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					Do you suffer from frequent headaches at work? Do you go home at the end of the
day with a stiff back or aching legs? There's a good chance that the secret to your
work aches and pains isn't related only to everyday job stress. You could be suffering
from computer and desk strain.

As most jobs are increasingly automated, more people spend time sitting behind desks,
staring at computer screens, and sitting in uncomfortable conference chairs. It's easy
to understand that many of us leave work with muscle tension and stiffness.
Unfortunately, this muscle pain can lead to headaches, migraines, muscle injuries and
lower back strain.

One way to relieve some of the stress and strain is with workplace stretching exercises.
Performing a few workplace stretches doesn't mean you have to squeeze in complex
yoga moves. Instead, there are a series of workplace stretches that are designed to
loosen those stiff muscles without getting into a full workout mode. These exercises
can be done in your office or cubicle, within just a few moments.

The key to success with workplace stretching is to take frequent, short breaks to
perform the stretches. One suggestion is that you take a 5 minute break every hour.
Here are some examples of simple stretches you can do in your office: Upper back
stretch - Stand up, feet firmly planted at shoulder width apart. Lace fingers behind
your back and slowly try to bring your elbows together. Don't try to force the
movement or move to the point of strain. Slowly and gently make the movement.

Side to side head shrug - While standing, turn your head gently to your right shoulder
and hold for a few seconds. Slowly return to front, and then gently turn to the left and

Back twist - While standing, keep arms at side, gently rotate head and back to look
behind you to the right. Allow your arms to move naturally with your body. Return to
center. Gently rotate to the left. Hold for 10 seconds on each rotation. Ankle stretches
- While sitting, extend your right leg in front and gently rotate your foot in a circular
movement. Return leg to floor and rotate left foot and ankle.

These workplace stretches will help alleviate some of the tiredness and stiffness from
muscles that have been forced into place for too long. A regular pattern of stretching,
both at work and at home, will provide greater flexibility and strength to your muscles.
There's no reason work has to become a pain in your neck - a few workplace
stretching exercises will keep you moving pain-free.

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