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Job Title_ Educational Psychologist_ Educational Psychology Service


									Job Title: Educational Psychologist, Educational Psychology Service
Job Ref: EP1114
37 hours per week
£32,069 - £43,092 pa (plus up to 3 SPA points – existing points will be


Closing Date: 4pm on Friday 13th February 2009
Interview Date: Wednesday 25th February 2009

You can apply online at

To discuss the post further, please contact: Sian Morcom (DPEP)
on 01865 323 381, or Mark
Corness (PEP) on 01865 815751,

If you have any queries about completing your application form please contact
Violeta Corzo on 01865 797383 or email


   1. Oxfordshire County Council

   2. Information on Directorate and Service Area

   3. Job Description

   4. Selection Criteria

   5. Information for applicants on terms and conditions

   6. Recruitment Charter

   7. Application form (If receiving postal pack).

       Please quote the job reference on all correspondence
      Please note that if an email address is provided we will use this for
       correspondence. We therefore advise that you check your emails regularly.
                    Oxfordshire County Council
The County Council is the main provider of local government services in
Oxfordshire, employs approximately 22,000 people and has a budget of around
£740m. We are committed to providing cost-effective public services which meet
the needs and expectations of Oxfordshire residents.
We are a three star authority, our objectives are low taxes, real choice and value
for money.

The Council is organised into five Strategic Directorates and the Chief
Executive’s office as shown below.

The County Council management Team consists of the Chief Executive and five
Strategic Directors.

       CORPORATE CORE                            SOCIAL & COMMUNITY
Chief Executive – Joanna Simons                  Director – John Jackson

       Director – Huw Jones                    Director – Janet Tomlinson

       COMMUNITY SAFETY                         DIRECTOR FOR PUBLIC
                  &                                      HEALTH
        SHARED SERVICES                       Director – Jonathan McWilliam
        Director – John Parry

The County Council Management Team (CCMT) consists of the Chief Executive,
the four strategic directors and the Head of Finance and Procurement.

The Council has adopted a set of values, which guide everything we do. They are:

       Customer Focus
       Honesty
       One Team
       Involvement
       Can do
       Effective and Efficient
Children, Young People and Families

The Director is Janet Tomlinson.

The directorate has lead responsibility for planning and commissioning services for
children and young people in Oxfordshire. The purpose of the directorate is to
improve the outcomes for children and young people against the five outcomes set
out in the Children Act 2004. They are:

     Be healthy
     Stay safe
     Enjoy and achieve
     Make a positive contribution
     Achieve economic well-being

The directorate has secured a strategic planning and delivery framework in
conjunction with our partners and stakeholders in the health services, schools, the
police, the district councils and the other statutory and voluntary agencies that we
work with. We will be successful if we can exercise a community leadership role
integrating the work of all services to develop resilient, high achieving, young
people. In so doing, we have a particular focus on vulnerable children and those
children who, for whatever reason, have disadvantage to overcome to be able to
fulfil their potential. The strategies that are being developed under the overarching
framework of our Children & Young People's Plan will be many and varied. What is
clear is that if we cannot demonstrate how what we do makes a difference to the
five outcomes, we must be rigorous in challenging why we do it.

Structure of the Children, Young People & Families Directorate

To support the director, the directorate has been structured around four main
service areas (Children and Families, Commissioning, Strategy and Locality
Development, Raising Achievement and Young People and Access to Education),
each of which is responsible for the professional leadership of a wide range of
associated services.
Key business support functions are - for the time being at least - being line
managed within or procured by Commissioning, Strategy and Locality
Development. The intention is to ensure that Heads of Service have the
appropriate business support to enable them to manage the large and diverse
operations with their sphere of operation. In Raising Achievement, we have
brought together all of the structural, planning and operational support for schools,
discharging our statutory duties to schools as well as offering a wide range of
traded services. This enables us to know our schools well and so be better placed
to identify schools of concern and act collectively to support them. Thus, the
oversight of the services to schools rests under the general direction of the Head of
Raising Achievement, while the line management accountability for these services
is through the Strategic Managers, and the Head of Commissioning, Strategy and
Locality Development to the Director.

