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Steuben County Rabies Clinics


									                            Steuben County Rabies Clinics
        If you have any questions about these clinics, please call the contact listed.
                           *** PHNS – 607-664-2438 or 1-800-724-0471
      Finger Lakes Humane Catnip Program - By Appt.** Bev 776-3039 **Not Open To Public**
             This is a spay/neuter program (cats only). There is a fee for spaying, but it includes free rabies shot.
                        Call Bev at 776-3039 for more information or to make an appointment.
        All Finger Lakes Humane rabies clinics are subject to cancellation dependent on staffing shortages.
CITY/TOWN                     DATE        TIME            LOCATION             CONTACT               PHONE
Fremont                       11/06/10 9-11AM Fire Station, RT 21              John DuPont           324-0002
Rathbone                      11/06/10 6-8 PM Town Barns                       Dan Draper            661-7542
Addison                       *NS             Addison Fire Hall                Betty Andrukat        359-3170
Avoca                         *NS             Fire Hall                        Kim Jackson           566-2152
Bath                          *NS             Town Barn                        Marcia Burns          776-7013
Bradford                      *NS             Bradford Town Hall               Sandy Rogers          583-4270
Cameron                       *NS             Town Barn                        Darryl Hoad           776-7070
Campbell                      *NS             Highway Garage                   Sandi Austin          527-8280 527-8244
Canisteo                      *NS             Town Barn-Depot St               Gary Hadsell          698-4350/382-4785
Caton                         *NS             Caton Fire Hall                  Avonne Dickerson      524-6303
Cohocton                      *NS             Cohocton Fire Dept.              Deb Matthews          585-384-9501
Corning                       *NS             Town Grg 20 S. Maple             Susan Edwards         936-6114
Erwin                         *NS             Highway Shop                     Gloria                962-7021
FL Humane Catnip Program      *NS             72 Cameron St., Bath             Bev                   776-3039
Greenwood                     *NS             Greenwood Town Barn              Rick Harrison         698-4933
Hartsville                    *NS             Town Highway Barn                Michael Henry         698-2677
Hornby                        *NS             Hwy Garage Dyke Rd.              Pam Smith             962-0683 W
Hornell                       *NS             Hornell Fire Dept.               PHNS                  664-2438
Hornell Humane Society        *NS             Hornell Humane Society           Katrina               324-1270
Howard                        *NS             Fire Hall                        Loreen Karr           566-2554
Jasper                        *NS             Jasper Town Barn                 Sheila Leach          792-3576 AM
Lindley                       *NS             Lindley/Presho Fire Dept         Megan Thistle         523-8816
Prattsburgh                   *NS             Highway Barn                     Pam Kula              522-3761
Pulteney                      *NS             Highway Barn                     Donna Conley          868-4222
Rexville/West Union           *NS             West Union Town Barn             Bridget Calkins       525-6421
Savona                        *NS             Fire Department                  Carl/Ruth Tuttle      583-2229
Thurston                      *NS             Thurston Fire Hall               Mary/Randy Akins      776-5177
Troupsburg                    *NS             T’burg Highway Barn              Bridgett Calkins      525-6421
Tuscarora                     *NS             Town Barn                        Pauline Webster       359-3604
Urbana (Hammondsport)         *NS             Town Barn                        Starr Perry           569-3742
Wayland                       *NS             Wayland Fire Hall                Deb Matthews          585-384-9501
Wayne                         *NS             Town Barn                        Patty Harsh           292-3450
West Union                    *NS             West Union Fire Hall             Filicia Mullen        225-4619
Wheeler                       *NS             Town Barn                        Jean Derick           776-0284 or 4320
Woodhull                      *NS             Town Barn                        Rick Harrison         698-4933

 (*NS = nothing scheduled at this time)
                                                                                                 Updated 10/26/10 jeg

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