woko National Park on good easy to ride dirt road winding
                                                                         The Off Centre Rally was born from the Centre Rally which
up & down the scenic hills of open countryside. Then two easy
                                                                         begin biannually in 1976 at Alice Springs, making riding on dirt
climbs up the range to a lookout, with views far down the valley
                                                                         an intended prerequisite to attend. Then in 1982, some bright
                                                                         spark who didn’t like dirt, transported his bike by rail. The 800km
The next part of the ride was up onto the plateau, where I nail-         of dirt road was slowly being sealed reducing the adventure too.
ed the throttle, through the sweeping bends and long straights;
past the communities of Tomalla and Hunter Springs; down the             BMW men Chris McArdle of the Vic Club and PJ from the NSW
mountainside, enjoying breathtaking views to the north. A cold           club decided to re-establish the integrity of the Rally by creating
beer waited to be claimed at the bar in Moonan Flat after                a few simple rules & changing its name to Off Centre Rally.
winding our way through Ellerston Road.                                     • minimum of 200km from sealed road
All off road riders arrived at about the same time… to be                   • must have fuel and beer
greeted by the Tar Tourers who had already settled into their               • everybody welcome
digs; claimed the best beds and were grinning; beer in hand &               • promotion is by word of mouth
gullet. Most of us intermingled in the bunkhouse courtyard                  • to collect a badge must attend the next Off Centre Rally
lapsing into important muttering about the day’s ride; other rides       The BMWTC of NSW has a strong association with this well
and the good times in between. Sometime later Postman Pat                established event. Some members always make the long trek
rolled in to camp to join the goings on.
                                                                         1984 Innamincka, SA
Later that evening we filled the little restaurant “on masse” For        The inaugural Off Centre near the QLD border, as the cow flies.
the very reasonable meal prices we were served large helpings
of gastronomic gourmet delights. We ate in a congenial                   1986 Rabbit Flat Roadhouse, NT
atmosphere by candlelight, while drinking plenty of fine wine            125 Km to WA Boarder. Half way along the Tanami Track which
and beer.                                                                runs from Halls Creek to Alice Springs.
                                                                         It's only open 4 days a week, no exceptions!

