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									                2011 Beijing International Youth Wushu Festival

1. Time and Place: From July 18 to July 21, 2010 in Stadium of Changping District
2. Supervisor: the Education Committee of Beijing
   Organizers: Beijing Students’ Activity Management Center, Education Committee of
   Changping District
   Sponsors: Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School, Global Kungfu Website

3. Ways of Participating:
   Any martial arts groups or individuals from all educational institutions at home
   and abroad, primary and middle schools and martial arts schools can sign up to
   participate in the competition.

4. The competition will be divided into (A) Professional group (sports schools, martial
arts schools, martial arts clubs and professional martial arts teams) and amateur group
including primary and middle schools
(B)Taolu: Group A: Male and female under 8 years old
          Group B: Male and female between 9-year-old and 11-year-old
          Group C: Male and female between 12-year-old and 15-year-old
          Group D: Male and female between 16-year-old and 20-year-old
          Group E: Male and female between 21-year-old and 25-year-old
(C)Sanda: (Youth group aged from 15 to 17, adults group older than 18-year-old)
(D)Taekwondo: Children group aged 8-10, young teenagers group aged 10-12,
youngster group aged 13-15, teenagers group aged 16-18, adult group older than

5. Sports:

(A) Chinese boxing
(1) Primary Changquan (2) Specified boxing (3) Optional boxing (4) Nanquan (5)
Taijiquan (6) first kind of Chinese boxing: xingyiquan, bagua and baji) (7) second
kinds of Chinese boxing: Tongbeiquan, Piguaquan and Fanzi Boxing) (third kind of
Chinese boxing: Ditangquan and Xiangxingquan) (9) forth kind of Chinese boxing:
Chaquan, Huaquan, Hua Boxing and Paoquan) (10) Shaolin Boxing (Red Boxing and
Shaolinquan) (11) other kinds of boxing

 (B) Weapons
   (1) Optional Broadsword (2) Optional Spears (3) Optional Spears (4) Optional
Cudgel (6)Traditional Weapons (long, short, soft, double and single) (7) Primary
Weapons (8)Weapons of Tai Chi (9) Other weapons

(C) Sparring

(D) Other weapons which are scientific and favorable for keeping health besides
competitive sports

    (E) Team Sports (at least 8 persons with necessary competition music)

  (F)Ranks of Sanda:

      (1) Men’s : 45kg 、 48kg、 52kg、 56kg、60kg、65kg、70kg、     80
                                                         75kg、 kg、

   + 80kg

       (2)Women’s : 45kg、 48kg 、52kg 、56kg、60kg、65kg、+65kg

     (G)Ranks of Taekwondo
  (1)Women’s: -27kg 27kg         30kg    36kg    40kg    44kg    48kg    52kg    56kg
58kg 62kg 66kg +66kg

  (2)Men’s: -30kg 30kg 34kg 38kg 42kg 46kg 52kg 56kg 60kg 64kg

68kg 72kg 76kg 80kg +80kg

   (3)Personal Pinshi: Children group, young teenagers group, youngster group,
teenagers group, adult group (yellow belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt, black belt)

     Note: Any athlete who enters for personal Pinshi competition is required to hand
in copy of certificate when signing up the competition.

6. Entry ways and entry requirements
(1) The unit team can be linked to the name of enterprises and have team leader,
coach, doctor one each.

(2) Each person can apply three projects at most, out of 200 for each additional, and
the additional ones not included in the group scores and has to specified.
(3) The number of teams participating is unlimited. The team of more than 16
members can apply a judge.
(4) Athletes can report either the routine competition or Sanda Competition.
(5) Group Ranking is according to the results calculated by adding the scores taken
from participated athletes of each team.

7. Competition Measures
(1) The team competition is divided into single individual competition and team
(2) Routine competition is accordance with "Competitive Rules in 1996"audited by
the National Sports Commission.
(3) Sanda competition will introduce the "Martial Arts Competition Rules"which is
the latest validation of the National Sports Commission.
(4) Taekwondo will be in accordance with the "Taekwondo competition rules audited
by Taekwondo Association.
(5) The single-game knockout system is for the Taekwondo.

8. Admission and awards ranking
(1) The top three group of Routine, Sanda and taekwondo are offered with prizes
(respectively: 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan), trophies, certificates, etc.
(2) Routine items are groups of male and female from each of the top six and top four
from the one with less than eight people.
(3) With Sportsmanship Award, Tenaciously Award,
Best Team Award and Best Coach Award.
(4) Individual top six points of all items are as follows: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and included in
group total.

