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Retelling Criteria


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									Retelling Criteria

Student:                                                  Book:

Date:                                                  Examiner:
Directions: After a student has read a “just right” book, ask the student to do a retelling to
evaluate comprehension.

        Not Yet               In Progress        Adequate                        Proficient
    Is confused and        Needs to look        Retells with             Retells in a way that
     uncertain. Does         through the book       some                     shows a good
     not know where          and sometimes          hesitations.             understanding of what
     to begin or may         uses book            Retells in a way          was read including:
     share only what         language rather        that indicates            Setting
     happened at             than own words         the main points           Characters
     the end or one          to retell.             of the text are           Events in
     key event of the       Retells selected       understood.                  sequence
     story.                  important            Is able to recall          Topic
    Reluctant to try.       events.                key story events          Conclusion
     Requires lots of       Continues to           with some               Retells at a high level
     prompting               require guided         detail.                  that includes one or
     (What                   questions to         May comment               more of the following:
     happened first?         provide more           on the text or            Critique of the
     How was in the          details.               characters.                  story characters
     story?).                                     May require                Opinion of certain
    Provides brief,                                some prompting               events
     incomplete                                     to provide more           Interpretations
     answers to                                     detail.                   Analysis of
     prompts and                                                                 storyline
     does not                                                               Is able to relate
     attempt to retell                                                       personal experiences
     independently.                                                          or make natural
                                                                             connections to the
 Notes from the retelling:

 Summary: Using the criteria above, rate the retelling as either “Not Yet,” “In Progress,”
 “Adequate,” or “Proficient,” and explain your decision.

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