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                   8                                                          AUG 2006
1986 Gregory Downs Pub, QLD                                                 After much discussion we decided to do a loop traveling North
80km NE of Camooweal & 116km SW of Burketown. On the                        via Quilpie, Boulia, Alice Springs, Tanami Track which runs to
Gregory River in Queensland’s Gulf Country. near the Lawn Hill              Halls Creek. Before spending a week in the Kimberley’s, after
National Park.                                                              being advised of the beauty and in some opinions ‘is the last
1988 Mt Augustus, WA                                                        frontier’ in Australia. (Yes I know we have the deserts) Then off
288 Km north east of Gascoyne Junction. Think Uluru is the                  to Derby, Broome, Port Headland, and Gascoyne Junction.
biggest rock in OZ? Think again! This ancient monocline range
is about 300km West of Carnarvon on the coast.
1992 Stonehenge Pub, Qld
A Hotel with it's ring of standing stones, a cricket pitch & a
community hall mark this remote location 1/2 way from
Longreach 160km NE to Windorah. Now a location for the
Jindalee 'Over the Horizon' radar.
1994 Mt Dare Station SA
On the edge of the Simpson Desert is the last fuel before
Birdsville. Mt Dare Station is about 50km NW of Dalhousie
Thermal Springs at the Stuart National Park.
1996 Wollogorang Station, NT/QLD
Between Burketown and Borroloola, it lies almost on the QLD –
NT, border not far from the Gulf of Carpentaria.
                                                                                       an off centre run “mishap” many moons ago
1998 Cameron Corner Junction, QLD/NSW/SA
The "Dog Fence" 5000km south keeping the Dingos away from                   Reliably of bikes is taken for granted these days, get them
sheep! Most of the area is part of a national park, but there is a          serviced each year and in the event of break down we ring on
corner store that sells fuel - nothing else.                                the Mobile and get help “no problem”. This trip is different, we
                                                                            have to be self sufficient, a simple thing can finish the trip. We
2002 Uranadangie, QLD                                                       have to, carry fuel to travel 540km between fuel stops with
153km SW of Mt Isa. A pub, fuel pump and plenty of dust.                    allowance for sandy/slow conditions. We need to have 35lts;
2004 Innamincka, SA                                                         carry water for two days at least 8lts, food and spares.
47km to Qld border & 418km to Birdsville. An oasis on the
                                                                            I am carrying two spare tubes, rubber repair kit, spark plug,
Cooper river with grass up to 4 metres from the rivers edge.
                                                                            clutch cable & lever; gear lever plus other miscellaneous bits
Boasting a Pub, Service station, half a dozen houses,
                                                                            and tools and if I do not use any of the spares it will be good
mechanical workshop a city compared to other rally sites.
                                                                            trip. We must be independent, carrying everything we will need
12 August 2006 Gascoyne Junction WA                                         ourselves, except for GPS and Satellite phone which we will
174km East of Carnarvon. A pub with fuel & not much else.                   share the use and cost.
In 2002 Trevor Hooker and John McDonough from Newcastle                     It seems a waste to change half worn tyres, brake pads, chains
decided to attend the Uranadangie. Seven riders mostly riding               etc but you are never sure of the equipment and we will use the
R1100 GS boxers departed. The road conditions were dry &                    removed parts when we return. Well, that’s what we tell the
sandy with lots of bull dust, it was a difficult trip with one broken       family.
arm one after an ‘end for end’ and uncountable drops. Mick
Cannon and Ian on their F650 Dakars and being experienced                   The attendance at the ‘Off Centres’ is increasing with each rally
off road riders reveled in these conditions. After the trip 3               from the dozen in 1984 to an estimated 100 plus at Innamincka.
Boxers were swapped for Dakar’s. One thing for sure the Guy’s               It is getting easier with improved roads, bike’s communications
were going to the next Off Centre at Innamincka. The outback                etc. With more people purchasing GS’s and other dual purpose
bug had bit.                                                                bikes and using them, the future of the Off Centre will continue.
We had to improve our skills, or somebody would get hurt.                   Reaching Gascoyne with be an anticlimax, stories will be
Arrangements with Miles Davis to provide the first of his many              compared, drinks downed and finally tents packed up and
Adventure training courses and it opened a whole new world to               everybody will continue there journey. Does not seem worth the
us. The old road riders now had some idea how to handle a big               trouble and expense as well as wearing out a prefect bike, but
bike in rough conditions. We started riding off road and thinking           that sense of adventure will be quenched until the next time. In
about weight distribution, packing with the weight low and                  two years it should be in the east again which will make getting
centrally located (not stacked on the pillion seat) and fitting off         the fix easier.
road tyresj dropping pressures so much to learn…
August 2004 and seven of us were off to Innamincka. The road
conditions were greatly improved the we traveled 7,000 km with
only one low speed drop in deep sand. We still had hairy
moments but we got safety through, if it was too easy it would
not be a challenge.
At the bar at Saturday night the announcement was made the
next Off Centre was to at be at Gascoyne Junction, WA. From
that night on Trevor, Mick and Neville were going and started
gathering information. The rest of us were worried how far it
was, how long it would take, could we get leave from home and
work. Over the next 18 months we could not resist the urge of
the outback and the next big one.
Trevor, John and Neville applied for 6 weeks leave enough time
to do the full circuit. Ian and Mick managed 4 weeks leave and                       another off centre run “mishap” many moons ago
were riding to Perth and flying home with their bikes to follow             My thanks to Graham Johns for providing the detailed history of
and I would not make the Off Centre bit, but I have 3 weeks                 the Off Centre Rally.
leave would make it Broome before flying home with the bike to              RT                                                            ■
follow later; it is the journey not the destination so they say.

