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Learn Affiliate Marketing In 3 Easy Steps


									As an online business coach, I regularly hear from people who want to learn affiliate
marketing as a means to creating a better life for themselves but are confused about
the basics and need some help getting started.

Their confusion is understandable. As the internet continues to grow and change, so
do affiliate marketing techniques. The result is a constant and never-ending stream of
new information about the latest and greatest way to build an online income, making
it difficult to learn affiliate marketing fundamentals in the face of constant distraction.

If you're finding that all of this information overload is making it difficult to grasp the
nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, don't panic or give up. Instead, take a step
backward to look at the bigger picture.

At the risk of oversimplifying, the most common affiliate marketing business model
can be broken down into three distinct steps or concepts: 1. Choosing an affiliate
product; 2. Creating a simple website; and 3. Driving quality traffic to your website.

Here's a quick and dirty overview of each:

Step 1 - Choosing an Affiliate Product.

There are an almost unlimited number of products that you can promote as an affiliate.
If you've just recently started to learn affiliate marketing, is your best
bet. It's the world's largest retailer of e-books and other down-loadable products.
Creating an account and getting started with ClickBank is fast and easy.

Step 2 - Creating a Simple Website.

Creating your own website doesn't have to be hard. Start off with a simple blog or
promotional web page talking about the benefits of your product or providing helpful
information on a topic to which your product relates. You can literally create a
professional blog/web page in less than 5 minutes. For content, do a Google search,
find some good resources and use them as a basis for creating a few pages of content
for your new site.

Step 3 - Driving Quality Traffic to Your Site.

This is the area that results in the most confusion. Although traffic generation is a big
topic, at it's core, the concept is very simple. Traffic comes from three sources: 1. paid
advertising (not usually cost-effective for the inexperienced affiliate marketer); 2.
getting your web page ranked highly with search engines like Google and Yahoo by
getting other sites to link back to your site ("backlinking"); and 3. Using social
networking and media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to deliver traffic
The second and third traffic sources are free and are the best place for new affiliate
marketers to start. Although more labor intensive than paid traffic generation, they
also produce a great long term flow of steady traffic to your site without further effort
or cost. If you take some time at the start to learn affiliate marketing traffic techniques
like these, your long term rewards will be much greater.


As you learn affiliate marketing, remind yourself to step back from time to time and
look at the big picture. Doing so will make it easier to avoid information overload and
keep yourself moving forward toward the ultimate rewards at the end of the rainbow.

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