Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-Therapeutic Competitors Report

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					            Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-Therapeutic
                       Competitors Report
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Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.-Therapeutic Competitors Report includes a business summary, tabular
representation of the number and percentage of products in each therapeutic indication, all company
products listed with indication and stage of development, and competitors by therapeutic indication.
The report also includes recent company news updates.

Competitor Reports provide detailed analysis of a company’s products by therapeutic indication, a
summary of its overall pipeline as well as insight into the predicted likelihood of clinical success for
each pipeline product. Every Competitor Report compares the company against its primary
competitors by individual therapeutic indication.

Scope of the reports

Competitor Reports deliver detailed analysis of a company’s preclinical, clinical and marketed pipeline
of products.

A complete listing of each company’s entire pipeline is provided along with graphical and tabular
presentation of the pipeline by therapeutic or disease category.

Every Competitor Report lists a company’s individual marketed and pipeline products by disease area,
as well as detail on public and private company competitors for each.

An overview of each company’s discontinued product line provides insight into product attrition rates.
Competitor Reports provide extensive information including:

*   Company business descriptions
*   Product pipelines by stage of development including discontinued products
*   Therapeutic areas of research
*   Indications treated
*   An extensive list of competitors by disease indication.

Key benefits

* Competitor Reports provide the user with independent insight into a company’s management
structure, financial position and products - vital intelligence for investors, competitors and partners.
* Understand the uniqueness of a company’s pipeline by obtaining detail on competitive products in
development by other public and private companies - independent information that will enable the
user to make informed strategic decisions.
* Graphical representation of data coupled with detailed listings of all products in development and in
production allows the user to quickly assess the depth of a company’s pipeline and the strength of the
company’s product portfolio.

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