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      17 Bath Street, Montagu
       Tel +27 (0)23 614 30 13
                       Welcome to

     Thomas Bain Pub

We hope you enjoy your experience with us. If you do, tell others,
if you do not, please tell us. Your comments would be much
appreciated and help us to improve our service!

Please note that our prices do not include a gratuity. An automatic
gratuity of 10% will be added onto tables of 6 patrons or more!

            We wish you a wonderful time with us!
           Your hosts Yvonne, Marland and Nadine.
                            SALADS & STARTERS

Greek Salad                                                                        35.-
                                                                                 R 35.-

Blue Cheese & Bacon Salad                                                          37.-
                                                                                 R 37.-

Chicken Salad                                                                      37.-
                                                                                 R 37.-

Smoked Salmon & Tuna Salad                                                         39.-
                                                                                 R 39.-

Soup of the day – served with home made bread                                      28.
                                                                                 R 28.-
(Please ask your waiter/waitress)

Ham and Melon                                                                      35.
                                                                                 R 35.-

Snails in garlic butter and white wine, topped with cheese                         37.
                                                                                 R 37.-

Crumbed Prawns – served on a small salad, sauce tartar                             42.
                                                                                 R 42.-

Carpaccio – served on a small salad                                                42.
                                                                                 R 42.-

                                   LIGHT MEALS

Toasted Sandwiches - served with chips and salad garnish
Please note toasted sandwiches are only served until 2pm!

Cheese, Tomato and Onion                                                           27.
                                                                                 R 27.-
Ham and Cheese                                                                     28.
                                                                                 R 28.-
Chicken Mayonnaise                                                                 31.
                                                                                 R 31.-
Tuna Mayonnaise                                                                    31.
                                                                                 R 31.-
Bacon and Banana                                                                   32.
                                                                                 R 32.-

Omelette – with any two fillings, served with chips and salad garnish              38.
                                                                                 R 38.-
Fillings: cheese, tomato, ham, bacon, mushrooms

Asparagus & Mushroom Pancake – served with chips and salad garnish                 43.-
                                                                                 R 43.-

Bobotie Spring Rolls (curried mincemeat) - served with chips and salad garnish     45.-
                                                                                 R 45.-

Vegetable Spring Rolls – served with chips and salad garnish                       45.-
                                                                                 R 45.-

Hake and Calamari Strips Combo – served with chips and salad garnish               54.
                                                                                 R 54.-

      Egg Chips
Steak Egg & Chips - (Steak 200g)                                                   54
                                                                                 R 5 4 .-
                                     MAIN MEALS

Pasta Alfredo – served with side salad                                              68.-
                                                                                  R 68.-

Prestons famous Leg of Lamb – served with rice, roast potatoes, vegetables,
gravy, and mint sauce                                                               69.
                                                                                  R 69.-

Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork Fillet Wrap – served with chips and salad              69.-
                                                                                  R 69.-

Calamari Steak – deep fried, served with chips and vegetables or salad              69.-
                                                                                  R 69.-

Smoked Pork Ribs – served with chips and vegetables or salad                        70.-
                                                                                  R 70.-

Chicken Breast Fillet in yoghourt and herb sauce – served with roast
potatoes and vegetables                                                             72.-
                                                                                  R 72.-

Lamb Shoulder Chops – served with chips and vegetables or salad                     74.
                                                                                  R 74.-

Fish of the Day – grilled / poached in lemon butter / deep fried - served with
rice, roast potatoes and vegetables                                               P.O.A
(please ask your waiter/waitress)

                         VEGETARIAN MAIN MEALS

Butternut (half) – filled with creamy vegetables and topped with cheese, served
with chips and salad                                                                62.-
                                                                                  R 62.-

Creamy Vegetable Wrap – served with chips and salad                                 64.
                                                                                  R 64.-

Vegetarian Pasta (tomato, onion, garlic, olives, capers, spinach, mushrooms) –
served with side salad                                                              66.
                                                                                  R 66.-

                                KIDDIES CORNER
                            (Also available to grown ups if required.)

