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Sponsorship options for the 6 Citrus research Symposium 15 August 2010


									                           Sponsorship options
          for the 6 Citrus research Symposium 15th August 2010

        Gold (R30 000)                  Silver (R15 000)                Bronze (R7 500)
          VAT Incl                          VAT Incl                       VAT Incl

 Free registration for 2          Free registration for 1
 delegates                        delegate

 All options in the Silver        All options in the Bronze       Name of company appears in
 category and additionally;       category and additionally;      Abstract/Programme booklet.

 Company logo displayed on        A single A4 page in the         Option to place company
 screen during Symposium          Abstract/Programme booklet      pamphlets and/or promotion
 tea/coffee/ and lunch breaks     displaying company logo/        material inside symposium
                                  advert in full colour.          bags.
 Company banners can be
 displayed outside the            As many company banners         A company banner can be
 symposium venue.                 as you wish can be displayed    displayed from the entrance
                                  from the entrance at the gate   at the gate up to reception.
 Each gold sponsor has a          up to reception.
 specific event e.g. a lunch or                                   A company banner may also
 dinner where the sponsor will    A company poster can be         be displayed at a pre-
 be acknowledged for his          displayed at the Symposium      arranged area on the golf
 contribution towards that        among research posters.         course during the golf day.
 specific event.
                                  Promotion material can be       Company branded gifts to be
 Exhibition area of 2,5m x 4m     displayed in the allocated      accepted as golf prizes.
                                  exhibition area.

                                  Exhibition area of 2,5m x 3m

To assist with any enquires regarding sponsorship contact Henry Skinner at
+27 13 759 8000 or email
                                    Borgskappe opsies
           vir die 6        Sitrus-navorsingsimposium 15de August 2010

        Goud (R30 000)                    Silwer (R15 000)                   Brons (R7 500)
        BTW ingesluit                      BTW ingesluit                     BTW ingesluit

 Gratis registrasie vir twee       Gratis registrasie vir een
 afgevaardiges                     afgevaardige

 Alle opsies in Silwer kategorie   Alle opsies in die Brons           Naam van die maatskappy
 asook;                            kategorie asook;                   verskyn in die Opsommings /
 Maatskappy-logo word op die       ‘n Enkele A4 bladsy in die
 skerm vertoon tydens              Opsommings / Program               ‘n Opsie om
 tee/koffie pouses en              boekie met ‘n maatskappy-          maatskappypamflette en/of
 middagetes                        logo/ advertensie in volle kleur   promosiemateriaal in
                                                                      simposiumsakke te plaas
 Maatskappybaniere kan buite       Enige hoeveelheid baniere
 die symposiumlokaal vertoon       mag vertoon word vanaf die         ‘n Maatskappybanier kan
 word                              ingangshek tot by die              vertoon word tussen die
                                   ontvangsarea                       ingangshek en die
 Elke goue borgskap het                                               ontvangsarea
 spesifieke geleenthede bv.        ‘n Maatskappyplakkaat kan
 etes waar hulle erkening sal      vertoon word tydens die            ‘n Maatskappybanier mag
 ontvang vir hulle bydraes ten     symposium tussen                   vertoon word op ‘n vooraf
 opsigte van die spesifieke        navorsingsplakkate                 bespreekte area op die
 geleentheid                                                          gholfbaan tydens die gholfdag
                                   Promosiemateriaal kan
 Uitstallingsarea van 2,5m x       vertoon word in geallokeerde       Geskenke met maatskappy
 4m                                uitstallingsareas                  handelsmerke is aanvaarbaar
                                                                      as pryse tydens die gholfdag
                                   Uitstallingsarea van 2,5m x

Vir enige verder navrae rondom borgskappe kontak Henry Skinner by
+27 13 759 8000 of per Epos by

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