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Legitimate Work from Home Business


									With all the so called legitimate work at home opportunities on the web today, how
can someone make heads or tails of all the chaos? The Internet has created a forum for
which just about anything goes, from sites claiming to make you a millionaire
overnight to the free websites where you just drive traffic to someone's webpage and
your set for the good life. How many have tried? Ask yourself this... Do you just give
away money? Why should someone else just hand you money? I've had to put in the
time and effort to get where I am. I guess you can call that legitimate work and
legitimate compensation.

I've recently acquired a legitimate online business, after plenty of searching, so it is
possible. The only thing you need to realize is YES, it will require some input, plenty
of time and work, continuing education, along with constant modifications and some
savvy marketing. However, most people think they know all there is to know about
online businesses right of the start and fall for the overnight success story website, or
they just want to make a quick buck. Whichever category they fall into we're not
going to go into that, I would like to point out some of the identifiable traits of a
legitimate online business and a few ways to research your next business venture.

As your checking into multiple sites, and you run across one you really think is going
to be profitable for yourself. STOP! Just hold that thought for a minute. Let's research
the author of that site before we dive in and think all our prayers have been answered.
Why not look a little deeper? Is the author's name on the website? Do they offer a
money-back guarantee? Do they show up on What is the page ranking?
How long have they been in business? Ask yourself a few of these questions. You can
really get a feel for the author this way and eliminate a few prospects.

What are they promoting? The promoted products can tell a lot about the author.
Sometimes I run across WebPages that are completely full of banners. I'm sure some
are useful, however I get the feeling the author is just pushing junk to make a fast
buck. I like smaller, functional websites that promote fewer things, hopefully
beneficial products that the webmaster has already researched, or that I can use as
resources. Then again, research their promotions, if things are checking out, you
might be on to something there. Forget about the hyped up guarantees of instant
wealth, we're looking for credibility.

Credibility is very important, internet business is in a sense faceless, so how do you
sort out the bad apples? Other than the suggestions from above, look for testimonials,
blogs, or a link page on the webpage. Get a feel for the author through their feedback.
Check to see if the website linking to them is credible itself. I also get a good sense
for credibility when many of the promoted products cross promote back to the site
which referred you. Let's say the author gives you a free website to promote their
product and you are required to pay for the hosting. Ok that seems reasonable, why
would the author pay for your hosting anyway right? You may just quit someday, or
fail to promote the product, and the author would be paying for hosting. But then
when you visit the referred hosting site does it give reference back to the authors page
that sent you? If the hosting site was promoting a reputable resellers free website to
people who were just looking for website hosting, wouldn't that be something?

Look for free content that isn't useless junk, a helpful e-book, or article pages that are
useful. Is the author trying to help you or just lighten your pocketbook? A legitimate
home business should offer at least something free to entice you. If they are confident
in their product or service they do not need to make money from you instantly.
However, a legitimate business will cost something somewhere along the line. Maybe
a free website to promote your product, free membership, or free advertising to get
things rolling.

Training and support is another bonus I use to judge legitimacy. How many times
have you joined, advertised, promoted someone's product and felt ignored once you
were signed up and paying? There is just no reason to fall for the scams, no need to
rush into anything without doing your homework, the internet will be here tomorrow.

Legitimate online businesses have identifiable qualities, we just need to look for them.
The legitimate businesses out there are not going to hide and will provide you
information to make your decisions easy, it's the ones that do hide I would be leery

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