Oxfordshire County Council is in the process of reviewing the provision of support
services, including Finance, to its operational directorates with the intention of
establishing shared service arrangements. Over a period of time this is likely to
change the structures needed to support the finance function in CYP&F and
potentially in schools as well.
                      OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

                Children, Young People & Families Directorate

                               JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:Educational Psychologist
Service:  Young People and Access to Education
Team:     Educational Psychology Service
Grade:    Soulbury Educational Psychologists Scale A (1-11) Up to 3 SPA
          Payments after 2 years Oxfordshire service . Previously awarded
          SPA points will be honoured
Hours:    37 per week
Responsible to: Area Senior Educational Psychologist
Responsible for: Support Staff as allocated
Budget responsibilities: None


     To promote the behaviour, emotional health and well being of children and
      young people and those who work with them.
     To contribute to the work of the Oxfordshire Educational Psychology Service
      and to the development of Social Inclusion and SEN policies and provision.
     To contribute to improving outcomes for children and young people through
      the Children and Young People’s Plan and to assist in school exclusions
      and access to education.

1.    To work with schools in support of their development in relation to
      priorities, in the Oxfordshire Education Development Plan contributing to
      the raising of standards for children through school improvement.
2.    To work in partnership with children, parents, teachers and other
      professionals applying psychology to enhance the learning and
      development of children.
3.    To work with schools on issues relating to special educational needs and
      behaviour management and to support schools in their effective
      management of children’s learning within the framework of the Code of
      Practice, Special Educational Needs, and other current, relevant
4.    To work closely and effectively with other agencies involved with children.
5.    To work effectively with multi-ethnic and multi-lingual communities.
6.    To contribute to the in-service training of teachers and other professionals.
7.    To advise the Authority on the special educational needs and inclusion of
      individual children as within the framework of prevailing legislation and
8.     To contribute to the LA’s procedures for reviewing pupils with Statements
       of Special Educational Need.
9.     To contribute to the development of LA policy and practice on a range of
       issues including special educational needs and inclusion.
10.    To undertake project work and research on behalf of the LA.
11.    Such other duties as the Principal/Deputy Educational Psychologist or Area
       Senior Educational Psychologist may require.

This post holder is responsible for ensuring that all relevant County policies and
procedures are adhered to and concerns are raised in accordance with these

For all staff - You have specific responsibilities under Health & Safety legislation to
ensure that you:

      Take reasonable care for your own health and safety, and that of others
       affected by what you do, or do not do
      Cooperate on all issues involving health and safety
      Use work items provided for you correctly, in accordance with training and
      Do not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or
      Report any health and safety concerns to your line manager as soon as

Please note: Oxfordshire County Council is in the process of rationalising and re-
organising office accommodation across the county. The impact of this Better
Offices Programme will include the provision of good quality modern work-style
offices in accessible locations that meet service needs, allow greater integration
of service teams, better delivery of services, more modern and pleasant working
environments for staff and improved environmental performance.
It is likely that a large number of posts not based in schools will be affected in
some way by this change programme. The successful applicant for this position
will be kept informed by his/her line manager of any proposed change in location.
Selection Criteria

Directorate: Children, Young People & Families
Job Title: Educational Psychologist, Educational Psychology Service
Job Ref. No: EP1114
Grade: Soulbury Educational Psychologists Scale A (1-11)

Educational achievements, Qualifications, Training and Knowledge:

* Good honours degree in psychology or equivalent
* Post graduate qualification in Educational Psychology

* A range of experience of working with children and young people

Job related aptitude and skills:
* A commitment to promoting Equal Opportunities and Children’s Rights.
* Ability to achieve and maintain respect while representing the needs of children
* Good communication skills, both oral and written for a range of purposes and
* Ability to work independently, and to organise time and workload efficiently,
meeting deadlines where required
* Commitment to team work and to sharing and developing practice and ideas
* Commitment to effective work with other agencies
* Competency in a range of appropriate assessment and intervention skills.
* Ability to produce written reports within time deadlines
* Creative and constructive approach to problem solving
* Ability to understand and apply professional codes of conduct, such as
* Be able to demonstrate resilience and the capacity to manage change.
* Ability to attend work regularly and on time
Special Requirements:
* Satisfactory enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure.
* The ability to travel independently to a variety of premises, sometimes at short
Equal Opportunities:
* Commitment to, and understanding of, the principles of Equal Opportunities for
all, in employment and the delivery of services.

