Know your guitar's amplifier before you buy a new one

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					Your electric guitar was made to put out a vibrant, clear sound. Buying the right
amplifier will assure a high level of sound, play and enjoyment. To make sure you get
the best amplifier for your style of play and for your guitar, you will need to do some
homework and most likely some legwork. The purchase of the right amplifier is a
long-term solution so let's get it right the first time.

Let's start at the beginning. You need to determine your requirements. Usually the
determining factors in buying an amplifier are budget, style and audience. If you will
be playing for fun in your basement or garage, your requirements are less demanding
than a guitarist who intends to play for big audiences. Checking with internet
providers before visiting the local stores will help establish a reasonable budget.
Today, there is no reason to spend more than your budget permits.

The internet is your friend when you are shopping for amplifiers. Internet providers
offer advice, chat rooms, forums and deep discounts. Before you finalize any
purchase, you should always cross-check with online providers. Be sure to check
manufacturer's warranties and glean any information you can so that when you visit
those local stores you have product knowledge.

Tube amplifiers and solid state amplifiers are the two staples of the industry. You will
select one of these types. Tube amplifiers became popular in the mid 20th century.
They present accurate tone and are very reliable. The tube will need to be changed
after a period of time and tubes are not inexpensive. Tube amplifiers also require
regular maintenance.

The newer solid state amplifiers are basically maintenance free. The sound is sharp
and they have great range. Best of all, there are no tubes to replace.

Tube amplifiers have the classic look. The tones are genuine and experienced
guitarists feel they put out a bit more warmth. Tube amplifiers are more expensive
than their counterparts which has increased the demand for solid state units.

Tube amplifiers are heavier and require more careful handling. While the sound
generated by the tube is truer, it is often not as vibrant as the sound of the lighter solid
state amp. Generally, experienced players prefer the tube amp while beginners
migrate to the solid state.

Most beginning packages today are combination packages. The components include
speakers, preamp and power amplifier systems. These all-in-one packages are terrific
for stay-at-home guitarists. They are easy to connect and easy to use. The speakers
range from 8 inch to 12 inch sizes. Even if you take your act on the road and play
before smaller audiences, these combo packs can get the job done.

When shopping for your first amplifier, ask as many questions as it takes to get
comfortable. There is no need to rush. Remember that there are very competitive
providers on the internet. Make sure to see, touch and hear the various systems at your
local stores and then check the online opportunities. Wherever you end up, always
consider the combination packs. These are great fits for most beginners.

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