Learn to Play the Guitar in 4 Simple Steps

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					People looking to learn to play the guitar can be somewhat overwhelmed or confused
when they figure out how much information, practice and perseverance it takes to do
so. The good news is that for everyone there are/were a few simple steps that are
critical to learning to play the guitar with any skill. These steps include finding a great
teacher, focusing on the basics, practicing with guitar tabs, and moving on up. Follow
these steps and you can't easily go wrong.

Find a Great Teacher

It may seem like a crazy idea, but getting an actual in-person guitar teacher seems to
be a thing of the past for those looking to learn how to play the guitar. The best way to
go today is to find an online beginner guitar lesson program or website that you can
either pay for or get free to learn. Come up with a list of criteria and shop around for a
website that meets those criteria.

Focus on the Basics

You may be tempted to just jump in head first into a pool of crazy-hard songs and
notes to play on your guitar. This is not a smart move, however. It is important to first
focus on learning the basics. These may seem boring, but if you imagine them as the
foundation that the house of your skill will sit on, you can see their importance. These
include things like strumming, rhythm, chords and notes.

Practice with Guitar Tabs

Using guitar tabs, or simple diagrams for different notes and songs, is one of the best
ways to learn to play simple melodies once you have learned the basics. Try searching
for a guitar tab database online to begin, and then it's just a matter of associating lines
with notes and numbers with frets to put together simple but beautiful tunes as a
beginner player.

Move on Up

From this point it's only up, in a manner of speaking. Once you have the basic notes
and chords down as well as a basic understanding of strumming and finger
movements, the sky is the limit. Most online tutorials can help walk you through the
beginner stages of your endeavors and lead you on up to advanced songs and
techniques for an ever-growing storage of skill and knowledge in the world of guitar
playing. It is important as a student to always challenge yourself and learn more each

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