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                      9                                                           AUG 2006
                                                                           A big thank you to contributors Bruce Campbell, Henning &
                                                                           Judy Jorgensen, Peter Kime and Rob Lovett for these great
                                                                           Ride Reports. Your Newsletter can’t do without good
                                                                           quality reports. Keep them coming. ED
Laurel Hill & Loaded Dog
                                              written by Rob Lovett        The Loaded Dog (at the Tarago showground), reminds you that
                                                                           winter’s not all that far away, but it didn’t deter about 150 bikes
The ANZAC weekend had us heading to Laurel Hill, an ex low                 from turning up to this year’s event.
security detention centre between Batlow and Tumbarumba. It
                                                                           Our club had quite a few there as did SCUM, but I reckon we
was a good thing to book early as quite a few turned up. The
                                                                           would have beaten them for largest club attendance if we had
place was beautiful with brumbies grazing in the grounds
                                                                           paid a bit more attention to the presentations. We failed on this
surrounded by pine forests and bushland (and a bargain at $48
                                                                           score because we’d paid far too much attention to other pursuits
for dinner bed & breakfast). The dormitory style accomm had us
                                                                           during the evening, eg drinking, telling exaggerated accounts of
in groups of 10 or so per block, so we made sure we were well
                                                                           recent rides, more drinking and more exaggerations. Margaret’s
stocked for the night – as there were several long ones!
                                                                           candelabrum once again added some ambience to the
The great thing about Laurel Hill is its proximity to the snowy            atmosphere (in contrast to what others did to the atmosphere
mountains, the Murray Valley Highway, Hume Weir, the Alpine                the next morning).
Way and Elliot’s Way so, there’s some fantastic riding within a            At one stage Margaret Barlow kindly offered us some smoked
couple of hour’s radius. And if you didn’t want to ride, but just          oysters using Paul Breeze’s bike as a table (nothing wrong with
veg out, there were plenty of places to walk or just relax. If you         that). But alas!, the oyster oil dribbled over Paul’s brake caliper
haven’t been on this run, you should think about it for next year          & disc rotor which left him more or less unimpressed the next
– it’s a fantastic way to have a “micro holiday”. A big thanks to          morning. As a consequence, there was a major brake cleaning
Jane and Dave for organising a great weekend.                              exercise underway at an early hour to make sure Paul wasn’t
Not long after Laurel Hill, Struggle Town Tourers of                       equipped with a permanent form of ABS.
Queanbeyan put on the Loaded Dog (named after the pub at                   The ‘Dog is always a lot of fun and this one was no different –
Tarago, and in turn, named after Henry Lawson’s short story                thanks Struggle Town Tourers for putting on a great show.
from the 1890’s).
                                                                           RL                                                                         ■

                     Dave, Anders and Paul                                                             The Morning After
           we made sure we were well stocked for the night                   frantically packing up, doing chain lubes - or removing heul d’ oyster

Easter 2006
                                                                                                                   written by Rob Lovett
Back on the Easter weekend, Warren Russell organised an epic run out into central-west NSW including Stuart Town for a couple
of nights and then Peak Hill. It’s a relaxed ride out this way (perhaps getting a bit tense towards dark as the natives become
restless). We were put up in the Iron Bark Hotel which did great meals in a bike-friendly atmosphere.
From Stuart Town we fanned out in all directions with some going across to
Cowra to see the Japanese gardens and remnants of the POW Camp (it housed
about 4000 prisoners at its peak), or out around the goldfields on the Turon and
Macquarie Rivers.
The Club House Hotel at Peak Hill was Sunday’s objective, and well worth while
(Neil Phillips rode all the way from Gunnedah for this leg of the weekend). The
hotel owners let us park our bikes in the beer garden, and they topped this off with
a brilliant home-cooked dinner (a real stunner).
The Club House Hotel seems to have had its ups and downs (so to speak), and
for those contemplating a bit of hanky-panky, the men’s toilet carries a stern
warning on the grim consequences of doing so. see insert
We had the pub to ourselves on the Sunday night, giving Margaret Barlow’s
candelabra a good work-out as well as our beer-glass lifting skills, in a quiet
relaxed setting. It was over a thousand k ride for most of us – excellent!
A big thanks to Warren for organising a beaut run. RL                                    ■

