HR Manager LHIN Shared Service by lsy121925


									Job Title:            Human Resources Manager, LHIN Shared Services Organization

Date:                 August 2006

Reports to:           LSSO Executive Director

Jobs Reporting:       Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Division/Department: LHIN Shared Services Organization

Location:             Toronto

Primary Purpose:

To direct and manage the Human Resources function, providing advice and support to the 14
LHINs ensuring the HR services support the LHINs to effectively complete their mandate.

Key Accountabilities:

The Human Resources Manager, LHIN Shared Services Organization will be accountable for
overseeing the development of a global LHIN HR strategy, development and maintenance of
benefit and pension programs and a job evaluation tool, oversight of the payroll function and the
provision of advice to LHIN CEOs in all Human Resources areas.

Accountabilities for each of the areas are outlined below:

1. Human Resources
     a. Provide advice, counsel and other support to the 14 LHINs on the management of
        human resources (e.g. employee complaints).
     b. Define and update HR strategy and policies as required subject to approval of the
        LSSO Management Committee
     c. Develop and maintain Orientation Manual for LHIN employees
     d. Establish and maintain job evaluation tool
     e. Procure an Employee Assistance Program for the LHINs
     f. Provide advice and/or assistance to LHINs regarding WSIB claims

2. Benefit and pension
      a. Define and manage benefit and pension policy and functionality using internal and
           external resources
      b. Manage benefit and pension contracts with insurers and service providers
      c. Supervise administrative procedures associated with enrolment and updates to
           benefit and pension programs.

3. Payroll
      a. Manage and oversee the outsourced service provider for Payroll services

4. General

       a. Ensure continuous provision of critical shared services arrangements in the areas
          described in 1, 2 and 3 above.
       b. Ensure satisfaction of the LHINs as service customers/clients
       c. Ensure optimal utilization of internal and external resources to deliver shared
          services arrangements
       d. Manage HR, benefit, pension and payroll service providers through contract-level
          performance management, conflict resolution and, if required and operations-level
          problem solving
       e. Evaluate existing service delivery arrangements and suggest modifications in the
          pursuit of continuous improvement
       f. Other work as required by the Executive Director, LSSO.

Position Requirements:


University degree or equivalent post secondary education in one of the following disciplines
Human Resources Management, MBA. CHRP designation completed or in progress


-   Demonstrated Human Resources experience, including senior roles with a multi location or
    multi divisional organization.
-   Excellent oral and written communication skills: must have experience developing and
    delivering presentations to senior level executives
-   Experience in managing vendor and client relationships with operational staff, managers
    and director level contacts
-   Strategic sensibilities with keen attention to detail


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