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                                                                                                                                Bravo, Italia
likes what
he sees
Phelps Dodge CEO tours Inco,
Sudbury during weekend visit
     BY ROB O’FLANAGAN           pending regulatory clearance
        The Sudbury Star         and shareholder approval.
                                 The boards of all three com-
  The head of Phelps Dodge       panies have endorsed the
drove through, and hovered       merger.
over, the Sudbury mining           Opposition over foreign
camp on the weekend, sur-        ownership of Canadian natu-
veying an industrial mining      ral resources mounted when
complex that could soon be       Swiss-based Xstrata PLC
under the Phelps Dodge           made a hostile bid for Falcon-
name.                            bridge.
  J. Steven Whisler, chairman      Similar opposition is
and CEO of Phelps Dodge,         swirling around the Phelps
liked what he saw and is         Dodge proposal.
excited by the prospect of                                                                                                                                                                  GINO DONATO/THE SUDBURY STAR
creating North America’s                                              Sudbury’s Italian community erupted in celebration Sunday after Italy beat France 5-3 in the World Cup final in Germany.
largest base metal mining                                             Many revellers paraded around the city’s west end to mark the occasion — Italy’s first title since 1982.
company.                         “I’m very impressed
  “I’m very impressed with       with the community,
the     community,        very

                                                                      Sudbury’s Italians rejoice
impressed with the facilities    very impressed with
and I’ve been very impressed
with the people,” Whisler said
                                 the facilities and I’ve
during an interview at Inco’s    been very impressed
Copper Cliff offices on Sun-
day.                             with the people.”
  Whisler is one of the prin-
cipal players in a $40-billion                 J. Steven Whisler,     World Cup win                         and France. For the first time,
                                                                                                            the finale coincided with the
                                                                                                                                                 during the 1982 win.
                                                                                                                                                   “Overall, I think Italy did
                                                                                                                                                                                    Congeniality on Friday at the
                                                                                                                                                                                    Italian Festival Pageant.
merger proposal that would        Chairman, CEO of Phelps Dodge                                             Italian Festival.                    well from the start of the            “It’s fun because I get to
see his company combine                                               helped festival                          “It wasn’t the greatest game      World Cup,” said Rocca.            meet new people and find
with Inco and Falconbridge                                                                                  Italy played, but they have the      “They were one of the best         more stuff out about my Ital-
to create the $56-billion          Whisler sees the three-way         attract record                        most heart and the most              teams that played real soccer.”    ian heritage,” said Pisani, a
Phelps Dodge Inco.               combination as the only way                                                determination. That showed             Italy’s World Cup win            self-confessed soccer fan.
  On their own, Whisler said,
the three are mid-tier enter-
                                 to achieve a blending of Inco
                                 and Falconbridge operations
                                                                      attendance                            when we won the penalty
                                                                                                            shot,” said Max Massimiliano.
                                                                                                                                                 boosted the Italian Festival’s
                                                                                                                                                 profile, drawing record atten-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Food plays a big part in the
                                                                                                                                                                                    Italian culture, so it’s no sur-
prises in a global mining        in the Sudbury Basin — a                                                      After the win, fans               dance.                             prise Pisani plans to incorpo-
environment comprised of         long talked about unification             BY LAURA STRADIOTTO              embraced each other, whether                                            rate it into a career.
increasingly large-scale com-    that most agree is good for                    The Sudbury Star            they knew the person or not.                                               She says she wants to
panies.                          mining in Sudbury.                                                         Many jumped in their vehi-           “Words can’t describe              become either a dietitian or
  Together, they become            An Xstrata takeover of Fal-           Grown men cried and                cles, waved green, white and                                            health inspector, “something
North America’s leading base     conbridge and a Teck Com-            women howled.                         red flags and paraded around         how I’m feeling.”                  to do with food”
metals producer and one of       inco takeover of Inco would             Hundreds of soccer fans            the west end neighbourhood.                                                During her pageant speech
the world’s largest mining       have thwarted efforts to unify       flooded the streets in the city’s        “Words can’t even describe                                           Friday, Pisani spoke about
conglomerates.                   the basin’s operations, ana-         west end to celebrate after           how I’m feeling,” said Jessica                    Jessica Girolametto   growing up in an Italian fam-
  The deal could close as        lysts have argued.                   Italy captured the World Cup          Girolametto. “Everyone is get-                                          ily. Both her parents were born
early as mid-September,                             See INCO / A2     on Sunday.                            ting into it. It’s amazing.”            “Today was phenomenal,”         in the old country and carried
                                                                         “That was amazing,” said              “I can’t breathe,” her friend     said Bernice Manoni, festival      their traditions to Canada,
                                                                      Marco Armiento, moments               Jessie Brennan added.                co-ordinator. “We were packed      teaching their children the
                                                                      after Italy’s 5-3 shootout win.          The last time Italy won the       from one end to the other.”        importance of family and her-
                                                                         “I thought the game was            title, Ermes Signoretti was in          Food is usually the main        itage.
                                                                      done after France scored, but         diapers.                             attraction, but the soccer vic-       “Being Italian means bring-
                                                                      they did it. They came back —            “I thought it was really          tory outshined even the best       ing the family together and
                                                                      and in a shootout especially. It      great,” he said. “We haven’t         porchetta sandwich.                experiencing different festivi-
                                                                      was so emotional.”                    won since 1982 and I was only           The festival saw more young     ties, eating lots of food and
                                                                         Italian soccer fans packed         three years old. I’m glad.”          people in attendance than in       playing soccer,” she said.
                                                                      the Caruso Club’s lower hall             Ugo Rocca was wearing the         previous years.                       Surely, those who attended
                                                                      Sunday afternoon to watch             same ornamental Italian-                Vanessa Pisani, 16, was         this 34th edition would agree.
                                                                      the showdown between Italy            coloured umbrella he wore            crowned Ms. Caruso and Ms.                   See related stories / A6, B1