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                    10                                                                AUG 2006
Alpine Rally 2006, Number 37
               words and images by Henning & Judy Jorgensen
This year, the venue was the old Yarrangobilly Village camping
ground where the first Alpine Rally was in 1969.
Thursday night saw us wining & dining Wangaratta looking
forward to the predicted good weather for the weekend. Friday
breakfast at Beechworth Bakery with locals Chris & Ian, but only
Ian will make the Rally.
Met up with my sons Eli & Bjorn at Tintaldra & then off to
Tumbarumba for brew. Bjorn then returned home & we set off to
Tumut for final provisions. Past Lake Talbingo with ‘roos
                                                                         thurs arvo, bike ready for us to leave melbourne
everywhere & arrived on the banks of Yarrangobilly River to
about 25 early rallyists & 15 tonne of firewood. We pitched the
tent & settled in for dinner & a –2 deg C night.
Saturday morning was clear but by mid afternoon the odd
shower appeared along with the remainder of the approximately
190 happy campers. The day was spent, as you always do,
preparing the damper & then the roast in the camp oven so it is
right for dinner. This was interrupted with many arrivals & the
pleasure of seeing everyone again.
You meet some great people over the years. The Clubman
Tourers from Sydney, as always, arrived with a fully dressed
sheep on one bike & the collapsible spit on another & that
Saturday night taken care of.
The range of bikes goes from Postie’s to Laverda’s to 1950’s
Matcho’s to bikes with campers or trailers in tow & this is
complimented by a similar range of people.
Darkness approaches only to be challenged by the full moon (in           yarrangobilly caves turn off on snowy mtns hwy
between the sleet & showers), about 20 campfires, fireworks,
Stones Bombs & a couple of V W crankcases (magnesium)
glowing in the fire. Thoughts about Sunday’s weather were
occasionally shared. We were also joined by the Caves ranger,
as the Highway Patrol patrolled but didn’t visit.
With a temperature report of +2 degrees C, this explained why
we were hot overnight. As presentation time 9am drew closer
the overnight cloud mass, which someone suggested was an
approaching blizzard, started clearing & by noon a brilliant blue
sky was to be experienced which lasted to Wednesday.
The 160 payees & the 30 odd non-payees gathered for the
presentations. This also included about a dozen kids, which is
always good to see. I called for the youngest male & female to
come forward, both about 25, to collect their free entry.
I then called for a vote to have the next 2 years at Brindabella
so that the 40 Alpine Rally can be here at Yarrangobilly in
                                                                              in front of cotterill’s cottage, built 1898
2009. With this accepted it was time for some to set off for
home. For those of us staying a late breakfast was followed with
a ride to Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool. At 27 deg C the
second time in is convinces you that it’s warmer in than out &
also it’s great after a few days around a fire to freshen up.
The ride back was past some brumbies in amongst some snow
& past Long Plain Road turn off that goes to the Brindabellas
which were also covered in snow, for as far as the eye could
Back at camp to fire up the camp oven for another magnificent
feast. The sky being clear ensured a cool one with minus 12
deg C being the result in the morning.
Packed up with the tent being dry departed at midday & arrived
in Dromana 9.30pm.
All in all another top weekend, see you at Brindabella. H & JJ

                                                                         sunday morning presentation at cotterill’s cottage

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                  11                                                      AUG 2006
      sunday morning presentation at cotterill’s cottage                     monday morning view from our tent

   trying to carry a load from wood pile to camp, but lost it               yarrangobilly caves thermal pool, 27°C

                     vw crankcase on fire                                             a frosty silhouette

 judy & I at the clubman tourers “annual alpine sheep on spit”        frosty enough to leave his “tag” on this old beemer

