30B by ashrafp


									                                    FORM NO. 30B
                                     [See rule 43]

No-Objection Certificate for a person not domiciled in India under section 230(1)
of the Income-tax act, 1961.
                                                                   Folio No…………

                                GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
      This is to certify that the Income-tax Department has no objection for the person
whose details are given below from leaving India by air/sea/land.

1.   Full Name (in block letters)                    _______________________
2.   Name of father (or husband)                     _______________________
3.   Passport No./Emergency Certificate No.          _______________________

      This certificate is valid for a journey or journeys to be commenced on or after
__________ and before ________________ .

Place ___________

Date ____________                                   (Prescribed Authority)


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