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					Press release

12 June 2008

The Danish Stones Investment Group signs partnership agreement with Rosendahl
A/S, Danish design company

The Stones Investment Group has entered a strategic agreement to transfer the rights to
develop, produce and sell glassware by the brand of Holmegaard to Rosendahl A/S.

The Holmegaard theme park “The Living Glassworks”, the Kaehler brand as well as the Kaehler
products remain in the possession of the Stones Investment Group.

The partnership agreement strengthens both the Stones Investment Group as well as
Rosendahl A/S and the acquisition of the whole Holmegaard range is perfectly in line with
Rosendahls business- and distribution strategy.

Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Rosendahl A/S, says about the partnership agreement: “It is our
core business to let the dreams of designers come true and we are proud to have the
opportunity to transfer this ability to an esteemed, old, Danish brand. We will continue our
focus to do what we are best at within the fields of product development, distribution and

The Stones Retail division will now concentrate its strategic focus on the retail business. Steen
Gude, Group Managing Director, believes that “we are best at being in direct contact with the
consumers” and he emphasizes in this connection the experience gained from the Stones
Investment group’s home furnishing chain “Gude”, which is planning to open another three
new shops before the end 2008 – thus totalling 8 shops.

For additional information, please contact;

Stones Invest A/S
Head of Communications Anette Brydegaard
Tel. +45 45 80 02 35

Rosendahl A/S
Marketing Director Charlotte Fly Andersen
Tel. +45. 45 17 37 67

The Stones Investment Group operates within four business areas: Industry, Retail, Leisure and
Investment. Nearly 900 people are employed.

Well-established workmanship and high quality demands form the platform of all companies in the group.
Visit for more detailed information.

Rosendahl A/S is a modern design company whose main focus is to profile and protect Danish design.
Rosendahl is a source of practical designs that make day-to-day living easier and more elegant

Thanks to Rosendahl’s product development, their distinctive, stylistically consistent designs can be found in
the majority of modern homes.

Visit for further information about the company.

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