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					You are committed to achieving your success and if you've been on the journey for
any length of time, you already know that there are no short-cuts. We have to commit
ourselves to completing the journey and every time you make a commitment to
anything, it will be tested!

Along your journey you will experience failure. You have to be able to pick yourself
up and continue.

There are times when you have to stand alone. Other people will distrust you. They
will challenge you. There are people in this world who will even try to get you to
compromise your values or get you to change your success goal. They may not be
doing so intentionally or they may be fearful that if you grow, they will be left behind.

You will face deep disappointment.There are going to be times when the promise was
there, you were about to get hold of that deal that would tip you over the edge to
success, or meet the right person. But it was just at the wrong time. It is easy to get
depressed at such times, to become miserable with the cards you've been dealt.

A friend of mine used to be miserable and depressed, but now he's completely turned
his life around and is depressed and miserable instead.

Others will resent your progress.Every time you make some progress, there will be
some people who don't like it. We learn in physics that motion causes friction. Your
progress towards your success causes friction too - causing some people you pass by
to get hot under the collar.

One definition of commitment is "hard work and determination whatever the

Ken Blanchard distinguishes between being interested in something and commitment
to something:

"When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When
you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.

Staying on the road

If you've been on your own journey for any length of time, some if not all of this you
know. Yet, there are many people who've achieved their success. And many who've
achieved things far greater than you set out to achieve. So how do you achieve your

# First of all - you need to know what 'success' is for you. Whether you see 'success'
as being your goal, or the journey towards a goal.
Now count the cost of your 'success'. All of it. The time, the effort, the mental anguish,
the miserable days, the depressed days, the friends and enemies you accumulate on
the way.

Determine to pay the price. The journey for any worthwhile goal is long, troublesome
and difficult. It will not happen overnight. Don't believe the short-cut secret silver
bullets. Expect it to be difficult and you won't be surprised (except pleasantly). Face
up to the fact that anything worth having is going to be a struggle.

Keep a good attitude. Yes the journey is tough. Yes, it's difficult. Yes you should have
achieved it all so much more easily. Tough! Life is difficult! Now get back up on your
feet, and smile at the world. I may not be where I want to be, but I'm a whole lot
better than I used to be. I will prevail and I will cross my finish line.

Strive for excellence. A great craftsman invites you to inspect his work and admire the
intricate details and want to explain in detail how it was done. A sloppy person, on the
other hand, hides their work. Shoddy workers blame their tools, the materials or
someone else.

You want to achieve your success. You know that you have talent and you know you
have the skills. Do you have the commitment to keep on keeping on?

Talent alone is not enough. Talent is the gift God gave you. Skills are what you used

Commitment is what you put in today to create your masterpiece and have success