* Previous experience as an Educational Psychologist
* Work within a wide range of educational provision
* Experience of work with different agencies

Job related aptitude and skills:
* Skills in developing and delivering training
Soulbury - Conditions of employment

Your appointment is subject to the Conditions of Service of the National
Joint Council for Local Government Services (Green Book) as supplemented
by the county council's locally negotiated conditions.


Your salary will be paid monthly in arrears by bank credit transfer.

Annual leave

There is an annual leave entitlement of 29 days rising to 32 days after completion
of ten years continuous service. These are in addition to Bank Holidays, currently

Working hours

Standard working hours are 37 hours per week (normally Monday to Friday unless
otherwise stated). If the post you are applying for is part-time, the hours will be
stated on the advertisement and in the job pack. Children, Young People &
Families employees who are centrally based can often work on a flexitime basis
and some staff can also take advantage of the Flexiplace Scheme, which allows
you to work at home where appropriate.

Probationary period

Your appointment will normally be subject to a probationary period of six months.

Pension scheme

The scheme is a final salary pension scheme. You will automatically join the Local
Government Pension Scheme unless you specifically opt out. It is contributory and
six per cent of your salary is deducted for pension contribution.
Medical clearance

The appointment is subject to a satisfactory health declaration.

Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

If you are appointed you will be required to provide, on or before your first day,
documentary evidence that you are entitled to work in the UK.

Criminal conviction clearance

Appointment to any job working closely with children requires a satisfactory
Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

Politically restricted posts

Posts which are politically sensitive or where the salary is £34,986 (Spinal Column
Point 44) or above, are politically restricted under The Local Government and
Housing Act 1989.

No smoking policy

In line with legislation the council operates a no-smoking policy. Smoking is
prohibited in all county council buildings. If appointed, you will not therefore be
allowed to smoke at work.

Equal opportunities policy

The council is opposed to any form of unfair discrimination and is publicly
committed to be an equal opportunity employer. It is our practice to eliminate
discrimination in employment practices by disregarding assumptions or
preferences which are not strictly job related whether in selection for appointment,
promotion or transfer, or in the application of conditions of service.

Car allowance

If you use your car for work, you will be paid in line with the Inland Revenue 'All
Car' mileage rate. Current rates are up to 10,000 miles at 40p/mile per financial
year and any further mileage will be paid at 25p/mile.
Cycle allowance

If you use your bicycle for work you can claim 20p per mile travelled.

Travel loans

The travel loans scheme aims to support staff who already travel to work by bus,
bike or train, and to encourage those staff who drive to consider the alternatives.
The interest free loans are available to all permanent staff as well as staff on
temporary contracts provided that they are able to repay the loan before their
employment contract ends.


The normal retirement age for men and women is 65 and an employee is normally
required to retire then, unless it is agreed that employment may continue.


The following periods of notice are applicable the employee, unless agreed

Salary scale                        Point range         Notice period

                                    1 - 10 (£30,423 -   Two calendar
                                    £40,104)            months

                                    11 and above
                                    (£41,178 +)

                                    1 - 10 (£30,546 -   Two calendar
                                    £40,011)            months

 Educational Psychologists
                                    11 and above
                                    (£41,046 +)

 Senior and Principal                                   Two calendar
                                    1 (£40,011)
 Educational Psychologists                              months
                                   2 and above
                                   (£41,046 +)

                                   1 - 9 (£31,554 -    Two calendar
                                   £40,134)            months
 Youth and Community Service
 Officers                                              Three
                                   10 and above
                                   (£41,178 +)

The minimum period of notice to which you are entitles is shown on your letter of
appointment of that given by statute, whichever is longer.
 You can apply online at
Searching and applying for jobs online allows you to:
   Register to receive email alerts when new jobs are advertised.
   Store application form details online so you only ever need to enter these
      details once.

