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OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY CHANCELLOR                            LOS ANGELES, CA 90017
(213) 891-2081 FAX (213) 891-2195                          BARRERAD@LACCD.EDU

TO:           College Presidents

FROM:         Adriana Barrera, Deputy Chancellor

DATE:         January 22, 2008

RE:           Additional Information on the Restricted Hiring Procedure

Several questions have arisen with regard to the memo I sent you on January 14th
implementing a restricted hiring procedure:

   1. The procedure applies to all permanent positions, either full or part-time, and which are
      funded using either general or categorical funds. A list of the district’s categorically
      funded programs is provided as an attachment for your information.

   2. The restriction does not apply to specially funded programs (SFP), such as Title V, Trio,
      or any projects funded by the state, federal or local governments or private foundations
      and/or agencies for which the funding cycle is for a specific time period, such as six
      months, one fiscal year or five years. The Personnel Commission has identified several
      positions that meet this criteria and these may continue to be filled: SFP Director, SFP
      Specialist, SFP Technician SFP Office Assistant

   3. In the classified service, Sub and Relief positions should be used to supplement existing
      staff positions for brief periods of time, such as during peak registration periods, rather
      than to replace personnel in vacant positions. While you do not need to submit the
      revised LACCD Restricted Hiring Procedure Approval Form, 01/08, (Restricted Hiring
      form) you should maintain appropriate documentation locally to ensure adherence to the
      restricted hiring process.

   4. The C 1121 form is used for the creation of new classified positions. Include this form
      (C1121) with the Restricted Hiring form only if you plan on creating and filling a new

   5. If you plan to fill a vacant, classified position, you will not need to submit the C1121
      form. However, you will need to identify the position which you are proposing to fill by
      including the following information: class code, class title, position number, assignment
      basis, shift, FTE, GL, Cost Center/WBS, Fund and prior incumbent’s Personnel ID#.

   6. Some of you have spoken with me or sent me messages with information as to why you
      are proceeding with a hiring process. This information should be included in the LACCD
      Restricted Hiring Procedure Approval Form, 01/08.

   7. The Restricted Hiring form may be sent to me electronically. I will review the request
Information on Restricted Hiring Procedure
January 24, 2011
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         and return the signed form back to the sending college office and either to the Human
         Resources Office or Personnel Commission, whichever is appropriate.

    8. In order for you to proceed with a hiring action and for these offices to process any
       personnel actions, the Restricted Hiring form and the appropriate NOI, C1121 or other
       information must have been received in either Human Resources or the Personnel

    9. Please recall that hiring student workers or community recreation representatives to fill
       vacant positions is contrary to the District’s agreements with employee constituent

    As additional requests for information or clarification are received, I will provide information
    in memo format in as timely a manner as possible.

    Please share this information with members of your administrative staff. Thank you.

    C: Mark Drummond, Susan Carleo, Karen Martin