Nigel Pullman was born in 1947 and educated at Sherborne and the

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Nigel Pullman was born in 1947 and educated at Sherborne and the RMA Sandhurst. He was apprenticed a
Leatherseller in 1964, admitted a Freeman in 1969, and became a Liveryman in 1975.

Commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals, after service with the Brigade of Gurkhas and the UN,
where he saw service during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, he transferred to the Territorial Army
in 1979, and continued to serve in the Inns of Court and City Yeomanry after he joined the Financial

At the FT he fulfilled a variety of managerial roles, and left the newspaper in 1997 after 18 years. He then
became Clerk to the fledgling Company of World Traders, and over the next 11 years guided them to their
grant of livery (and is now an Honorary Liveryman of that Company). Now retired, amongst a number of
City and charitable activities, he is Clerk to the City & Metropolitan Welfare Charity, and is chairman of
the influential Communications Working Group of the City’s Livery Committee, thus responsible for all
the courses and briefings designed for Masters, Wardens, Liverymen and Clerks. In recent years, he has
also played an active role in the elections of Sheriffs.

He holds the Benefice of a parish in the Diocese of Bath & Wells, and was appointed to the Commission of
the Justice of the Peace in the City of London in 1982, before transferring to the Supplemental List on
retirement. He is a governor of Colfe’s School in Lewisham.

He is a member of the Little Ship Club and the Royal Lymington YC, and keeps his ketch on the Beaulieu
River. He regularly leads opera groups to European festivals, and is a long time supporter of Opera Holland

He lives in London with his student daughter, Laura, who was admitted to the Freedom of the
Leathersellers’ in 2009.

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