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                               12                                                  AUG 2006
Once Bitten Rally                                                          Sat 29th to Sun 30th July
                                              written by Rob Lovett        Macquarie Towns Rally
A few months ago I checked out the Once Bitten Rally put on by             Vineyard in the Hawkesbury area. Registration is necessary for
the Redback Tourers of Wagga Wagga. The rally is held at                   forms etc contact hitech_dave@ii.net
Humula, about 30 k south east of Tarcutta in the foothills                 Ring David Howe 02 4578 4601
approaching the great divide. It’s is a picturesque village
consisting of a general store, a Citizen’s Sports Club, about 15           Sat 26th August
houses and a timber mill, with the rally held out the back of the          Royal National Park run
Sports Club.                                                               Meet 10am cnr Princes Hway and Farnell Ave at park entrance
                                                                           in Sutherland. All bikes welcome
                                                                           Ring DOT Mobile 0419 296 939

                                                                           Sat 9th to 10th September
                                                                           Joint QLD/NSW weekend run to Urunga
                                                                           Staying in the Ocean View Hotel, Morgo St, Urunga.
                                                                           Ph: 02 6655 6221All bikes welcome.
                                                                           Say you’re with the BMW Club when booking
                                                                           Sandra Gluck 0419 022 025 & Ian Ramsay 0414 746 992

                                                                           Sat 23rd to Sun 24th September
                                                                           Alternative to Bermagui
                                                                           Arrangements not yet finalized with the Canberra club for an
                                                                           “Alternative to Bermagui”. A meet that both clubs have enjoyed
                                                                           in previous years
About 50 – 60 bikes turned up, with awards and presentations
made inside the Club after dinner. They must have had 20 or                Sun 24th September
more raffle prizes all donated by local business. In spite of the          Classic Show Day by CEMCC
rally being staged at the rear of the club, the back fence joined          Engadine, Cooper Street Reserve
straight onto farmland stretching off into the distance, so there          Cnr Princes Hwy, 10am – 2pm, judging 12-1pm
was no sense of being hemmed in. The catering was excellent                I’m going for a squizz
and beer was served from the bar, so there was no shortage of
coolant to sip beneath the trees on the warm afternoon.                    Ring DOT Mobile 0419 296 939
The gymkhana was a beauty, with several slow races
supplemented by an egg-catching contest, an iron guts                      Fri 29th September to Mon 2nd October
competition (outstanding), and some other contest where the                Sidecar and Enthusiasts Rally
ladies had to kneel down and nibble bits of sausage suspended              Run by the Sydney Sidecar Club on a site beside the Bridle
by string from blokes’ belts. From a distance it looked like they          Track north of Bathurst
were…., well,….sort of, doing something else, but we won’t go
there.                                                                     October Long Weekend
                                                                           Sat 30th September to Mon 2nd October
I returned home via the Elliott Way up to Cabramurra (a pretty             Yeoval Royal Hotel Pub Stay
spectacular run), then Kiandra, Adaminaby and Shannon’s Flat.
                                                                           Yeoval is on Banjo Paterson Way, central to Dubbo, Molong
Somewhere on the Bobeyan Road, the bike (R1150R), threw
                                                                           and Wellington. Good run for road & off road bikes. Yeoval is
away its headlamp protector, but other wise no mishaps except
                                                                           great little country town
for a fallen tree on the Elliott Way.
                                                                           Ring Warren Russell Ph 02 9744 2258
It was a great little rally and well worth putting on your rally
                                                                           Sat 7th to Sun 8th October
RL                                                                ■        Thunder Rally
                                                                           Sheba Dams, Nundle

                                                                           Sat 21st to Sun 22nd October
                                                                           Kosciuszcko Rally
                                                                           By the ACTBMWMCC at Geehi Hut

                                                                           Sat 11th to Sun 12th November
                                                                           Trout Rally
                                                                           (Snowy Mountains region)
                                                                           Hosted by the Tumut Valley Riders

                                                                           20th to 21st January, 2007
                                                                           Karuah Recon Run

                                                                           9th to 11th February, 2007
                                                                           BMWTC of NSW 30th Karuah River Rally
                                                                           Ring Warren Buffett Ph 02 9622 4254                             ■

