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         This is a brief description of the “chain of command” for our program, and the
                                    responsibilities at each level

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education

Peter Gorman, Superintendent of Schools

Hugh Hattabaugh, Chief Operating Officer

Ann Clark, Chief Academic Officer

Anna Renfro, Executive Director, Pre K-12 Curriculum Support

Colette Jeffries, Director, After School Enrichment Program
Responsible for:
 planning, developing and implementing department goals and objectives
 developing and administering the ASEP budget
 coordinating ASEP activities with other departments

Leigh Bishop, ASEP Elementary Specialist
Osceola Thomas, ASEP Middle School Specialist
Responsible for:
 overseeing day to day operation of the ASEP
 supervising the ASEP Program Assistant team in coordination with the ASEP Director
    and school Principals
 providing training oversight in implementation of procedures

ASEP Site Principal
In regard to ASEP, responsible for:
 assists in the oversight of the ASEP operations at the school site
 hiring and evaluation of site staff
 assigning space in the building for ASEP use

Carol Roberts, Jill Adams, Patrick Kennedy, Stephen Hall, ASEP Program Assistants, and
the 21st Century ACE Program Director, Oneita Williams
Responsible for:
 providing support and oversight to the operation of the ASEP program at assigned
 hiring and evaluation of staff
 coordinating ASEP operation among the sites, including coordinating the ASEP
    Summer Camp, ASEP professional development and the 21st Century Community
    Learning Centers grant project

ASEP Office Support Staff
Katie Bowen, Office Coordinator
Debra Tindall, Senior Administrative Secretary
ASEP Site Coordinator
Responsible for:
 administering the ASEP program at the site
 assuring program compliance with applicable state and ASEP regulations and
   guidelines and quality programming
 acting as the primary liaison between the day school and the ASEP staff
 acting as the primary liaison between the program and parents
 acting as the ASEP staff team leader; direct supervisor of all ASEP site staff with the
   guidance of the site Principal, including evaluation of staff job performance

ASEP Lead Associate
Responsible for:
 administering the BSC program under the supervision of the Site Coordinator
 assumes the role of the Site Coordinator during Before School Care programming
 Supervises Before School staff in conjunction with the Site Coordinator, and arranges
   for substitutes as needed
 provides leadership to children engaged in activities and acts as a role model
 assures that Before School Care/After School Enrichment Program policies are
   adhered to and procedures are carried out properly.
 develops and follows procedures to safeguard the health and safety of children
 Handles disciplinary problems with co-caregivers properly

ASEP Associate
Responsible for:
 providing leadership to the assigned group of children
 developing and implementing daily activity plans
 adhering to procedures to assure the safety of children in the group
 following program guidelines for quality programming
 using the provided ASEP Curriculum to deliver age-appropriate activities
 participating as a member of the site ASEP staff team
 providing direction to the ASEP Assistant assigned to the group, and conferring with
   the Site Coordinator in developing the Assistant’s performance evaluation

ASEP Assistant
Responsible for:
 actively participating in the care of the assigned group of children
 adhering to procedures to assure the safety of children in the group
 participating as a member of the site ASEP staff team

ASEP Clerical Assistant
May assist Site Coordinator in:
 creating/maintaining site files
 receipting fees
 completing/distributing late and final Payment Notices
 making copies (lesson plans, reports, notices)
   posting lesson plans for upcoming week(s)
   maintaining/updating family information
   maintaining/updating staff information
   permission slips for field trips
   coverage for absent staff
   yearly tax information for parents
   maintaining/updating the Pre-K drop off log
   meeting buses dropping off students from sending schools

ASEP Special Needs Assistant
Responsible for:
 communicating specific needs of identified students to other ASEP staff
 implementing accommodations developed to successfully include students with
  disabilities in ASEP programming, including but not limited to providing assistance to
  meet the personal needs of the student, insuring adequate supplies and materials are
  available, and recommending additional accommodations as identified


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education Policies and Regulation Manual
is available at the CMS web site. This manual contains the unabridged policies and
regulations of the school system, which govern the ASEP program as well.

The After School Enrichment Program Manual is available at the CMS web site.
This manual contains the guidelines and procedures of the ASEP program. Your Staff
Handbook is an abbreviated version of the ASEP manual.

The North Carolina Child Day Care Handbook is available in the Site Coordinator’s
office and also in the central ASEP office. This manual contains State regulations with
which our programs must comply to maintain our licensing status.


Teresa Clark, Human Resources Recruiter
(980) 343-6322
Teresa can help you with questions about the recruitment and hiring process, transfers,
promotions, and terminations.

Diedra Spears, Human Resources Manager, Non-Instructional
(980) 343-6631
Diedra handles corrective actions that are written warnings.

HR Direct now handles any questions about benefits, compensation and leaves. They
can be reached at 980 343-4777.