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									How Network Marketing Has Changed In The 21st Century!

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Network marketing is an industry with a very, very long history. It has started way back
in the 50s and the 60s and it has come a very long way.

The most important thing that we must remember is that no matter what we know
about network marketing, it has to flow with the times. After all, what worked for our
grandfather may not work for us today.

Why is that so?

Consider that during the 80s, the Internet wasn’t around. The only way people made
contact with other people is through snail mail (that word never existed then…) or
through the phone.

People would pound the phone all day to solicit new customers for their businesses. At
that time, advertising wasn’t that competitive. People did not get distracted by flashy
websites or crazy advertizing in the mainstream media.

However, that has all changed in the web 2.0 eras where people talk about Facebook
and Twitter. People pay billions to Google to place a small ad up there and that is how
much we’ve evolved since those early days.

Ask yourself this question… do you still use cassettes? Does your kid even know what a
record player is? If you are still reminiscing your bell bottom days then this will not work
in your network marketing business! It is suicidal!

One of the ways people connect with their downlines nowadays is to use blogs and start
Facebook communities. It is very easy to start a Facebook community and it is free.
There are also free blog platforms and self-hosted blog platforms (like Wordpress) that
you can use to build a community.

You can capture leads on the Internet using lead capturing pages. These are very good
ways to automate your list building process. All you need to do is to send your leads
there over and over again and you can rinse and repeat!

You can use sales letters to present your opportunity to them as well. This is a very
good way people in the 21st century approach others regarding their business
opportunity and you don’t have to worry about rejection.
The point is, you must learn to adapt to what works and not stick to the old ways that
do not work anymore…

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