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                    13                                                        AUG 2006
            Des ign ed fo r Bike Rid er s
                Half Price for club members
BMWTC of NSW own First Aid Course at St John Headquarters
6 Hunt St , Surry Hills 8am – 5pm ~ Aug 19th don’t miss this
$45-00 per member or $90-00 non-members
Jennie Breeze 0402 147 750 or email pjbreeze@bigpond.com

Dear Editor
Hi - I am the Editor of VMX Magazine (Vintage Motocross and
Dirtbike Quarterly), which you may have seen at the
newsagents. It deals with old dirtbikes, up to about 1985 and is
a high quality publication distributed worldwide.
In what is a shameless plug, but also hopefully very interesting
for BMW owners, I'd like to let you know that the current issue of
the magazine (Issue 26) at the newsagents contains a very
detailed and informative feature on BMW ISDT (International Six
Days Trial) bikes and riders from the 1920s to the 1960s. The
next issue (#27 due out mid-August) contains Part 2 of the
story, detailing the ISDT bikes from the '70s.                                                          WANTED
It was a remarkable feature to put together and highlights how
much effort BMW put into their dirt bikes, well before they ever                      1982, 83 or 84 BMW R100RS in Pearl White
thought of releasing GS models. Most of the photos are from                                 Condition unimportant, price flexible
BMW Germany archives and are outstanding.                                             willing to pay above market value for right bike
Just thought I'd let you know so that you can perhaps advise                                        preferably 1983 model
your members - it really is the kind of BMW article you're not                                    please contact Pete Kaye
going to see anywhere else!                                                         mobile 0416 302 220 or email lario999@yahoo.com
Please let me know if you need any more information on the
article or how to get the magazine if you can't find it at your
                                                                                       BMW TOURING CLUB of NSW
                                                                                        Regalia Report, year ended June 2006
Below is a mention of the article on Ed Youngblood's
Motohistory site in the US                                                   Not a lot of action with Regalia during the year. We purchased some
                                                                             Twenty Andz Strap Neck warmers that sold. Blue/White T Shirts that
Many of us think of BMW motorcycles as the world's best                      have sold 18/20. We have put in a concerted effort with minimal return.
pavement burners, and when we associate them with off-road
                                                                             We have made efforts to move old stock we inherited, by taking all stock
riding we think of the GS, introduced in 1980. However, BMW's                to the Karuah Rally but only sold $200 - $300 worth. The club has a
off-road tradition dates back to 1923 when its first motorcycle              large number of past rally badges which we attached to ribbon and sold
underwent off-road testing, then just three years later the                  for $10 per ten badge, we moved some of these. We have two sets of
marque earned its first gold medal at the International Six Days             most of the rally badges for our club archives.
Trial. Issue 26 of VMX, the high-quality vintage motocross and               At present the clubs holds $2,189.60 of stock at cost as detailed on the
dirt bike quarterly published in Australia, presents the first of a          attached stock listing.
two-part series about BMW's long-time involvement in                         I believe that the following stock should be re-valued and the products
Gelaendesport. This well-researched story is illustrated with                sold at reduced prices. They are sizes that people do not want or are
wonderful historical photos from the archives of BMW AG. One                 too old to sell.
is of Hitler and Hess drooling with Fatherland pride over the                T Shirts               8        @       $15.00                  $120.00
1935 ISDT Trophy.                                                            Polo T Shirts          4        @       $16.50                   $66.00
Regards, Ken Smith                                                           Sloppy Joes            1        @       $16.00                   $16.00
Editor VMX Magazine                                                          Key Rings            129        @        $1.00                  $129.00
PO Box 336 Eastwood NSW 2122                                                 Total Stock                                                     $331.00
Ph 02 9452 1444                                                     ■        Trevor and I have decided to not stand for re-election.
                                                                             The main problem was communicating with the committee to get
                                                                             approval for purchases. When we accepted the position we envisaged
                                                                             that we would have a budget to work with. The total stock you can hold
                                                                             is $2,000.00 and if we wanted to introduce a new line or replenish
                                                                             stocks we could only purchase up to the budget value of our $2,000.00
                                                                             allocation. This would ensure that the regalia officer would have to sell
                                                                             stock before purchasing additional stock.
                                                                             If they do not sell stock, then we do not purchase stock.
                                                                             We were going to place a regalia page in the newsletter but we could
                                                                             not get stock to advertise and without the stock you can not photograph
                                                                             to prepare the advertisement. When you get a quote from a supplier the
                                                                             first question is how many do you need than they prepare the quote.
                                                                             The committee requested that we pre-sell stock, then place the order.
                                                                             We have found that people purchase on impulse, if they see the stock,
                                                                             try it on and if they have the funds, they purchase.
                                                                             I feel that if you are given responsibility as the regalia officer, we should
                                                                             have the authority to manager regalia. During the past 12 months we
                                                                             have not had the authority to manage regalia.
                                                                                                            Rob Tiedeman and Trevor Hooker ■

