Kids Birthday Party Guide and Party Ideas (DOC)

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					There are many reasons why a little kid should have a really nice birthday party.
Children remember exciting times in their lives and the way they remember them can
govern the way they pattern their lives.

Throwing your children a really nice birthday party is very important. There are a lot
of ways on how to throw a birthday party for little kids. Some parents are busy buying
that favorite toy their child wants, that they forget on how to throw a birthday party.
Some basic items in a birthday party for little kids are:

1. Theme Birthday- Having a Winnie the Pooh birthday cake, hats, napkins, and plates
are only one of the themes that you can incorporate in your child's birthday. When you
have a theme to the birthday, you can have a lot of fun with it. Decorating according
to a theme lightens up a birthday party for your little child. Knowing how to throw a
birthday party for little kids is important with theme birthdays.

2. Dress Up- Invite others to dress up for the party including you as parents. When
there are people invited to a theme party, it can add some extra flare to the party when
you have the guests dress up on that special day. Dressing up for a party adds more
excitement to the party. Your child will love to dress up as their favorite Disney
character or Action hero. Don't be shy to dress up as your child's favorite super hero
yourself. It will brighten your child's day if you do.

3. Goodie Bags- When you have guests over to share in the festivities, it is best to
have a treat bag for each of the children. This offers the children a small gift to take
home with them as a reminder of your child's birthday. Children love to go to parties
where they will get something in return. Your child will love the mini presents as well.

Besides having a cake and ice cream for all the kids at the party, you need to be able
to have time for your child. The wants and needs of children are sometimes outside of
your budget. When planning the party, include your child. Your children will tell you
what they want and you can tell them what you can afford. Listening to your children
and coming to a compromise is the best you can do for them.

When you do this, your child will understand and help you further in planning their
party. Having communication will allow for the party to run a lot smoother. Games
and activities are a must in every party. Having the games and activities that are age
appropriate will allow the children to be entertained. Entertainment is vital to every
party. Remember this and you will have a lot of fun on your special little princess or
man's day.