Chicken Nuggets - served with chips                                                 32.
                                                                                  R 32.-

Fish Fingers - served with chips                                                    32.
                                                                                  R 32.-

All our steaks are matured and vacuum packed. They are served with chips and

Sirloin or Rump Steak (Beef, 300g)                                               78.
                                                                               R 78.-
Fillet Steak (Beef, 200g)                                                        84.
                                                                               R 84.-
Duo of Steaks (Beef, Game/Venison)                                               95.
                                                                               R 95.-

Mushroom, cheesy garlic, pepper, cheese, monkey gland,
Garlic & Herb butter, Herb & Blue Cheese butter                                 14.
                                                                         each R 14.-

Grades of cooking:

Blue – Scare the pan and serve it.
Rare – Very bloody but tasty.
Medium Rare – Half rare, juicy, most tasty.
Medium – Pink in the centre, juicy.
Medium Well – Almost dead.
Well Done – Lifeless, grey, you asked for it.

Irish or Kahlua or Brandy coffee                                                 22.-
                                                                               R 22.-

Don Pedro (Whisky or Kahlua or Brandy)                                           24.-
                                                                               R 24.-

Vanilla Ice Cream - served with chocolate sauce                                  27.
                                                                               R 27.-

Vanilla Ice Cream - served with black cherries                                   32.
                                                                               R 32.-

Amaretto Cream Pots                                                              33
                                                                               R 3 3 .-

Meringue with Fresh Fruit – served with cream or ice cream                       35.-
                                                                               R 35.-

Pancake filled with caramelised bananas & black cherries – served with
cream or ice cream                                                               35
                                                                               R 3 5 .-
Mineral Water

Still         small (500ml)                                                  R 12.-
              Large (1 Litre)                                                R 16.-

Sparkling     small (500ml)                                                  R 12.-
              Large (1 Litre)                                                R 16.-

Mixers / Soft Drinks

Cordials (Lime, Cola Tonic, Passionfruit)                                     R 5.-

Coke / Coke Light / Lemonade / Ginger Ale / Dry Lemon / Soda Water / Tonic    R 8.-

Appletiser / Red Grapetiser / White Grapetiser                               R 13.-

Orange Juice / Mango Juice / Apple Juice                                     R 12.-
(ask your waiter/waitress for other juices available)

Tomato Cocktail                                                              R 12.-

Hot Beverages

Coffee                                                                        R 8.-
Tea (Rooibos, Ceylon, Earl Grey)                                              R 8.-
Hot Chocolate                                                                 R 8.-
Irish or Kahlua or Brandy coffee                                             R 22.-

Cold Beverages

Milk Shake (Chocolate, Strawberry)                                           R 12.-
Don Pedro (Whisky or Kahlua or Brandy)                                       R 24.-


Brandy (Klipdrift, Drie Berge, KWV)                                           R 9.-
Smirnoff Vodka                                                                R 9.-
Cane                                                                          R 9.-
Gordon’s Dry Gin                                                              R 9.-
Campari                                                                       R 9.-
Pimms                                                                        R 10.-
Southern Comfort                                                             R 10.-
Rum (Bacardi, Red Heart, Captain Morgan, Spiced Gold)                        R 10.-
Whisky (Bells, J&B)                                                          R 10.-
Whisky (Jameson)                                                             R 12.-
Bourbon (Jack Daniels)                                                       R 12.-

Castle Lager / Castle Lite / Castle Milk Stout (340ml)   R 10.-
Black Label (340ml)                                      R 10.-
Hansa Pilsner (340ml)                                    R 10.-
Windhoek Lager / Windhoek Light (340ml)                  R 11.-
Amstel (340ml)                                           R 11.-
Millers Draft (340ml)                                    R 11.-
Heineken (340ml)                                         R 12.-
Windhoek Draught (440ml)                                 R 15.-
Guinness (440ml)                                         R 20.-