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                      14                                                                   AUG 2006
                                         BMW Touring Club of New South Wales Incorporated
                                      (Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984)

                                    The BMW Touring Club of NSW was founded in 1965, with an initial membership of 15.
                     The aim of the club is to provide a social medium for BMW riders and motorcycle touring. It is not necessary for you to
own a BMW motorcycle to join the club. There are a wide range of activities throughout the year, ranging from regular day rides, rallies (local, interstate and other
 BMW club rallies), runs with interstate BMW clubs and camping weekends. We have gained a large number of trophies from our attendance at rallies. The club
  also has regular maintenance days (where you can tap into a vast range of knowledge from our members). We have spare parts available at a slight discount for
     members and a variety of special tools for use when servicing, repairing or replacing components. We also have social evenings, an annual presentation
                                    night/dinner and a Christmas party. The club encourages family involvement in all events.

 NEW and PRESENT members                                                          Current Membership Number: __________

I, __________________________________________________ and_______________________________________________________________

                 (full name of applicant)                                                            (additional person/s)
of______________________________________________________________________________________________Postcode: _____________

Preferred Phone No’s: 1)___________________                    2)_____________________E-Mail address: ________________________

Motorcycle/s Make, Model & Year: _________________________________________________________________________________________

I hereby apply to join/renew my membership of the above named incorporated association & I agree to be bound by the rules of the club.

___________________________________                   ________________________
         (signature of applicant)                           (date )

NEW MEMBERS ONLY: If an existing member introduced you: Introduced by:__________________________________

New Application / Renewal and /or Joint Application (please circle one)
                                                                                                                         Mail to:
New member joining fee             $ 10 (+ Annual Membership Fee)
Annual Membership fee              $ 40 per year (city or country membership)                                            BMW Touring Club of NSW
Total amount payable               $ _______                                                                             PO Box 53
Make all cheques and money orders payable to BMW Touring Club of NSW
                                                                                                                         Rydalmere BC
                                                                                                                         NSW 1701
NOTE 1. All membership fees are due by 1 July each year.
NOTE 2. Membership not renewed by 1 August will be considered as a resignation of membership


Do you wish to receive the magazine by E-Mail (as well as a hard copy)?…… Yes/ No
                                                                                                (If Yes have you filled out your email address above ? )

Do you have a First Aid Certificate ….Yes/ No :
                                                      If NO are you interested in attending a First Aid Certificate Course for Bike

Would you like to be on the Club Hospitality List …Yes /No

 Name (e.g. John & Julie)               Location (Town or Area)           State      Phone no./s                   S    A     M    D kms      Comments

(S) Social stop, bit of a cuppa; (A) Accommodation / Camping space; (M) Mechanical Assistance / workshop space; (D) Distance prepared to travel
to assist

BMWTCNSW NEWLETTER                                                              15                                                                     AUG 2006
If undelivered return to
BMW TOURING CLUB of NSW                                                               POSTAGE
PO Box 53
RYDALMERE BC NSW 1701 Australia

Print Post Approved
PP 297537/0044

AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT -                                                FIRST AID COURSE – 19th August

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