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									Policy Name: CLASSIFIED PERSONNELCELL PHONE USE                            Policy Code: 703.05
                                                                         Date Adopted: 6/15/2009

Newport Special School District 3403000 2010-11

Use of cell phones or other electronic communication devices by employees during instructional
time is strictly forbidden unless specifically approved in advance by the superintendent, building
principal, or their designee.

In any instance where the district issues a cell phone or school computer to a school employee
for use for school business purposes, the employee shall not use the equipment for personal use.
Any employee who uses a school issued cell phone and/or computer for non-school purposes,
except as permitted by the district’s Internet/Computer Use Policy, shall be subject to discipline,
up to and including termination.

All employees are forbidden from using school issued cell phones while driving any vehicle at
any time. Violation may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

School Bus Drivers

Any driver of a motor vehicle which is privately owned and operated for compensation, or which
is owned, leased or otherwise operated by, or for the benefit of the District, and is operated for
the transportation of children to or from school or school sponsored activity shall not operate a
cell phone unless the vehicle is safely off the road with the parking brake engaged.

Legal References: A.C.A 6-19-120
                  ADE Rules & Regulations Governing Mobile Phone Usage by School Bus

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