9. Application

(1) The accommodation is arranged by the General Assembly,and the fees is charged
    as follows:


  Entry Fee         200 Yuan/person 200 Yuan/person

  Registration      100 Yuan/person 100 Yuan/person


  Single      Item 100 Yuan/item        400 Yuan/person(Note:Additional 100 Yuan is need if you

  Fee                                   enter for Taekwondo Pinshi)

  Team Item Fee     200 Yuan/team
                                                     1400 Yuan /person
  Charge+ tour
                    1100 Yuan/person(Athlete not taking part in trip is required to pay the fee only,
                    which is needed to make a call in advance.)

Contact: Xu XiChang 13141266653
        Guo Ximei 13141331100

Clark: 010-62715558

(2) The team registration form stamped with official seal need to be signed by the
team leader on May 31, 2011 and sent to Beijing Dewai Xisanqi Hui Long Guan
Changping Road 386, Beijing Shaolin Martial Arts School competition at the total
school, Zip 100096.
(3) It need 2 pieces of one inch photos, 1 xerox of Resident Card when signing up.The
form must be printed on A4 paper in duplicate and stamped with official seal.
Meanwhile hand over the form online in excel to E-mail:, game
rules form can be downloaded from
(4) Each participating team must report to Jin Shui Furong Hotel Government Street,
Changping District, in the July 17, 2011. Contact: Xu Xichang 13141266653; Guo
Ximei, 13141331100
(5) Please remit Registration fee, AD, project fee to the following accounts:

   Bank       Accou           Account Number            Bank of Deposit

 Agricultur Fu          95599 8001 44725 37910          Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing,
 al Bank of                                             Changping Branch, Xisanqi Office
 China      Xiaoch
 Industrial   Fu        6222 0202 0008 3030 441         Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
 and                                                    , Beijing, Zhongguancun Branch and Xisanqi
 Commerc      Xiaoch
 ial Bank     un                                        Branch
 of China

 China      Fu          4340 6100 1090 8264             China Construction Bank, Beijing, Changping
 Constructi                                             Branch, Huilongguan Office
 on Bank    Xiaoch

 Bank      of Fu        4563 5101 0086 8807 508         Bank of China,Beijing, Xisanqi Branch
 China        Xiaoch
 China        Fu        6210 9810 0000 1610 692         China    Postal   Savings       Bank,   Beijing,
 Postal       Xiaoch                                    Huilongguan, Changping Road Office
 Savings      un
  Telephone:Fu Xiaochun        86-10-82951832      13520975201

 (6) Just pay fees for accommodation and transportation and receive participation
certificates, and souvenirs.
(7) The accommodation of all athletes must be arranged by the Organizing Committee.
Parents can follow their own arrangements or the organizing committee but please
note at the time of registration in order that the General Assembly can make
arrangements well in advance so as not to delay the athletes Check-in.

10. Arbitration Committee and referees are selected by the Committee of organizers.

11. Additional Information:
(1) All teams participating in competition pay for the fare at their own expense.
(2) All athletes must apply for life insurance.
(3) Athletes of Sanda and Taekwondo is required to present health certificate on
EEG,ECG and pulse within 15 days (above the county level hospitals) when
(4) Equipment and clothes are self-provided and athletes are required to wear
performance suits.
(5) Sanda. Taekwondo protective gear and boxing gloves are provided by the Festival.
Protective teeth, jockstrap and other equipment are self-provided.
(6) Please make a call in advance if engagement and return tickets are needed. There
will be staffs waiting to receive athletes and teams in Beijing Station, Beijing West
Station and Capital Airport.
(7) Please wait for further notice for unaccomplished matter.

                                                    The Organizing Committee
                Activities Schedule for the Festival

                 Morning             Afternoon           Evening            Service
               8:00—12:00          13:30—17:00        19:00—21:00           Section

 July 16     Referees reporting
             1.All the teams reporting;
             2.At 20:00 in Lotus Hotel holding the first Organizing
 July 17
             Committee of referees and coaches; Athletes of Sanda         Secretariat

             and Taekwondo being weighed                                    Service

                                                         19:30 the
 July 18        competition         competition     performance for the
                                                    Opening Ceremony
 July 19        competition         competition        competition
             Travelling                                                    Logistics
                                    At 15:00 in
             (the Great Wall,                          At19:30 final        Service
                                    Lotus Hotel
             Ming’s       Tombs,                      competition of      Secretariat
July 20                             holding the
             Bird's Nest and                          Sanda closing;        Service
                                   second meeting
             Tiananmen                              Awards Ceremony         award
                                    for coaches
             Square)                                                        Service
July 21   Leaving before 12:00

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