Kershaw knives above the cut by aihaozhe2


									Kershaw knives first got its started in Portland, Oregon Back in 1974. After Pet
Kershaw formally of Gerber Legendary Blades, made his own Cutlery company of his
own designs. No doubt losing Pet Kershaw was a big lose to Gerber Legendary
Blades. Kershaw knives is now multinational corporation. It is now owned by a
Japanese KAI Group. All though it is still headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon.
Kershaw knives makes knives in many designs that includes cutlery, pocket knives,
and hunting knives. Most knives are made in Oregon but some are now made in

Kershaw Knives have a new line of combat knives called Zero Tolerance. The
designed by Ken Onion, Tim Galyean, and Strider knives. Ken onion is one of
Kershaw's most known designers. Kershaw in a great act of charity gives a portion of
the sale form each knife is given to the Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund for the
Paralyzed Veteran's of America. I think that this alone is a reason that you should get
your next pocket knives for Kershaw knives. It shows that they are not just a great
knife maker but that they are also humanitarians

In 2005 Kershaw showed just how much above the cut they are from the rest.
Kershaw won four awards in the Atlanta Georgia, the first time one maker own four
awards in the same year. This really made people tune heads in the knife world. The
awards that they won where Overall knife of the year, Most Innovative American
Design, Kitchen Knife of the year, and Knife collaboration of the year. Then in 2007
they won the Over All Knife of the Year Award again for the 1850 Tyrade witch is a
knife that uses two types of steel in the same blade. To win over all knife of the year
two times in three years is a great accomplishment that cemented Kershaw knives at
the top of the list as one of the great knife makers of the time.

This shows that Kershaw knives is a leader in the knives world and a manufacture that
if you are looking for some pocket knives Kershaw might be a good place to start you
search. They for sure offer many great varieties pocket knives and hunting knives that
are worth getting . They have awesome knives for hunting, fishing, or any outdoors
sports. Plus they have a good varieties of kitchen cutlery as well.

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