Draught Beer on Tap

Napier Ale   small (340ml)                               R 11.-
             large (500ml)                               R 16.-


Hunters Dry / Hunters Gold (340ml)                       R 13.-
Savanna Dry / Savanna Light (340ml)                      R 13.-


Cape Velvet                                              R 12.-
Amarula                                                  R 12.-
Wild Africa                                              R 12.-
Peppermint                                               R 12.-
Van der Hum                                              R 12.-
Baileys                                                  R 13.-
Kahlua                                                   R 14.-
Frangelico                                               R 14.-
Sambucca (Gold, Black)                                   R 14.-
Jägermeister                                             R 15.-
Tequila (Agava, Olmeca)                                  R 15.-
Amaretto                                                 R 15.-
Grappa / Schnapps                                        R 15.-
Cointreau                                                R 17.-
Drambuie                                                 R 18.-

Fortified Wines

Sherry (Pale Dry, Medium Cream)                           R 7.-
Muscadel                                                  R 8.-
Port                                                      R 8.-
                                     WINE LIST
We are particularly proud of the wines from our region. All the wines on our wine list are
from the Breede River Winelands.

Sparkling Wines

Papillon (Demi-Sec), Van Loveren (11,5%vol. 750ml)
         (Demi-Sec),                                                                  50.
                                                                                    R 50.-

Blush Vin Doux NV (Pink), Bon Courage (13,5%vol. 750ml)
                  (Pink),                                                             58.-
                                                                                    R 58.-

Jaques Bruére (Brut Reserve), Bon Courage (12,0%vol. 750ml)                          130.
                                                                                   R 130.-

Wine per Carafe

Johannisberger, Robertson Winery (Semi Sweet White Wine)          (small, 250ml)    R 11.-
                                                                  (large, 500ml)    R 22.-

Sauvignon Blanc, Robertson Winery (Dry White Wine)                (small, 250ml)    R 12.-
                                                                  (large, 500ml)    R 24.-

Satin Red, Ashton Cellar (Red Wine)                               (small, 250ml)    R 14.-
                                                                  (large, 500ml)    R 28.-

White Wine – Semi Sweet / Off Dry

Late Harvest, Montagu Cellar
This semi sweet wine is made from specially selected grapes. An attractive
wine with sweet honey flavours and ripe fruity palate. (12,0%vol. 750ml)              42.-
                                                                                    R 42.-

Cape Rock Lobster Rosé, Van Loveren
A lively, pale pink, aromatic wine with luscious nose and upfront Muscat
flavours. A fruity, semi-sweet Blanc de Noir. (12,0%vol. 750ml)                       45.
                                                                                    R 45.-

My Best Friend Semi-Sweet, Zandvliet
100% Chenin Blanc / Nose: Flowery aromas together with whiffs of quinces,
pineapple and cloves. / Taste: Spicy and nutty with a memory of pineapple.
Soft, smooth and delicious! (12,0%vol. 750ml)                                         46.-
                                                                                    R 46.-

Colombar, Montagu Cellar
A well balanced off-dry white wine with ripe tropical fruit aromas and a
creamy apple taste. (12,5%vol. 750ml)                                                 48.-
                                                                                    R 48.-
White Wine – Dry

Kelkiewit, Bonnievale Cellar
Light, crisp and fruity white wine. Floral nose followed by a fruit salad of
flavours on taste. (12,0%vol. 500ml)                                               42.-
                                                                                 R 42.-

Chenin Blanc, Beverly Dawn
Beverly Dawn Chenin Blanc is a wine made from 100% Chenin Blanc
grapes grown on 30 year old vines. (12,0%vol. 750ml)                               43.-
                                                                                 R 43.-

Chenin Blanc, Cloverfield
A fresh, crisp palate, brushed with peaches and cream, with hints of
tropical flavours and summer melon. (13,76%vol. 750ml)                             45.-
                                                                                 R 45.-