                                                                      Northern Lights fest                                                       Thunder Bay soldier
                                                                      ends on a soggy note                                                       killed in firefight
                                                                           BY LAURA STRADIOTTO
                                                                                The Sudbury Star
                                                                                                           reunion. An old-time blues
                                                                                                           and jug band from southern            Boneca, 21, is 17th                the Lake Supe-
                                                                                                                                                                                    rior Scottish
                                                                                                           Ontario, Sloth was popular in                                            Regiment based
                                                                        It may have ended on a             the 1960s.                            Canadian to die                    in Thunder Bay,
                                                                      damp note, but the 35th                Musicians would walk on                                                died Sunday
                                                                      annual Northern Lights Festi-        stage with 20-some instru-            in Afghanistan                     morning, the
                                                                      val Boreal brought in record         ments, said Paul Loewenberg,                                             17th Canadian
                                                                      numbers Saturday.                    the festival’s artistic director.             BY JOHN COTTER             soldier to be
                                                                        There was a certain nostal-          They recorded three                         The Canadian Press         killed         in Boneca
                                                                      gia on stage and in the audi-        albums, toured across North                                              Afghanistan,
                                                                      ence over the weekend.               America and appeared with                KANDAHAR, Afghanistan           military officials said.
                                                                        The Original Sloth was not         Leon Redbone on Saturday              — A Canadian soldier was             Boneca, fighting as part of
                                                                      scheduled to play the festival.      Night Live.                           killed and two others were         the Princess Patricia’s Cana-
                                                                      In fact, the band hasn’t               Recognized as the longest           wounded Sunday in a brutal         dian Light Infantry battle
                                                                      played the festival since            running continuous music              firefight as coalition troops      group, was killed as troops
                                                                      1976.                                festival in the country, it’s no      called in air strikes and heavy    mounted aggressive patrols
                                  ROB O’FLANAGAN/THE SUDBURY STAR
                                                                        But around noon Saturday,          surprise some people have             artillery to blast Taliban         near the village of Pashmol, an
J. Steven Whisler (right), head of Phelps Dodge, toured the           brothers Chris and Ken               attended Boreal for just as           strongholds west of Kandahar       area that has been a hotbed of
Sudbury Basin’s mining operations by land and sky during              Whitely were joined by               long.                                 City.                              Taliban activity over the past
the weekend. Inco’s president of North America and Europe,            members of the Original                               See BOREAL / A2         Cpl. Anthony Joseph             few months.
Mark Cutifani, acted as his tour guide.                               Sloth Band for a surprise                           Related photos / A4    Boneca, 21, a reservist from                        See SOLDIER / A2

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