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					Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency
All Hazards Public Health Authority (ALPHA)
Public Health Reporting Guide                                                                                         Prepare | Prevent | Protect

3d. Animal bites & rabies
 About 600 people are                         Rabies exposure guide
 bitten by dogs in Santa
 Cruz County each year.
 Many others are chomped by other
 animals, wild or domestic. Because                                                                 1. Treat wound.
 bites may spread rabies, health care                               Person bitten by                2. Assess exposure.
 providers must report all animal bites                            animal or possible               3. Report bite to
 to the Animal Services Authority.                                 exposure to rabies               Animal Control
                                                                                                    and local police
 Please note that it’s highly unlikely                                                              department.
 that a rodent, squirrel, gopher, or
 rabbit bite will transmit rabies.

 Please fax or mail report of
 animal bite to:
                                                                            Domestic                           Was
 Santa Cruz County                                                 No        healthy
                                                                                                  Yes         animal
 Animal Services                                                                                                ?

 Authority                                                                 Yes                              No

 !     27 Janis Way                                 Animal is
                                                                         Quarantine dogs
 (turn east off Scotts Valley Drive                   sick
                                                                          & cats 10 days,                     Animal
 onto El Pueblo Road, then first                     animal.            livestock 14 days,                    wild or
                                                                                                                                              Consider rabid
 left onto dead-end Janis Way)                       Or it’s a
                                                                          for observation.                   domestic
 Scotts Valley, CA 95066                           skunk, bat,
                                                  raccoon, fox,
 ! 454-7210                                        or another
                                                   wild animal                                          Domestic
                                                    at risk for
 " 454-7303                                          rabies.
                                                    (Note that
                                                                             die or          No
                                                   rabbits and                ill?                            Did animal appear
                                                  rat family are                                              healthy, was attack
                                                  not high risk                                                   provoked?
 That’s for bites.                                 for rabies.)
                                                                           Yes                             Discuss with patient and
 If you diagnose rabies disease:                                                                           consult with health dept.
                                                                                                                  if needed.
 Phone HSA’s
                                                                        Sacrifice animal
                                                                        Have rabies test                           Determine risk.

 Disease Control Unit                                                    done at health
                                                                        department lab

 " 454-4114 workdays
                                                                                                    Low risks                    High risks

 "# 471-1183 hotline                                                         Rabies
                                                                              test           No
 off hours, weekend, & holidays                                             positive?                         needed


                                                                          Rabies Immune Globulin (RIG) at 20 IU/kg
                                                                          with half infiltrated around wound if anatomically feasible.
                                                                          Five 1.0 ml does of rabies vaccine intramuscularly in deltoid
                                                                          region on days 0, 3, 7, 14, and 28.

                                              Visual rabies postexposure prophylaxis guide
 See also:
                                              Flowchart shows general steps to take when your patient has been bitten, or has
 Section 2
                                              had non-intact skin or mucous membranes exposed to saliva.
 Testing animals for rabies
 for information about getting animals
 tested at the Public Health Lab

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