; Las Vegas Tours - Seeing Hoover Dam And The New Bypass Bridge
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Las Vegas Tours - Seeing Hoover Dam And The New Bypass Bridge


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									If you are visiting Las Vegas, you've got to see Hoover Dam. Rising up 700 feet, the
dam has been taming the mighty Colorado River for 75 years. Tours to this historic
landmark include bus, helicopter, and airplane, and each offers an experience that will
leave you spellbound.

Hoover Dam bus tours are hands down the most popular way to visit the dam.
Packages include hotel pick up and drop off. The standard route is to head east from
Las Vegas, passing through Boulder City, then into the Lake Mead National
Recreation Recreational Area. From here, you descend slowly into Black Canyon
until you arrive at the dam.

En route, most tour buses feature either live or taped narration about Henderson, NV,
Boulder City, NV, the Dam's construction, and Lake Mead. Here's some Hoover Dam
primer facts to get you started:

1. Dam height: 726.4 feet, which makes it the second highest dam in the United States
behind the Grand Coulee Dam based in Washington state.

2. Dam length: 1,244 feet. The dam spans Black Canyon and the Colorado River and
connects the states of Nevada and Arizona.

3. Dam thickness: 660 feet. In addition to holding back the river, the structure features
a two-lane road, which, before 2001, was frequently used by trucks to haul freight

4. Traffic across the Dam: 13,000 to 16,000 per day

5. Annual number of visitors: 8 to 10 million

6. Named after Herbert Hoover, the 31'st president of the United States. He was the
commerce secretary at the time of construction.

7. Number of workers who died during construction: 112

You'll spend about two hours at the Dam. You can either explore it by yourself or take
a guided tour, which is free and includes full access to the Movie Room, Exhibit
Rooms, and Observation Deck. Also highly recommended is the Generator Room - a
small fee is required but it's well worth it.

Other things you can do while at Hoover Dam include:

1. Strolling the dam from Nevada to Arizona and back (about 20 mins.)

2. Photographing the "Winged Figures of the Republic," a pair of bronze statutes
placed on top of an astrological chart done in the Art Nouveaux style
3. The Old Exhibit Building - Incredible architecture from the late 1940's

4. The Nevada Intake Tower: Get up-close to the mechanisms that use water to
generate electricity.

5. Check out the new Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Known as the
Bypass Bridge, it opened in October 2010 and stands 840 feet above the Colorado
River, making it the second highest bridge in the U.S. Offers excellent views of the

Flight times for both helicopter and plane are usually 20 minutes. Get incredible
birds-eye views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, and Colorado River
tributaries. Or cruise Lake Mead (the largest man-made lake in the U.S.) by boat and
drift up close to the dam's river-water-intake structures.

On average, Hoover Dam tours take five hours. If you add a flight or cruise to your
bus tour, add an additional 1.5 hours. Any way you slice it, Hoover Dam, which is one
of the elite Modern Wonders of the World, is an attraction you must add to your list of
Las Vegas attractions.

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