My Best Friend White, Zandvliet
40% Chardonnay, 30% Chenin Blanc, 30% Colombard / Bouquet: Fresh
nose of lemons, apples, guava and flowers. / Palate: Crisp, fruity wine yet
with a full-bodied palate. Long, silky aftertaste. (13,5%vol. 750ml)               46.-
                                                                                 R 46.-

Sauvignon Blanc, Arabella
Yellow green in colour. Complex green grassy nose with passion fruit,
guava and pear aromas. Gooseberry, capsicum and tropical on a full,
rich palate. (13,5%vol. 750ml)                                                     56.-
                                                                                 R 56.-

Chardonnay (Unwooded), Cloverfield
A delightfully unwooded Chardonnay with green apple, banana and
pineapple aromas to compliment this crisp fresh wine. (14,5%vol. 750ml)            63.-
                                                                                 R 63.-

Special Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc, Springfield
The grapes for this Special Cuvée originated from the estates prime site
for sauvignon. A wine of great character and concentrations. (12,9%vol. 750ml)     98.-
                                                                                 R 98.-

Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc, Springfield
The minimum yield of a vine rooted in 70% quarts stone is truly reflected
in this wine. The flinty, black powder nose with a mineral palate will become
more pronounced. (12,8%vol. 750ml)                                                 98.-
                                                                                 R 98.-
Red Wine

River Red, Van Loveren
Shiraz(50%) Ruby Cabernet(20%) Merlot(30%) An ever popular, light,
smooth red blend. Nice upfront fruit and berries on the nose and palate.
Soft tannins and a pleasant lingering palate. (14,0%vol. 500ml)                   35.-
                                                                                R 35.-

Kelkierooi, Bonnievale Cellar
An easy-drinking red wine blend of Cinsaut and Ruby Cabernet in a fruity
style. (13,0%vol. 500ml)                                                          42.-
                                                                                R 42.-

Shamrock Red, Cloverfield
Full of ripe fruit flavours with a hint of pepper and beautiful aroma
of herbs. (13,94%vol. 750ml)                                                      52.
                                                                                R 52.-

Merlot Ruby Cabernet, Montagu Cellar
A ripe fruity wine made from specially selected grapes. (13,5%vol. 750ml)         54.-
                                                                                R 54.-

Pinotage, Van Loveren
An elegant, varietal characteristic wine with flavours of ripe banana,
figs and summer fruits. Fine ruby colour. Soft tannins ensure a smooth
finish. (14,0%vol. 750ml)                                                         56
                                                                                R 5 6 .-

Cabernet Sauvignon, Arabella
Brimming with abundant blackcurrant aromas, this full-bodied wine is a
mouthful of juicy plum flavours. (14%vol. 750ml)                                  69.-
                                                                                R 69.-

Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot, Bonnievale Cellar
A smooth, blended red wine with rich berry flavours, matured in French
and American oak casks (13,0%vol. 750ml)                                          75.-
                                                                                R 75.-

Merlot, Excelsior
This wine rewards with succulent flavours of ripe plum and blackcurrant,
enhanced by hints of coffee and chocolate. Soft tannins lend a firm
structure. (14,5%vol. 750ml)                                                      80.
                                                                                R 80.-

Shiraz, Zandvliet
Jewel of the Estate, carefully made from selected, fully ripened Shiraz
grapes exclusively planted on the Estate’s Enon Formation soils which
are mostly overlaid with limestone, gravel and clay. (13,8%vol. 750ml)           100.
                                                                               R 100.-

River Grandeur Pinotage, Viljoensdrift
Vibrant plum hue with bright fuchsia rim. Juicy ripe, red fruit – Raspberry,
strawberry and cherry with dried banana. Fruit lingers easily on the palate
combined with gentle acidity and soft, silky tannins. (14,5%vol. 750ml)          105.-
                                                                               R 105.-

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