Leverage Soccer Academy Experience for Pro Trials _ College Showcases by aihaozhe2


									In today's competitive sports world, self-promotion is more important than ever.
When you're competing against 500 players for a spot on a university team, a
scholarship, or pro trial, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. A lot of players
out there have talent, but you need talent and something more.

So what can you do to really make an impression with coaches? What really catches
their attention?

Soccer promotion - Back to basics:

First, make sure your basics are in order. You need an updated, modern soccer resume
that combines education stats with soccer stats. Get letters of recommendation,
technical evaluation reports by high-level or professional coaches when possible, a
well-edited highlight video to showcase your skills during training and matches.
Remember, there's a lot of politics in soccer. You can use that to your advantage when
promoting yourself.

Leverage your soccer academy experience:

High-level camps domestically are a dime a dozen, and they don't really raise
eyebrows on your soccer resume. A lot of soccer players attend these camps and
programs and it's unlikely to impress a university soccer coach or of professional club,
scout or agent.

International soccer academies are another story. Few coaches see a soccer resume
(and associated soccer video) of a player who's spent nine months abroad training
daily under professional coaches. This is a great way to distinguish yourself from your
soccer peers and get your foot in the door by doing something different and unique
that is more likely to influence a decision make in your soccer future.

World-class name dropping:

My friends in NCAA or Division I, II, and III colleges are inundated with soccer
videos and resumes. By attending an international soccer training program under
internationally-recognized coaches, you can set yourself apart from the pack
politically, while also developing dramatically as a soccer player.

Think about it. If you were a decision maker in soccer, who would you choose to
consider? A soccer player who ran though a camp somewhere in New Jersey or a
soccer player who traveled abroad to train under Bolton Wanderers coaching staff or
another high-level football academy?

Soccer academy bonus - technical excellence:
Training under world-class soccer coaches for prolonged periods of time will help
perfect your physical stamina, tactical awareness and knowledge, and overall
technical football skills. There's no substitute for sustained professional football
training- and coaches will see the difference in you on the pitch.

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