Is Zrii A Scam Or Legitimate- by aihaozhe2


									You may have heard of Zrii somewhere on the internet lately. It is an mlm company
that was created in Utah in October 2007 so it is fairly new. Being an mlm company it
operates through a network marketing business model, using direct sales as a main

The product Zrii is marketed as a "super juice," with owners of the company claiming
that it will bring "rejuvenation, health and vitality" into the lives of those who drink it.
The juice was created after doctors discovered the power of mixing together seven
fruits and herbs. It is touted as all natural, preservative-free and safe for everyone of
all ages.

Its marketing plan says that it will give both vitality and energy to those who drink it.
The marketing plan claims that the daily recommended intake of this juice is between
one and three ounces, and as expected, the company suggests that the average person
drink three ounces a day. This would bring the cost to about $125, not including the
shipping per month.

To add to the marketing plan, this juice has also been endorsed by the well-known
Chopra Center for Well Being. Clearly the owners of the juice would like consumers
to believe it is healthy. The company named the model that decides how much money
people can make from selling the juice the "Prosperity Plan."

It is a unilevel compensation plan with nine levels, meaning that you can have several
people under you as your downline. When they sell a product, you will get a small
percentage of their profit. This compensation model requires three legs, and it is
particularly difficult because the structure has to be very specific and just right in
order to make a substantial income.

Such information shows that this company is not the typical scam. You can make
money from it, though obviously you must be good at sales to do so. There is a lot of
competition right now in the world of "super juices," making it that much more
difficult to sell the product.

Even the company's persistent efforts to market it as a health product, pointing out its
benefits, it often gets lumped into the same category as other juices on the market. If
you are up for the challenge of trying to market this product by using mlm tactics, you
have some hard work ahead of you.

It can be done, but this product is not a ticket to fast money by any means. Just be
prepared if you decide to do it.

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