   Applications should reach us no later than the closing date and time stated.

   Please make sure that in your application you provide evidence of your
    achievements against the selection criteria, as this will be the basis of the
    shortlisting process.

   Please provide phone, fax and e-mail contact details for your referees where

   Interviews will be held on the date specified; candidates will be required to
    attend the selection process.

If you are unable to apply online please return your completed application to:


Violeta Corzo
Recruitment & Retention Team
Oxfordshire County Council
Unipart House
Garsington Road
Oxford OX4 2GQ

01865 783125
              Recruitment Charter
    What you can expect when you apply for a job with
              Oxfordshire County Council

 The County Council has adopted a Recruitment Charter, which sets out the
  standards which you can expect from Oxfordshire County Council during the
  recruitment process, including how your information will be held and used
  under the Data Protection Act (1998).

 Please let us know if we don’t meet these standards by ringing (01865)
  797384 or email

 The County Council will not base any part of its recruitment and selection
  process on your:

        ethnic origin                            sex
        age                                      marital or parental status
        religious belief                         sexual orientation
        involvement in a trade union             criminal convictions which are

Any exceptions to this policy will be clearly set out in the application pack.

 The County Council welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities.
  We will make any reasonable adjustments to the recruitment and selection
  process that may be required to enable you to pursue your application,
  provided you let us know about these.

    If you have a disability and would like help with your application please
     contact the Oxfordshire Employment Service (an Oxfordshire County
     Council Service) on (01865) 791606.

    The advert will give clear contact details for further information. We aim to
     answer the telephone within five rings. In some cases you may be asked to
     leave an answer phone message. We will immediately acknowledge
     enquiries received by email.

    We aim to send an application pack to you within two working days of your
     request being received.

    The application pack will provide the basis for you to make an informed
     decision about whether to apply for the job. It will contain, as a minimum:
                       an application form
                       a copy of the job description
                       a copy of the selection criteria
                       information about the terms and conditions of the job
                       information about the selection process for the job
                       Information about how to apply
       The information above is also available online for most advertised posts at

      If you decide to apply online for a vacancy your online form will be received
       and stored securely in a dedicated location.

      If you complete your application form online you will be asked to sign it at

      If you are handwriting an application form please write as clearly as
       possible. Alternatively you can request an application form in Microsoft
       Word format or apply online.

      Applications are welcome from candidates wishing to job share or work on a
       part-time basis unless the advert or application pack specifically indicates

      We will acknowledge your application if you provide a stamped addressed
       envelope or postcard. If you have applied online you will receive
       confirmation of receipt by email.

      Please note that CV’s will only be accepted as supporting documents to a
       fully completed application form.

      The information you provide will be treated in confidence.

      Your details, once received, will be logged on a confidential recruitment
       database and the hard copy held in a secure filing system. Only authorised
       staff involved in the recruitment process have access to these details.

Eligibility to work in the United Kingdom

      The Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 requires us to check that you are
       entitled to work in the UK. Further details of evidence you will need to
       provide will be given to you before your interview or before starting work
       with us.

Declaration of Unspent Convictions

      It is the County Council’s policy that you declare any un-spent convictions
       when you are applying for a job with us.
      We are asking you for this information because, as a local authority
       providing public services, we have a duty to balance our commitment to
       help ex-offenders find work with our need to protect those in the Council’s
       care, receiving its services and the public.

      The Council’s policy states clearly that any relevant convictions are taken
       into account. Please refer to the disclosures policy for further information.

Declaration of Spent Convictions

      If the job you are applying for involves substantial access to children and/or
       vulnerable adults we also need you to declare any spent convictions on your
       application form as these posts are exempt from the provisions of section
       4(2) of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 by virtue of the
       Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975.

