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									Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                      Administrative Information

                            PROMULGATION STATEMENT

Preparedness to cope with the effects of a disaster includes many diverse but many
interrelated elements, which must be woven into an integrated emergency management
system involving all departments of local government and private support agencies, plus
the individual citizen, regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Disasters necessitate a sudden escalation in the material needs of the community and a
reorganization of resources and personnel in order to address emergency response.
Many lives can be lost in the confusion and disorganization that accompanies the lack
of a full planning effort.    Therefore, failure to develop an integrated disaster
preparedness plan encourages salvage type activities instead of an effective,
coordinated operation.

Planning for population protection must be a cooperative effort to avert or minimize the
effects of natural, technological, civil, and/or attack related disasters; protect lives and
property; and restore the stricken area to its pre disaster status with minimum social and
economic disruption.

This plan is a statement of policy regarding emergency management and assigns tasks
and responsibilities to county officials and department heads, specifying their roles
during an emergency or disaster situation. It is developed pursuant to Indiana Code
Title 10, Article 4, Chapter 1, Civil Defense and Disaster Law of 1975, as amended, and
the Emergency Management Ordinance adopted by Putnam County Commissioners,
assigning emergency responsibilities.

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Chairman of the Board of                                                   Date
County Commissioners

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County Commissioner                                                        Date

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County Commissioner                                                        Date

Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                      Administrative Information


This plan provides Putnam County, Indiana, and its political subdivisions the basis for a
systematic approach to the solution of problems created by the threat or the occurrence
of disasters. It identifies the responsibilities, functions, tasks, and working relationship
between and within the governmental entities and their various departments, private
support groups, and individual citizens.

The Putnam County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan was jointly
developed by the Putnam County Emergency Management Coordinator, in cooperation
with representatives from departments and jurisdictions that have been tasked with
emergency responsibilities. The first step in the planning process identifies each hazard
that is a possible threat to the county and its political subdivisions and provides the
basis for the basic plan and emergency support functions. The second step assessed
the resources of each governmental entity and the third step was to develop response
procedures based solely on the resources.

The goals to be achieved are to save lives and protect property by developing programs
and emergency operational capabilities that address mitigation, preparedness,
response, and recovery for natural, technological, civil or attack-related emergencies.

Regular review of the Comprehensive Plan as well as emergency tests, exercises, and
actual emergency occurrences will serve to refine and clarify emergency responsibilities
and contribute to the ongoing planning initiated by the responsible organizations which
developed this document.

We would like to express appreciation to these individuals and organizations. Their
input was instrumental in creating a Comprehensive Plan for the protection of the
citizens and property of Putnam County.

________________________________                                      ______________
Putnam County EMA Director                                                 Date

Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                   Administrative Information

                          INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLAN USE

It is intended that this plan, when implemented, be used by Putnam County emergency
response and support organizations to obtain maximum use of existing resources,
organizations, and systems in their response to emergencies and disasters that could
and/or have occurred in the county. The format utilized is:

BASIC PLAN          Developed by the Emergency Management Agency, the Basic Plan
                    details the policies, organization, concept of operations, and
                    assignment of responsibilities necessary for Putnam County
                    response and recovery operations. The Basic Plan includes
                    attachments as necessary.

ESFs                Each Emergency Support Function (ESF) maintains a section to
                    the Basic Plan detailing the mitigation, preparedness, response,
                    and recovery tasks associated with that particular function. A
                    standard format is used for each ESF in order to ensure continuity
                    in the CEMP and allow for easy reference.

SOPs                Standard Operating Procedures are not contained in this plan, but
                    must be developed by each ESF and/or agency, and are essential
                    to the implementation of this document.

CHECKLISTS          Checklists are not contained in this plan, but must be developed by
                    each ESF and/or agency, and are essential to the implementation
                    of this document.

All individuals with assigned responsibilities should be familiar with the entire plan.
However, added emphasis must be given to those sections for which they are
responsible. While all circumstances cannot be addressed, the content of this plan
should be used as a guide for those events that do occur but are not specifically
addressed herein.

Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                   Administrative Information


 The County Executive mandates the development and annual review of this plan by
  all officials and agencies involved and will coordinate necessary revision efforts
  through the Office of Emergency Management. This shall include a critique of the
  actions taken in support of the plan following any event necessitating implementation
  of the plan.

 The Director of Emergency Management will forward revisions of the CEMP to all
  affected/responsible organizations.

 Each primary agency is responsible for coordinating with support agencies and
  updating its function based on deficiencies identified by emergencies, drills,
  exercises, and changes in government structure and emergency organization.
  Putnam County Emergency Management will initiate an annual review of the Basic
  Plan and Functions with the appropriate organizations.

 This plan shall be considered a “living document” and with each use, either by
  exercise or incident, the plan shall be reviewed by all ESFs, agencies, and public
  officials with the intent of improving it.

 This plan shall be exercised annually in lieu of an actual response to a real
  emergency event.

              Orientation seminars will be held on an as needed basis for training of
               individuals who have responsibilities within the plan

              Tabletop and/or Functional exercises will be held annually

              A full-scale exercise involving all emergency support functions will be
               held a minimum of once every four years

Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                  Administrative Information

                             LETTER OF AGREEMENT

The Putnam County Comprehensive Emergency Plan, hereafter referred to as the Plan,
establishes a basis for a coordinated response of Putnam County agencies and
organizations when impacted by a disaster or emergency.

The plan covers all four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness,
response, and recovery.

The plan is consistent with the State Emergency Management and the Federal
Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Support Function concept.             The
Emergency Support Functions group like type agencies into the same group. Each
jurisdictional agency is grouped into one or more emergency support functions. In
addition, each Emergency Support Function has an agency designated as the primary
coordinating agency with other agencies as support coordinating agencies.

The following departments and agencies on pages vi. and vii. agree to support the Plan
and carry out their assigned functional responsibilities.

Each agency also agrees to implement planning efforts and agrees to participate in
countywide exercise activities to maintain the overall response capability.

Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan                     Administrative Information

                                 PLAN DISTRIBUTION

I understand that I am receiving a copy of this plan because of my responsibilities to the
comprehensive emergency management program for Putnam County. And, agree to
cooperate with all agencies in carrying out my duties through the four phases of
emergency management as a primary or support agency as defined. (See Primary and
Support Agency Matrix pg viii. and ix.)

Putnam County Commissioners                            ________________________

Putnam County Council                                  ________________________

Putnam County Sheriff                                  ________________________

Indiana State Police                                   ________________________

Putnam County Emergency Management                     ________________________

Putnam County Emergency Medical Service                ________________________

Putnam County Hospital                                 ________________________

Putnam County Health Department                        ________________________

Putnam County Extension Office                         ________________________

Putnam County Coroner                                  ________________________

Cinergy                                                ________________________

Putnam County Highway Department                       ________________________

Putnam County Engineer                                 ________________________

Red Cross                                              ________________________

Putnam County Building and Planning                    ________________________

Greencastle Mayor                                      ________________________

Cloverdale Town Board                                  ________________________

Fillmore Town Board                                    ________________________
Putnam County
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan          Administrative Information

Roachdale Town Board                          ________________________

Bainbridge Town Board                         ________________________

Russellville Town Board                       ________________________

Greencastle Street Department                 ________________________

Greencastle Water/Wastewater Department       ________________________

Greencastle Police Department                 ________________________

DePauw University Police Department           ________________________

Bainbridge Police Department                  ________________________

Cloverdale Police Department                  ________________________

Fillmore Police Department                    ________________________

Roachdale Police Department                   ________________________

Russellville Police Department                ________________________

Greencastle Fire Department                   ________________________

Russellville Fire Department                  ________________________

Roachdale Fire Department                     ________________________

Bainbridge Fire Department                    ________________________

Fillmore Fire Department                      ________________________

Reelsville Fire Department                    ________________________

Cloverdale Fire Department                    ________________________

Jefferson Township Fire Department            ________________________

Madison Township Fire Department              ________________________

VanBibben Fire Department                     ________________________

Indiana State Farm Fire Department    (vii)   ________________________

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