      Details of the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 can be
       found in the booklet produced by the Home Office called "Wiping the Slate
       Clean" (HMSO).

Sickness Monitoring

      We ask you to declare how many periods of sickness absence you have
       had in the last two years, and your referees will be asked to verify this
       information if you reach the final stages of the recruitment process.

      We ask you this because the Council regards high standards of attendance
       as important and we will wish to discuss and seek to overcome any issues
       that may prevent you from attending work regularly.

Equal Opportunities

      The recruitment monitoring section of the application form (which gives
       details of your sex, ethnic origin, date of birth and any disability) will be
       detached before the form reaches the selection panel and this information
       will not be made available to them. If you have indicated that you have a
       disability, the recruiting manager will be made aware of this to ensure that
       you are given an interview if you meet the essential selection criteria.

      The information you provide on the recruitment monitoring section will be
       held in confidence by the HR department and the details logged onto a
       confidential recruitment database. The information will be used for
       statistical purposes to enable the County Council to carry out its equal
       opportunities monitoring obligations.

      Oxfordshire County Council is an equal opportunities employer and is
       committed to promoting equality and social inclusion. The County Council
       operates a policy whose aim is to ensure that unlawful or otherwise
       unjustifiable discrimination does not take place in recruitment. To help the
       County Council monitor the effectiveness of this policy (and for no other
       reason) you are asked to provide the information requested on the
       recruitment monitoring section.


      Shortlisting will be carried out by assessing the evidence provided on
       application forms against the selection criteria.

      We will shortlist all disabled applicants who meet the essential selection

      It is Oxfordshire County Council’s policy to advertise vacancies both
       internally and externally wherever possible, and to give equal consideration
       to all applicants.

      We aim to tell you whether you have been shortlisted within two weeks of
       the closing date.

Selection process

      The manager responsible for making the selection decision will have
       completed training in fair and effective recruitment and selection.

      If you are invited to an interview or test, you will be given at least a week’s
       (i.e. 7 days) notice, unless stated otherwise in the advertisement.

      If the job you are applying for asks for qualifications as essential selection
       criteria you will be asked to bring certificates to your interview to verify this

      You will be informed in advance about the selection techniques to be used.
       These will always relate directly to the selection criteria.

      If the selection process includes checks with the Criminal Records Bureau
       you will be advised how this is carried out.

      If the selection process includes psychometric tests, you will be sent a copy
       of the County Council’s policy on testing, together with practice papers.
       Psychometric tests will only be used and interpreted by appropriately trained

      If you are invited to an interview, you will be told how much you can claim
       for travelling and other expenses. Expenses can only be claimed for travel
       to interview from within the UK.
      The final selection decision will be made by assessing against the selection
       criteria the evidence which the panel has obtained from your:

              application form             references
              interview                    any other tests or exercises used

      At your interview you will be told when you will hear the final outcome of
       your application. We aim to contact you within three working days.

      Feedback about your performance in the selection process will be provided
       on request. In the case of psychometric tests, this would be by a qualified
       test user.


      References will normally be obtained after interview for the preferred
       candidate. As part of your application we ask you to provide the names of
       at least two referees, one of whom must be your current Line Manager, or if
       you are not working your former Line Manager. If you have never worked
       you will need to provide the names of two people who can confirm that you
       meet the selection criteria for the job. We will ask on the application form if
       we can contact the referee without further authority from you. If you are
       already an employee of the County Council then for certain posts you may
       only be asked for one reference from your current Line Manager.

Medical Clearance

      All offers of appointment are subject to obtaining satisfactory medical
       clearance. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire, and in
       some cases a more detailed questionnaire and/or medical examination may
       be required. If you are in any doubt about your health it is advisable not to
       resign from your current job before clearance is obtained.

Data Protection

      The personal data you provide during the recruitment process will be held
       on file for a period of 12 months, at which time they will be

            This publication is available on the web at
 Alternative formats of this publication can be made available on
request. These include other languages, large print, Braille, audio
cassette, computer disk or e-mail. Please telephone: 08450509500
Updated February 2008

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